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Christian Dior

Pure Poison   

84 Reviews

A fragrance for a new generation of seductress, Pure Poison by Christian Dior is a modern floral based on a white flower bouquet, infused with fresh amber. A radiant scent, it emits both purity and seduction with a first impression of soft flowers and the lingering allure of woody-amber and sexy musks.

3.4 oz EDP Spray
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A fragrance for a new generation of seductress, Pure Poison by Christian Dior is a modern floral based on a white flower bouquet, infused with fresh amber. A radiant scent, it emits both purity and seduction with a first impression of soft flowers and the lingering allure of woody-amber and sexy musks.

  • TATA10/26/2013

    Pure Poison is a delicate and elegant perfume.

  • PERFUMEJUNKIE06/30/2011

    My former post was too hasty. After trying the rest of the Poison collection, I must admit my error. They are great. I wish I owned them all.

  • MARY02/24/2011

    I sprayed some Pure Poison on my sleeve while in the Dept Store. That was a couple of days ago. Today I pull out that jacket and absolutely fell in love with the scent on my sleeve. I was thinking ....What was it? Which perfume did I spray there? And then I remembered Pure Poison! Wow, this is great. It just touches some beautiful place in side. Love it! Such a beautiful scent and what great staying power. I am in love!

  • LISA NIEVES01/27/2010

    seeking 7.5ml/0.25 0z mini gold Christian Dior/pure poison . My original one came in gift set. Iv had it for several years. I need to replace it.

  • PERFUMELOVER07/19/2009

    I absolutely love it, it's so elegant and yet sensual!!

  • JUDI W*09/16/2008

    Loved the bottle, the scent was just okay. Too much flowers for me, but it did have somewhat of a "kick" to it. I remember the SA at the Dior counter was trying to convince me, that this scent was MUCH better & more popular than Hypnotic Poison. In fact, she really went out on a limb, and told me Hypnotic was "horrible", and not many people liked it.(which I knew wasn't true at all) When I went to spray on some, she moved away from me, and said, "eeewww, don't get that on me." Not a nice thing to say to a customer. (insulting their tastes) Told a couple of other SA's about that behavior, they were shocked.

  • PERFUMEJUNKIE07/27/2008

    Sorry, but all the Poison follow-ups (or whatever you want to call them) don't hold a candle to the original Poison. I still wear that great scent and people (of all ages) invariably ask me what "gorgeous scent" I'm wearing.

  • SHERIDAN ELLIS07/11/2008

    I received a sample on our military base of this perfume. I loved it at first spray. The kids said it stung their noses! My husband liked it, but after awhile it smelled like vanilla cooking extract to us. I decided to use the rest of the sample as an "air freshener" in my car, because I still say: YUM-O even though it did not work for me.

  • DIDI02/11/2008

    I haven't liked floral scents in the past, and I was actually shopping for a different perfume, but once I tried this in the dept store, I couldn't leave it alone. I hate hate hate the original Poison (smells like bug spray to me) but this is completely different: softer, less in-your-face. I love Pure Poison. I gave some to my friend, who loves it, but it smells very different on her. I think this one really depends on your body chemistry.

  • BRIAN 12/28/2007

    This perfume had a mystical scent to it. My girlfriend loved Hypnotic Poision so I was going to buy this for her for something different. I also like the original Poison and the Tender Poison was ok. But then I saw the new Midnight Poison and that was the best of them all.

  • GREEKGIRL10/21/2007

    that the new Midnight Poison is delicious! smells alot like Very Irresistable Sensual so if you like that you will love Midnight but then again i love all the Poisons, all different but all SEXY good job Mr Dior.

  • GREEKGIRL10/21/2007

    I must agree with Perfume Newbie, i love the top and middle note but hate the boring drydown, i also have the same drydown with Hypnose(another fav) and also Angel, so what i do now is keep spritzing when it gets to drydown so i can keep sniffing the top and middle notes (but not in summer).

  • PERFUME NEWBIE07/23/2007

    This was nice to begin with. Flowery and not too strong. Charming. But, doesn't last long and dry down is not as nice as top or middle notes.

