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Christian Dior


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Some perfumes are born a myth. Provocative and mysterious since its creation, Poison is Dior’s ultimate weapon of seduction. Its exceptional alchemy is created by a rich blend of spicy, fruity and amber notes with sensual honey and musk accords. An unforgettable and charismatic oriental fragrance. The fragrances of the Poison line take new more

100 ml EDT Spray
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Some perfumes are born a myth. Provocative and mysterious since its creation, Poison is Dior’s ultimate weapon of seduction. Its exceptional alchemy is created by a rich blend of spicy, fruity and amber notes with sensual honey and musk accords. An unforgettable and charismatic oriental fragrance. The fragrances of the Poison line take new directions with daring provocation. They are fragrances created to surprise and astonish, to let women assert their femininity with confidence. Notes of Coriander, Tuberose, Opoponax.

  • PAM11/25/2014

    Have used this scent for over 40 years. Love it.

  • PERFUME NEWBIE08/31/2013

    It's sweet, kinda smoky, like berries with sugar on the top, basking in the sunlight, with a hint of the forest and fire about it. Beautiful.

  • NELLY03/09/2013

    Intoxicatingly irresistible!

  • SHAMBELLES02/27/2013

    Beautiful and intoxicating

  • KARYNE08/29/2012

    Lovely perfume but it seems there is a slightly different smell to it from what I remember when I originally use to wear it back in the 90's. Still happy with the purchase though and would recommend Galaxy Perfume.

  • TONI12/23/2010

    If you wear it right it is the most sensual smell that drives men crazy.

  • ROBYN05/15/2010

    this is my favorite. It's expensive but well worth it. It takes on a different sent for each person wearing it. I would buy this if it were the last most expensive perfume left. I would probably sell my home to get it. Love Love Love It! Can't afford it anymore but if I could figure out a way to buy it I sure would be happy to go without food for a month to wear it. Can't love it enough! Anyone out there who doesn't like it and would like to pass it along please think of me.... It makes me feel beautiful, I stand taller, more confident. I know dumb but it really does this to me. I would even give my right arm (Iam left handed). I used to save the bottles when empty and put them in my drawers to make everything smell yummy. Love Love Love

  • AMIRA12/20/2009

    hi marie im just wanting to let u know that m\fantasy does'nt smell anything like poison it 's alot like angel as a matter of fact im sorry but u did want 2 no wot we think about it it is nice but no way near poison - poison is the best ever nothing can come close to but thay have tried

  • CAROL A. DRISCOLL11/30/2009

    This (the original poison) has always been a favorite..I have the Midnight and Hypnotic..both of them are just great in their own way..definately for the woman who goes her own way...unlike anyone else.

  • "E"06/13/2009

    Love IT, Love It. Have been wearing it for over 15 years. Not a day goes by that someone makes a comment about the wonderful fragance. Tried a couple of other fragances did not like. Only problem very hard to get the lotions and bath gel.

  • CATHI02/19/2009

    I love this stuff, but I have found that too many wear it too strongly, which makes others sick and irritated. Just a dab will do with this fragrance. It should be subtle--not like you swam in it! You have to consider other people around you so as not to irritate and repulse them with it. Same goes with all fragrances. Just a dab will do much better.

  • MYRNA12/07/2008

    This is my favorite perfume and every time I wear it everybody want to know the name. I don't know why but it seems to attract men.


    I'll take it- the Poison, that is. (Maybe be the haunted castle, too)! Not just for "old ladies", I had the Dior counter woman at a dept store try to tell me the same thing about Poison. Just made me all the more determined to try it! Very rich, heady, sexy and long-lasting- smells like concord grapes drizzled in honey and spices. Perfect to wear for fall...especially if you have a date on Halloween night!

  • ~BOHEMIANGIRL~10/22/2008

    Poison is a totally different experience in the Esprit de Parfum. The EDT feels harsh and overkill, but the EDP is round, lush, and beautiful, like a honeyed wine. One drop is all you need -lasts all day.

  • MANDY08/11/2008

    this stuff is hideous. just gnarly and overpowering. too "old" smelling. I think of rich old ladies with pink poodles that live in big haunted castles when i smell this.

  • DMARIE08/11/2008

    This poison perfume is my all time fave and I recently bought midnight fantasy by britney spears and I think it is very similar what do ya'll think? tell me truthfully!

  • SHERIDAN ELLIS07/10/2008

    I put a dab of Poison parfum OIL on my pulse points and then spray on my Miss Dior Cherie. I just discovered this today. They go together really well IMO. I hope my kids and hubby agree! :) I like poison. My aunt received it for x-mas in the 80's and it brings back memories of her. Amazing how strong our olofactories must be to detect a smell from that long ago. A very unique scent that only certain women can wear or else you end up smelling like grape koolaid.

  • RO06/26/2008

    I've been wearing Poison since I was in my 20's. I love it!!! I get soooo many compliments when I wear it. I spray in on the BACK of my neck and only once. If you spray too much it's over powering and then you may not like it.

  • ARG06/16/2008

    I used to really think this stuff smelled bad but I was in my early twenties now I am 37 and I have taken on a different view not bad now

  • LESLIE05/19/2008

    I HATED this perfume for many years because most women don't know how to wear it! you have to use it sparingly and if done right it's heaven! You don't bathe in it ladies!!

  • CHRISTINE04/27/2008

    Love, Love, Love this parfum. I have been wearing this product for years, and have always been asked what I am wearing, I smell wonderful, so I tell them POISON.

  • ERIC04/08/2008

    I remember getting this in France while in the Navy for my mother at the duty free shop and smelled it and still like it to this day. It is a classic to me along with others like Organza, Obsession, etc. If you don't like something don't wear it.

  • BARBARA W02/17/2008

    and I must say, I'm really enjoying this! It's a "mood" fragrance, for sure, not an everyday scent. On this cold winter's evening, it is developing beautifully and smells amazing. Like most "strong" perfumes, you've got to give it time to mellow before you can make a final decision. I started to really love it after about two hours had passed. I think part of the reason this gets such a bad rap is because most people don't take the time to get past the initial overwhelming blast (Opium takes hours to develop; I think it smells its best the next day!). At least they last! I'm tired of fragrances that are gone an hour after you spray them on. Poison isn't something I'll wear often, but it is worthy of its classic status. I'd love to get my hands on the parfum.

  • MISKEANA02/11/2008

    Women, you decide. You want to smell good for yourselves or around you. Men get crazy about this smell, I use it just for special ocassions and men love it. Good Luck with your poor choices!

  • JULIAN11/08/2007

    Several years ago I worked with a young girl who wore this scent. I remember liking it a lot. It did remind me of the smell of grapes but in a good way. I have always wondered how it would work with my body chemistry. I'll have to try it sometime. She always smelled divine.

  • TERRIE10/10/2007

    I have used this off and on for years. The first year I wore this I was stopped twice in one year and ask what the cologne was that I was wearing. Both men said it was a very inviting smell.

  • PEETJE10/10/2007


  • HEATHER10/01/2007

    I started wearing this intoxicating fragrance when I was just 16. I am 22 now and I still get compliments from men on how sexy I smell. I only use a little on my neck and let it "air" a bit before i go out so it isn't too overpowering..I love this so much it is the best!

  • HELEN09/10/2007

    In the early 90s I smelled this perfume on someone at my workplace. The perfume entered the room before her, it was very strong, and not pleasant at all. I tried the perfume the other day on my skin. It developed into a very pleasant, light, sexy scent. I will definitely buy a bottle to see how we can get on in the long run.

