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Joop for Men conveys a timeless statement of individuality and masculine sensulaity. The first burst of cool, fresh spiciness from bergamot and cinnamon unfolds into a subtle, warm floral woody body.

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Joop for Men conveys a timeless statement of individuality and masculine sensulaity. The first burst of cool, fresh spiciness from bergamot and cinnamon unfolds into a subtle, warm floral woody body.

  • GIGI11/25/2012

    has a great smell. never bought it before,but had smelled it in the past on someone. i don't believe time makes a difference,if it smells good,that's enough.

  • ROSALEE05/09/2012

    On my husband this stuff smells *insanely* good. You know how it is though, scents mix with your chemistry. This is definately his scent. Delicious!

  • JAN12/20/2011

    I bought my fella his joop from galaxy as it was a great price & more to the point it smells great.. thanx galaxy

  • JOE MICELI JR07/27/2011

    I think it's the best smelling cologne!I have been wearing it for 15 years, it's great and timeless.

  • TURK201107/07/2011

    It's totally women scent. Not for men.My girlfriend smelling sexy when she wear it...Then this scent call me for sex..Fantastic..

  • MATT10/26/2010

    I have 3 different colognes I rotate through (Aquea di Gio, Abercrombie woods, New West), and this bottle of Joop balm has been with me through 5 different apartments. It has sat and sat just waiting to be used, and I finally opened it back up. The color is no longer what it was when new, but smelled just the same as new. I forgot how nice it is, and my lady loved it more than any other cologne i use. And she has a sensitive nose to cologne, and doesn't like strong scents. I love it.

  • JEEZY01/10/2010

    Joop is an alright fragrance. It is REALLY sweet (not as sweet as Pi) and smells like cherries and cough syrup. Its very different from any other fragrance. I got it as a gift and took it back

  • LARISA12/12/2009

    you're so perfect that it hurts. when i feel you through my nose i think you're alive, you're mine just mine, the only one, forever. With love!

  • MASON HILL10/15/2009

    This stuff is so overbearing and god awful. Every gay guy in town bathed in this crap. If you wear this, they will know you are gay, not that there is anything wrong with that.

  • JEREMY BELCASTRO05/29/2009

    Joop may be a older fragrance,but if you wan't to get more women in your life wear the purfume for men. It is incrediblely sexy and long lasting. It's a female magnet. If I could give it more than 5 star's I would. I would give it a million star's if I could. Jeremy

  • VIJAY MOTWANE02/24/2009

    This is one of my favourites....It is absolutely unique and exotic. No other cologne smell like it.... and has a great staying power.

  • RACHEL02/18/2009

    I married my high school sweetheart because he wore JOOP cologone, it turned me on all day. I couldn't get throughout the day without thinking about taking his clothes off whenever I smelled it! ummmmm

  • TOM01/25/2009

    I purchased this in Nov'91, when it was first introduced in the USA. It was very controversial back then. Actually, when used in moderation, it is a smooth, comfy fragrance. I am going to buy it again because I have tired of todays "modern" scents for men. They all smell the same. Joop stands out from all of the rest!

  • LJS08/29/2008

    This is one of those very controversial fragrances you either absolutely love or just plain detest! I personally don't care much for this stuff at all. I think a lot of the previous reviewers have hit the nail on the head when they came up with suggetsions that it had a very sweet sickly smell. I agree totally. A good cologne should be subtle not cheap and overpowering smelling like this. However I am aware that it is actually one of the best selling colognes today. Particularly popular amongst the younger generation Ive heard. So please don't just take my word for it - try it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  • PETER07/18/2008

    gets my wife all hot and bothered

  • DEEZNUTZ06/09/2008

    This is my "special" scent. Discovered it about 10 years ago, have been wearing it on special occasions ever since then. Very sweet smell, but it works well for me, not too feminine like some sweeter smelling colognes. You'll stand out wearing "Joop," and a little goes a long way.

  • CHERISH06/04/2008

    I LOVE THIS, my boyfriend use ( he is away right now) to wear this and it drives me WILD, I LOVE THIS SMELL, it really makes me weak, I cant help but love the smell, and to you nay sayers, Listen to me, this is really great cologne

  • ROMANTICDEVIL05/26/2008


  • LIZ04/12/2008

    I couldn't decide at first if I liked this-but I do. I think on the right man it would smell really nice-depending on a person's body chemistry. I think I'm going to buy it to wear for myself. I think a woman or man could wear this-really, only certain guys could pull off wearing this cologne...but again, if your body chemistry works well with it, I'd say to buy it.

