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Eau des Merveilles Hermes Image


Eau des Merveilles   

60 Reviews

The whimsical scent, called Eau des Merveilles (French for Water of Wonders) has been described as surprising, refreshing and magical. Eau des Merveilles has notes that include elemi, bitter orange, Italian lemon, Indonesian pepper and pink pepper. There's also what the house calls an "ambergris accord," plus woody notes, including oak, cedar, more

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The whimsical scent, called Eau des Merveilles (French for Water of Wonders) has been described as surprising, refreshing and magical. Eau des Merveilles has notes that include elemi, bitter orange, Italian lemon, Indonesian pepper and pink pepper. There's also what the house calls an "ambergris accord," plus woody notes, including oak, cedar, vetiver, balsam of Peru and tears of Siam. Unlike most fragrances, which traditionally only reveal woody and ambery notes at their base, Eau des Merveilles' are noticeable throughout. And it has almost no floral notes - a rarity in a women's scent. Serge Mansau designed Eau des Merveilles' orange bottle to invite play, like a toy. It is rounded, save for three flat planes - two on its bottom and one on its back, so the flacon can be set down slanting right or left, or laid flat and used as a magnifying glass. Eau des Merveilles' outer box, created at Hermes, is like a theater showcasing the scent. It also is meant to resemble a secret drawer.

  • CICI OCHOA12/04/2015

    Eau des Merveilles Eau de Toilette lives up to its French name. I wear it all the time and for any occasion. I receive compliments all the time. It imparts a beautiful, unforgettable scent. I have been a fan and customer of this fragrance for many years and plan to stay loyal to it for even more years to come...

  • KATE10/23/2014

    I've been wearing Eau des Merveilles exclusively for years and years. It's not at all flowery, which is the attraction for me. Very distinctive and subtle... It's a classic.

  • J. WALKER01/21/2013

    Lovin it!

  • CHRISTINE C. OCHOA10/25/2012

    I purchased Eau des Merveilles Eau de Toilette several years ago and never looked back. I receive compliments when I use it. It carries a most pleasant fragrance and I have adopted it as the most frequently used fragrance I use on a regular basis.

  • RAJUL07/29/2010

    i tried this in eau de parfum just a few hours ago (i am still taking whiffs of it from my wrist every few minutes while typing :) ).........its amazing to me ! i agree this is not a 'oh you smell so fresh ! ' kind of fragrance at all. it is really special for the chosen ones who sense its appeal......... i love it !

  • B.ALBA01/17/2010

    Has anyone noticed that the EDT no longer smells the same. It is as if they left out the pepper. I have been wearing this scent since it was introduced in 2004. It was a wonderful lasting unique smell but the last few bottles that I have purchased smell different. It is no longer lasting but disappears in a few minutes. I have tried the elixir but it is not the same and is too sweet.

  • B.ALBA01/10/2010

    Could Hermes have changed this scent? The EDT is not as lasting as it was as seems a watered down version of the original. I have purchased 2!!! bottles and both are the same. It seems to be a combination of the elixir and the edt. And I dislike the elixir. I am not the only one to have noticed this. My sister has a bottle from when it was first introduced and the scent is lovely and lasting. What have they done??? I want my glorious scent back.

  • MIUCA01/10/2010

    I love this one so much. I love the smell of Abercrombie store, but that's a guy's scent called Fierce so I can't wear it. This one reminds me of Fierce but be more girly. A very fresh and clean scent, love it!

  • YVONNE HO11/13/2008

    It reminds me of something from the past, like books borrowed from some old bookstore. Very comfortable. Not for younger ladies though.

  • GAYLE BLAIR10/12/2008

    This product is anything but masculine. Three people can put it on and it will come off three different ways. Sad for those it doesn't work for but do not berate it. Personally, I find sweet flowery scents are either on older women or the lower price scale. You also don't have to do the back stroke in it. This scent lasts and becomes your signature. Very sexy.

  • LL08/08/2008

    Three years ago I got my first bottle at Sephora and was wonderful, yesterday I went to a discount store and bought the second and Surprise!!! I couldn't smell anything, was frustrating and today I had to return it. Somebody could let me know what's happening ?