  • JENNYPRETTY08/22/2007

    To those of you who've decide Poison isn't for you, I would be glad to take it! Email me at [email protected] Thanks, Jennifer

  • SOMDATTA06/06/2007

    Poison is a true classic. And a true classic needs not much description, except that in order to be a true classic, it has to have a certain uniqueness and a certain excellence of quality that others simply don't have. It's a great perfume, and lasts very very long, and smells expensive and unique. There are other similar fragrances, but Poison's uniqueness lies in its perfect balance, sophistication and allure. But a word of caution here. It's a love-hate perfume. Perfume lovers can be divided into categories - those who love strong & sweet perfumes, those who hate them and like airy light-hearted flirty perfumes, and a third category(like me) who love all unusual, 'quality' perfumes - strong And light ... For those who don't like heavy sweet and luscious perfumes, this is not the one for you. Go and try nina ricci perfumes (classics too) - you'll be happier... but Poison is for people who like potent sweet intoxicating smells. Quite a daring and bold smell - floral and warm and heady ... with a hint of spice ;very opera-ish, very hot-blooded. But with all that, there is sophistication, and elegance ... that's Balance for you ! Wear it to work sparingly under layers of clothing in cool weather - and discover its playfulness and mystery enveloping you. Wear it on a special evening with a daring dress and feel its magic in the air. Only, if you like light soft romantic florals and can't wear the heavy stuff, let this go... Don't abuse it like so many others have in this forum... after all, not every perfume is meant for everybody ... but for those who are not afraid to wear dramatic, sexy fragrances, this is a time-tested classic.

  • ALICIA05/10/2007

    I recently ran across this fragrance again in a perfume shop. I thought it had a pleasing aroma when I was younger but once I got a whiff of it just recently I couldn't stand how bad it smelled.

  • FRAN04/18/2007

    I recently rediscovered this scent....i got it in the eau de cologne version....still great lasting power and a few sprays goes a long way. Not for the shy, smells expensive and luxurious. I love it personally!

  • JUDI W*04/05/2007

    Just because someone doesn't like a scent doesn't mean that it doesn't smell good on their skin, or their body chemistry isn't good for it. I just didn't like the scent. Nothing more & nothing less. Too sweet & fruity for me, I just don't happen to like that kind of scent, that doesn't mean it's not good, and other people shouldn't like it. My nose didn't like it, out of the bottle, or on anybody else...

  • LAUREN03/31/2007

    This is a wicked excellent scent. Maybe peoples bodies aren't meant for some scents. This is one of my fav's.

  • JUDI W*03/30/2007

    Since I haven't smelled this in about 20 years, I can't say exactly what I think of it now, but I'll tell you what I thought of it then. Ewwww... My wicked step mother bought this for me, and maybe that's part of the problem. Of all fragrances, she buys Poison. Was she trying to tell me something? lol... I remember it smelling like children's grape cough syrup or grape juice. Not horrible, but too fruity & sweet for me.

  • CLAIRE03/21/2007

    You either love it or hate it but it can't be ignored! I love it. I loved it in the 1980's and occasionally I buy a bottle now. The secret is to wear it sparingly and I'm sure that body chemistry has something to do with it as always. Personally I have never received any negative comments when wearing it (that must be devastating)but I have had lots of positive ones. Prepare to be noticed Ladies! This one is not for the shy! Wear it, have fun and vamp it up!

  • LISA03/19/2007

    the most awful fragrance ever created. It could knock flies dead its that awful. gives me a huge headache, makes me feel sick and i can smell a person from 10 paces who is wearing it. DISGUSTING.

  • MARY ALICE03/14/2007

    I tried this tonight while we were out shopping because I like Pure Poison so much. The initial spritz was okay and my husband liked it so much that I purchased a small bottle. It's going back unopened tomorrow. It turned into cinnamon scented vile on my skin. I'm sure that on some women this is wonderful but on my skin it lives up to its name. And, of course, now I can't even sand-blast if off my skin to get rid of the stench...why do the awful ones last so long??

  • A MAN02/11/2007

    I was dating this lady who insisted on seducing me with this stuff. Our first dates were fine, Light and amber-like. Then one night she let me have it! Peee-yew! We had to cancel dinner because it was so strong. I liked it and her until that day. It was the first time perfume was used as a weapon! Overdoing this stuff requires a gas mask! Otherwise fine...

  • ALLYSA02/08/2007

    This fragrance quite makes me headache. There is something in the composition than need to be changed. I tried this fragrance several days ago and I'm quite surprised how come a famous fragrance like this has a terrible smell like this. I don't understand why some people keep using it while it makes people around of them feel bad about it. So for women out there "Don't spend your money for this kind of fragrance, there are many better fragrances out there even some of them is much cheaper than this one"

  • LE NEZ02/06/2007

    Seeing so many negative reviews of this now classic makes me wonder if the right perfume is in those bottles. It is true, this is a luxurios,wintry, nocturnal scent. It may be banned in some restaurants. Remember how to wear fragrance ladies, and you should not have this problem. I love it forever. Especially on those vampy nights!

  • POISON LOVER12/13/2006

    I'm a firm believer that not all perfumes smell the same on everyone. I have been wearing Poison since 1984 and always receive compliments. My co-worker loves it on me, but it does not have the same effect on her when she wears it. For those who hate it, maybe they have been smelling it on the wrong people who are wearing it.........or overwearing it!

  • KRISTA11/30/2006

    Help! My cousin, who does not own a computer, is trying to find Poison BODY TALC to give to her mother for Christmas and she has enlisted my help. She doesn't want anything but the body talc (powder). If you know where I can steer my cuz to buy some, please help!

  • SEXY KITTEN11/05/2006

    Poison is a great perfume which works with different moods very well...I've worn it in small doses with suits for work, for evenings out and also with flowery feminine dresses...womanly yet playful, it seems to flaunt whatever mood your clothes are conveying that day and is really lovely...obiviously anyone who over applies any scent is going to offend...but a couple of drops behind the ears or at the nape of your neck going into your hair is divine...the scent shouldn't get a bad rap for being in the hands of someone who is over zealous.

  • LISA11/04/2006

    i crave the smell of poison, but am too shy to wear in public =D it's my private indulgence when no one is around.

  • CHEE-CHEE10/03/2006

    I love poison!!this perfume so concentrated , so rich so potent i just love it . hey anybody wants to get rid of poison i'll take it e-mail at [email protected] i just adore it. it's the only thing that last on me.

  • It's strong,lasting,a stand out and sexy scent. You either love or hate it. Only for confident women,no nonsense scent. Smells like concord grapes,intoxicating. Usually don't like powerful scents but this is exceptional. Just a drop lasts for days.

  • INSANELARK09/15/2006

    2nd try on posting this (first garnered me an error message) & perhaps a mite bit of elaboration.(hit pg back & woo! my test hasn't expired) I am not fond of this scent (much prefer Opium as it has a much drier & musk driven scent without the initial cloying sweet overtones) but it drives my mate of 17 years absolutely wild. Truth to me, is it isn't terrible in moderation but takes a very light application as initially it is much much too sweet& needs a good half hour to be presentable. I am told I smell *great* by others etc, but as an allergy prone person I find this one pretty much for occasional evening wear as it is definitely one made to please my hubby & recieve compliment from other men, not really anything I'd put on a top choice.

  • INSANELARK09/15/2006

    I am not fond of this scent (much prefer Opium) but it drives my mate of 17 years absolutely wild. Truth to me, is it isn't terrible in moderation but takes a very light application, then a good half hour to be presentable. I am told I smell *great* by others etc, but as an allergy prone person I find this one pretty much for evening wear & definitely one to please my hubby.

  • MINOU09/08/2006

    Everytime I smell this on someone it reminds me of "Off" insect repellent. I am glad that it isn't as popular as it was in the 80's.

  • LILABEAR08/14/2006

    I looove reading these reviews. And I, too, hate Poison. What I would really like to know is how even the most sophisticated, erudite fragrance fanatics can continue to wear something that is so vile to the majority of noses? Does wearing a particular fragrance give you such pleasure that you stop caring about making other people nauseous. I, too, wear "heavy" perfumes (chanel, lolita lempicka) but I read reviews of them and make sure that most people aren't sickened by them. What's the point? Maybe these are the same people who think you should be able to smoke wherever the hell you please--it's a free country!