  • SCOOP12/17/2007


  • AVIATIONTECH12/06/2007

    I like the unusual and somewhat sophisticated scent of Joop. I spray a bit on in the morning and people still comment of it late in the afternoon. It is definately a long-lasting scent. Although not my most favorite of the colognes I own, it gives me a feeling of confidence when I wear it in the workplace. Although many men may wear cologne specifically to attract women, I am happily married and I chose a scent for how well it fits different ocassions, seasons and my personal moods. Joop! is a great cologne for business men and it is definately a winner in my book.

  • JOEUSMC12/01/2007

    i don't get any compliments on this fragrance but i don't care there is always some day of the month that i want to squirt this stuff on. It maks me feel good in a normal way. I can't's just a long lasting tobacco sweet scent that you can't go wrong with.

  • SASSY09/25/2007

    I DON'T CARE WHAt anyone has to say about joop it is one of the best colognes a man can wear and it turns me on its what up!!!!!~

  • RICH09/15/2007

    I agree with some of the guys that Joop does smell somewhat feminine, but let me just tell you that the ladies compliment me all the time. I could really care less about how another guy thinks I smell; when they sees the attention it gets from the girls, they'll be wearing it too.

  • J.RIV08/15/2007

    I went in thinking " Get Joop or Farhenheit..." Walked out 20 minuets later with my girlfriend with Hugo Boss, Boss no.6

  • MARC08/13/2007

    Joop! is great, the smell is impossible to describe but the ladies seem to like it! Was wearing at at work and I heard a group of the females saying how good I smelled! Its a real winner!!!

  • VERNA08/13/2007


  • J.RIV08/12/2007

    Im really looking for an old school fragrance. Now I'm looking at Fahernhite by Dior which smells great but um to me isnt a panty dropper. I mean dont get me wrong it is an excellent fragrance. Then I smelled Joop!. Which is a really warm scent. It was real good too. I'd just like an opinion from a women, or a ladiesman on which is the better, or if there are alternatives besides Le Male that are really great scents. Thanks

  • DILLON08/09/2007

    JOOP is one of the most effeminate perfumes to ever masquerade as a men's cologne. It is the olfactory equivalent of being smacked in the face with a purse full of estrogen! With tragically sweet fragrance notes like Vanilla, Jasmine, and Cinnamon dominating the scent, you can be sure this EDT's masculinity has taken a walk off the map.

  • AL06/12/2007

    Question, Why would u care how what another man thought about the smell of joop on you if you are a man? Hint only read the comments from the ladies:)

  • VEGASPOET04/19/2007

    If you just quit plowing the lower forty, drive a pickup, and don't bathe on a regular basis, this isn't for you. It drives the women in Vegas crazy! And I'm getting hit on every day! Only a Neanderthal would dislike this cologne.

  • JAMES R.04/01/2007

    This stuff puts tear gas to shame. The smell is so bad, it is undescribable! Words cannot accuratly describe that smell. You can literally knock people dead with this.

  • SCOTT03/31/2007

    Smells like a combination of confectioner's sugar and male shame.

  • MJ03/08/2007

    This is pure fag juice. You could probably catch Aids just by getting this pervert water on you. They should include a prescription for AZT with each bottle.

  • MJ02/15/2007

    Jungle or Polo Black should jive with you. It's all good baby, sheet mo fo.

  • JOURNEY01/22/2007

    Take really fine dinner and a late movie type of dark wood cologne that is fabulous. Now take sulpher mixed with Black Flag outdoor roach spray mixed in expired stale cotton candy. With this, you get Joop.

  • BLUE EYED ANGEL01/05/2007

    My boyfriend wears this stuff, and it drives me crazy - in a good way. After being with him I can always get just a small whiff of it somewhere on my clothes. I love it! But don't overdo. Subtlety is key.

  • CW12/28/2006

    this is absoloutley terrible!! it smells so cheaps and old man. its something you would dig up in your grandfathers collection of cheaps 20 dollar colognes he bought at kmart!! not a recommended cologne at all!

  • CLOWN COLLEGE12/16/2006

    Fellas, if you're looking for something to wear with your high heels and mini dress, then look no further. This stuff is about as masculine as a pair of pink panties.

  • BENNY12/14/2006

    This is one of the worst men's scents around. It clings to everything for days and that is not a good thing! It is sickly over powerinf you can smell it in the hallways after people walk by for a long time. It is so strong. I have noticed a lot of overweight men wear it I have no idea what the connection is. It's just plain gross!

