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Christian Dior

Miss Dior   

53 Reviews

Aromatic, Floral, Light. Created in 1947, Miss Dior is a refreshing, woody, mossy fragrance. It's fragrant nature explores essences of gardenia, bergamot and sage. Blended with notes of lily of the valley, rose and leather, Miss Dior is known as a classic fragrance recommended for daytime wear.

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Aromatic, Floral, Light. Created in 1947, Miss Dior is a refreshing, woody, mossy fragrance. It's fragrant nature explores essences of gardenia, bergamot and sage. Blended with notes of lily of the valley, rose and leather, Miss Dior is known as a classic fragrance recommended for daytime wear.

  • CAROL DAVIS10/14/2015

    I have been using this product for many years and love it...

  • BELINDA JONES07/07/2014

    I love this perfume, it's soft and classic.

  • ELAINE BAIRD06/04/2012

    I love it.

  • ELAINE BAIRD06/04/2012

    I have been using Miss Dior since a friend sent me some in the mail from Germany. That was about 1956. I have been complimented on the fragrance too many times to count over the years. Then I found the stores stopped carrying it, both in Michigan ( where I am from) and down here in Florida. I then heard about your website, and I have been ordering it from you ever since, which has been a few years. PLEASE DON'T EVER QUITE CARRYING IT!!!!

  • CAROL03/01/2012

    This has been my fragrance for many years. It getting very hard to find. Thank you for carrying it. I love it.

  • SUZI Q10/26/2011

    Love this perfume and have been wearing it for over 20 years. I try other ones but always come back to this one. Its Me !!

  • NATALIE03/18/2010

    Ohhh...what is with the old lady crap for this divine scented perfume!? I have worn this perfume since buying my 1st bottle in Hong Kong on holidays with my parents when I was 16 years old. I am now 38 and still can't wear it enough. I now call it my Passion Finder Perfume and my girlfriends still can't believe it really works! Everytime I wear this one out I have men all around telling me how gorgeous I smell!! So I'm sticking with it...cause it really is beautiful.

  • SUEC09/22/2009

    I adore this beautiful perfume, it is a true quality classic and I'm glad to say the formula has never changed. It is getting harder to find though and therefore more expensive. NOTE: The packaging is changing on all Christian Dior classic perfumes to a plainer box with the logo "DIOR" rather than the "Christian Dior" in elegant gold script that I prefer. What a shame, it seems to be a marketing ploy to pander to the fickle youth market who have no knowledge of the great couturiers. Why can't manufacturers be loyal to loyal followers instead of desperately trying to pick up new buyers by chance. So if you like the traditional packaging, buy up now. Dioressence is now sadly discontinued, Diorissimo may be heading that way in some countries, but I hope they don't give Miss Dior the bullet too. Many other favourites of mine seem to have disappeared in the recession.

  • PERFUME NEWBIE01/02/2009

    I sprayed Coco EDP on one wrist and Miss Dior on another and everyone in my family said they smelled exactly the same, except the Miss Dior was lighter and not as deep. It doesn't have the same lasting power as Coco EDP - which can last two days, but one spray lasted all day and faded at night. This would be perfect for an 18 year old girl, or even a 16 year old. I adore Coco and I was surprised to find a similar scent.

  • CHERYL12/31/2008

    I like just 3 perfumes: Original Zen (Sheseido), KL (Karl Lagerfeld) and Miss Dior. All are incredibly hard to get. I only wear perfume, not cologne or eau de toilette as i find the truest fragrance is the perfume. I vary the perfume I wear upon my mood, or what I'm wearing.. Miss Dior is very distinctive, which makes it memorable. Since not many people can find it, it's not often worn nowadays, which to me makes it even more special. A little goes a long way, and the perfume lasts and lasts, like a good European expensive perfume should. It makes me feel like i'm in Paris. I can't think of a better perfume to wear with a classic skirt suit and heels. I leave the Zen and KL for nights, Miss Dior is my daytime fragrance. I stocked up, don't ever want to go without!