  • JAK07/29/2006

    I read that this perfume is actually banned from some restuarents and threaters. I recently attended a concert and had to change seats due to a woman wearing this scent.

  • JULIA07/05/2006

    This one is a typical eighties scent: Full of power and depth. You really have to be a grown-up personality to wear this. Not an "innocent girlie" would wear it. But on the right woman and on the right occasion (candle light dinner, opera etc.) this fragrance is seductive to men as hell - but only to strong ones. ;-)

  • ANGELIQUE05/21/2006

    Even years after this first hit the shelves I hate it as much as the day I first tested it. The fumes produced upon spraying this 'scent' are noxious and stifling. It reminds me of something you'd use to knock someone out. My nasal cavities have never been so assaulted. I'd rather smell an onion. This is so horrible there isn't a rating low enough to give it. -5 please!

  • *BARBARA W*05/17/2006

    You know, it's funny...Obsession was one of the first perfumes I bought as an adult back in 1987 (I was 21). I never liked light, floral scents even then, and fell in love with the heady, rich smell. And then...well, it became such a cliche to wear it I ditched it and never looked back, until recently when I've started to rediscover its allure. I never wore Poison then, but the other day I sniffed a bottle at the store and know, this is quite enchanting! I may buy myself a bottle soon. Fragrances like Poison, Opium, Obsession, etc, will never be universally loved, but it's been my experience that if a fragrance isn't controversial, it's usually boring! So all you Poison lovers, wear it with pride!

  • KARANN04/26/2006

    I think the reason that people attach such repulsion to a fragrance is because it started out as a lovely idea and once it hit the mass market it fell into the hands of too many who abused and over applied it. Once a scent sickens you it is hard to over come that scent memory. For me Poison still evokes a pleasant memory of the winter holidays and soft classic sweaters. I probably wouldn't rush out to buy it as my first pick but it's lovely when smelled on a lady who knows how to wear it and not bathe in it!

  • TBUZZ04/26/2006

    I used to very much dislike this fragrance in the 80's when I was a late teen. I tried it again a while back and I absolutely LOVE it now. I cant stop smelling my wrist when I wear it. I think it is an AWESOME scent!!

  • CICI04/21/2006

    Even if this scent isn't vile to you, even if you love it, why would you wear a scent that repulses so many people? Those who like it may tell you, but those who are nauseated by the smell of decay and rot will not get close enough to say anything.

  • NEARLY GONE03/14/2006

    Why make a disgusting perfume that you spend a lot of $ on? Even rats would be afraid of this potent spray which can be smelled for miles. For human contact or spray? Not advisable. Toxic Hazard all the way.

  • DIOR03/11/2006

    Poison is an amazing perfume, i´ve been in love for a long time and everytime i feel it on another woman it smells terrific on her too, very special scent, very warm and it relaxes me, totally recomend!

  • COMMENTATOR03/10/2006

    This is disgusting exactly as the name implies. It is horrid, long lasting, and you can't wash this junky fragarance off, just like Opium. Please don't test it or wear it.

  • GREEKGIRL02/22/2006

    Never tire of this wonderful aroma , have loved if for years and hubby loves it too!

  • MARY R.02/14/2006

    What I love about Poison is what others hate: it is strong and lasts long. If you apply sparingly, you will actually get compliments. Poison got a bad rap when everyone over-applied it in the 80s just like Giorgio. I think others' comments about Poison and Giorgio being "dated" scents are irrelevant and meaningless. Chanel No. 5 is a top seller since isn't that "dated" too? Poison is very contemporary compared to Chanel No. 5.

  • MEGAN01/23/2006

    I think poisen is a very strong perfume! But, I got to say it's perfect for Halloween! ( No wonder why it's called Poison)

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE01/05/2006

    I like this one even more than Hypnotic Poison, which I think is also terrific. Sprayed them both on myself and on a paper card at the store. At home, thought the paper card for Hypnotic smelled better to me, but ordered them both. Surprisingly, I prefer Poison over Hypnotic Poison, plus it seems to last better on me, even though they're both EDTs. I highly recommend this one, and have received many compliments when wearing it.

  • CHEE CHEE01/04/2006

    Ithink poison is a elegant mature perfume not for the girls who love air freshener type of scents. not to mention poison scent last and last and only a spray or two will do you.My boyfriend loves it to death and so do other men that have had a chance to experience it's sweet haulting scent.

  • FELICITY2701/03/2006

    I always gets comps when I wear it. I save it only for special occasions. My husband doesnt buy it often.

  • POOKIE12/30/2005

    I used to HATE this smell when I was young...(along with the other popular musky/spicy scents like obsession and opium). I've recently gone through my collection and decided to give it another shot and WOWOW...I could not stop smelling myself. I put it on right before bed and was wrapped in a warm, rich, decadent heavenly scent the whole nite. I put a few more dabs on the next morning for work and it lasted me through the entire day. Amazing staying power. My tastes have definitly changed. I'll be buying more

  • CINDY12/27/2005

    I recieved as a Christmas gift and it was AWFUL. Instant allegic reation, large rash on neck and chin swelled. I usually do not wear any perfume, but it was a gift....

  • MARJORIE12/22/2005

    Reeks of ultra-concentrated grape popsicles? A brief elevator ride with a woman who swam in the stuff made me want to barf for the entire day...

  • DEBS12/11/2005

    Poison is in a class of its own. I love the jasmine note with its hint of cinnamon. It reminds me of Estee Lauder's 'Spellbound' but has the subtlety of plum.

  • CHEE CHEE11/22/2005

    I love poison and i just got my order of poison espirit parfume and i just love it to death. this is my winter scent.

  • ANISSE11/19/2005

    Individuals with allergies or weak stomachs stay away. This fragrance made my eyes and mouth water. My eyes were burning and my mouth was watering to prepare my body for the gag reflex. The scent is too sweet and powdery. Wear sparingly- or not at all.

  • OPINION OF A MAN!11/11/2005

    I remember walking down the streets of Paris in the the late 1980's. Ladies of all ages wore this fascinating scent. The scent seemed like what an amethyst might smell like. Truely memorable and a little naughty. Its not that common any more.

  • CHEE CHEE11/08/2005

    i love poison it's the best perfume that stays on me and plus i love sweet scents that last and last

  • CAROL10/25/2005

    Yes it is "my" poison, I have worn it for around 17 years, and although I can't smell it on myself anymore, I still get compliments on it, and to date cannot find a perfume that smells as good on me. I think it must just mix well with my body oils, hair spray, etc. Can't imagine what I will do if it is discontinued.

  • JB10/12/2005

    I have loved this scent for 20 years now. It doesnt smell like any other perfume in the world. Actually it doesnt smell like a "perfume" to me at all, instead just a beautiful, yummy, intoxicating scent that never fails to lift my spirits. The Esprit de Parfum is my favorite because you need only use a couple drops to scent you all day & it is soft, it isnt as "in your face" potent/sharp as the Eau de Toilette. Also it only scents the immediate "personal space" surrounding my body, not the entire room as the EDT tends to do.

  • ALLISON R.10/12/2005

    I hate to be disrespectful to one of the perfumes that launched my curiosity into the fragrance world, but Poison really stinks! When I notice it on other women, I just think how inappropriate it is to smell like that. It's like a make-over that should be made with scents on women who may be stuck in a fragrance rut.

  • ANGELA10/09/2005

    As all perfumes it comes down to your body chemistry. Poison is a match for me wouldn't do without it. Day or night compliments flow. It is my choice above all others.

  • CC10/04/2005

    I have the edp splash. Use just a drop at each wrist and you will get just a hint of the fragrance. I ,too hated this when it first came out but I think it's because people used too much.

  • LORI09/03/2005

    i used to wear this in the early 90's, but it's just too strong to wear all the time.