  • SAQUIB12/14/2006

    This is the definition of old man cologne that I cannot see appeal to the younger generation like myself. Not my cup of tea.

  • ULTRAVIVIDMAN12/02/2006

    They all pretty much smell the same. This type of fragrance is much too common for me now. It's nice but I have to let it go.

  • SAPPORO10/23/2006

    I love a good cologne/EDT and I am always a reader never a poster, but this stuff is soooo bad, that I had to help bring the score down. I bought this sight unseen or unsmelt, because of all the good reviews. This stuff stinks, and I got two bottles of it. I closed my eyes and took a whiff (one light spray), and the first thing that came to my mind was the smell of plastic from a little kids swimming pool, I mean if you like the smell of almost toxic plastic, then this is for you. I suppose it may remind someone of Xmas, with the smell of new plastic toys in the air, and a fake tree, this is the only thing I can think of why anyone would like this smell. I have 8.4 ounces of this junk, and it is going to bring back that new can smell, for my plastic garbage can..

  • JACKIE GUNS10/22/2006

    I LOVE Joop! Every time I smell it on a guy, I go insane. It smells awesome, especially when applied carefully. Guys, I also recommend Bulgari Black. Both of these men's fragrances are fabulous (I even borrow them myself from time to time.)

  • IZZY10/07/2006

    I noticed that some women I was around didn't really appreciate this smell because of the sweetness. It works well with my skin but it kind of smells like womens perfume. I would like to give this a higher rating but I can't at this time. You may hear from me later.

  • JOHN S10/06/2006

    Joop!it is a very powerful and memoriable and also nice scent indeed.It has its own special place among all other fragrances.

  • CRIS KAANTO10/01/2006

    Although it's a bit overly worn and old news among spicy-woody evening hits, it still goes down as one of the all-time affordable sensual evening classics.

  • MARWAN09/05/2006

    a very very long-lasting sweet perfume that i can not get enough of.try it and you will love the smiles in your presence

  • STEVOLUTION08/22/2006

    This one needs a light hand upon application. I usually wear Opium PH EDP, but I'm running low on it and wanted to try something different. Joop is very strong for an EdT, so treat it like an EdP and apply lightly. The first time I wore Opium edp, I put too much on. I soon learned how to apply fragrances of such a heavy nature. Put it on your calves or anywhere below the belt. Also, put it on your belly instead of your chest. Never, never!...put it on your face like an aftershave ! The spray-and-walk-through technique is good with Joop. I personally like to sqeeze very little from the bottle and dab it on my wrists and the base of my chest. Wearing strong frags under clothes helps to tame them and prevents them from going on a rampage and gassing every living creature within a ten mile radius. Joop!...otherwise is a nice, nostalgic fragrance worthy of any collection.

  • COMMON SCENTS08/20/2006

    This one reminds me of the smell of a greeting card store, reeking with the overbearing, cloying odor of sweet, scented candles.

  • JOSE08/16/2006

    I bought this cologne for the first time beck in 1999 and I haven't changed it since. I love it, and so did everyone else that smelled it when I was wearing it. It's pretty strong at first so I only spray it on once, and let the scent dissapate for a little bit. Once spray will last you all day. Try it its great.

  • MICHAELA08/10/2006

    Some say this is an old school scent - but I don't care! It (along with JPG Le Male) has the ability to make me go weak at the knees! It's so distinctive and smells just like a man should smell. Don't go by the top notes (which I think are a bit strong and medicinal), the fragrance dries down to a sweet but incredibly masculine and sexy scent. Give it a try and see the reactions you get! Spray lightly though, this stuff is STRONG and has amazing lasting power!

  • N2DBLU07/15/2006

    Pretty sensual sweet/spicy-woody evening scent hasn't been a mystery to the women for quite sometime but is definitely better than another common spicy evening cologne out there; Drakkar Noir.

  • MARCOFROMCHILE06/26/2006

    I tested Joop 1 week ago and...A very good friend recomended to me, but....I dont know....I didnt like it because is not classy, smells like chewinggum or stuff like that. Thanks a lot Mr.Joop, but...I prefer elegant perfumes.

  • ARIZONALION06/09/2006

    Joop is way too strong. It lacks the subtleness of a good cologn. I would pass on this one.

  • DOC. T05/30/2006

    I have used this on and off for awhile. I think that this is a wonderful scent with plenty of demension. The hints I recieve from this is a floral fruity smell with a hint of tobacco in it. Even though I said that Joop is a wonderful scent, It is wonderful in moderation, like as in two squirts into your shirt at most, any more than that will send people running the other way while you are left smelling like a sticky sh***y mess.