  • ~BOHEMIANGIRL~07/06/2008

    As others have said, this smells like the beach, in a good way. Not particularly sexy or intriguing, this is a scent to wear when you'd like to smell like you've been at the ocean all day. Like it a lot!

  • CARMEN P06/25/2008

    I read the posts here and everybody was so enthusiastic about it that I had to try it! At first I didn't get it.. It wasn't love at first sight, smell that is.. But I gave it another try and then I understood and I purchased the 50 ml bottle almost 2 months ago. Well... I have to say it's the first fragrance that I finished that fast and the first fragrance that I immediatly purchase a second bottle of just after finishing the first one. My husband loves it, he always compliments me when I'm wearing Eau des Merveilles, and it blends with my skin so perfectly that everybody asks what I'm wearing. It is refreshing but classy, casual but elegant, for office wear but also for parties. It is just the one for me :)

  • SUSAN12/07/2007

    I don't know how anyone can say this is masculine. They must have to drip in floral or else it is considered masculine. Anyway, this is a very soft sweet but not sickening sweet fragrance that is clean and not offensive. I get a lot of compliments.

  • ALLYSA09/24/2007

    This fragrance is almost the same like BVLGARI au the blanc but this one is softer. I like this fragrance because it's not too strong and make people curious about it.

  • TBUZZ08/31/2007

    Smells like a mans cologne, gave it to my boyfriend. He wont wear it cause I originally bought for myself. Another waste of money. Try before you buy!!!!

  • JUDI W*08/27/2007

    I've smelled this three times, and honestly, it's not something I would turn away from, but it was too watery for me. Not enough crux for me. I don't smell flowers, but I do smell citrus. Not overpowering, but it's there. It's orangey to me, but it does have a beach type of smell too, and is very benign & simple. Something I would wear when I was feeling like not being noticed. Hi, Barbara, glad you enjoy it. My tastes change with certain types of scents, so maybe someday I'll like it better...maybe not. There's something for everyone.

  • B. ALBA07/31/2007

    First of all, I don't agree with any who say that this scent is beachy. When you spray it on your skin it does become part of you, very much like your essence. Thankfully, it is not flowery or powdery or even spicy. It is peppery and the most beautiful unique intriguing scent on earth.

  • CARMEN P05/29/2007

    I was wondering, is it a summer perfume? Eau de... makes you think it's a fragrance to be worn on summer but all these comments about not having a single floral note makes me wonder.. Does it resemble anything? :) Thanks

  • CLEOPATRA05/28/2007

    Wear this and your skin will smell like you've spent a long day by the ocean - a mixture of salt spray, suntan lotion, and sun. Very different - I like it! If you're vacationing by the shore this summer (or just want to smell like you did!), wear this.

  • LASSIE05/01/2007

    I have never owned a scent that has gotten so many compliments from Men and from Women. I have worn 3 fragrances that repeatedly get compliments. Halston, Blguari black and this. It has a certain Je ne se quois.(I don't know what) That just seems to please everyone and not offend anyone.So to those asking about patchouli or being strong. Neither one of those things would apply. It may be an undernote but it is the mixture of all the things blended perfectly that makes this work.

  • BARBARA W04/17/2007

    This perfume gets big points from me for being unusual and unique. It's such a relief not to get blasted with fruits, florals, or citrus for a change. Its woods are evident right from the start, and yes, it is a touch masculine, but I like that. A skin scent, this blends in with my chemistry to create an "essense", without being obvious that I have perfume on. It's rather androgynous, and I could see a man wearing this well, too. I'm not sure if I love it enough to purchase another bottle, but right now I'm glad to have this in my rotation. Try it with an open mind.

  • JULIE04/05/2007

    It may have patchouli in it, but it really to me, wasn't evident. It is not a strong powerful scent like Prada. No comparison. Prada is very strong & oriental type fragrance, but this to me, is beachy. Do you smell patchouli at the beach? No...slight orange at top & then aquatic, salty and mild scent. If you like something that is not sweet, or typical flowery, fruity stuff, then this is it. Non offensive & to me, a scent that is something that is a "skin scent." Hope that helps...