  • BYME08/25/2005

    What could possibly justify that the original Poison is still in production? Are there enough living, flesh and blood women who would risk to wear it nowadays? Does it still generate reasonable sales? I don't think so. I think my question is valid since a number of other noteworthy scents with a loyal following happen to be discontinued overnight, leaving us customers without an explanation. I don't argue that Poison is, in a sense, a landmark in perfume history, and one that would spawn a successful series of siblings sharing the same name. I guess the reason why it's still available is simply that Dior is mighty enough to do that. But be honest: by now Poison has become mere curiosity. Its offensively novel and edgy character which made it so trendy and ahead of its time made it outdated as early as in the 80's. I believe there is no practical reason for Dior to keep it alive any more. It belongs to the collectors. It should be laid to rest to bring it back again some decades later, maybe time comes for some nostalgia.

  • ANNABELL08/23/2005

    Ok, the first time I smelling the fragrance wasn't that good at all. I saw the flowers (fake) on the table and spayed one of them with Poison. Well, it's just to welcome people to the office and to let them know the office smells good though I don't think Poison smells good. Then the next morning, when I entered the office, I got attracted to an unknown fragrance. Just then I knew, Poison was good. Powdery, sexy fragrance.

  • MIMI08/20/2005

    I first smelled poison on a friend in highschool 15 years ago, and I was taken instantly to it. It is definately sweet. And you either like it or dont. poison makes me think of enchanted places, sweet candy, and memories.

  • TUSSIE08/19/2005

    In the late 80's, I sat in the classroom aside a girl wearing this. English lesson, subject: W. Shakespeare's 'Macbeth'. Sorry, otherwise I might have liked this, but since then I always have to think of the witches' magic potion. POISON - a very good name! ;-))

  • SUSAN BARKER07/18/2005

    Absolutely wonderful, best perfume on the market. When I wear it I get never ending compliments.

  • JANCYE07/14/2005

    My husband's first job while in h.s was at McDonald's and he told me he was always stuck taking drive thru orders with a coworker who would slather herself with Poison. To this day if we're out somewhere and smell it, it induces a gag reflex from him! I don't blame him....

  • LISA07/08/2005

    I love it!1 I've been wearing for years at all times of the day, even though it is recommmended for evening use. I frequently am asked what I'm wearing because it smells delicious!!

  • JAN06/27/2005

    This more horrible perfume I ever smelled in my life. I almost never got that stinking stuff washed off of my arm with I tested it. Yuck!

  • VIENNA05/25/2005

    It is the most offensive "perfume" ever. It smells vile and it totally lives up to it's name. It's just awful, it's obscenly sharp, they should withdraw it.

  • LAILA04/19/2005

    I like this parfume,but one "girl'who I know was born probably "poison "and this stuff is just right for her.

  • STEPH03/13/2005

    This is hands down the worst smelling, vile stuff ever. It is truly well named and should have a skull and crossbones on the label.

  • BEBE02/22/2005

    enticing. enchanting . magnificant. seductive. orgasmic. passionate. radiant. after glow. very nice.

  • JOYCE LICATA02/10/2005

    I am surprised women dont't realize we all cant wear the same perfume. They react differently with our body chemistry. For me this is a winner.

  • BONI02/08/2005

    By far the most offensive aroma ever. Kills your senses on contact. I had a hairdresser who used this and lost most of her business....because she was so offensive! No joke. Poison....exactly as the name says!

  • KRISTIN M.01/26/2005

    Initially I find Poison hard to take...the top notes do come off rather harsh but once the drydown comes thru I like it.

  • R.12/28/2004

    I really liked this at one point, but now I find it overpowering, and rather cloying after a few hours. Maybe someday I'll like it again.

  • DANI12/17/2004

    This is so overpowering and sickenly sweet. I have only ever smelled old ladies wearing this. Possibly the worst overrated perfume ever. Men HATE this stuff.

  • CHRIS12/10/2004

    As a man, I love it! That smell drives me wild, and TOTALLY puts me in the mood. I have found that many women don't like it - but who are you wearing it for? remember that ladies when picking out a scent.

  • SHARRIE12/04/2004

    poison can be fatal to men, delicus smell, another winnerof the dior family, id wear it in a ring and spash it all day long

  • MELANIE11/26/2004

    everyone who has posted a message either adores or hates this perfume. Poison is completely different depending on who is wearing it. This is an earmark of a excellent quality and timeless fragrance. If it works with your body chemistry, it is stunningly beautiful and you'll never get sick of it. Try it at a department store first and wear it for at least a day.

  • DENNIS10/26/2004

    POISON... I agree with Jane. This one makes me sick even if the wearer had walked by 5 minutes before.. I just have to leave.

  • REBECCA10/26/2004

    I've never heard of a perfume compelled from mental illness like in the last comment. That was a wacked out response if I ever heard LoL Poison is great for winter and one spritz is all you need. There will never be another like it, and this is taste that only debuts once. Men love it, because of it's deep intoxication. Not for generic perfume lovers at all.

  • MAURA SHAWN10/15/2004

    Let me say I was -once- drawn to this for 3 minutes of my life in college.. When I had a nervous breakdown in the art student's lounge I had it on.. The stay at the hospital was soul reviving and educational, eventually.. The "perfume" went out along with those bad memories.. I think Madonna wears this stuff.. Which COULD explain a LOT.. *sniffs.. *Leaves room.. PS WISE women will, unless compelled to wear it, leave the 'Poison' in the lysol shelf..(sorry..:( ).. and try OTHER deep 'sensual' substitutes..OR some light ones.. Most things that lead to death will kill or very much hurt you..I'd place "Poison' in that group with crimes of 'passion'..Anything you intend to do wearing it won't turn out pretty..Or healthy.. One experienced woman's opinion..

  • WRYLASS10/12/2004

    Others have said it well ... Poison is indeed for strong, distinctive women--and not just for evening. I've worn this fragrance since shortly after it came out while I was in college ... my whole adult life IOW. I smelled it on someone else & knew immediately it was for me. I bought the biggest bottle they make without ever trying it on and have never looked back. Poison trivia ... I bought that first bottle at a discount place, and after awhile it started to deteriorate ... but it smelled better than ever. People didn't recognize it and would stop me in the grocery store or come to my table at restaurants and ask me what it was. I've never been able to replicate the dregs of that first bottle. And I can't find anything else to take the place of Poison in my perfume wardrobe. (I thought maybe Prada, but too patchouli after you put it on. If I could get just the base note ...)

  • HEAVEN09/25/2004

    I first wore poison in 1987 when I 17. 17years later I still wear it. men are intoxicated by it! I ran into an old high school boyfriend and he said oh I remember that smell and sighed! Men will forever remember the woman who wears poison!

  • LAUERMAR09/25/2004

    I'd like to and see how many oldies she has in her cabinet--unless she only wears modern watered down stuff with names like Pink, Barbie, Mary-Kate & Ashley, or J-Lo. Poison's opening blast is very strong, it's true. But if you use this gently and wait 30 minutes, it dries down to a pretty spice similar to Spellbound. Just don't layer this with matching body products, don't spray head to toe in a cloud, and don't use on top of clothing where it tends to linger. Use common sense and save it for nonworking hours, and avoid wearing it in crowds.

  • PILAR09/23/2004

    This one literally makes me gag. By far, the worst "perfume" ever!!!!

  • REBECCA09/09/2004

    No matter if you love or hate it, it makes a big statement. I wear it only in the coldest part of winter, because on me it seems to get stronger and stronger in the spring. I never wear it in the summer! It is dark and alluring, different than all the others. It's very sexually bold, and a classic.

  • JODIE 09/08/2004

    I can't believe they still make this. It's so outdated and washed up. Get over it. Move on to something modern, please!

  • LINDA07/04/2004

    This is my favorite scent. It's the only scent that really fits me. Delicious. Dark and floral and sharp (but not too sharp) and fruity (but not trendy sweet fruity.) It is more of an evening scent but i like to wear it everywhere!

  • PAZZO06/25/2004

    My idea of erotic perfume.