  • ROXOLANA03/14/2007

    I also liked it at first, when smelled it in the store. I even sprayed it on my wrist and seemed to like it. Then I bought it and now I find it way too strong. As you first spray it, it smells fresh and strong and later on it smells like really bad musk and gives me a headache. My husband says it smells like aftershave. Well, won't buy this one again.

  • MARY ALICE03/08/2007

    I love this fragrance. On my skin, it opens with the beautiful white flowers and then the amber and musk slowly develop while just the faintest overlay of the floral remains. It is comfortably a very special anniversary weekend to Boston with my husband. On my skin, this perfume has good staying power but is not loud and doesn't announce itself coming and going. I won't save this for a special occasion. This is an experience that I will want to enjoy often.

  • SEARCHING4SCENT02/02/2007

    The Elixir version of this is absolutely lovely on me, it smells like a cross between of baby powder, a hint of vanilla and a hint of chocolate, very comforting scent, gonna keep testing it before i purchase as it is pretty expensive!

  • MICHELLE12/29/2006

    In high school '92 I loved the smell of the perfume Phantom of the Opera, but it is so hard to find and my husband found me this instead. It's not Phantom but it's close enough.

  • BRANDY12/06/2006

    I cant see how the Addict fans don't like this one when Addict is CLEARLY stronger. I LOVE this fragrance and fell head over heels for it when I sniffed a tester @ Ulta's. It very unique and a great winter scent. Sweet in an incense sort of way.

  • ABIGAIL12/04/2006

    I bought the body lotion, which I thought would be a milder version (recognizing that Pure Poison is not a subtle scent). I usually wear Hypnotic Poison. Spouse immediately said "What are you wearing?" and referred to a cheap fragrance we've smelled on women here and abroad over the years. He was horrified, and there was no telling him it was a sexy Dior delight.

  • KEKE11/06/2006

    i like pure poision. The smell is so fresh and i got confident, when i'm wearing Pure Poision. Hey.......i m a fan of pure poision.

  • MARA10/06/2006

    After reading all the great comments re this perfume, I couldn't wait to try it. Not only did it not smell good to me, but it gave me a headache. I just hope I never sit next to anyone who is wearing this.

  • LUSI09/16/2006

    It's not a special fragrance, it's just a new version of Anais Anais... not bad either.

  • PAZZO09/06/2006

    .. is coming .The notes are : Top note : Petitgrain, Green Mandarin Orange ,Middle notes r Orange Blossom, Sambac Jasmine Base notes r Sandalwood, Amber, Almond, Vanilla, Cocoa Absolute.Now that cld be mindblowing with the cocoa and almond and amber combo.MMMM!!!Yummy.

  • PAZZO09/03/2006

    ...r just too much to ignore between pure poison and guerlain's new insolence.People who like pure poison will definitely like that one too.I hate florals so it doesn't do nothing for me.

  • SWEETIE07/31/2006

    have nothing 2 say about pure poison, its really kill me softly!!!!!!!!!

  • TERRI07/19/2006

    I loved the way this smelled right out of the bottle. Oh my gosh, if it would stay that smell, it would be MY perfect fragrance. But it dried to a cheap musk smell, like the musk you would find at the dime store.

  • GREEKGIRL07/01/2006

    I think the offensive note which a few people are mentioning is mandarine, not sure if this has mandarine but i have a pure mandarin fragrance which smell exactly like Pure Poisons drydown, i actually love this its very different and has exellent staying power, when i first smelled this, it was on a lady at the supermarket and she left a trail in every aisle , so of course i had to track her down, just lovely.

  • KARA06/28/2006

    I get SOO many compliments and googley eyed men swooning when I wear Pure Poison! It attracts men like ants to a sugar cube! LOL I love how it is sweet, but finishes off with a spicy/peppery note! Just awesome! Sugar and spice and everthine nice sums up this awesome scent! Love love love it!

  • ANJELL06/02/2006

    I really really do =) But seriously, this scent is so delightful. Its sweet and seductive in an innocent kind of way. Never expected that I would fall in love with to perfumes from the same designer, Hypnotic is also to die for. Wonder if I'll like Addict too.....

