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LuLu Guinness

LuLu Guinness   

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Flirtatious, glamorous, and witty, everything you love about LuLu Guinness handbags is now available in a new fragrance by LuLu Guiness. The feminine, retro chic designer introduces a fragrance and bath and body line that captures her one of a kind style. A flirtatious top note of sparkling clementines, cassis flowers, apple blossoms, and pink more

5 ml Parfum Mini
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Flirtatious, glamorous, and witty, everything you love about LuLu Guinness handbags is now available in a new fragrance by LuLu Guiness. The feminine, retro chic designer introduces a fragrance and bath and body line that captures her one of a kind style. A flirtatious top note of sparkling clementines, cassis flowers, apple blossoms, and pink sweet peas. A heart of lily of the valley, fluid white Easter lilies, deep Amaryllis, and crisp Bluebell lilies. A soul of Egyptian jasmine absolute, rose absolute, and wild jonquil absolute.

  • PINKY MAGPIE05/26/2012

    Great service on my favorite, favorite fragrance -- old time spring fresh -- not overpowering -- very pleasant to have on and many compliments received.

  • BARBARA W09/27/2008

    If I loved florals, this would be great, but unfortunately does not work on me. Love the bottle, though! Too cute.

  • DJ07/10/2006

    if u have a hard time finding this one try Jessica McClintock silver cap her second perfume, anyways three of my customers not the same days, well to make a short story i thought they had on lulu but i was wrong it was JM and well i bought JM and now people ask if im have on lulu. I love both :)

  • JANETHLU06/05/2006

    As soon as I opened my lovely bottle of Lulu, I knew I had smelled it before. If not the same VERY similar to Curve. I loved Curve back in the day. Of course Curve doesn't stay on very long. Lulu keeps the fresh scent a lot longer. My coworkers LOVE it! Everyone always comments how I smell so fresh and flowery all the time. I love my Lulu girl :) Perfect for the spring/summer time.

  • LIZZIE02/08/2006

    spray this on, and you'll find yourself skipping through meadows of lilies, wildflowers, honeysuckle, sunshine & springtime, and the ice queen melts away! no stuffy tuberose here (thank GOODNESS!)... all young, cheery, fresh & innocent flowers! no fruits, no sugar... all spring. i like it! that being said, i fell utterly and passionately in love with Lulu's newest Cast a Spell. TOTALLY the opposite of this one, Cast a Spell is berry dark and very rich, sweet, like Lolita Lempicka but with less licorice and much more pulpy. Wow. Bipolar fragrances!!! Very intriguing, ladies!!!!

  • ANNIE01/19/2006

    Lulu Guinness is a very pretty floral blend, lily of the valley predominates, and there is a fruitiness to it, but not syrupy at all as CK noted in previous post - it's more of a tart fruitiness that blends well with the soft florals. The florals and fruits are well integrated. It's a lovely bouquet. I think of this as a young woman's fragrance, maybe because I wore this type of fragrance when I was young. But any age person can wear this, certainly. Lulu Guinness makes me think of a lovely surprise bouquet of spring flowers - just when you really need it, at the end of a long, cold, gray winter. I'm giving it four stars rather than five because while I think it's very nice, it doesn't blow me away. But then, not much does anymore.

  • KBN12/21/2005

    I love this perfume and it is a strong lilley of the valley note. When I first smelled it it reminded very much of Jessica McClintock; but more soft and modern. I gave my sister the Jessica McClintock and purchased this.

  • JAMIE12/21/2005

    i have to say never did i knew that a perfume could actully smells like bunches of flowers, perfect no wonder victoria sells this perfume, i do like this one smells ahhh

  • CK10/21/2005

    This is a nice floral & sweet scent. Not syrupy sweet like some but a more womanly, clean. I only have the body cream at the moment but plan on purchasing the edt in the near future.