  • CINDY06/16/2004

    I was repulsed at first scent. DISGUSTING!!

  • JANE05/28/2004

    I have to agree with Kaia. This fragrance is replusive. It makes me physically ill smelling it.

  • LLL05/25/2004

    I agree with HUGNKISS in her great earlier post. Poison is not for a woman who wants to be, say, a modern version of a 50's housewife. It is not for everyone; not all women can wear it and pull it off. It is rich, so it should be used sparingly, but when used so, it can be incredibly evocative, haunting, almost disturbingly erotic. A great one--as you know, great creations are often misunderstood and considered shocking. And, by the way, the parfum d'esprit bottle just rocks. That's my take on Poison, thank you.

  • RAINFAERIE05/05/2004

    ...for this concoction that reminds me of someone who once back-stabbed me. The scent served as a warning that She was approaching a mile away. On the other hand, I'm sure those of you who love 'Poison' associate it with wonderful times, and I respect that.

  • MOM OF 705/02/2004

    I have used Poison for at least 15 years. It is the only perfume I can wear that doesn't give my husband a headache. I feel sexy when I wear it. Don't overdue it though. I use just a touch, and I have had men and women comment on how good I smell.

  • JANE04/28/2004

    I've worn Poison for over 20 years and often at the end of the day someone will comment, 'what perfume are you smell sooo good!'....I'm always amazed that the awesome scent is still with me. I adore the lotion, too, for that 'extra punch' at certain times! To me Poison is heavenly!!! But, I have heard from alot of friends that it's definitely 'chemistry-oriented' and some women cannot wear it at all!!!!

  • SO ROMEO04/24/2004 what this fragrance makes me think of. -But that could be influenced by my experience with the only woman I know that wears it...

  • LORENA SISMAN04/18/2004

    Smells so good I need to take a cold shower after wearing it all day! Or better yet, hit the ice cream. Not for the faint hearted.

  • SOPHIE04/14/2004

    It is too heavy and overimposing. Not for those youthful and contemporary. It reminds me of spinsters or desperate women in their 50s or older women who use perfume to conceive bdy ordors. Overpouring. The smell lasts even on those who come close to and spend some time with the bearer of this fragrance. I used to have a teacher who was wearing this all the time. 2-3 hours after the class my clothes still preserved the smell of Poison and Mom was questioning me why I had been using such a strong perfume. This is Dior's most disastrous product.

  • JEAN03/25/2004

    I've worn Poison for almost twenty years, and it always draws compliments. In my experience, men find it very sexy. Anyone interested should probably sample it first, however, as it seems that women either love it or hate it on themselves.

  • KAIA03/21/2004

    Quite possibly the most nauseating fragrance known to man!

  • LEE ANN03/07/2004

    When I wore Poison a long time ago, people used to tell me I smell like chewing tobacco, and I do not even chew tobacco. It could also smell like Raid on me as well.People did not like that fragrance and I never got it again.

  • SUE C02/24/2004

    Not many women could successfully wear this perfume. My Spanish teacher used to wear it, she was a very attractive mature woman with a warm and outgoing personality, popular, very feminine and friendly. She changed her hair colour frequently and wore stylish clothes in rich purples, olive green, black and red. She always wore poison and it was perfect on her.

  • MARCO02/11/2004

    Something in this awful stuff gives me a headache. Any woman that wears it comes off smelling offensive. Stay away from it if you want to attract anyone.

  • MYSELF01/04/2004

    I've just recently re-discovered Christian Dior's Poison and I still LOVE IT!

  • HALEY12/18/2003

    I am a graduate student and was given Poision as a gift by a Man I was dating. He said, "you are no longer a teenager, so try some real perfume". He was right, Poision is a womans perfume.

  • ALLEN12/04/2003

    I smelled this on a saleswoman in my house. I thought that she smelled great. Therefore, I bought this as a gift for an associate.

  • ANAAMI12/01/2003

    I think of poison as kinda of a heavy fragrance, not in a bad way, but in a make an impact way, whenever I wear poeople always ask me what I'm wearing with intrigue. It's not very flowery "clean" (as in smelling like soap) smelling. It's kinda spicy, a little fruity, but very nice. It completely wraps you up in fragrance. :)

  • ANAAMI12/01/2003

    There was a post that said only people over 60 like poison. Not true, I'm 18 and it is one of my favorite scents I got a bottle from my mom who could'nt stand the smell so she gave it to and even she admits it smells go ON ME. Meaning, Poison is the type of fragrance that you are going to love or hate, and with everyone's different body chemistry it's not going to smell the same as it did on your friend.

  • CHRISSY11/24/2003

    In its day this stuff was so marketed and seemed okay then..but its just too strong and definitely dated.

  • OLIVIA11/05/2003

    I can smell that awful stuff from a mile away, which is bad enough, but close-up, it's unbearable.

  • ANGAL11/04/2003

    Not a bad scent but I think its alittle on the spicy side and it doesn't last long enough on me.

  • ERICA10/24/2003

    I wasn't sure about trying this one due to the many negative comments, but I'm glad I did. This one's lovely: sweet, fruity and spicy but not overdone. It's a soft sensual fragrance. Really nice.

  • MARISSA10/17/2003

    I've worn poison since 1986 and will never use another perfume.

  • JACKI 10/15/2003

    If I go near anyone with Poison I get headaches does it affect other people this way?. I can take strong perfumes like Opium and the like so I wonder what ingredient in Poison is the culprit.

  • ABIGAIL09/28/2003

    down memory lane. Better left behind in the Reagan era.

  • PAT09/19/2003

    Poison stands far apart from the rest as it is an absolutely unique scent,beyond comparison. I´ve worn it for years.

  • ANNA06/25/2003

    Does Poison smell exactly like Raid ant spray to anyone else?

  • CHRISTINE06/23/2003

    that would be Passion. This is running a close second

  • JEN06/22/2003

    This is my first and No. 1 bottle. I know some don't like the smell, but it smells just wonderful on me. One of my friends who doesn't like Posion even complemented on me when I was wearing it, and afterwards she gave me her large bottle (100ml).

  • CANDY06/05/2003

    I love to wear this in the summer it just works so well with my chemistry. When I walk into a room of tinny-bopper summer citrus scents...I comand attention!

  • JACKIE06/02/2003

    My husband bought this for me one Xmas, I hated straight away, but to be polite I wore it ONCE for work . I love to wear good perfume everyday and often ask other people if they smell nice what they are wearing, I have never met anybody under 60 that likes poison.

  • LILITH05/26/2003

    I'm no shrinking violet. I'm no wallflower either. I'm certainly not a frumpy maiden! I love many strong, orientals fragrances like Coco, Opium, Shalimar, Must and others... But this is revolting! To me it smells like Robitussin. Bleecchhtt!!!

  • FIREBALL800005/24/2003

    the best fragrance going when you are ready for some fun

  • PERFUME JUNKIE05/11/2003

    I thought your post was a classic. Like you, I hate boring so-called fresh scents. This scent is deffinitely NOT for the faint of heart. But it's got a lot of personality. Maybe because it's so unique.

  • NICO04/18/2003

    like other spicy scents, it can be good if you like the kind. It's really not for me, but my mother used to wear it ad it was good. If you don' exaggerate!!

  • TRUDIE04/17/2003

    I love this spicy sexy scent... one of my all time favorites. Not for everyone though.

  • LIZ03/28/2003

    I like it a little better then Addict. This was the first perfume I bought for myself and it was something that fit me. This brings the dark side of me so to speak. Give it a try, it's different and you'll love it if you give it time.

  • EILA03/25/2003

    Luxurious. Rich. Strong. Wonderful. The Words I use to describe Poison.