  • DF04/05/2007

    EDM is not a feminine scent. Perhaps it could be unisex, but I find it very masculine. It reminds me of Burberry Brit for men. That said, it does smell very nice but it is way to soft on the skin, without any lasting power(on me atleast) There is no patchouli scent, nor is there any detectable ambergris which is listed as one of the first ingredients. Also being a beach lover I get no impression of the beach, either ocean or sand. Very disappointed

  • LEONESS03/27/2007

    I really, really, really dislike patchouli, but I want to try this fragrance. I don't mind the patch in Ralph Lauren's Romance, but the patch in Prada is AWFUL. The last poster mentioned EdM remindered her of Prada and Romance. Is the patchouli terribly strong? I've heard another person describe this as salty. What does it smell like?

  • JULIE03/27/2007

    This fragrance is very popular in Florida, where I live. Why would women want to spend money to smell like the beach, when that's all you basically smell here? It wasn't powerful enough for me, just pleasant, but not that spectacular. It's something I would wear if I had a flu or cold, and couldn't handle any of my usual more potent scents.

  • KELLY02/15/2007

    I really wasn't sure what to think when I opened the bottle, it wasn't love at first whiff. I wore it around the house a few days and put some on the edge of my T-shirt to sniff. I've noticed that sometimes I have to come back to a fragrance after a grace period to determine if I really like it or not. I picked up my T-shirt today as I did my laundry and was pleasantly surprised at how much I like this scent. I can't tell you what I like about it, it's actually indescribable for me. For reference, it speaks to the part of me that likes the woodsy, earthy part of some fragrances like Prada or Ralph Lauren Romance.

  • CINDYLOUSUE02/09/2007

    everytime i wear this parfum, i get a zillion compliments on it....luv it, luv it, luv it!

  • TANINHA BRAZIL01/19/2007

    i am 100% in love with this one ... it was exactly what i was looking for ... it´s very grown up , tasteful , elegant , not on your face type scent ... melted on my skin ... and i just had to have it ...

  • FLOR01/13/2007

    Do the perfumes by Hermès usually last long in the skin? As I see, they are often Eau de Toilette, so I'm worried about how long they last. Would anybory be able to answer me? Thanks already and sorry about my English, I'm Brazilian.

  • GISELLE12/23/2006

    Love it. Dry. Citrus. Aldehydes. Woody. Resinous. I know there is a sweet floral of some kind in the mix, but the overall effect is of a dry, very resinous, woody and lightly aldehydic scent, surrounded by a citrusy aura. Someone said it reminds them of Dune. I can see why, as it does have a beautiful beachy feel to it. Like I said, I really like this scent. It makes me feel comfortable and sophisticated at the same time - and that's a wonderful thing!

  • CINDY11/29/2006

    It is SO difficult to find a perfume that doesnt have a sweet, floral tone...Eau De Merveilles is the end of a long search...I LOVE it.

  • VICKY11/11/2006

    I was so disappointed when I tried this perfume...from the 1st time I saw it I wanted to tried it but its not easy to find...In a store the sale girl put it on my skin when I got home my sister asked me why I was smelling like a man...

  • PAULINE10/11/2006

    Everybody comments when I wear this perfume it is absolutely lovely. I can even smell it myself which is very unusual, a very good buy.

  • SUSANNA10/06/2006

    This is a very dreamy fragrance. It went very powdery on me but at the same time had a very sharp note. I had to give it away. Pity it had a beautiful bottle and is after all Hermes. Is it possible to not do well with a specific perfume house?? I have never found an Hermes that works well for me.

  • DARLENE09/28/2006

    A male friend stated he needs to purchase a bottle to spray in his house when he feels lonely.

  • CHRISTOBELLE08/05/2006

    Well, after spritzing it on in the shops everytime I go by, I will have to buy it I think. I always make sure to try a few times before buying because some things just do not work with my chemistry. I am so sick of all the floral jasmine scents out there, but this is something completely different. yay! i dont want to smell like everyone else. I cant actually say what it smells like..... hard to pin this one down except fresh and warm at the same time. Summertime scent I think.