  • HOLLYC12/30/2008

    first frag I've ever purchased unsniffed. ordered over the phone and picked up at Fedex. sprayed on in car. Dear God, I've died and gone to heaven. A real, honest to goodness, classic womanly perfume that reminds me of how women of my mom's era used to smell, unashamedly feminine. Very classic, not your foody, sugary. popcorn trash (are you listening Miss Dior Cherie?) Will buy as long as they make it. Tried the EdT (think that's all it comes in now) but excellent strength, lasting power and sillage. Bravo!!

  • ANNE12/19/2008

    I had a conversation today with a sales woman at a perfume counter. I had remarked that one of her store's rivals had completely sold out of Miss Dior but had shelves full of Miss Dior Cherie. It's gratifying, I said, that there are plenty of people out there with such good taste. She agreed. Oh, that Cherie, she said, it's just like all those lolly waters out there. I laughed and agreed, but thought it an odd comment for someone in her position to make. Perhaps (tho' I don't think so) she was being clever enough to flatter my own taste but to the next customer she encounters who likes Cherie she will opine that the traditional Miss Dior smells like turpentine mixed with cow dung. Anyway, to my nose Miss Dior does NOT smell of turpentine and cow dung. It is sharp (at first), rich, feminine and full of character. Perfumes are supposed to have their top, middle and base notes and I guess this one does too, but I find that I get different threads of scent, now sharp and green, now spicy, now soft and floral, all within a few seconds. A masterpiece.

  • PAT03/22/2008

    When I was 18 my dad brought home a bottle of Miss Dior from a raffle at his work. My mother tried it but said it wasn't her, so she gave it to me. As my entire family will tell you, it is my scent. I love it!! I've been wearing it now for over 35 years. A perfume is a signaure scent. What smells great on one person can be gross on another. For those of you who don't like it, try another perfume.

  • DEBI OV THE TOON 02/08/2008


  • JANINE11/13/2007

    A friend of mine bought a bottle of this perfume and later decided that there was something about it that she just didn't like, hard as she tried. She was so disappointed because she spent a significant amount on her bottle. She offered it to me and I was thrilled to try it, but alas, I absolutely do not like this fragrance....too bad ... I then gave it to a friend of mine who had the same experience. She finally gave it to her mother (age 65) who likes it. To me it has a very sharp bitter sweet woody leathery smell. Not something that invokes good feelings wearing it or something I enjoy smelling during the day. Hope it works for you.

  • CC09/10/2007

    Based on the comments here I purchased Miss Dior. Oh I love it, it's wonderful, very rich, lasts, and is just totally classy. A great scent. Thanks so much everyone!

  • ZEKIYE05/24/2007

    I, too, am sick of hearing a perfume is "old lady". It has become one of my top pet peeves actually. I've posted on this subject alone about 5 times now. Anyway, I totally agree with you. If it's good, it's good. If it's bad, it's bad. Miss Dior is very good. To me. Period. End of Story.

  • ANN04/22/2007

    Worn this since high school - and thankfully they have not changed a thing in it. Men adore it and always, always ask what it is. It's a male knee buckler.

  • GENA04/08/2007

    To Tamar: Wear it and the men will follow you anywhere. It doesn't fade out. You may stop smelling it on yourself, but the scent follows you in the air and men can't resist it, although they may not even realize what is drawing them to you.

  • GENA04/08/2007

    I am over 50, but when I wear Miss Dior, men flock around my desk to discuss business with each other. It's too funny. It's like an aphrodisiac with men. I don't mind telling other women what the fragrance is--it is so hard to find that I know they will not likely be showing up to work wearing it. I'm just glad I know where to find it!

  • MS. DEBRA SCOTT03/18/2007

    I have worn this for years as a speical evening fragrance and the compliments go on and on from everyone!!

  • MS. ROSE12/23/2006

    This is a fabulous fragrance.. whenever I wear it i get loads of compliemts..a classic,,super super lovely!!