  • HUGNKISS03/08/2003

    This is a gorgeous, luxurious, decadent, erotic scent.To wear (and LIKE) this scent, you have to be a strong, distinctive woman, flamboyant, exotic and mysterious. And most likely have a predeliction for punishing stilettos. Most certainly misunderstood by naive maidens who think that it smells like childrens' medicine or a Jolly Rancher, so I say, "Sally Housecoats of America, STAY AWAY! You will probably be happier with the generic dross that permeates popular culture of the moment anyway. (Uhg!) Go put on your Jessica McClintock sacks, your shrill floral scents, and frump up elsewhere. This scent is NOT for you!"

  • BLERTA03/02/2003

    when i got it at first(as a present) i didn't like it at all!i was about to give it to any of my friends...but the next day i wore it and it smelled wonderful and everybody was about 'what is this perfume???'....everyone liked it including me....i adore it it's like poison.poisoning everyone to be your 'slave'!!!!

  • PAULA02/20/2003

    I am utterly amazed that this is still on the market. You've GOT to be kidding me! 'Tis just simply horrid!

  • JULIAN 01/22/2003


  • TARA01/04/2003

    This scent is one of a kind. You may like it a lot or absolutely hate it. It agrees with me and makes me think of warmth and Christmas time.

  • RENA12/27/2002

    It is a very good scent but very strong and overpowering. Perfect for a strong buisness woman or a really powerful woman if not go for Tendre Poison but I'm not sure about Hypontic Poison

  • ZALE12/23/2002

    It smells like someone just fell into a vat full of berries (a la Lucy~!!).

  • ANNMISBEHAVEN12/18/2002

    The body powder is fantastic....a wonderful scent!

  • GRACIE ELAINE12/18/2002

    Yes I agree this product only became popular and sold due to the hype of the 80's. You know they bombarded magazines with ads and stars were paid to say it was a fav . It doesn't smell that great and is not a good signature fragrance and I am not surprised they quit making it. Guess the Demi Moore and Heather Locklear ad campaigns have went by the wayside.

  • JASON12/16/2002

    I have loved this perfume since it first came out in the 80's. I think men and women experience things differently. What a man likes, a woman may not. Take thongs for instance. Speaking from a male perspective, I find Poison to be sensual, alluring and mysterious. It's velvety, sexy and a tremendous turn on. Most of the men I know share my sentiments. I guess it just depends on whether you want to smell good for yourself or for him. It also depends on when you plan to wear it. This is not just a day to day scent. Take this into consideration when you buy. And, men, if you're thinking of getting Poison for your significant other, make sure you get the "Ok" from her before you do. This advice holds true for that lacy thong you saw at Victoria's secret, too.

  • JACKIE12/03/2002

    Where is the perfume for this fragrance? I don't want to wear an EDT. Poison should be worn in its most elegant form.

  • NARDIA11/25/2002


  • JESSICA11/16/2002

    Perfume smells different on everybody. Scent is affected by skin ph and oil. On me, Poison has a definite vanilla top note, and the scent of vanilla drives men wild.

  • JOHNKARSEN11/06/2002

    This perfume has such an awsome smell to it. It's very classy and romantic.

  • APHRAEL11/04/2002

    Hi! I just read your post and started laughing,because the other day,I was with my daughter in a department store and we were goofing around,sampling fragrances. We got to the C.D perfumes,and she(my daughter) is addamant that the brew smells like Dimetapp,corn syrup and gazoline,with a dash of allspice thrown in for "good measure" (The "nose" that cooked up this one must have been clogged). She also thinks that the name is deadly accurate,that the whole "poison project" must have been some kind of a joke, or a dare,but that no one in their right mind could possibly see this stuff as decent.And I think you're right:C.D was probably going for the sexy oriental thing,there,but he not only missed the boat,he fell in the cesspool! Peace!

  • BETHANY11/01/2002

    I'm sure that Christian Dior was going for something sensual with this one, but I think he missed the boat. This stuff did not jive well at all with my body chemistry. It smelled like I dumped honey and some other sort of noxious spice on my arm. Super sweet and ewwy.

  • MAYA10/23/2002

    Did you guys hear about the nutcase who tried to get her 15 minutes of fame??I was watching the news,last night,and here is the story: Apparently a woman is trying to get Addict pulled of the shelves until the name is changed,she says it's offensive to former drug addicts such as herself,and that the add and the product's name could potentially incite people to start doing drugs or fall back into it... Talk about someone with absolutely no life!Yet she isn't trying to get Opium pulled of the shelves...I hope that her "idiot campaign" is going to get Addict a ton of publicity and contribute to its already huge marketing succes.(tee-hee)...

  • MAYA10/18/2002

    Yes,I have,and I believe this new brew from C.D is going to sell like hot cakes!I am waiting for the bath and body products,though,because as quirky as it seems,I won't wear a fragrance if I can't indulge in the whole olfactory experience,from from the shower to the finishing touch.But I do think this one will go far,it's just...MMMMMMMMM...

  • STEPHANIE10/17/2002

    Anyone tried the new CD perfume? It is so great! I love it! Slightly sweet, but not too much, rich warm and intoxicating. Just wanted to give ya the heads up and tell everyone how wonderful it is!

  • LOLA10/16/2002

    No way,girlfriend!You should be yourself,and wear what pleases YOU,YOU,wonderful YOU.If your man freaks out,tell him to go hump a jumbo size bottle of this toxic waste.He should love you for you and everything that you are,scent and all.If Poison isn't your thing, (believe me I feel the same way), he should not try to pressure you into something that isn't you.If he does,you should insist he wears only the cologne he detests the most,see how he likes that! Meanwhile,There are many ambery orientals out there,plenty to choose from.(Must,Opium,Shalimar,Samsara, Coco,Hypnotic Poison,to name only a few.)And if you simply aren't into Orientals,He's just gonna have to deal with it.Be proud for being a person who knows what she DOESN'T like,that's more rare than you think.Peace!

  • HANNAH HOO10/08/2002

    I let my man smell 15 perfumes from little testers I have and want to get rid of to see which to keep and if we had the same "taste". The perfume that comes to mind when I think about cheap sickly sweet perfumes is Poison, I have always wondered what kind of a woman would want to go around smelling like a factory producing artificiall raspberry candy and what kind of a man would find that yuuky stomach turning pong (at the most) tolerable on a woman? Well, my little perfume test gave me the answer to my second questions... MY kind of man! HELP!!! Of all these luxurious perfumes POISON was the one he reacted to most positively! NO NO! Not MY man! Not ME!!! What shocking despair! Do I have to wear the perfume he likes most of all??? I just don't think my nose (let alone my stomach) could handle walking around with that stench, I mean there's no where to get away from it! I might try wearing it when I have a cold with a blocked up nose... Anything (almost) for my man, but what bad taste his nose has!

  • LABRUJA10/06/2002

    Warm , spicy & intriguing IMO. also a very unusual scent that definitely won't appeal to everyone. Men compliment me on this a lot. Women not as much. It simply suits certain moods better than anything else for me.

  • JAMIE10/05/2002

    I don't like this as much as Hypnotic but it is pretty good. I might buy another bottle of this some day.It is very junglely scented. Wait till you try out the new Addict. That stuff is incredible!

  • JULIE09/29/2002


  • STEPHANIE09/22/2002

    I was at Walmart the other day and happened to go down the perfume isle and just look at the perfumes, which I like to do and there was two bottles of Poison! I was like, "Yes"! lol I have looked everywhere and not been able to find it, but I got lucky. It's my absolute favorite of all time.. it just suits me. And the smell is like heaven.

  • DEANNA09/18/2002

    This is by far the most all time gross and disgusting perfume I have ever had the displeasure of smelling. I have never worn it, but I cringe every time I smell it on someone else. I know that sounds harsh, but I think it is awful!

  • CHRISTINE09/18/2002

    I have worn Poison for 15 years, and I love it! I wear it everyday. It is a very sensual, deep smell.

  • DEEDEE09/12/2002

    I have always gotten great comments from men when I wear this. I have the perfume, the EDT, Body lotion, Bath Gel, I absolutely love this scent.

