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Caleche was created by Hermes in 1961 and is recommended for evening wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of jasmine, rose, iris, oakmoss, and woods. Lingering notes include sandalwood, cedarwood, vetiver, amber and musk.

102 ml EDT Spray (Tester)
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Caleche was created by Hermes in 1961 and is recommended for evening wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of jasmine, rose, iris, oakmoss, and woods. Lingering notes include sandalwood, cedarwood, vetiver, amber and musk.

  • MARGARET SMYTH03/11/2014

    The product is wonderful...

  • JEANNE HOBSON04/26/2012

    I have used beautiful Caleche since I can remember 1960/70's.My late darling huband bought it for me he died in 1982 and I wore it to his funeral, it will always be the favouritexxx

  • FRANKIE02/09/2011

    I've been wearing Caliche for over 10 years. Why is it so difficult to get? I've been on the waiting list for the shower gel for over four months!

  • MELLY03/17/2010

    Yes, I agree! I really get the comparison with Rive Gauche.

  • MELLY03/17/2010

    I'm not a friend of aldehydes and this kept me from wearing Caleche for many years, because it didn't react well with my skin chemistry and seemed too grown-up. It smelled great on my mother, so I kept trying it every now and then. Now many years later I can say that Caleche is a great scent that needs some time to appreciate and definetely needs some confidence to be worn. Classic Caleche version is quite aggressive at first and the soapy dge can be lasting and annoying according to skin reaction. The Soie de Parfum is more delicate and fresher, still very similar to the original but lighter and easily wearable. It's a very feminine scent, very floral, complex, with a typical woody drydown. It smells like elegance and refinement, still seductive without being hooker-like. It changes a lot on different people so the best way to know if it works for you is trying it!

  • NIGHT12/05/2009

    This is the only perfume I've worn for the last 25 years but suddenly it's become difficult to obtain. I'd love to know why. I've been waiting for months.

  • SWJ05/16/2009

    Caleche does have a scent similar to Rive Gauche, but not as much as I originally thought. I wore it again and it gave me a headache. =( So, I stand corrected on my previous post. I just wish Estee Lauder would bring back the original Estee. Then I wouldn't be on a search for another signature scent.

  • SWJ05/03/2009

    this stuff is fantastic---to me, it smells like the original rive gauche, only softer and better. i'm so glad i tried it.

  • MEETA12/09/2008

    Caleche was given to me by a french boyfriend when I was 18 & I have always worn it. It's classy & people love the smell on me....

  • SYLVIE12/02/2008

    Hi Mara!!! Yes, I agree with you!!:-) I respect this fine and classy HERMES fragrance, but I cannot love it. Most of the aldehydic scents are not made for me and I think they were never meant to be easy:-)). I feel toooo adult and toooo serious and determined when wearing this "old-fashioned" Calèche. Maybe a good fragrance for a lawyer or a politician?! I need sexy and delightful fragrances in my life to feel feminine and comfortable. Happy hunting and best wishes, Sylvie.

  • MARA04/15/2008

    I don't care for this one, but, then, I don't care for fragrances that contain aldehydes. They all smell like chemical factories to me - including Chanel No. 5.

  • ALLYSA11/01/2007

    I guess the edt version is almost similar to Mitsouko by Guerlain. So classic and mysterious. But I don't know why I prefer this one than mitsouko. I think that is because this one is not heavy as mitsouko. The edp version is more feminine and emphasizing the flowery notes.

  • TRINA09/13/2007

    A very romantic fragrance. Have always gotten compliments from the men on this one.

  • ELIZABETH S05/07/2007

    The person who is "disappointed" in Hermes for Caleche is a bit off the mark, methinks...I've been wearing Caleche (Perfume only) since it first came out. Inevitably every person who comes close to me asks what is that DIVINE (and classy)Perfume...and love it! ..both men and women, alike. It's been long recognized as My "signature" perfume. Nothing else over the years has come close. I'm more acidic so cloying perfumes don't work with my skin/body chemistry. Caleche fades down to a baby-powder-like scent after a while. Don't mix it with other scents..deodorants and the like..use unscented and then layer...the shower creme, etc. I'm just grateful I can still find it, but miss the shower gel and powder.