  • DENNIS09/22/2006

    The quintessential Dior woman's fragrance, in my opinion. Different on any woman who wears it. I picture a woman like Audrey Hepburn as Regina in "Charade" wearing this. It has a refined quality to it, and yet a very youthful heart.

  • RAJUL07/07/2006

    its fun discussing about perfumes and knowing suuuch a varied response to different fragrances, isnt it ? to me perfume adds romance, softness, charm and a POSITIVE note to my being and day , so i like to express what i feel good about and learn what others feel GOOD about as well. its off putting to run into ladies who nullify the perfumers efforts by their acrid remarks that spoil the beauty of the perfume atleast temporarily for the wearers who love it. and yeah........ the venom with which some of the 'young ladies' attack the 'old ladies' makes me wonder if their 'mother-daughter' relationships have gone all wrong ??? POOR THINGS !!!! i also love the classics..... paloma picasso, coco chanel,miss dior,opium. i like eden a lot...angel in cooler weather,bulgari blu,jill sander no4, coco mlle. ysatis is a recent addition and yet getting to know it, growing to love le baiser du dragon- cartier. just purchased dioressence......seems my kind and looking forward to a pleasant experience. there are some perfumes that we like in common are'nt there? i have over 50 in my collection which during reflection sometimes seems like a madness to me coz on the one hand i feel i should use only one bottle at a time exclusively, so as to know the scent better as there is no other fragrance on ur body for days together to confuse ur perception of it. shall look out for your reviews on other frags as well....... see ya !

  • GREEKGIRL07/06/2006

    Hi Rajul, just letting you know that i am not the author of that Eden post from 3/7 (just below mine) some sad creature likes to impersonate people, but I do love Eden anyway, see ya, Helen.

  • GREEKGIRL07/04/2006

    Hi Rajul, i agee with you, although i enjoy many of the newer fragrances, i always come back to my classics, if i like a perfume i dont care how old it is, and theres no need for rudeness about old ladies, i know many older women who are lovely ladies and they smell georgeous, classics will never die, but im sure these newer ones will. What other perfumes do you like? My favourites are chypres like Paloma Picasso, rumba, cabochard, Chanel No.5 , and I like vanilla based ones like Addict, Shalimar, and Casmir, hope to hear from you soon, bye for now, Helen.

  • GREEK GIRL07/03/2006

    eden is one of my favourites as well ! reminds me of rain soaked gardens and forests........ love it !

  • RAJUL07/02/2006

    the 'old lady' business was getting to be too much wasnt it ? particularly as i hardly came across any 'old ladies' calling the newer lot of fragrances......'bubble gum, bakery left overs,nauseating or foolish airhead fragrances' !! perfumes can only enhance an already existing charm in a person. i doubt it can help any 'young' lady who is hell bent on neutralising the effects of a beautiful fragrance by her vicious or far from sweet personality ! i dont come under the 'old lady' bracket today but it is every woman's tomorrow unless she dies prematurely ! why the insecurity and rudeness ?

  • GO RAJUL!06/23/2006

    I too am getting sick of hearing about old lady perfumes, whats wrong with old ladies anyway? we are all gonna be old one day, as for Miss Dior I absolutely love it, its a very classy perfume, but if you dont like, say just that, dont call it an old lady perfume.

  • RAJUL06/17/2006

    i have been reading this ridiculous 'old lady' ref toooo often to ignore ! the effect perfumers wanted on mankind when they created it 100s of years ago was to please, attract and leave behind a trail of fragrance that would haunt you much after the person has left. i think they have succeeded enormously hence the roaring business of fragrances expands century after century ! my reaction to a beautiful perfume is always to breathe deeper when there is a lovely fragrance around and it could have been left by someone who has gone by before i could see them..... so where does AGE come into the picture ????!!!! its either a 'good' fragrance or a 'bad' one ! sorry to say but i think the ones who have such an 'AGE HANG UP' have complexes within them and no amount or variety of perfumes is going to change that !! a truly beautiful and confident woman can carry of a complete range without even a thought towards the AGE of the perfume !! as for MISS DIOR it is such a refreshing perfume that i salute the makers who could create this classic so many years ago !! 5 stars!!