  • LISA08/29/2002

    How ironic that Christian Dior bottles this stuff in a purple bottle. It smells exactly like Welch's grape juice!!!

  • BMISSCE08/29/2002

    Since I put on Poisen, I have gotten nothing but attention from men and women. YOU SMELL GREAT WHAT ARE WEARING SMELLS WONDERFUL. I gotten so many people to come me and say you smell great. Then they ask what are you wearing I say so PROUDLY I'M wearing POISEN. then they go on to say where can I get some or where do you get it. I would tell them where to go. I Feel LUCKY ME cause I have meeting some very nice men Thank you for a better social life

  • SHARON ROSS08/05/2002

    I can't believe people can stand to wear this awful fragrance!

  • DANNI07/30/2002

    This is my signiture scent. I pretty much wear it every single day. The weird thing about Poison is it's scent changes drastically day to day. Most of the time it smells warm and spicy, but there have been times when it just smelled plain funky on me. I guess I just have strange body chemistry, as most fragrances have "turned" on me.

  • LOLA07/26/2002

    I got completely taken by the ads, a long time ago,and bought the whole line!! Talk about an idiotic impulse buy! Sadly,it didn't work for me.It smelled like Dimetapp. Luckily I later discovered Hypnotic Poison and on a cold winter day,it never fails to do the trick.

  • MELH07/25/2002

    Terrible! I used to like a few drops many years ago when it was popular, but now it's so old and strong!

  • BERNICE07/22/2002

    I have never liked this scent, it makes me ill. I still cannot figure out why folks like it. As they say, to each his own.

  • STEPHANIE06/13/2002

    Thanks about telling us that Poison is not being discontinued. I was at Eckerd the other day and I was pretty sure that I saw a bottle in the display case behind the register. I don't have enough money then, to purchase it, but a few days later my mom went in there and looked for it for me and couldn't find it. She even had one of the employees look through the whole display case. I guess they sold it that fast, because I know I saw a bottle there. But anyway I can always check the mall or maybe try to buy it online. I don't really like to buy things on the internet though.. Anyway I'm going to ask for it this Christmas! :D

  • MELODIE06/05/2002

    Love it! My man does too!

  • MARIA06/05/2002

    I just came across this board and was reading people's opinions on Poison (I, myself, have worn Poison for close to 20 years and still LOVE it!!). Anyway, I was devastated when I read Kim's post dated 12/31/2001 pertaining to Poison's discontinuance. I quickly looked up Christian Dior's phone number in NY, and called the company. The customer service rep I spoke to was very nice and told me that she had not heard anything about it. She then put me on hold and confirmed that it was not being discontinued. So breathe easy all you Poison vamps, Poison is not going anywhere! As I said before, I've worn Poison for may years and I STILL get many compliments from people on how great it smells! It is the only fragrance I wear and I wear it every day, 12 months out of the year! People have joked about Poison being my "signature scent". My husband thinks it's very sexy and, when he smells it on someone else, he thinks of me! Poison is a very sensual, powerful scent and certainly is not for the meek! If, however, you are a strong, mysterious woman (and maybe a little bit naughty, too); this is a good choice for you!

  • RHONDA 04/25/2002

    Poison is certainly not for the faint-of-heart or those trying to blend in with others. It is very bold and almost vampy. Just look at the packaging. Poison is my all time favorite perfume.

  • STEPHANIE04/24/2002

    The first time I ever smelled this was on my best friend's mom in middle school. I thought it was just the best scent I had ever smelled and would take a whiff from her perfume bottle whenever I could, lol. I told my friend that I wanted some for Christmas that year and they bought me the cheap knock off stuff, but of course it is expensive so they couldn't buy me the real stuff. I recently wanted to buy some now that I am older and have my own money but I went shopping and they did not have it. At the time I couldn't understand why they did not have it, but I guess it makes since if it is getting discontiued. It was a big seller though for years so I am suprised. I am sad that I never got a chance to wear it. :(

  • CARLA04/02/2002

    Yuk! Makes me sick, sorry!

  • KERRY03/23/2002

    i love this product!!!It is my signature scent. I wear it everyday.

  • VANESSA03/14/2002

    My roommate used to wear Poison. She didn't over apply...just one spray in the air and walked into it. However, it gave me instant sneezing, watering eyes, nausea and headaches. Wish I knew what about it does that.

  • CRYSTAL03/10/2002

    I think Poison is a good perfume though you can't wear it everyday. It's the perfume you can always go back to when you need a change. Anyway, my message here for Aimee go girl! I really appreciate your honest comments in this site. Believe it or not, when I'm filtering through the messages, I will look for yours in the first place because I know atleast you are telling the truth.

  • PAM02/26/2002

    I have never received so many compliments (from guys), for any other perfume that I have worn. It's very sexy and warm fragrance. I don't care for the name, but it is distinctive and memorable. Not a teen fragrance.

  • MAGGIEMAE02/17/2002

    I don't know anybody who likes Poison or who would consider wearing it. It's AWFUL!! Sorry.

  • DEBLINI02/02/2002

    Poison is the best cologne ever made.

  • EILEEN01/31/2002

    Gotta admit I hated it the first time I smelled it. I suppose I was comparing it to what I thought I wanted from a perfume. But that has changed. There are some days I don't feel so sweet and feminine and this perfume is intriguing without sweetness. It's not for everyone, certainly, but as I've heard, an ass for every seat, and it fits mine when I'm feeling more assertive.

  • CAROLINAGIRL01/20/2002

    TMBE in Texas I agree with you on Poison. I too, wore this fragrance during my high school years in the mid eighties and I have a very old bottle which is almost full. I'm into much lighter scents now. Jessica McClintock is my signature fragrance.

  • RENEE01/03/2002

    Poison is an overpowering scent that when used sparingly is great. Some people use to to such excess it's actually hurtful. Christian Dior definitely created controversy with this one. I can't stand the stuff but I have friends who love it. I finally confessed to one that it made me sick when she used it, and she's avoided it since. It is definitely NOT for office wear, try Tender Poison for that.

  • JACQUELYN12/31/2001

    Poison is the only perfume that honestly makes me feel ill. Most of my friends liken it to very sweet grape juice. However, my mother-in-law used to wear it and it was fabulous on her!

  • GIRLY GIRL12/31/2001

    A friend of mine wore this & I actually thought that she had the worst BO. Honest truth....

  • KIM12/31/2001

    I hate to ruffle feathers for those of you like me who love this fragrance but I was at the perfume counter the other day and was told that Poison is being discontinued nationwide. Its a shame because I really have enjoyed this fragrance. I guess its a good thing my husband bought me the large bottle for Christmas. I know there will be lots of other fragrances that I will enjoy in the future as well though.

  • VIVIEN12/26/2001

    I do appreciate your objective views. I think your comments help have an idea of a certain fragrance if you haven´t tried it yet.Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!!

  • AIMEE12/25/2001

    Actually, I didn't write that it was good or bad - only what I smelled. Actually, when you think about it, my description fits in with the name "Poison": A beautiful very fragrant sticky flower attracting insects so that it may devour them. This is a board to write down comments on perfume. I was looking to try a new fragrance and I thought it was great that I found this site for comments. The comments aren't much help, for example: "nasty", "stanky", "nice"!? I thought it may be helpful to others with my more descriptive comments: 10 yrs. worth of notes. I came back for a laugh because it was so predictable this very thing would happen. You apparently are sifting through comments yourself. But unlike me, you are only looking for people with opinions different than yours, so that you may hurl insults. Well ouch, I am so deeply hurt. Happy Holidays.

  • SHERRY12/23/2001

    Go find yourself a job. You have way too much free time on your hands.

  • AIMEE12/19/2001

    Sticky sweet like honey; sticking your nose in an oversweet flower... Drydown is cool; powdery; herb; soap. (I tried the edt)

  • MARILYN12/17/2001


  • NICOLE12/17/2001

    I have had nothing but compliments when I wear this fragrance. My hubbie just drinks it in when I wear it. Just for the record I am a severe migraine sufferer, but it doesn't affect me when I wear it. I also have allergies(my mom too) and I never get a reaction this way either(mom too). Poison is a fragrance that makes you stand out in a crowd( in a good way).

