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Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole   

40 Reviews

Kenneth Cole cologne is a fresh, clean shower accord with an urban edge. Clean is sexy in this invigorating urban scent that is reminiscent of the rush of a cool shower contrasted by warm woods and musk. Kenneth Cole notes include Grains of Paradise, Black Pepper, Italian Bergamot, Cool Shower Accord, Lavender, Italian Sage, Well-Groomed Accord, more

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Kenneth Cole cologne is a fresh, clean shower accord with an urban edge. Clean is sexy in this invigorating urban scent that is reminiscent of the rush of a cool shower contrasted by warm woods and musk. Kenneth Cole notes include Grains of Paradise, Black Pepper, Italian Bergamot, Cool Shower Accord, Lavender, Italian Sage, Well-Groomed Accord, Blonde Woods, Skin Musk, and White Amber.

  • JENNIFER11/27/2007

    What is well-groomed accord? Blonde woods and Grains of Paradise, plus Sage. What can I say NY all the way.

  • SEVENTHSIGHT12/16/2006

    This smelled exactly like Body sweat or arm pit odor on my husband. I hated it. He threw the bottle away. I bought him a bottle of obsession and it smells heavenly on him.

  • BRANDY07/19/2006

    Clean and classy all @ the same time. Not ultra sporty like what the market is being flooded with. Smoother than most fragrances geared towards men.

  • *BARBARA W*06/03/2006

    that Cole is on the same level with Armani. If you are an Armani fan, you'd probably like Cole's frags, too.

  • *BARBARA W*06/03/2006

    Had to laugh reading the notes in this one! Well-groomed accord?? Cool shower accord?? Well, whatever they are, they work to create a scent I love. This is a wonderfully elegant, understated scent for a man. Not for those who like loud, in your face scents, this is a fragrance for a man with some refinement. Perfect for a successful businessman; will take you from the office to an evening out effortlessly. Love the woman's version, too.

  • MARCO TESTAVERDE05/19/2006

    Clean, modern and urban scent is fairly GQ and sophisticated but doesn't last very long............but above average overall as a fragrance.

  • SMYRNIAN12/16/2005

    Cold light smell like melon somehow. Dries down to something musky (like Bleu Marine of Piere Cardin but not that strong. This one remains aquatic) It also brings a modern image like Crave but much more masculine than that.

  • RN12/08/2005

    To be honest, this is probably my least favorite of the KC fragrances. It smells just like every other cologne out there, and doesn't really have anything that special in it. It's avove avarage though. If you like KC, try Reaction and Signature, because those are definetly the best.

  • WES CLEMENS11/26/2005

    Good, clean and refreshing first timer from the designer but overall it's a bit too basic of a fragrance.

  • KENNETH V. RICHELIEU11/10/2005

    My lady friend asks me from time to time why I don't wear any colognes from the popular new designer who's got the same first name as myself. Sampled his first and it seemed more appropriate for young professional under the age of 40 (I'm 53). Very clean and a bit musky with an urban edge to it and not bad at all.

  • STEVE YOUNG11/04/2005

    Clean, urban, yuppie scent that's just right for the GQ man particularly early 20s to late 30s.

  • M.R.09/14/2005

    I like this one a lot. This is a modern/urban, very clean and crisp fragrance in the same ballpark as Echo, Bazar and maybe Lauder Pleasures. Keep it up, Kenneth!

  • I. P. DALY09/08/2005

    I smelled this one day at Macy's and thought it was crap. Then I got a gift set of 5 different minis, and this was one of them. I smelled it again and didn't like it. Then, when I finished the other minis, one night I tried it on before a date and .... well, it smells great. It's a weird scent in that I still think it smells terrible in the bottle, but great on the skin. And my girlfriend loves it. So I went out and bought a big bottle, and am wearing it all the time; I like it, she likes it. It's one of my regulars, along with Cool Water Deep, CKBe and Brooks Brothers Cologne.

  • TONY T08/29/2005

    and this are very comparable. to save a couple bucks and smell like 1 outta 5 guys get chrome.if you love davidoff since the early days of zino and relax, or are still in love with cool water or gave good life 4 stars or more get echo. if you have at least 1 pair of kenneth cole shoes get this. to be different and expieramental (lol), how do you spell that and smell like no other man in your city or perhaps state, get le roy soleri

  • TONY T04/28/2005

    echo is a tad bit spicier but this last longer. i love echo and i got a bottle of this 4 x-mas 2 years ago.. if you like urban fresh clean scents instead of orientals and bi-guy fragrances try this echo and chrome.. out of the 3 i like chrome and echo more.. chrome does draw more attention from the opposite sex though

  • JC04/06/2005

    This scent is a dissappointment for me. However, if you love those scents that smell very musky, this is the cologne for you. The musky scent is blended with other woody smells that makes this scent way too overpowering. Not recommended.