  • ERIKA05/11/2006


  • ASHUMS04/18/2006

    This is my favorite fragrance and it is perfect. I love floral scents and this one is a perfect combination of that with a smooth smell to it.

  • ROB04/17/2006

    The first time I ever smelled it, a buddy of mine had it on. I asked him what cologne he was wearing because it smelled good. He smirked and said "its actually a womans perfume." I was shocked, he is by no means gay, but the cologne smelled good. I actually went out and bought some, and I wear it often. It can be passed off as unisex if applied correctly.

  • VANILLA03/05/2006

    Pretty, nice and very cristal-clear! The flowers are not at all strong, it's smooth to the skin and it flows with a little soapy-clean feeling that turns a bit musky and spicy, a comfort scent.

  • AMAR02/17/2006

    oh my god.. its the best feminie perfume i have ever smell.... i love it when my fiancee puts it.. to tell u truth.. it stays in my nose for hours even after my fiancee goes away from me... the best choice !!!

  • PAZZO02/12/2006

    I too prefer anais anais any day over pure poison.Something is just not right with that perfume.May be on some people's body it might smell heavenly, but i thought it was a very harsh chemical smell .I couldn't smell any flowers at all, just a very synthetic musky smell.

  • MAYA02/08/2006

    I just though of it but somehow this slightly reminds me of Cacharel's Anais Anais... I think I like the Anais Anais better however. Any thoughts on that?

  • PAZZO02/03/2006

    This time dior came up with a dud.Absolutely horrible to my nose, very synthetic smelling ,very harsh.I love Hypnotic poison and love love love addict, but this one just is too much.I detect just one wrong note that is making the whole thing smell horrible.If they got rid of it it might be a masterpiece.

  • FRAGRANCE FREAK02/03/2006

    my husband bought this one for me last year. I usually prefer warm and sweeter smells but i must admit it was a refreshing departure from the usual. I used almost the whole bottle and not one compliment from anyone!! That was dissappointing. Just as the bottle was nearly empty my girlfriend"s 1 year old son came over and started spraying it all over himself and everyody in the room kept saying what a beautiful fragrance it was. Go figure!!!! All in all it's a nice fragrance but I guess you have to have the right body chemistry or a little sour milk to go with it!!!

  • MAYA01/20/2006

    All these wonderful comments made me want to try this over and over again... until tonight I just can't stop smelling my wrist where I sampled it again... I know, I said that there was something that bothered me about it, that it was too dry! But it's a Dior so how can it be bad? ;) Right? ;) :) So... I just have to say that tonight I finally got the point... I understand what all the fuss, (and rightly so), is about... This indeed is a fantastic scent!!! Beautiful flowers, and I'm not a floral fan, but this is just exquisite! The drydown too is superb with the most sensuous sexy musk and amber and the lasting power just remarkable. Mind you I should also mention that the bottle I sampled was a brand new bottle and now I suspect that the one I had sampled previous two times was somehow spoiled... I know it was kept in the heat of the light bulbs in the store... the bottle was warm when I picked it up... so perhaps that was the problem! Pure Poison is just fabulous, and really most unique!!!

  • NATASHA01/13/2006

    the name of the perfume says it is the purest poison....the great thing about it is that it's not too heavy but it manages to last.its the perfect perfume for a night will make u feel sexy.Although my boyfriend does't like women's perfume he loves that....

  • BEV01/02/2006

    just bought a gift set for mself for my christmas gift and I am so in love with it I stopped wearing esacad magnetism for this and I am very pleased. I initially thought that Pure Poison was musky but have since decided that it has a very sultry yet clean smell. I did my own longevity test I sprayed escada on one arm and pure poison the oher the Pure poison lasted all night and dried down to a very nice soothing scent. While I still like escada magnetism i know I like pure poison better. This is what I have been looking for. I love it!!!