  • COLORCAT03/15/2007

    I adore this fragrance in the parfum: it's lush, mysterious, soft and glorious. My favorite fragrance. BUT I'm allergic to it in EDT--my eyes burn, I sneeze--and it smells awful on me. Really harsh. The soie is okay: less harsh than the EDT, no sneezing, but it wears me, not the other way around. Try the parfum--it's extraordinary, and nothing like the other formulations. (On the same note, the creme is lovely; the lotion is awful--smells a bit like your hand after holding a coin on a sticky hot day. Ewww.)

  • ADAM10/12/2006

    I was shocked to read that your hubby hates this wonderful fragrance. Try it again - there are times fragrances don't seem to smell right, but I wish to assure you that this one is really a great fragrance. My wife and I love it and so does many other folks. You may change your mind someday - give it another try

  • SEVENTHSIGHT08/10/2006

    bergamot, mandarin, orange blossom, aldehydes, jasmine, lily of the valley, rose, gardenia, iris, ylang-ylang, oakmoss, sandalwood, cedar, and vetiver. It smells like it was made for a street corner hooker. Don't get me wrong,I adore Hermes fragrances (24 Faubourg is my favorite) but this one is absolutely the strongest on me. It does not meld well staying overpowering all day long smelling mostly like strong headache inducing taste in your mouth old drug store cologne. I am very dissapointed with Hermes on this one.My husband hates it.

  • MARYL07/28/2006

    Does anyone else notice an unattractive soapy accord in Caleche Soie? I don't smell it in other forms of the fragrance.

  • GREEKGIRL07/18/2006

    I definitely agree, this does grow on you, was not very happy with it in the beginning, but persisted and now come to like it (not love it) a little like Channel No.5, but i prefer chanel over this.

  • STEFFANIE07/14/2006

    I bought this perfume as I like the Caliche Eau Delicate. I was very disappointed the first few times I tried the Caliche (yes, I'm persistent!) but now I find that it's just the initial smell I don't care for -- once it's dried down a bit it is really very nice.

  • CHERYL T05/17/2006

    If you love Caleche, try the parfum. It has so many layers and notes that seem to be missing even in the EDP. Very, very rich. Pure bliss.

  • MATUSHA01/12/2006

    FLORAL, TIMBER, CYPRUS Traditional and magic for a femininity to the extreme, a recognizable fragrance graft thousand which allures you start. A universal success for a vibrating and luminous woman. Note head: Rose, jasmine, iris, sandal, vetiver Note heart: Néroli, bergamot Basic note: Foam of Oak, drink Cedar

  • MEOW-MEOW01/06/2006

    Caleche is very refined and elegent. The first time i tried it on--what can i say? It's so rich, delicate but familiar to me at the same time. I instantly fell in love with it. A dignified fragrance indeed, just like the person who chooses it.

  • FRED12/05/2005

    I first met Mary in 1972, she wore Caleche, I never forgot it, she left me in 1975 and we just got back together April 9th 2005 and I had a bottle of Caleche to give her when we met for the first time in 30 years. I love this perfume and I love Mary. It really is the perfume of love.

  • LILY11/26/2005

    Caleche is a very classy, refined perfume. Associate it with wealth and good taste. Not loud or boasting. Refined and dignified.

  • JULIE08/23/2005

    The perfumer Guy Robert was once asked what this fragrance smells like. His answer: "Ca sent la femme qui se néglige." ("The smell of a woman who neglects herself.") No comment. The top note is composed of bergamot, lemon and neroli, followed by rose, jasmin, orris, lily of the valley and aldehydic. The base notes are chypre-like: oakmoss, vetiver, cypress, cedar, sandalwood and a powdery iris. This fragrance from 1961 you imagine the famous Hitchcock blondes to wear. The shape of the bottle resembles a stylized coach lamp.