  • IVANA05/18/2006

    My friend sprayed this one today on my wrist and it just reminds me Dune from Christian

  • KERRY-ANNE03/30/2006

    im lookin to buy this perfume its says its soft & floral but on this website its says it bitter orange etc is there 2 types??!?!?

  • MAUREEN02/14/2006

    I just received this and when putting it on it smelled too powdery and soft. Remember drug store after bath powder?? Thats what it reminds me of. Maybe its my chemistry......

  • MAYA02/01/2006

    I can also let you in on some of the other fragrances that work for me and I love.... Dior Addict is very smoky and sultry on me... also quite sweet with a huge helping of vanilla... (I think it goes well with my black curls and tanned skin)... I love Aimez Moi by Caron, Amor Amor, Lou Lou, Gloria and Eden by Cacharel (I am a huge Cacharel fan)... Love Burberrys and Burberry Brit as erll as Burberry Red (I think that Burberrys are excellent quality fragrances), I adore Deep Night Ghost, and think that Deep Red by Hugo Boss is pretty nice too ( a lot of girls find it was too masculine on them but on me that one too is smoky and yummy)... I like Omnia Bvlgari, Paul Smith London, Ruby Lips - Dali (the one in the red bottle), Nirmala, Narciso Rodriguez, Venezia by Biagiotti (still have some left) Lovely - SJP, Doulton, Cashmere Mist - Donna Karen, Initial & Trouble - Boucheron, Hypnotic Poison Dior, By and Light Blue (I wore this one on my first date with my finacé - he loved it - D&G, Presence by Mont Blank, Samsara - Guerlain, Sun - Jil Sander, Stella, Connexion - Lancome, Magentism - Escada (super long-lasting but can be a bit much for me at times - my sister simply adores this), Chantel Thomass (very berry sweet - along the lines of Lolita but to me easier to wear), Madness - Chopard, Libertine by Westwood, Miss Dior Cherie (I cannot even desribe how much I love this one), My Queen by Alexander McQueen but I also enjoy Kingdom for some certain special occasions... I would not wear that to work nor would I wear Nirmala there... they tend to smell... well pretty much like explosive and most intimate moments in ones life... When I wear this on the weekends my finacé chases after me like mad LOL I like Pink Sugar, Euphoria, Just Cavalli ( I think you might really like that one)... and I would still like to add to my collection Apparition by Ungaro, Anglomania and Boudoir by Westwood, Python by Trussardi, Wish my Chopard... well that's some of them :) Hope you can find some that you enjoy out of this list

  • MAYA02/01/2006

    Hello there! How are you? Thank you for your message, it was really nice to hear from you :) I'll say right away that I agree with you that yes indeed we have that excellent taste in common :) I also know exactly what you mean when you say that you are looking for that one special scent but along the line you are having a great time I'm sure. Fragrances to me are a great passion, an art, a great enjoyment and just a way to express myself. I love them!!! I collect them I wear them and I truly do enjoy all parts of being a crazed-perfume-aholic! Hey it beats a lot of other addictions ;) The list you have is awesome Cartier Le Braiser Du Dragon is one of my favorites now... I've only discovered it not too long ago but WOW what an amazing scent... I've had people at work literally run after me to ask what it was! I know you'll love it... Lalique Le Parfum (is beautiful but I have not felt compelled yet to own it ;)... Christian Dior Eau Noire (yummy), Eau des Merveilles by Hermes (very interesting, and quite different from a lot of the stuff on the market.. I really like it), Givenchy Organza Indecence (Ok maybe it's just me but I really did not like this one... something about it making me sad every time I smell it... weird I know). Oh and Prada Intense (so you are a Prada girl! Very happy to hear this, only goes to prove that we indeed do share that excellent taste).

