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Polo Blue Ralph Lauren Image

Ralph Lauren

Polo Blue   

117 Reviews

The freedom of the big, blue sky, the energy of the open waters, an invigorating blast of fresh air for the man who lives life to the fullest. Polo Ralph Lauren Blue is a new definition of casual elegance. Cool, fresh, warm spice. A crystal blue sensation. Let it wash over you.

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The freedom of the big, blue sky, the energy of the open waters, an invigorating blast of fresh air for the man who lives life to the fullest. Polo Ralph Lauren Blue is a new definition of casual elegance. Cool, fresh, warm spice. A crystal blue sensation. Let it wash over you.


    I only buy Ralph Lauren products.

  • THE DOUG08/02/2008

    A nice summer daytime scent. Not long-lasting, but not overpowering either.

  • SHENGB05/19/2008

    just bought it and i love the smell, so does every woman i know. clean and crisp. doesnt get musky and isnt musky. just becuz u can't smell it, doesn't mean ladies can't. besides, women respond more to a cleaner, fruitier crisp smell than musk! will wear for a long time!!

  • BARBARA W03/16/2008

    Probably one of the better aquatics for men, but it's like a million other scents out there. If you want to smell "safe" and "clean", go with this.

  • J.A02/09/2008

    This is a great smell. It does last a long time if you spray it twice at the same place. Women used to love it on me. It´s a discreet smeel. Don´t use it in a place with many fragrances. Those who will notice it will be the one´s who get next to you.It´s a subtle perfume. Indeed a very good perfume, but you have to know how to ude it.

  • D.12/27/2007

    Great fresh and mild aquatic fragrance. Polo Blue is fresh, cool, mild and warm. It has a sweetness to the fragrance on the dry down. Superior to Polo Sport in every way and I use this on occasion as my daytime cologne. Polo Blue is my third favorite RL fragrance. I prefer Polo Black over Polo Blue but overall it is a nice and pleasant fragrance. This cologne is nothing special or dramatic and there are plenty of aquatic scents out there that are better and cheaper. I give it a solid *** stars at best.

  • SIMPLY C12/12/2007

    This stuff doesn't come close to the original or to polo sport. Honestly lasts about 10 mins. Absolutely no lasting power, very weak. I'd stick with the polo classics.

  • SHAWN V.03/28/2007

    Very refreshing with an out-of-the-shower feeling all day long. Just a perfect light scent for people like myself who do not like the overwhelming heady aura of bold, too woodsy, spicy colognes on themselves. This review description of Polo Blue I found on "" says it all, & says it magnificently.. " Ultimately this expressive fragrance unleashes its own clean energy that is as fresh as the summer night air. It is as gentle as a warm rain bath in an open field on a hot sultry night and as refreshing as the dew that descends on the morning grass as you take in the clear blue sky. ". I could never have stated that better myself. You can just picture that poetically pefect description in your mind over & over again for a feeling of tranquility, serenity, & calmness, as you enjoy this phenominal light, clean aroma, in the midst of an increasingly STRESSFUL world all around us...... even looking at the handsome blue bottle gives me a peaceful feeling like no other fragrance out there. "tommy" was originally my #1 favorite spring/summer fragrance. Now, Polo Blue has eclipsed "tommy" to become my new #1. And, finally, I now realize, this has been a very gooey, sweet, saccharine, over-the-top review of Polo Blue. I couldn't help myself. Call me "Mr. Polly-Anna". The positive vibes I receive from this particular fragrance gives me a crazy "skys the limit" feeling of well-being. Oh, & did I forget to mention that it also imparts a feeling of richness & elegance for all time that reflects the classic "Polo" logo on the bottle.

  • CEEJAY01/02/2007

    This Cologne smells real good. Lasts Long on Me and women really love it.

  • PEPP12/18/2006


  • MATTHEW12/08/2006

    Do not waste your money on this cheap crap! It last at least 30 minutes after you put it on and it smells cheap. Actually, it smells more like room deodorizer. Save your money folks!!!!