  • RZ12/18/2005

    I personally Loves Pure Poison a lot, but the dry-ends smells like chemical... Maybe that's why some people don't like it.. Somewhat b'coz of the chemical scent, i'm a little disappointed coz i already bought the 100ml (the big bottle).. Besides the chemical, it's a very nice perfume, i like it soo much, very alluring, seductive with a soft and tender way (not the hot way), perfect for wedding day ^__^ I never sniffed Hypnotic Poison, but from the lately comments that i read here, i'm very2 curious! i definitely will search it! Thx a lot ^_^

  • SUMIRE12/15/2005

    I asked everyone around me, close friends, family and even the saleslady which one they prefered and they ALL said Hypnotic was better!! I was a bit amazed that no one I asked really liked Pure Poison. Some of my friends also said that there was a note that made them sick. Hmm the scent smelled great to me so I'm wondering what bothers them? Is it too floral? To me this one was actually a bit more strong smelling than HP. Think I might choose HP since everyone seems to like that one better. Happy Holidays to you too!!!

  • ANNUTA12/14/2005

    When i first sprayed it on a paper in store, I didn't really care for it. When I got a sample of it, I fell in love with it. And now that I bought it, I'll cherish it.:)

  • MAYA12/14/2005

    I left a post for you for Hypnotic Poison and I really do love that one. Many, many complements for many, many years of wear. But I've also sampled Pure Poison, and even though I got complements and was told that it's gorgeous on me, there is just something that bothers me about this smell. There is a note I find very 'dry' to my nose and for some reason really disagrees with me. So to play it safe I would go with HP or if you want to stay with Dior sample both Addict and Miss Dior Cherie... they are both just fantastic!!! Happy Holidays and best of luck!

  • HELEN12/14/2005

    I have just bought this parfume for myself, after my accountant, a 50 year old lady showed me her scent, Hypnotic poison. I think the red one is for "ripe" Cleopatras, and a guy said it is "dangerous". The white one has more innocence and purity, so you may decide which one fits.

  • SUMIRE12/09/2005

    I've tried this at a department store and it smelled floral, fresh and wonderful but I've also tried Hypnotic Poison and loved it too. Now I'm trying to decide which one to buy for a friend. They're both great but I just don't know which one will be more worth it and popular among guys. Anyone have a suggestion?

  • TANJIM12/07/2005

    Geeeez! This stuff rocks. I just bought it for my gilrfriend to give to her on Christmas. I got a little nervous, however, and I asked every single girl I knew to smell the little sample card I carried around . . . and they LOVED IT!!! I personally think it's really good as well. And best of all, my gilrfriend's twin sister likes it! The best perfume ever!

  • RAY11/21/2005

    Pure Poison is definetly the easiest to wear of the Poison line. It is a little artificial smelling on the dry down, but overall a standard non-offensive fragrance.

  • JESSI11/16/2005

    Delicate yet long-lasting scent, this is definently a must try! The floral scent has a mature quality that reminds you of an elegant wedding bounquet. A mix between a floral and oriental I'd say. One of my fave fragrances out there.

  • ERZICKA11/15/2005

    This perfume is delicious and enchanting and very cozy, like a big downy comforter that makes you happy it is so beautiful. It makes a lovely winter scent for those not wanting any heavy orientals. Though you will love wearing it in summer too it lacks that watery coolness that disapears in the cold of winter with summer perfumes. Instead it's a rich warm musky floral you'll want to sink yourself into. I love this perfume!

  • LIZZIE11/07/2005

    i'm usually not a fan of wearing white floral scents (though i like sniffing them on others), but THIS one is just marvelous! it sparkles of sophistication and seduction. it's white without feeling like you've been sledgehammered with gardenias and white roses air freshener. there's an ambery note that adds clarity, sweetness, and balances out the white flowers perfectly. just soooo good, but i won't wear it all of the time. maybe to elegant evenings. :-D

  • JANNINE11/03/2005

    Ok, finally got it for my birthday... I'd call it virginal yet enchanting. It has a magical innocence to it. The floral bouquet is ultra-femme, but there's something slightly witchy underneath... a subtle woody-spicy note, maybe, reminiscent of Hypnotic Poison? All in all, an impressive fragrance. Not pedestrian like many florals I've smelled. Downside: a little weak. Have to spray on massive amounts.