  • DELIGHTFUL05/15/2006

    I smelled Joop for the first time recently on my lover and I was all over him, inhaling his fragrance. I sniffed him all night (he thought I was being a little kooky). He left his scent in my bed, on my sheets and pillows. I could smell him for days afterward which just added to my fond memories!

  • MARCO TESTAVERDE05/14/2006

    Quite seductive spicy/sweet floral fragrance is good for romantic encounters during the evenings but is becoming a bit too mainstream.

  • TRINITY04/19/2006

    I have one thing, and one thing only, to thank my ex for---Joop. He wore it and I LOVED it. When we broke up, I wore it to help me wean off my heartbreak. But when I started getting constant compliments on it, I continued to wear it for ME. 15 years later, of course, the associations with Ex are long gone, but the smell to me says comfort and sexy fresh now. It's different. Sweet, spicy, musky....but not your typical male scent---patchouli and vetiver overload it definitely is not. Bottom line, for men OR women, this scent ROCKS.

  • LENA03/30/2006

    Reading these comments remind me of the first time I learned about JOOP! My coworker in the foreign language lab in college wore it. I didn't find him attractive, but that scent made him better looking! Sounds weird... I know the scent and I think I need to buy myself a bottle. Well that's it for now, just wanted to share my comments! Bye bye!

  • ASHTREY03/24/2006

    I used to wear this all the time until people started copying me dat i knew. Everyone knows this smell and will want it but its gettin so common now. its good but i would reccomend something that is not as common as joop

  • DANIEL L.03/11/2006

    As a fragrance consultant, I must say this is by far the worst I have smelled. It is strong, piercing, not masculine. Its smell closely resembles a car odor on Saturday morning after a night where 2 of your friends vomited, and you tried to cover up the smell with cheap air freshener. I am shocked that it is rated this high.

  • JASON BOURNE02/17/2006

    Oh yeah! I second the motion! And I would like to add that designers should stop creating generic and forgettable scents (eg. Swiss Army CK - a let down) instead focus on developing really unique identity to distinguish from other brands/designers. Good eg to follow: Carolina Herrera - 212 & versions or Rochas & Creed.

  • WB-1802/11/2006

    other reviewers have said that this is strong, and it is. Its strong and spicy; the kind of smell you do not want at the office but rather when intimate with stragers (above 18 of course) whom youve just met.

  • Z.G. ARCHIBALD01/11/2006

    A bit commonly worn for an evening fragrance but as a fragrance in general, not worn to death like Acqua di Gio and Curve. This warm and sweet/spicy hit is one of the undisputed kings of the evening scents.

  • ANGEL01/09/2006

    This stuff will take your breath away and make your heart beat fast. The first time I smelled it was on this hot guy who is friends with my best friend.

  • ROBERT R.01/04/2006

    Joop is in my top 5 favorite colognes ever. Im still kind of new to colognes though. I dont know how to describe smells very well but this stuff is great, IMO. I want to call it fruity smelling, but I don't agree with that. I have gotten lots of compliments from wearin Joop! I wish so many people didn't wear it.

  • DON CORLEONE01/02/2006

    I understand your concerns, but the strength is one of the reasons I like Joop; it isn't afraid to be noticed. One spray as a minimum works well and isn't too strong. But you could try what I do occasionally, and spray on a few while driving, roll down the window halfway and let some of the pungent top notes wear down a bit until you arrive at your destination. That way Joop will be ready to rock and roll!

  • STEVE12/28/2005

    I like this one. All the colognes I have have a special purpose and a special time for their use. Joop! is no different. My concern, especially with Joop! is its strength. It has a great baby-fresh smell which has its moments. My big concern is for the manufacturers of all colognes. In an attempt to catch your nose and to make a purchase, manufacturers are making all of their scents very overpowering. Joop!, Body Kouros, Jaipur and especially Opium EDP are lethal if overapplied. What will these men's colognes smell like in 5 to 10 years when their chemical composition breaks down? Will people be turned off after this happens? I would prefer if manufacturers tone-down their ingredients. This way, an overapplication can be corrected. And if users whish to smell overpowering, an extra application will do the trick.

  • FRITZ12/28/2005

    I just tried some Joop! yesterday in Macy's and it reminded me of Rochaz, especially after the dry down. Good stuff. I don't have any yet but I'll probably buy some soon.