  • J11/25/2006

    Very makes me feel headache though as much as other Polo lineage. Worth your money, guys! Go for it...

  • GARY11/06/2006

    I really like this fragrance. I have been wearing it for quite a while, and I usually wear it to work. I work in an office full of women, so they opinionate freely about aftershaves etc and I have never heard anyone say anything other than good things about this fragrance. My only slight niggle would be that it feels a bit "neutral". Not very distinctive and like a lot of other good fresh smelling fragrances. Worth buying though.

  • CLARIFICATION10/02/2006

    Some people claim its weak and doesn't last long while others claim it lasts for a long time. Maybe they don't realize that the same cologne has different staying power and smells different on different people depending on the individuals natural body odor, natural oils and body temperature. Something that may smell great on one guy may smell totally horrible on another. Same for the "staying power" of the fragrance. Before buying, always try on your wrist, leave for at least 1 hour and then check.

  • TONY T09/13/2006

    is only question since i only had a sampler. great classic scent that should not be duplicated. great fresh/aqua.


    Finally, i got to purchase this scent...good with my body chemistry because it lasts longer compared to other perfumes i have....

  • ERHAN.2808/28/2006

    My father bought this for me and I wear it to work. I smells like a 4 star but last for half hour. It is weak so you need to spray it many times. I've owned better CK and Laura Biagiotti products that make this small like car fregrance. Too much money for this. Try something else like Eternity from CK ( a classic )

  • SMITTEN06/12/2006

    Gentlemen, I have been waiting for the right man to buy this for and I found him... You won't be dissapointed with this purchase. Irresistable- use your imagination!

  • HENKEL05/20/2006

    I like the smell but I think it's far too weak and it doesn't last long. Get something else.

  • HECTOR04/29/2006

    I like the smell of this cologne everytime I wear it. It don't really matter if you wear it daytime or nighttime, but the only thing I don't like about it, is the short lasting smell.

  • JOHN04/28/2006

    Polo Blue has not staying power. I tried to put more on and a bit on the clothing in an attempt to make it last with no luck. I did notice it didn't matter how much I put on it didn't seem to over power the nose like other scents. Like the woman who walks by and 30 feet away of minutes later you still smell her perfume. I sit in the car with my Wife every morning. I have asked if I have put to much cologne on. She always says no. She has complimented and said that I smell good. I like the scent but there is too much alcohol for staying power. I received no compliments from other woman for this cologne. So the reader understands my point I am not ugly. At the risk of sounding arrogant I often have had woman stare at me. Sometimes women will approach me and tell me I look good. So, I know its not because I am unattractive. The fact that only my Wife compliments me on this cologne and the lack of staying power make me not want to purchase it again. Scent = Excelent Overall = Average

  • OSCAR04/15/2006

    The perfect cologne for summer time.Cool, fresh, and spicy. You gotta try wearing a nice white Polo shirt and a spray of this cologne,and you'll be more than ready for summer time.

  • RODRIGO04/15/2006

    In the summer time, when the weather is hot, I can't think of any other cologne than Polo Blue.With a nice white Polo shirt and a spray of my cologne, I'm more than ready for summer time.

  • OSCAR 04/08/2006

    Polo Blue and Polo black are my two types of colognes. I use Polo Blue when I work, and I feel cool and refreshed all day. I use Polo Black in my days off, and I feel elegant and sophisticated.Definetly my two types of cologne; plus they represent my two favorite colors: Black and Blue....

  • PHIL04/05/2006

    I am amazed at the positive reviews this is receiving. I have tried several "blue" scents lately and the only one I would buy is desire blue. If you want the smell of ocean breezes than get cool water deep, otherwise, don't spend the dough on this.