  • JENNA09/25/2005

    Good grief DIOR, This is terrible, worse than tendre poison. Hypnotic poison is ok and the original...well, my boyfriend sent it to me in 1986 while he was in France. I liked it then but now it's a chapter closed in my book. PLEASE STOP!!!

  • JOHN09/12/2005

    I like it. Not my favourite for women. My sister wears it and loves it and commands everyone to buy it for her on her birthday. I prefer Body Shop White Musk. On older women I like Ombre Rose.

  • ALI !08/17/2005

    A long lasting perfume ? yeah i agree but it stinks can't really handle the scent ! there's lots and lots of perfumes out there for you ladies ! I just can't get along with this one !

  • BEACHCOMBER07/10/2005

    Like Kelly, Pure Poison also made me feel sick to my stomach. I am sensitive to some synthetic additives or notes that certain lines use, especially the ones often found in your average dept. store. Most of them smell like chemicals to me, I wish they wouldn't do that!

  • LYTHIA07/08/2005

    Pure poison is very sexy and soft for days and hypnotic poison is sexy and naughty for nights with that special someone.

  • JANNINE07/02/2005

    Tried it on a magazine test strip and loved it... I've been adding florals to my usually spicy perfume repertoire lately, and this is about as mysterious as a straight feminine floral gets... but one question: does it last?

  • COURTNEY06/27/2005

    Incredible scent! A friend of mine gave me a sample and after wearing it this weekend and getting non-stop compliments, I WILL be buying this fragrance! Beautiful!

  • OLIVIA06/09/2005

    I love J'adore..but I have to say this is my new favorite. EVERYONE has asked me what delicious scent I was wearing.

  • PERFUME ADDICT05/13/2005

    This is one that will linger. It starts off floral and ends up being a warm woody spicey. Great fragrance!

  • MAHOGANI82104/30/2005

    A+ for C.Dior, excellent new scent I brought my first bottle yesterday and I love it, It just may become my signature scent!!!

  • ALI04/28/2005

    I usually do not like Chistian Dior perfumes because they are very strong smelling. I was pleasantly surprised when I sampled Pure Poison. It smells soooo good. I love it :o)

  • JILLIAN04/20/2005

    I adore the bottle, with its beautiful white iridescence, but I find the fragrance still too heavy, though not as bad as the original Poison. It reminds me of the strong, slightly pungent white floral perfumes I wore in the mid-'90's back in middle school. Those were not good years...

  • COLEY04/15/2005

    I bought a bottle of pure poison a few months ago, after using up two samples. It smells wonderful. It is a scent that is clean, musky, and floral.

  • SMELLHAPPY04/08/2005

    Any fragrance gurus out there who agree that this smells like Quelques Fleurs and/or Jivago 24K? They all smell delicious... just wondering if anyone else noticed any similarity with these (or other) fragrances. Thanks for your comments.

  • RR03/24/2005

    Tested this recently, and I really like this. Very floral, but not overpoweringly so. Will test again before buying, as recently had a bad experience buying a scent after testing only once. But this was very lovely, I think ideal for Spring and Summer.

  • KELLY03/20/2005

    I have given this another chance, the more I wear it, the more I like it. I have never been a huge fan of florals but this has something very comforting about it.

  • ANGELIA PAUL03/11/2005

    This parfum is sexy, enchanting, hypnotizing, cultivating and quixotic. I really like the way it makes me feel.

  • TAMMI02/28/2005

    One of the most beautiful fragrences I've ever come across. Reminds of sunsets on a tropical beach!

  • JACINTA02/27/2005

    I don't own this fragrance yet but it is on my list. (I own several) Very pretty scent. Is it just me or does it smell similar to Hugo Intense? It must be the amber. [email protected]

  • BEBE02/22/2005

    white wedding glaze. sensual allurig. dreamy. soft as a gentle kiss. pure. wow. very nice.