  • ROBIN 01/31/2006

    I'm a huge fan of Eau des Merveilles ("OH day mur-VAY" gets you pretty close to the correct pronunciation, if your French is rusty) but it's most definitely NOT one of those everybody-adores-it, "easy" scents. I know that, for myself, I really kind of had to work my way carefully around to this one; we're all used to a good whack of florals in the scents we generally encounter, or fruits if not florals, with wood and resin as the backdrop, and Merveilles just turns that equation on its EAR!!! It's woody, it's resinous, it's dry, dry citrusy, there's virtually no floral quality to it -- I've even read in some sources that there's not a petal of ANY flower in it at all! -- and so it's about as anomalous as you can GET for a woman's fragrance. And yet, it's so beautifully, intelligently crafted and well-balanced, and the ingredients are so unique and of such fabulous quality, it totally WORKS!! This is one you just MUST try before you buy, however. . . and you might need to try it several times to start falling in love. . .or, heck you may not ever love it, but at least you'll know you gave it a fair shot! If you've got zillions of fragrances like I do, you'll find that this one occupies such a special place, you'll find yourself making room for it, even if you're flat broke. (I should know. . .) Good luck with it!

  • CHICKEY01/03/2006

    I think a newly addicted to perfumes person such as myself looks for guidence and for some reason Maya, you were so very instrumental in pointing me in the direction of scents I just adore now. So I guess we do indeed have something in common (fabulous taste!, just kidding). The problem with this perfume "addiction", lol, is that I just seem to want more and more. I keep searching for "the One" scent that will define me but what is happening is that I am loving the journey so much that I have found scents that I will always enjoy and am not sure that I really want to stick with just one. It is so much fun really. is my list of wanna try perfumes.., Cartier Le Braiser Du Dragon , The Donna Karan Essence Collection, Lalique Le Parfum, Christian Dior Eau Noire , Frédéric Malle Noir Epices , Eau des Merveilles by Hermes, Givenchy Organza Indecence… Oh and Prada Intense, I have heard that is is very different from Prada original and just as wonderful. I would love to hear what you Maya or anyone who has tried any of these think of them. Oh and to Jan...thank you for pointing me to Coco Chanel I love that too, even more than the Coco Mademoiselle which surprised me!

  • LEXIE11/30/2005

    This is a great fragrance and it dresses up or down nicely. I have gotten several compliments on it and I just feel happier when I'm wearing it. Highly recommend it

  • LAURA11/23/2005

    I initially gave this four stars because I was not sure of the staying power but I absolutely loved the fragrance. My husband states he can still smell it at the end of the day, so it does last a long time.

  • KINSEY11/04/2005

    Eau des Merveilles is beautiful. Yes it's fresh and beachy, but it's definitely elegant and rich. It's a fragrance for a strong, independent woman with a love for sensuality. I smell ambers and woods, slight citrus notes and just a tinge of pink pepper. The pepper is apparent for only a few minutes after application, then it's as though the radiance of sunlight comes out of my skin in a lovely, hypnotic fragrance.

  • GINNY10/24/2005

    I love this, it is so spicy and woody with just a hint of citrus. A nice departure from all the sweet and floral scents.

  • ROSIE10/21/2005

    EDM is so different from other scents - clean, subtle, sexy. Not sweet like some florals or orientals. It's not strong, but every once in a while when I'm wearing it, I turn my head I get a whiff of this lovely fragrance. I highly recommend it if you want something different!

  • ELEXA10/20/2005

    my older sister used to wear this. I don't like it at all it smells like pepper and wood. Im only 15 tho so mabee it would smell good on a middle aged woman or something.

  • LAURA09/14/2005

    I really like this one. It reminds me of summers at the beach. It has a fresh aquatic flair with a touch of sweetness. Very feminine without all the flowery crap.

  • LL08/17/2005

    Try it again, because is impossible that you didnt taste it with a sample, I got one and I received a lot of compliments.

  • MEOW-MEOW06/30/2005

    Get sick of florals and i come to E.D.M. It is the most amazing and unique perfume out there nowadays. I absolutely love it. Wearing it in summer? I don't think so because the undertone is a bit woodsy-heavy, i usually use it in colder days and it works a wonder...

  • MARCY06/03/2005

    This fragrance is the best! So different and unconventional. Instead of opening with the lighter notes of Orange, and Lemon, it open swith the woods, and has the fruit notes at the base! Makes this truly outstanding! Plus, you can smell all the notes all of the time. Another plus is that there is not one flower note in the entire composition. I just love this smell! I have many, many fragrance's, but this is truly the best!