  • JACK MORGAN03/09/2006



    I've been using cologne since I was a boy and I have a very large and electic collection spanning over 30 years (about 80 different varieties). By far, Polo Blue is my favorite. It's not overpowering or too sweet as some fragrances, but it delivers a subtle essence of citrus, patchouli, and sea breezes while projecting an ambience of pure unbridled masculinity that most women love. I've had complete strangers (both males and females) approach me to complement me on it's fragrance. Also, I literally feel psychologically more positive and motivated when I wear it. I usually wear only this fragrance when I'm at the office. It lasts far into the evening, and even into the wee hours of the next morning. As I'm single and love to party, it's a must have for the single guy on the prowl to meet single women. It blows away Realm cologne and other "pheromone" type fragrances. In my opinion, it's appropriate for daytime and evening wear. And, for the man in a relationship, it will spice up your love life. As a side-note, Happy by Clinique is my second favorite at this time with Very Sexy by Victoria's Secret being in third place. Though long, I hope this review was helpful. Paul

  • ZEKIYE01/06/2006

    No brainer! Well, that is if you like nice, uncomplicated, ahtletic and smart guys! You know, all in one!

  • CHICKS LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!12/15/2005

    GUYS IF U LIKE YOUR WOMEN. BUY THIS COLOGNE FOR YOURSELF> WOMEN WILL WANT TO SNUFF U ALL OVER. I LIKE IT, and i don't normally like any of guys cologne, but this one is really Sexy. Another one that's really sexy is Armani Black Code. That one is the bomb, but waaay expensive. I bought POLO BLUE for my brother on Christmas. Thats what he wanted. Good choice.

  • SPACE PILGRIM11/04/2005

    Cool and refreshing, it's the best among the Polo lineup. BUT, Polo Black from what I've heard is even better!

  • LALA10/11/2005

    My boo wears it, and I'm naturally just not someone who is very sexual, but when I smell this on him...I get turned on. Quick.

  • USMCHAD10/01/2005

    One of my favorite scents. It smells good by itself. The only thing I can complain about is that it wears off too quickly, after about an hour for me

  • W.B.09/23/2005


  • ALV08/02/2005

    I think there's something in this fragrance.This fragrance like a spell that change anything.My girl friend love this fragrance and that's the first time a girl told me that my fragrance smells good.Besides that it seems that she won't left me and often stay beside me during the day. This frgarnce is fresh and clean.Try it U will love it.

  • ECLECTIX07/06/2005

    i purchase a fragrance every fortnight and picked this up last week.been wearing it 1881 its smells great but it fades after 20 minutes.a 5 minute ride on my fatboy and there's no hint of it. be prepared to carry it everywhere with you if you want maximum polo stays forever

  • WENDY06/30/2005

    I love this scent! I bought it for my bf and he loves it too. It smells so nice Whenever my bf wears it, i hug and smell his scent, it's so good :D

  • RICH06/06/2005

    More than once and I own about 30 colognes, will I have the ladies ask and "request" that I wear this more often...then a wink occasionally.

  • FRED05/12/2005

    I can't get enough of Blue. It seems to mature as you wear it throughout the day, mellowing out. It really smells good the day after on your clothes.

  • JILLIAN04/23/2005

    This scent is one of my favorites for men. It's clean, fresh, not too heavy or musky, and yet very sexy at the same time. Just don't get carried away, since, like many men's fragrances, its easy to spray on so much that people can smell it a few feet away (most women hate that). It reminds me so much of my first love. He used to wear it often, and it suited him so well. Ahh.. I miss him...

  • BONDO03/26/2005

    Smells good on the magazines' strip... Bought one... the smell of musk is so overpowering... it's not a sexy perfume for sure...

  • BONDO03/26/2005

    Smells good on the magazines' strip... Bought one... the smell of musk is so overpowering... it's not a sexy perfume for sure...

  • UNCLE TIM 03/16/2005

    Was given a 0.03 oz sample. Blue is not unpleasant, strong enough and persistent enough but blue does not excite or intrigue. I will not buy a big or even mini bottle

  • OCHEN03/14/2005

    If you cannot handle the attention stay away from this. I have got so many compliments it is not funny. A lady friend likes to sniff my kneck all evening when I visit her! Most of all it lasts all day!! It is a must get!!!!