  • TUSSIE08/19/2005

    Calèche is the perfume of my dreams. Normally, I do not like aldehydic frangrances at all. Mitsouko (Guerlain), for instance, is terrible to my nose, very harsh, like a very masculine male scent. And I do not like Chanel No. 5, it has something in its heart note that smells like soap to my nose. But this one is really different: Not harsh but soft as silk, as if you were wearing one of the famous Hermes scarves, driving the 'Corniche' on the french riviera in a cabriolet, just like Grace Kelly in 'To Catch a Thief' (altough the perfume came out in 1961, a few years after the movie). But how does it actually smell like? Well, 'Calèche' has some of the soft aldehydic notes of Chanel No. 5 and the warm and oriental heart of 'Shalimar' (Guerlain), the basenotes are somehow similar to the ones of 'Coco' (Chanel), but not so harsh. Nevertheless, the headnotes are very clean and light, just like a breeze on the Mediterranean. 'Calèche' is really worth a try. Moreover, in the 1980s, the perfumer, Guy Robert, was chosen to create the most expensive perfume in the world ('Amouage'). Having smelled 'Calèche', you know why they chose HIM. ;-)

  • NICOLE06/08/2005

    My signature scent. This is a light aldehyde, similar to Channel No 5 but lighter. Quite versatile: at first, citrusy, green then settles down for lightly sweet, powdery. Adapts to skin in a personal way. Tenacious scent but not overpowering. An elegant classic from 1961 so it is not for very young ladies. Quite expensive and difficult to find but worth it.

  • NICOLE05/30/2005

    My signature scent. I was looking for a classic. Calèche is from 1961. It's an aldehylic not too strong, a treat for the nose, delicious, elegant, classy. Smells like a lighter version of Channel No 5 that I used to wear a long time ago but I cannot anymore, it is too strong. Calèche lasts all day. I love it. Of course, Hermès is a house perfume of high quality and it is pricey but worth every penny. And I feel special because no-one wears it, it is difficult to find.

  • BEBE03/05/2005

    a regal rich fragrance. more musk pleaze. delightful. dreamy intensity. very nice.

  • ROSELEE01/18/2005

    This perfume is my favorite. Not only do I love it but have had many men tell me that it smells very seducitve and alluring. Quite a beautiful fragrance that smells differently on everyone, but just as beautiful.

  • MELA01/03/2005

    I got this for Christmas and was going to regift it until I read about it by coincidence as being a very famous (and young) celebrity's lifelong scent. I tried for a few definitely grows on you. It's a very elegant scent...and a keeper.

  • SHARRIE12/20/2004

    a divine perfume. drives my sense crazy. awesome. wonderful. truly blinding in the light.

  • SHARRIE12/17/2004

    the fire doesnt go out, i forget where i am but in fantasy, great,

  • AN10/10/2004

    Thanks Angela - I haven't tried the creme yet, although I did try the lotion. It's much more soapy smelling than the EDP, and unfortunately that's not my favorite note in this fragrance. I'd bet the creme is much richer and longer lasting. The EDP, parfum, lotion, and soap are all so different from each other that it pays to try each of them out.

  • ANGELA10/05/2004

    in response to An...I can tell you that the Caleche Body Cream is absolutely wonderful, you won't be disappointed.

  • AN08/21/2004

    Love this. It's like a fresher, younger Chanel no. 5 - elegant and happy all at once. Doesn't have the slight unpleasent base note I detect on me with no 5. Has anyone tried the body lotion? I'm always looking for a way to extend the fragrance without reapplying.


    This is a very wonderful fragrance. I came to know Caleche on a recommendation from my friend. I have always loved French Perfumes since I was in High School. I am now 33 and just tried a sample of the Eau De Parfum. I will be purchasing this fragrance soon. It wears very nice on me thru out the day. I have found the fragrance of my dreams and will be a loyal customer for life.

  • ISADORA06/28/2004

    The perfume version of Caleche is warm and luxurious,feminine and rich. I absolutely love it. No grapefruit or marine smells for me! Of course I am 56 years old and prefer the floral/aldehyde perfumes like Caleche, Le Dix, Aprpege, etc.

  • MARYL05/06/2004

    Is the Soie de Parfum supposed to be the same as Eau de Parfum, or lighter? Does it have the exact same fragrance as the eau de toilette? I love the scent of Caleche, but the eau de toilette doesn't last very long on my skin.

  • CLAUDIA04/16/2004

    When I first tried this fragrance, it was a mini that said "Soie de Parfum" on the bottle. The scent lasted forever and was wonderful (it's not for everyone, though). I looked all over for a bigger bottle, but the only thing I could find was the Eau de Toilette which in my opinion smells NOTHING like the Soie. I would only recommend the concentrated fragrance.