  • LOREN LUSCH05/16/2005

    This is the best perfume I have EVER smelled. I will wear this until I get sick of it, I doubt I will though! It is clean, fresh... & the men LOVE IT! Thats enough for me to wear it all the time! :)

  • TRACY03/27/2005

    I LOVE this scent. It is completely unique and not at all "harsh" like some Hermes scents can be. I wore this scent on my wedding day. Divinity.

  • PERFUME CRAZY03/15/2005

    Wonderful scent. The body lotion is really nice too. I'm going to wear this one for summer. Staying power I'm not sure of yet. I'll repost once I know how long it stays.........

  • BEBE03/05/2005

    a tidal wave. bursts alive. wonderful. wow. great tres chic inspiration. ride the ride of joy. very nice.

  • JULIE03/04/2005

    I bought this on a whim with all the good reviews. I was looking for a dark, deep sexy scent for fall/winter and this was very masculine on me. I had to double check to make sure it wasn't for men. I had to give this one away.

  • BERNIE ALBA01/09/2005

    I just discovered this scent. I truly love must ll by Cartier but it is discontinued. This new scent by Hermes is so totally different from the other scents out now. I love the pepper and the strange cleanness of it. It is a very different smell but I am bewitched by it. I find that the Toilette loses its strength too fast and hope that Hermes comes out with a Parfum and a bath gel and a body lotion.

  • CHARISSE12/29/2004

    The first time I smelled this scent at a department store, it reminded me of Paris. It's a light, yet classy perfume. It's also a very unique scent, so you don't smell like everyone else, but you'll definitely smell expensive! ;)

  • SHARRIE12/20/2004

    truly divine from the heavens. magickal. the bottle is mysrterios and divine. wonderful.

  • LUCIA12/17/2004

    This scent is my #1 Compliment getter!!! It's so unique and different and classy!!! Kudos for Hermes!!!

  • SHARRIE12/17/2004

    magnificant before my senses, behold the beauty in the dream, full of life,

  • SHARRIE12/14/2004

    a very magickal bottle and love potion inside, i like it to the left or to the right, outstanding

  • EUGENIE12/13/2004

    The scent is enchanting and is not like anything else. It is mild, sensual and still refreshing and invigorating. Works like aromatherapy for me. It is reminiscent of clear sping water in some dark deep forest.

  • JT11/13/2004

    I was surprised (and disappointed) that it smelled SO light that it literally hardly had a smell to it. I would say it reminded me of the smell of paper. Open a new ream of paper and fan it out... I would not pay money for something that has almost no detectable scent to it. I smelled the sample at home where my nose was clear of other scents, but still it was just too light. I do prefer lighter perfumes, but I have a problem smelling this one for some reason. If you do like this one though, another scent which you might like is Eau de Cartier... just like this one, it has no floral scents to it, just woody types of smells. I like that one.

  • KRISTEN10/21/2004

    I first smelled this on a customer of mine and could not believe how invigorating the smell was. She couldn't pronounce the name so it was next to impossible to find. I finally found it and am in absolute HEAVEN!!!!

  • KRIS09/27/2004

    About 6 months ago I was looking for a fragrance that was refreshing to compensate for the very dry, hot climate I live in. Everything I found was either too fruity or too floral. My searched ended when I found Merveilles. Unfortunately, I wasn't happy with that purchase and returned the bottle because it seemed too peppery and woodsy. I still hadn't found what I was looking for and if you can believe it, I repurchased another bottle yesterday during this September heat. (I hope nobody from Hermes is reading this). Anyhow now I love it. I wouldn't call this an aquatic fragrance at all. To me it is happy, energetic, and woodsy. And those peper notes, well they give it just the right zing to make it a little sassy!

  • ANDREA G.09/24/2004

    Why, oh why they put pepper in it (was there a single one fragrance without pepper notes released in the last few years?)??? Top notes are divine - orangey, fresh and airy, but they quickly disappear into a banal pepper notes. Drydown is woody. I would give 10 stars to top notes, but middlenotes and the drydown are completely dufferent story...What a pitty!!!

  • AILEEN09/20/2004

    Just excellent!The best perfume ever...

  • MICHELE09/12/2004

    i love this scent! it's light and fresh but has substance that only the french know how to bottle.

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