  • NIKITA 03/03/2005

    People are just buyng this up because it is by Ralph Lauren. Smells like 5 other colognes I smelled at the mall. Believe it.

  • MIKI03/03/2005

    This is the same smell as Desire Blue. The Industry keeps making these same played out smells. Try Cool Water Deep if your dying for true blue.

  • JANET01/30/2005

    Many men's colognes leave a very heavy, unwanted linger in the air where you have to literally use your hand to fan the smell away... but Polo Blue is so crisp & fresh! It's like a breath of fresh air. The scent is very inviting. My co-worker wears this & it's never overpowering. Just perfect! I absolutely love this on a man!

  • E-DIDDY01/17/2005

    I once caught myself taking off the cap of this I don't know how many times in an hour. Seriously, fresh air should smell like this. The smell is so good it compelled me to buy the aftershave afterwards just to go along. The only drawback is that the bottle is just some color shifts away from the putrid original Polo, but that doesn't alter the scent, hehe.

  • BUDDY12/26/2004

    I wear many different types of cologne (5 to 8 throughout the year), but the new ‘Polo Blue’ that I received recently is definitely the favorite in my bathroom cabinets!

  • IBPOLO12/18/2004

    this is one of the must own cologne for anyone but id say for the younger guys.Also this is the perfect summer scent ,i wouldnt recomend it in winter.

  • DAVE10/25/2004

    I definitely replaced my polo sport with polo blue!

  • THEODOR09/28/2004

    This reminds me of a fragrange that wealthy, country club sohpisticates(like myself j/k) would wear while just hanging out.

  • WILL08/12/2004

    This cologne is one of my favorites.. Just the right smell for everyday wear!!!

  • ALEXANDER06/30/2004

    It's an awesome cologne. It's indeed perfect for spring/summer. The smell lingers and is not overpowering. Top notes are very fresh and unique. As it dries out, the warm and aquatic base lingers. It might be a disappointment for those who expect a strong left-over smell. Perfect for me.

  • ALAN05/27/2004

    Fresh, different than the other Polo products. Price lower than some of the other stuff. I put a bit on and it lasted ok, not too strong.

  • BLAKE05/23/2004

    It is the best polo has ever made. I love it. It smells great and last all day. I dont know how I lived without it.

  • MR. LONGROVE05/23/2004

    Polo Blue is perfect for spring and summer wear. It's got that cool fresh fragrance. Highly recommended. The only thing is a lot of guys wear it so you will smell like a lot of other men.


    No, that is exactly why I will not get it in addition to the fact that it isn't all that great... try safari...

  • BANDIT04/29/2004

    having read through all the posts, one said the dry down was bad. Thought it might dry down to a sour smell...faint but detectable.

  • CHIOMA04/24/2004

    Too many colognes smell like they could be unisex. What I love about Polo Blue is that it's a manly scent, wit just a hint of sweetness. I absolutely adore it on men.

  • TOMMY. A.04/15/2004

    I cant use the old Polo, so this one was quite a surprise!. Loved it instantly - bought a large bottle, and use it a lot!. Excellent!.

  • YOU DONT NEED TO KNOW04/02/2004

    cheap, dry, biggest money waste ever. smells like crap

  • SKIPPY03/22/2004

    Might just be me, but I'm finding it to be very musky. I'm going to be looking for something else to rotate this with...good though.

  • AARON03/14/2004

    There isn't a single ralph lauren fragrence I do not like. Safari, Original Polo, and Romance are stunning in their own category; daytime, casual, and romantic; respectively. All of a sudden, Ralph pulls off a new modern version of Original Polo. This is a winner and a must have. Just wanna wear it out on the days you sail the open blue sea.

  • TERRANCE B03/14/2004

    well worth the money.....I was trying to save a couple of dollars by not buying the 4.2 ounce but I've learned my lesson....One of my 5 best!