  • ANNIE03/21/2006

    I'm giving Miss Dior five stars because it truly is a beautiful classic. I realize "beautiful" is subjective. I used to wear this as a young girl in my teens, and later in my 20's. This type of dry fragrance is out of style now, which is probably why it smells old-lady to many. There's no fruitiness or vanilla in it. It's a classic composition, and classicism is boring to some people (understandably). On me, the juxtaposition of the gardenia/floral against the dry chypre notes in Miss Dior was very, very nice, a feminine fragrance but sophisticated, and much more formal than fragrances of today. However, I do agree that a man could probably wear Miss Dior, too. The line between the feminine and masculine in fragrance is flexible now, which is nice - more choices for everybody to wear what they like. I've read that Miss Dior's formula has been changed, that the new Miss Dior is not the same as the old. It may be that most people wouldn't notice. And people who haven't experienced the old version wouldn't. I have a fondness for Miss Dior because of how I remember it from years ago. I doubt I would go out of my way to find it now, but I wouldn't mind having it in my collection for occasional use. I'm in my 40's, and I generally like all kinds of fragrances, some old lady and some new. I generally find that revisiting old favorites out of nostalgia makes for disappointment - the oldies never smell the same in the here and now as they used to. Look ahead and try something fresh and new. That's my motto anyway. But some people stay loyal to their old favorites. And that's nice, too! :-)

  • RAJUL01/22/2006

    this is a refreshing day fragrance.....hardly the one to draw strong reactions of dislike or aversion....unlike certain musky fragrances one has a love-hate relationship with.

  • CECILIA01/15/2006

    It never fails. For Thirty years, I have received complements about my fragance. I wouldn't change it for anything. It is a very classic and femenine fragance. It makes you feel very special.

  • DEBS01/10/2006

    'Miss Dior' is such a refined chypre/leather based fragrance. It is so soft. To me, it is a cross between 'Cabochard' and 'La Perla'. A lovely, aromatic fragrance.

  • GUESS WHO ;)01/03/2006

    I was in a local department store on Sunday, (yes it was open even though it was a Holiday)... something to do with it being a tourist attraction... so needless to say I'm happy about that, I would never argue with the stores being open for shopping ;) Anyway, I am at the Dior perfume counter with my sister and the "sales-girl" approaches us ... we are in the middle of looking at Miss Dior Cherie and comparing it to Miss Dior... Right of the bat I will say that I loved Miss Dior Cherie but did not purchase either one. Without being asked for her opinion the girl interrupted our conversation and implored us "not to even bother with Miss Dior as she sees that on an 80 year old", (which by the way, obvious to her small mind neither one of us looked like, since I am 30 and my sister is 26)... Then she insists we must try Pure Poison at once, since she sees me wearing that one... Really, now! What is wrong with people these days!? when you will be insulted at random anywhere you go... So for a joke my sister tells the girl that she wears Miss Dior exclusively, and that is her signature scent, she also throws in that she was grandly insulted as was my mother and my grandmother... The girl just stood there in utter shock as we left giggling... Ok.. So I know that this may have been mean, but we had to teach her a lesson! By the way Miss Dior may really be a nice scent, but just was a little too top-dry for me, same reason I cannot enjoy Pure Poison either.

  • DAVID GRANT12/19/2005


  • ROS11/21/2005

    Thank you allen for saying this is a good scent for men to wear. You are right, it is. I never would have thought to wear this if i had not read your review. It reminds me off fresh cut hay and curry spice. This is a dress up scent i think...for when you are wearing a tuxedo.