  • SARITA02/20/2005

    I smelled Dior's Pure Poison a couple of weeks ago, since that I knew I'd have to buy it! I love the scent, it's fantastic! It stays on for days and really gives the seductress-feeling! The best perfume, Dior!

  • LOISPOL02/20/2005

    At first I didn't like it when I first sampled it. Now I love it. It stirs up a lot of emotions in me.

  • ROXANN02/19/2005

    I LOVE this perfume. I can't believe that anyone wouldn't love it. It's sexy, alluring, and seductive.

  • LOISPOL02/19/2005

    I tried this two times and decided I didn't like it. This past week I tried it again from my tester and now I love it and can't get enough of it. I have to purchase this one!

  • PERFUME-AHOLIC02/15/2005

    I just got a bottle of this yesterday. This is a serious must have for any perfume lover. Its truly enveloping. I rate this as Dior's best thus far.

  • ELS02/13/2005

    i bought black by kenneth cole after trying it on in a store and not being able to get the smell out of my head for weeks. after buying it, however, it made me sick to my was too sweet and cloying. i returned it and was hoping to exchange it for pure poison (which had just come out that day), and was incredibly disappointed when i realized they smell VERY similar. :( the top notes in pure poison are AWESOME but the drydown smells too much like black.

  • JOY02/07/2005

    I got my bottle as a gift from someone and didnt really like it at first but after a while that flowery smell grows on you.

  • SUSAN02/05/2005

    I try lots of new perfumes. This one is heavenly! I highly recommend it.

  • SHARRIE02/03/2005

    like a drop of dew in spring. pure poisn divine. love all the poisons each disticnt. wonderful.

  • STEVE02/02/2005

    Like Ralph Lauren's Romance, this is another masculine floral. When i first smelled it in Parisian, i thought it was a new fragrance for men actually. When i found out it was for women i put it down and forgot about it. For the life of me though, i couldnt get that musky floral scent out of my head. I went back the next day and bought a bottle for meself. With the mens fragrance market the way it is, very boring and very redundant, i have been wearing scents that are marketed to women lately. Nothing to floral or perfumey though. Just ones like Pure Poison and the aforementioned Romance.

  • SHARON WILLIAMS01/31/2005


  • KELLY01/26/2005

    I did not care for this at all. Something in it made me sick to my stomach every time i smelled it.

  • VIVIANA01/14/2005

    All I can say is that this scent is simply magical, it is both soft and long lasting, fresh, yet sensual. Chapeau, Dior!

  • JILL01/12/2005

    This is a boring scent. It smells like everything else on the planet. Don't get me wrong, it smells good. But if you want an unique, special perfume skip this one and try Escada's Rockin Rio.

  • JENNAH01/12/2005

    I have sample spray of this frangrance and am loving it. It's s very sexy floral scent with many different notes. Not at all sickening sweet like the original Poison. I think I am going to have to buy this. Plus it stays on for hours!

  • J´AD01/12/2005

    after waiting a month to try pure poison, i felt so dissapointed because i thought it was to similar to blue by ralph lauren and i gave it a bad review at the blue page, but the second time i tried it i realise they don´t have that much in common, although both of them are clean scents, pure pioson its much more seductive and enigmatic because it starts strong but it dries down to a very soft yet lasting scent that left everybody in the room wondering who´s the lady that smells so good!!!

  • J´AD01/12/2005

    the first time i tried pure poison i was so dissapointed because i thought it was to similar with blue by ralph lauren, and i gave it a bad review in the blue page, but the second time i smelled it i realise it has nothing to do with that, pure is a very very sexy and enigmatic scent because although it begans with a strong scent it dries out to a very feminine and lasting smell that left people wondering who´s the lady that´s smells so good!!

  • SKYLA01/10/2005

    I bought this one about a month ago. It's so seductive, long lasting, not overly sweet, and very feminine. I especially love the base notes, which contains very sensual musks. My boyfriend goes crazy over the sexy smell...a must have for all the sexy and mysterious women out there!

  • MILENA01/10/2005

    GREAT!!! It is not sweet or spicy, it is very modern, elegant and seducive. Beautiful, rich scent, well balanced and unique. My new favourite!

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