  • RYAN03/11/2004

    I received Polo Blue for Christmas from my girlfriend. I had sampled it before and been reasonably unimpressed. After wearing it, however, only a few times and letting it's cool, crisp scent mix with my own aroma it has quickly ascended to a staple in my fragrance line up. It blends a subtle, masculine spice, with a very clean, distinguished, long lasting scent. It has subtle wood and citrus notes mixed with a bit of conventional polo scent. It bears a slight resemblance in aroma to Acqua Di Gio, only really in its cleanliness. A must have.

  • SKIPPY02/15/2004

    I know the coconut smell you are referring to. I think Givenchy Pour Homme is the same scent without the coconut...well not exactly coconut, but I know what you mean.

  • A. NONY. MOUS02/03/2004

    I have a lot of different colognes, but I find myself using this more than any of the others. Very clean and fresh, and does last for a fairly long time. Have gotten many colpements on it, too. My only fear is that it may become another cool water in that everyone will have it.

  • TINA01/15/2004

    It is a great casual and flirty scent in a man's way. I love it on my husband and he loves that I love it...

  • KATIE01/07/2004

    I love the way this fragrance smells on my husband! My mom bought it for my husband as a Christmas gift, and she told me that the woman at the fragrance counter told her that "this is the way a man should smell." I can't agree more! Sexy, clean scent.

  • SWTDELT12/29/2003

    Got this as an X-mas gift. Love it. As someone said in a previous post, it's a very casual scent though. Does fade a tad fast though...

  • RICH12/28/2003

    This is a "not so strong" scent" but a very clean/refreshing fragrance. Great for casual or office wear.

  • HOLLY12/16/2003

    Incredible Stuff

  • R.J.12/10/2003


  • JONATHAN TAYLOR11/30/2003

    nice smell but a little expensive

  • RB11/23/2003

    One of the best colognes out there

  • P09/23/2003

    A nice scent but vanishes quickly even when layering with shower gel, aftershave, etc. Would not buy again.

  • "HOSPITALCHIC"08/31/2003


  • ARI08/31/2003

    This is an excellent fragrance. I can still smell a hint of the sample I put on my wrist after two days!!

  • KRISA07/16/2003

    this is a good scent for young guys. its not a standout sexy smell, like pleasures for men (oooh .. the best!) blue is a good, casual, everyday scent

  • JOE06/27/2003

    To anyone who questions or thinks it doesent last. Your wrong. Keep in mind women can smell fear. They have much better sences of smell then we do so. Just because this one wears off fast to us doesnt mean women cant smell it and enjoy it. My advice if your girl likes it keep it if not forget it. Let her decide after all its for her anyway. Yes its a great fragerance perfect for hot summer days or nights.

  • TONY BOLOGNA06/21/2003

    Yeah, I actually have the spray, the balm, the deodorant AND the shower gel. Now THAT'S layering!! I have to say that this cologne is one of the best scents I have ever used. It's the dictionary definition of the word 'fresh'. I challenge anyone to come up with a better fragrance for the warmer summer months. And even though it's just a tinsy-winsy bit on the weak side, Ralph Lauren hit the nail on the head with this one.

  • JENNIE06/20/2003

    if you want to get a girl goin`. get this!! the hotter you smell...the hotter you look!! 2 thumbs up! :)

  • TONY BOLOGNA06/20/2003

    Wow!! After having and consistently using Polo Blue for a couple months now, I can say with certainty that this is one of my favorite colognes ever. I use the spray, the deodorant, the balm, and sometimes the shower gel all together to get the most effect. I am absolutely in love with this fragrance. Can anyone show me a better or more appropriate cologne for the summer? This stuff is cool, clean, refreshing, and never too overbearing no matter how much you put on. I think Ralph Lauren makes some of his scents (like Polo Blue & Romance) on the weaker side just to prevent people from over-doing it and reaking up an entire room. This one is an easy 5 stars and a definite keeper for the long run.