  • KALILA11/10/2005

    Elegant, exuberant, luscious.... The Dior spirit in a modern couture fragrance. An Amazing Blend Of Strawberry Leaves And Green Mandarin Open Up This Scent. Then Blends Into A Violette, Pink Jasmine And Strawberry Sorbet Which Finishes Off With Fresh Patchouli, Musk And Crystalline. Sexy and young at heart! This is a GORGEOUS scent!

  • KATHY10/22/2005

    I was very disappointed with this one. It smelled like mens after shave. Doir's perfumes are just over rated in my opinion.

  • ROBIN 09/21/2005

    And I'm totally infatuated!!! It's got all the classiness and depth and staying power of the Christian Dior fragrance house, but the modern, fresh-fruity-floral-woody sensibilities of really progressive, young houses!!! I'm going to buy the 3.4 oz, cuz I know it's a fragrance I'll reach for again and again. Just came back after spraying some on and a co-worker said, whatever you've got on smells deliciously expensive!! Incredible!!

  • PERFUME JUNKIE08/20/2005

    Sue, I tried the new Miss Dior, too. You're right. It's different from the classic one (which I prefer). It smells more like the trendy perfumes of today. I also think that if you're going to invest money, you might as well do it on the classic one. The bottle is very lovely, though.

  • SUE C08/03/2005

    Dior's new scent Miss Dior Cherie is nothing like the original Miss Dior. It actually smells very much like the discontinued Miss Arpels by Van Cleef and Arpels. Miss Dior Cherie is fairly sharp and fruity and meant for the very young only, but if you like it it's worth it for the gorgeous bottle.

  • KAY02/04/2005

    Its absolutely wonderful that a fragrange created in 1947 is still and always will be a top favourite --its still mine

  • CBC01/18/2005

    I have no idea what Heather is talking about. Miss Dior doesn't resemble Chanel No.5 or Coco in the SLIGHTEST. It starts out VERY green with galbanum...there's no mistaking this for any other. It dries down very soft, with an animalic base. Perfect for year round.

  • EMMA BOVARY12/28/2004

    I wanted to like this too..I love Chypre frags...but this is just old..old, musty and stale...wonder if it's the leather in it...

  • LISA11/16/2004


  • PASSINGBY09/08/2004

    I always receive compliments when I wear this but mostly I just love the fragrance myself. It's the way a perfume should be, not too over-powering but leaves a lingering hint of fragrance in the air that men like and women want to copy. Lightly sweet but fresh at first, it has a warmth that stays on your skin.

  • HEATHER07/09/2004

    You know, I really wanted to like this, because I am often a fan of the old, ladylike classics. Love Chanel 5 and 19, adore Arpege. To me this is "eau-de-old-lady," though. It reminds me of allergy attacks in church when I was a kid surrounded by old women wearing lace veils. It reminded me of a mustier hybrid of Number 5 and Coco with a bit of turpentine thrown in for good measure. I really wanted to like it! But I just could not.

  • SYLVIE04/14/2004

    I found the following perfume description: Built on a classic chypre accord, its top note reveals the freshness of galbanum, gardenia and clary sage. The floral heart note is a rich blend of rose, neroli and jasmine. The classic chypre end note is composed of oakmoss, patchouli and ciste labdanum. Top note : Gardenia, Galbanum, Bergamot, Clary Sage Middle note : Jasmine, Narcissus, Neroli, Rose Base note : Patchouli, Oakmoss, Labdanum I bought Miss Dior because it is an "old DIOR perfume" with a long tradition. So many women love this fragrance for so many years - so it must be a good scent. But I will not often wear it. Similar to Chanel 5 and Calèche. Both aldehydic fragrances. For me Miss Dior is not fresh and not sweet. Hard to describe how it smells. An elegant and unique classic not for everyone.