  • MAYA10/13/2005

    I was able to find Lulu's Life's a Bed of Roses, Lulu Guinness Limited Edition Parfum 2003. WOW!!! Her first Limited Edition Parfum is yet another testament to Lulu's glamorous style and elegant femininity. The fragrance is a Rose parfum concentration and the Rose motif is represented on the packaging presentation. It opens with early Lilac blossoms, wet Lychee, Sweet Pea, and Italian Violet Leaf Absolute. The heart swells with Rose de Malmaison, Rose Duchesse, Turkish Rose Otto and Rose de Mai absolute. The soul vibrates with notes of Salvadorian Vetiver, Florentine Orris Absolute, Ambrette Seed and Heliotrope. Just gorgeous. I've never really been crazy about rose scents I as I do prefer warm orientals but this really is exceptional. The precious Limited Edition Parfum bottle is housed in the miniature replica of Lulu's highly collectible Florist Basket handbag, which is on permanent display at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England. A certificate of authenticity is enclosed with each bottle and one of Lulu's witty phrases, "Life is a Bed of Roses", personalizes the collection. I feel like I found a gold mine :)

  • DINI06/14/2005

    The staying power is great; couldn't stop taking whiffs of my wrist all day. Something abt. it reminds me of EL Pleasures Intense.

  • REBECCA06/06/2005

    Very feminine and retro glamour perfume. I like it, but would wear it for days to feel more ladylike and flirty. It reminds me of a 1950's perfume, the bottle is pretty too. The only thing is you can't see how much is left in the bottle before you run out.

  • STAR03/15/2005

    I just got a sample of this perfume, and it is so good! It's fresh and sweet (though not too sweet)--it really lifts my mood when I wear it because I'm reminded of being in a garden in Springtime on a gorgeous, sunny day :)

  • MARILEE01/05/2005

    This is not a scent that I'd personally wear every day - I think I'd grow tired of it very quickly. However, it's a beautiful addition to my collection for when I'm in the mood for something fresh and floral. Love the lily of the valley - this reminds me Givenchy's Fleur d'Interdit, (which I also love, except it's more complex and a little heavier. Very nice!

  • NAJLA11/19/2004

    Lulu does NOT even come close to smelling like that foul concoction they call Pleasures!! I think MaryK has the Most accurate description for Lulu. Come On!!! Of all perfumes, Why Pleasures?!

  • STEVE 09/03/2004

    I went to a department store the other day with a female coworker of mine and we were smelling the perfumes. I said that i thought this one, lulu guiness, smelled good. She then smelled it and said a man could easily get away with wearing it. Since she said that and i liked the scent, i went ahead and bought a bottle. I've always liked floral scents but since mens are very rarely floral, i have never worn cologne. I just got a bottle of Insense by Givenchy and that is a very floral mens scent. Since getting that Insense, I have started getting interested in colognes a lot more, even scents that are marketed to women. What makes a scent a "female" scent anyway????? It's not like a scent is a high heel shoe or a bra!!!! Anyway, back to the review of lulululululu. I put a squirt of this one when i got home and then went to sit out on my porch. I couldnt tell if the flowers i was smelling were the flowers in my garden or the lululululu perfume i just sprayed on!!!!! I guess that means that this is a good scent. Oh, this is potent stuff. I little goes a loooooooonnnnngggg way.

  • PAM06/26/2004

    it smells estee lauder 'pleasures'

  • CLARE PERRY02/27/2004

    When my mum first tried it on i asked her what the gorgeous smell was and when she said it was a new perfume i just new she'd have to get it. My advice to any one who isn't quite sure about buying it is get it ave it!!!!! it's one of the nicest perfumes ever!!!!

  • KRYS2712/03/2003

    I smelled this at the counter and have not had a chance to wear it yet. I was surprised that i liked it because it smells very classic and older to me (that i don't usually like) but there was something very fresh in this as well. Some of the others that i usally like are hanae mori butterfly, angel, burberry london, kenzo flower, lolita lempicka, ghost and herve leger.

  • MARY K.12/03/2003

    Wow!! I am not one to like really floral perfumes, but this one is a very nice, playful, sparkling scent that smells like a fresh breath of springtime air!! I especially love the sweet peas!!

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