  • JUAN06/15/2003

    This colonge is fresh but a little overhyped. The scent is clean and very original. However don't possibly tell me it lasts a long time cause it doesn't. I bought a bottle of this and I'm not the only one that has said this. It's nice but I think Chrome by Azzaro is better

  • LISA06/10/2003

    I bought this for my husband and it smells great! The smell doesn't wear off of him, I can lean over and take a big whiff and the scent is still there! He claims to not smell it anymore, but I sure can!! What a great smelling cologne. Perfect for summer.. and getting me in the mood :)

  • LISA06/10/2003

    I bought this for my husband and it smells great! The smell doesn't wear off of him, I can lean over and take a big whiff and the scent is still there! He claims to not smell it anymore, but I sure can!! What a great smelling cologne. Perfect for summer.. and getting me in the mood :)

  • DARK05/15/2003

    I thoght the same way after buying POLO BLUE, like it was way too weak. But in combination with after shave gel it stays on my skin ( very close to skin though ) for about 7 hrs.

  • TONY BOLOGNA05/11/2003

    I know that in an earlier post, I said I would not buy this particular cologne, but relented and got myself the big bottle, after-shave, and deodorant. Polo Blue is fantastic cologne; very fresh, clean, and invigorating, but as many have noted in earlier posts, it lacks staying power. In fact, I'm having a hard time believing it has any staying power at all. Like Lattitude/Longitude by Nautica, Polo Blue is crisp and clean but it is just way too weak. I can spray myself 20 times and not be able to smell it on me an hour later. Other than that, however, Polo Blue is an extremely refreshing and delightful men's fragrance.

  • DARK05/01/2003

    Smells excellent. Good choice for summer/daywear/office. I can't say anything about the staying power yet since I just bought it.

  • BRIAN04/20/2003

    This is a classic already and it just came out. I finnaly found the perfect cool daywear scent and this is it. It's fresh, energetic and classy. It's overpowering like the original Polo but that why they used the "polo" name cause of it's potent power. You spray it on and it's like a tidal wave of ocean water and taking a breath of the freshest air possible. It's a rush.

  • ROB D.04/15/2003

    8 squirts of this and someone had to get within 2 inches of me to smell it.

  • TONY BOLOGNA04/09/2003

    Polo Blue is quite nice - sort of the younger alternative to the original Polo, which I find absolutely repulsive, by the way. Polo Blue is like many other Ralph Lauren colognes - refined, sophisticated, and popular. I resent the fact that Ralph Lauren won't sell it in anything less than a 2.5 ounce bottle, which, by the way, is an old and simple trick to get the consumer to pay the absolute maximum for their product. For this reason, mostly, I will probably never purchase Polo Blue, even though I quite enjoy the scent.

  • CONNOISSEUR03/24/2003

    This is my new favorite. A sweet and subtly spicy scent that catches peoples' attention, yet isn't overpowering. I think it is very unique but not way out there like others I've tried.

  • JIM03/18/2003

    Smells like Polo Sport, I didnt like that either.

  • TROJAN03/10/2003

    i can't stop wearing it, it smells so gooooooood! everywhere go some girl seems to notice it. I love it!! a must-have

  • RICK D02/27/2003


  • NAME02/23/2003

    I love this cologne btw.... but i just want to ask everyone how much and where to put cologne for it to smell the best on you? thanks a lot!

  • GEORGE02/21/2003

    An excellent choice for the office. Smart and sexy. Not overpowering.

  • AARON02/21/2003

    this stuff smells soooo good...kind of reminds me of romance but 100x better!

  • DMITRIY02/20/2003

    Compared to the Polo this stuff rocks. It is mild in scent and smells absolutely awesome. First time I sensed the scent is when I was reading some magazine and the sample of cologne was there - I had to get it.

  • DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT02/19/2003

    for real this is some good shit...bought it the other isn't that strong but it smells awesome....the girl LOVES it!! she can't get enough....ahhhh shiiiiiiiiit

  • TURKO02/15/2003

    BUY THIS TODAY!!!!!!!!!! No questions asked.

  • ERIC02/07/2003

    Since I have always thought Polo sucked big time - like something to put in a bucket and mop floors with, this is an incredible improvement to the original Polo.