  • BETH12/13/2001

    Horrid, Nasty, Stinky... This should be outlawed!

  • LYONESS12/04/2001

    I FULLY AGREE WITH YOU. You have to be a real woman to wear a liquid like this that entices men, and "tickles your fancy" If you can't handle a womanly sent. use lotion.

  • KATHERINE 12/04/2001

    I have never found a perfume to compare with Poison. It is the only perfume that I have found that makes me feel really good about myself. My husband loves the smell of it and almost emberesses me when we are in public. He just wont keep his head away from neck. I am happy with Poison on. It is almost a mood changer for me.

  • KAREN11/26/2001

    I agree with you. My boyfriend sent this to me from France before it was released in the states. It brings back good memories but I can't wear it anymore. I even keep all the body products around for some strange reason.

  • *J*11/25/2001

    This has got to be the STINKIEST, grossest smell joke! I love all kinds of perfumes, I'm quite partial to Hypnotic Poison but this...this is just criminal. I think its one of those things women have been conditoned to think that it actually smells good just because its expensive and fashion in the 80s dictated it, when in reality theres a damn good reason why its called "poison"...thats exactly what it is! yuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk!! (i can't stress that enough!) p.s. the worst part is that you can't get the stink off you for a long time even after lots and lots of soap...scary, scary, aptly-named product.

  • SUSA11/23/2001

    I always seem to feel nauseous when I smell Poison at the fragrance counter...too sweet maybe?

  • GEORGI11/20/2001

    Romance, seduction...need I say more. My step-sister wore this when she was a teen. That was 16 years ago. With it's simplistic mixture or floral and woodsy aroma this parfume' is ....

  • SANDI11/08/2001

    My husband purchased this for me for my birthday thinking it was the same as Hypnotic Poison which I ran out of....but I LOVE IT...not as much as Hypnotic...but it runs a CLOSE race!!

  • TMBE IN TEXAS11/08/2001

    I love many different fragrances and have some that I will always be devoted to. However, Poison is not one of them. I loved this fragrance when I was in high school (in my opinion that was when it was at its peak) but for some reason I can't bring myself to wear it now. I still like the scent and wouldn't mind wearing it occasionally in the winter. Of all the perfumes I've tried over the years this one just seems dated now. I was just finishing my original bottle when a family member bought me an even larger one for Christmas one year (I still have it with very little gone). Is there anyone out there that agrees with me???!!! I don't mean to offend Poison loyals I too once loved it. Maybe it's just burnout from its late eighties popularity?

  • ANNE10/25/2001

    I thought the original scent was much better.

  • PAULA10/19/2001

    Poison is the first perfume that a man has consistently complimented me naturally, when in his company, that is all I will be wearing.....

  • BRENDA SAMPSON10/10/2001

    poison is the sweet scent which is made by nature's hand. suebee's heavenly poison

  • HARPER10/06/2001

    fyi: leaders don't spew arrogant dribble. that's the dictators. there's a difference. harper

  • MICHELLE10/03/2001

    man killer they'll eat you up

  • EVONE09/29/2001

    I never liked this, but lived with a roommate who loved it. What torture!

  • NONI09/28/2001


  • LORI SCHENK09/27/2001

    I liked it at first, then it got to be just too much. I finally dumped my one hundred dollar bottle!

  • DEBORAH09/27/2001

    I have been wearing Poison for 10 years and I can tell you men melt around me. Just read the replies here from men. It is truly a fragrance for women. Not girls or females with androgynous characteristics. And for all of those who get headaches, well they are simply not used to the finer things in life. They are the ones that complain about everything. Bet not one of them has ever been in a real perfume shop in Paris. Not to mention actually knowing the difference between cologne and perfume. If you want to add more power to your repertoire, get a bottle of Poison perfume! Not the cologne. Poison is for leaders, not followers. Get Escape or Alfred Sung if you are a follower.

  • KRIS09/25/2001

    Like Opium, very 80s and way to strong for some people's tastes. I still appreciate the bold spirit of Poison, but feel that wearing it now would be like an olfactory slap in the face.

  • CYNTHIA09/19/2001

    Whenever I smell Poison, it gives me a migraine headache.

  • JONATHAN09/17/2001

    From a man's point of view, I am very attracted to any women wearing Poison. I get distracted when a women wearing Poison walks by. It is such an intoxicating and alluring fragrance it stirs my passion buttons automatically! Please ladies, I encourage you to add this fragrance to your collection of aphrodisiacs, you will be delighted by the "results" I'm sure.


    I have worn Poison for 14 years. I used to drive 6 hours to buy it before it came to my city. This fragrance is, of course, marvelous. To apply, spray and walk in the mist. THAT'S THE SECRET!

  • PAULA 08/29/2001

    I enjoy wearing Poison. I can see how some people think it is too strong. But it is a nice night-time fragrance.

  • JACINTA08/05/2001

    Jolene, that is EXACTLY how I feel about Tresor! I love the Tresor bottle, they run terrific specials and gift sets but I LOATHE the smell! Whereas I like poison but am indifferent to the bottle and can never find specials or gift sets in it I like! Great world though isn't it!

  • JOLENE07/29/2001

    This is one of the few fragrances out there that I truly cannot stand. It's a disgustingly potent, heavy perfume. I normally like heavy, ambery type fragrances, but Poison smells like rotten berries to me!!!

  • SUSAN07/07/2001

    I have used it for 14 years,I just love the fragrance.

  • RUBY07/07/2001

    somewhat intoxicating. best for evening and colder weather.

  • AMBER07/03/2001

    This has been my favorite smell for when I go out at night.My boyfriend says, "It really is poison, it attracts people to you. I really love this stuff, so if you have a evening of fun or romance this is the scent.

  • BONNIE06/22/2001

    I normally like a mild fragrance but I really love Poison. There is just something about it that makes you love it. My daughter bought it and I tried hers. She's 18 and I'm 53! It's nice to know the same fragrance appeals to both of us.

  • STEPHANIE06/17/2001

    This is one of those that I think smells wonderful in the bottle but I just couldn't wear it because of the headache that would rapidly develop after applying it.

  • COURTNEY05/25/2001

    I received this as a gift, and I don't particularly care for it. The bottle and packaging are nice, but the scent itself is too heavy.

  • GAIL05/07/2001

    Some people obviously do not realize that a good perfume is dabbed on, not SPLASHED on. You have cheaper brands of cologne to do that with. As for Poison, I have always received compliments on it, especially from men. I have yet to receive a complaint on it.

  • DIAMOND05/02/2001

    If you truly do not like Poison you might want to try another form of the same perfume. It is Called Tendre Poison, it's lighter than Poison itself and you can wear it all day and no one would even notice. Although I prfer Poison 10 to 1 I would wear Tendre Poison also, if it came down to it.

  • MICHELLE04/30/2001

    This is the appropriate name for this fragrance. This is the worst smelling perfume I have ever smelled. Do not buy it. It is overpowering and it will give you a migrane. Awful

  • TONI03/20/2001

    I have been wearing Poison for over 10 years and there is nothing that compares to it. I LOVE it. Best for winter-too heavy for summer

  • DEE SUMTER02/27/2001

    I have more compliments on this scent than i do on Chanel,#5., Hugo or Pleasures.....I love it

  • SUE01/23/2001

    You couln,t have said it better, try issey mieyake its freser and not so heavy, changed from poison t it. never have to worry about to much, sat on a plane nex to a lad wtih it on gave me a heache and I like it usually , wore it myself at the time!!!!

  • AMBER01/09/2001

    This is the most heavy AND expensive smell I ever tried. I advise to use this scent only in the evenings. It has style, it gives you character, it's luxurious, but when you use too much of it or at the wrong occasion, you can also chase people away!

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