  • ALLIE02/21/2004

    Miss Dior is simply stunning ! One knows that just by wearing this perfume 'One has arrived' It makes one feel elegant,beautiful and alive. Absolutely wonderful to have attained the age where one wears a certain prefume not because it is popluar with all, but simply because 'It is'

  • ALLEN12/04/2003

    About 25 years ago I was in Paris and the jewelry saleswoman was wearing Miss Dior. It was really lovely, and I have always remembered how I liked the lilly of the valley note. I am a gardener. Recently on a review of mens' fragrances on another web site, there were many men who swore that this scent was unisex and that they bought it. So, I bought this for myself. I am glad I did. When people ask me what am I wearing, I say Mr. Dior!

  • VANESSA07/06/2003

    Miss Dior is the best fragrance I have ever been exposed to. It smells fresh all day, does not make me sneeze, does not give me a headache or nausea and I have received more compliments on my fragrance than for any other "new" or "designer" that I have ever worn. Men LOVE it!!!!!!

  • JOY05/07/2003

    Definitely not for me. Just terrible!

  • OLATZ02/01/2003

    My mom used to wear this back in the 1950s. Hadn't seen it in years. It's still a beautiful scent. There are those who believe it is too ladylike, but I don't agree. To me it is elegant and sexy in a very classy way.

  • LINDA01/24/2003

    This perfume is just so feminine and lovely .. one spray and I feel a million dollars it's that good.. best to wear when you're naked in bed with a man

  • TAMAR12/03/2002

    This on me smells of pure daffodils at first, which I don’t particularly like. Then it starts smelling like a cowshed and after that it disappears.

  • CLAIRE09/15/2002

    Miss Dior is very evocative of the 1970's for me, cuz my granny used to wear it. But it's not an old lady scent. It's got a very distinctive patchouli note.

  • VIVIAN08/31/2002

    I've looked in every store I can think of and no one carries Miss Dior!! Has it been discontinued? I love that fragrance. Please let me know where I can purchase it??

  • ATN07/08/2002

    My mother gave me a bottle of this in my teens back in the late 70's and I thought it was a musty old lady smell...but I wore Charlie and Metal. Now I think it smells of fresh cut hay or straw...light sweet spicy and I do smell green peppercorns in the parfum especially. I think a lot of women received Miss Dior after WW2 and by the late 70's they were still wearing and thus my olfactory association. It is a wonderful scent and a very liberated, modern scent which deserves its loyal following.

  • LAETITIA04/17/2002

    Dear Aimee, I always enjoy your comments (whether I agree or not). It is great to come across someone who can detect scent so well. Is that your line of work or just a hobby? Just curious.

  • CARLA04/02/2002

    fresh,green too start with but animalic, even leathery in the end. Nice. But not a great favorite of mine

  • EILEEN01/31/2002

    I find this scent aldehydic, green, dry, with some wonderful lower notes like sandal, patchouli and leather. The flowers are very understated. A confident, not frilly perfume. My mom has worn this since the '50s and it still smells great.

  • OLIVIA01/22/2002

    I haved that Miss Dior was created in 1947, not long after World War II. Because the war changed the way people thought about life, especially women's self realization. They became more independent and optimistic. This scent was to give them a new sense of confidence. So it was not the usual floral type but the chypre type with the woody and oriental notes. i just want to share this with everyone who likes Miss Dior. Wear it , enjoy it and take take pride in the value that women found in the year 1947!

  • ANNALISA12/28/2001

    After 9 years, now I use Miss Dior again. It's always expecial. New perfumes are not so particular. Wear Miss Dior, and nobody will be able to forget you.

  • AIMEE12/19/2001

    1st time: Warm; green; chalky; chlorine; animal musk..2nd time: marinade; herbal; natural; similarities to 'Fendi' and 'Ma Griffe'.

  • LORI SCHENK09/27/2001

    Smells like a young debutante. A real winner!

  • VIKI09/17/2001

    Yes, it is a classic! French chic.

  • MIMI09/01/2001

    This is a classic! Fresh and very feminine.

  • CATHY07/14/2001

    This has been my signature fragrance for 30 years and it is fresh, yet has substance. It is wonderful but hard to find in the States.

  • JAM06/23/2001

    This perfume has a very nice and fresh smell. very chic. I love it

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