  • SIMON01/26/2003

    An insult to the original Polo, talk about aphyxiation by inhalation.

  • AMANDA01/23/2003

    I fell in love with polo sport, but I may have just found a replacement! I had to buy my husband some of this for Valentines' Day - I won't be able to keep my hands off of him when he smells this yummy! There's nothing sexier than a crisp, fresh cologne on a handsome guy. : )

  • MICHAEL01/20/2003

    Worth Every Penny.

  • RALEY01/19/2003

    It is a younger version of polo but I think anyone could pul this great fragrance off.

  • DARREN01/10/2003

    I walked into a store to test it and it was nearly gone. The lady told me it is their most popular fragrance and that everyone is wearing it. Well I sure Love it!!!

  • KATHY01/05/2003

    One of the best ever!!!

  • KEN01/01/2003

    Fresh & smell good all the day!

  • ELLE12/27/2002

    Very breezy and nice. PERFECT! It get's me in the mood...

  • LUKE12/26/2002

    Very nice!

  • ERIN12/19/2002

    AJ can you smell Polo is much more breezy and Sport is very athletic and they are both very good scents and I think that you really need to smell them again. A trick is to smell coffe beens after you smell the first one it clears your nose!

  • SCOTT12/19/2002

    I have horrible allergies, just walking by the fragrance counter sets me off!! Let alone wear any, but POLO BLUE is like smelling clean laundry and doesn't bother me. This stuff is definitely on everyone of my Christmas lists.

  • VIRGINIE12/19/2002

    It's a perfume is very good , he is a beautiful odour. It's smells nice flower

  • BRIAN12/17/2002

    Polo Sport is a reviving floral sharp scent while this is a cool refreshing scent. I don't know what the hype is on Polo Blue but I will say I don't hate it. There is a note in it that I don't find appealing at all. It smells like coconut or something. Whatever that ingrediant is, take that out and it's really nice. It's strong for a refreshing scent I will say that. Green Polo was also strong or is I should say and it definitly deserves the Polo name.

  • STAN12/17/2002

    This one is unique & original. Very refined and sophisticated.

  • AJ12/15/2002

    Nuthing much here it smells like Polo Sport rebottled

  • ROB12/08/2002

    This is truely a great cologne! The best I've ever used. I would highly recommend it!

  • JAX12/03/2002

    I have never smelt something this refrreshing. It could be the best scent ever . The only colognes I wear are by Ralph Lauren and Lacoste. So go out and get this one. I am now in the "cool" group at work because of my personality and Polo Blue!

  • CRISTI12/01/2002

    What ever Ralph did this time he definatley perfected it. I love the guy I smell along the street.

  • AVRO12/01/2002

    Every one is going colorful Polo Blue, Hugo Dark Blue ans Boss Deep Red but Polo Blue is a new classic everyone thinks I smell good when I waer it It is almost as good as Polo but still a great classic!

  • AXAN12/01/2002

    No one but Ralph Lauren could capture the beauty of a mens fragrance. It does not smell like polo at all but is much more breezy and nicer than other Eau de Toillets!If you don't like this Polo is awesome too!

  • E.J.11/29/2002

    It seems everyone is coming out with something new and tacky but Polo Blue is the opposite it's fresh and clean and will last a while!

  • BOB R.11/25/2002

    This is almost a good scent. However the drydown on it was nasty on me. I didn't like the original Polo much less this one. Go buy Bvlgari.

  • ERIC B.11/18/2002

    Man! I love this stuff and would buy the 10 oz bottle if they made it. The ladies seem to notice it as well.

  • SAM11/18/2002

    strong...bold...but wears off slightly after sometime....and ditto to everyting that YAY said....u gotta give this one a try

  • STIFFLER11/17/2002

    Very good! Kind of aquatic. Great smell!!

  • MAN11/13/2002

    It'll blow you away. So far away from what would normally be considered a cousin in the Polo family. It has a mild resemblance to Aspen, but much more complex. Your outta the slump Ralph!!

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