  • MARTY W.02/22/2004

    I loved the scent on women who wore this perfume. Now I am having my wife wear it and she used to work for Chanel.

  • *JESSICA*01/03/2004

    my grammy may have worn this-but i like to rediscover the classics! it is soft,green , floral,rich and luxurious! like a sister scent to chanel n.5

  • PAM07/14/2003

    As I said in my last post, I tried the mini eau de parfum and loved it. I saw one bottle of eau de toilette in a store and grabbed it. It's not the same. It doesn't last at all and the scent is not there. I looked on the's loaded with chemicals that the parfum doesn't have. When testing, don't test the toilette.

  • MELANIE06/29/2003

    I wore this during my early teens and thought this was nice. Now,I look back and ask myself, "What the hell were you thinking?"

  • PAM06/15/2003

    I tried a mini of Caleche because I'm looking for a replacement for the real L'interdit which they don't make anymore. I'm 56 years old and I 've worn L'Interdit since I was 19. I think this is a good replacement. It has a similiar smell - also floral/aldehyde. My son even said "It smells like your other one." I think I'm going to be very happy with Caleche!

  • GOLDENLADY05/07/2003

    If you like Chanel No 5, you might like this, too. Fresh, light, complex, not a fragrance for bubble gum poppers, by any means. I wore this years ago and have moved on, but some may want to rediscover it for themselves. Sample first, aldehydic type fragrances may or may not be for you.

  • ZALE01/22/2003

    Is similar to Chanel No.5, very candle-like, powdery, waxy, it starts fresh and then it turns into candle-smell...Can't wear it!

  • KRISTINA12/11/2002

    Very chypre, green, tart...

  • ANNA10/08/2002

    Light, fresh, and at the same time elegant. For someone like me, who doesn't like strong floral scents, this is the perfect fragrance.

  • A.07/19/2002

    Refined, woodsy, but initially tart and a little chemical-y.

  • MARIA ZALETA04/28/2002

    I prefer NON Atomizer, so it will be only applied where I want it instead of getting into the air and into my hair and eyes. Look forward to your reply! Thank you Dr.MAKdeZaleta

  • ANNETTE04/02/2002

    Will you ever make your body oil again. It came in a small bottle, I loved it so much, is their anywhere in the world I cand find your body oil?

  • CLAY01/30/2002

    I think this is one of the all time best French perfumes. It starts with an effervescent burst of bergamot, lemon and orange blossom. It stays very clean and cool for the middle notes which which are rose, muguet, jasmine and iris. The basenotes are cool and woody with notes of oakmoss, cedarwood, sandalwood and vetiver. One thing I find neat about this one is that it stays very cool the entire time. This isn't a very warm fragrance. It's almost sporty and refreshing in a way. The strong aldehydic notes surely aren't for everyone, and the floral notes don't stand out as much in this one as they do in other women's fragrances. This is the type of perfume that a person would stay loyal to, day in and day out. A very comforting scent for sure.

  • SATOKO01/21/2002

    I feel it's not sweet or very floral--to me it's all citrus-powdery but sharp. It's not my thing but maybe other people could wear it.

  • AIMEE12/19/2001

    Sharp; sour; citrus; antiperspirant; drydown is sweet, powdery woods. A similarity to Rive Gauche.

  • HOPE PRIDMORE12/06/2001


  • SASHA11/08/2001

    This has been my signature perfume since I was 16...I'm now 45! I've seen it described as "recommended for daytime use" but I wear it morning, noon, and night. Men love it -- and my DH always knows what to give me for Christmas! It's very sensuous but in a nice subtle way, not the offensive knockout punch that so many modern fragrances present. (For instance Giorgio, YUCK!!!)

  • CAROLW10/06/2001

    A personal favorite! Very clean, classy, nice reaction from men and women alike.

  • MARIA ZALETA07/04/2001

    Do you have it in no spray, so I can fill my purse size atomizers ? Pls. send email to; [email protected] Thank you Maria Zaleta

  • ELAINE RILEY06/23/2001

    i love this parfume,this is the best, if this is real then the prices are unreal,but great.

  • MARLENE SMITH03/26/2001


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