  • UNCLE TIM02/08/2005

    Initially nice aqua notes, within an hour green notes that have potential, but within 4 hours it is dead. A fragrance symphony Kenneth Cole is not.

  • IR SMELLY02/03/2005

    Delightful! Tried several and found this fragrance to be the best. I am not fond of Cole's newest fragrance, Black. My girlfriend loves the scent, but also like Black. Well worth the money!

  • ROB H.12/22/2004

    Sophisticated GQ-smooth stuff. Kenneth Cole might as well be Armani Jr.

  • R.J.11/10/2004


  • AARON03/14/2004

    Reminds me of the nights we went bar-hopping on the summer nights in San Fransisco.

  • W.B.02/06/2004


  • FERNANDO02/04/2004

    This cologne is fresh, sweet and very long lasting. It was such a pleasant surprise that I bought it instantly. I think it is a good choice for both casual and formal use.

  • FERNANDO01/22/2004

    This is my latest buy! It has a clean, soapy scent and it is very long lasting. It is more rich than the standard clean scents, so I think it works great both for casual and formal use. A nice suprprise!


    Lasts a really long time. A nice fresh scent not owned by many. A really good cologne that you can wear almost anywhere. It's not overwhelming, but not weak by any means. Don't know if all the ladies love it but my girlfriend does!

  • KRISTA12/06/2003

    Speaking from experience when my boyfriend wears this I REALLY enjoy it!!!

  • HOPERUSS11/15/2003

    I don't know if anyone else thinks so but Kenneth Cole men reminds me of New West for Women which was one of my favorite scents a few years back. Now that New West is discontinued I am tempted to wear this but wonder if it is strange for a woman to wear a "men's" fragrance.

  • JOE 10/05/2003

    Very nice stuff, long lasting, and my girl LOVES IT!!!!

  • DARK09/25/2003

    It reminds of 212 with a citrus touch. Nice and clean.

  • DAVE09/19/2003

    I love this fragrance. Clean, urban, sophisticated without being "stuffy". It has great staying power - seems to stick to you for quite a while. The only thing I really dislike is the bottle. Where some of these designers come up with bottle designs I will never know ... or understand. There's no cap and it's an awkward shape - makes it kind of a pain to travel with it (unless you buy the 1.7 oz.). It's a great fragrance - I would recommend it more for Fall/Winter months. Highly recommended - classy, sophisticated, masculine ...

  • RUDY08/03/2003

    agree with the poster who said good summer cologne you want to go light during hot months..stronger colognes during fall/winter

  • CHRSITY MCCARY06/11/2003

    This was a Father's Day gift to my hubby. Smells great and is long lasting. This has a fresh, clean scent that is also masculine.

  • DIEDRE06/09/2003

    The ladies think that this is nice

  • RALPH06/07/2003

    Like Acqua Di Gio but not so sweet and more citrusy with a watery smell like Givenchy Ultramarine

  • ANTONIO06/05/2003

    Aquatic, citrusy, sweet, subtle and long lasting. Good for summer, nice non-offending, likeable fragrance. Similar to higher, intuition, romance or acqua di gio. Choose something else if you would like to be distinctive.

  • KEV06/01/2003

    It's a bit like Romance and Intuition at first but then changes to a more distinctive smell after a while


    This scent is very non-descript. Doesn't smell bad nor does it smell good. No real life of its own. Kinda of sad for such a great designer!!

  • JOSH05/18/2003

    Pretty Good

  • TONY BOLOGNA04/28/2003

    kenneth cole's debut cologne for men is okay; nothing spectacular; a little boring to tell you the truth. It seems to be just another 'run of the mill' men's fragrance for loser frat boys with absolutely no individuality nor ideas, opinions, or thoughts of their own.

  • RAIN04/13/2003

    A decent cologne - A little mild and musty though.

  • AARON03/24/2003

    Not masculine enough. I thought it was for women at first. But I guess it's okay if you like womanish fragrances. I know many will disagree but this fragrance was to average.

  • BRIAN01/21/2003

    this has got to be the best new fragrance out there. soft and subtle, yet nice and distinguishable. gots ta luv it....

  • SMILEY12/19/2002


  • BLESSED11/12/2002

    This is one of the newest but truely one of the best colognes if not the best cologne of the year I would say.

  • GINO11/05/2002

    bango pare!

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