  • RN12/20/2005

    Pretty good fragrance, except that it's a bit too strong and too sweet for me. Make sure you don't spray too much. Also, I like that it last a really long time.

  • M.R.12/16/2005

    Better than average spicy/semi-sweet evening fragrance has established its name amongst the top "sensual mens' evening fragrance category".

  • *BARBARA W*12/08/2005

    Signature by S.T. Dupont has the elements of Joop that I like, but it's a bit lighter with more's more complex and masculine. Love it. Guys, try Signature!

  • *BARBARA W*12/01/2005

    I'm on the fence with this one. My boyfriend tried it today, and my first reaction was that it smelled really feminine. A little too sweet and cloying. But, there are sexy elements about it, and I think on certain men IF applied sparingly could be a nice one. I'm just not in love with it like a lot of women. Too much would make me gag.

  • DON CORLEONE11/29/2005

    (in response to those who have questioned Joop's affinity to any specific male chemistry)... if you're at least a fairly decent looking guy, Joop will probably work wonders with the ladies. If you're bu** ugly beyond recognition, even Joop may not be able to help you... One last thing too... Joop is great for those on a budget; you can get a 2.5 oz. bottle for less than 35 bucks if you go to the right place. Only takes about two sprays before going out or going to work, lasts forever! Word of advice is "DO NOT OVERAPPLY!" Go get em' fellas!!!

  • SAWYER11/18/2005

    If you like this then you'll like Body Kouros and Rochas Man because the scents are all very similar. I work with a guy who was wearing Joop! and would have sworn he was wearing Body Kouros, but to my surprise, he said it was Joop!

  • WES CLEMENS11/10/2005

    Among mens' fragrances, it's one of the best all-around romantic & evening scents ever created. Although a bit commonly worn, this spicy-wood-floral aroma more than pleases the nasals of any attractive female that smells it on me.

  • P.T. STOCTOROCTON11/05/2005

    Instantly became a timeless classic as far as my collection goes and among mens' romantic and evening wear fragrances.

  • SENSE10/29/2005

    Whoa, that top note of toilet disinfectant was like a tennis racket in the face - a deal-breaker for me. This stuff is all over, so people must be getting some, well, good action from it. I just couldn't last through the drydown.

  • JESSIE10/28/2005

    I wore this stuff back in High School it Has a weird, Overpowering, Strong, Pungant smell. Smells Like WD-40 , LOL Definately NOT a Daytime cologne. Don't LEt anyone catch you Sweating with this s**t on. EWWWWW!!!! The Nasty Smell Lasts for Days on End...ENOUGH SAID

  • JAY10/26/2005

    I think this could be call timeless very strong and unique .Good work joop .Nb dont wear to much of this its very strong Enjoy

  • CRAIG FRANK10/18/2005

    Joop is a very sensual, oriental and spicy fragrance that lasts all day. It is very long lasting and smells absolutely wonderful. It does have a sweet topnote but a floral exotic character at the same time. There is nothing else like it - it's in a class of its own. You must try it.

  • JOANNA10/16/2005

    out of all the aftershaves etc i have ever smelled joop had the strongest impact. I forgot what the bloke looked like, i just thought WHOAA what IS that smell? Sadly I have not found a man to match the smell!

  • SYNERGY10/04/2005

    Haven't worn it for almost 5 years but whenever I did wear it, endless compliments from ALL the women that smelled it on me. It was an instant classic then and it still is now. However, Cristobal Pour Homme and even Mont Blanc Individuel smell awfully familiar but equally sensual and sweet and I might just have to continue Joop!'s legacy with one or both of these hits.


    For those who want to score. MEN'S fragrance - not for the boys. WOMEN SIMPLY LIKE IT!

  • PHIL09/28/2005

    You can tell if cologne is bad, becuase usually it will have slimy sediment at the bottom. I once left a bottle of fahrenheit out in the summer sun, and it had a real bitter smell after.

  • BOMI09/12/2005

    wanna smell it so bad it smells so good~so sexy~so fresh i can't forget first time i smell this Joop!! and i can't forget him too~

  • WILDCARD09/04/2005

    this is tough one to review: It will smell off on some ppl, but when it mixes with your chemistry then fireworks will fly and the girls will , um, hydrate...

  • FRAGRANCE GURU09/03/2005

    This is a very seductive scent that appeals to many women. It has an initial bubble gum type scent that makes girls crazy. I agree with other reviews that this may not adapt to your chemistry, so trying this on properly before buying is a must. For those who's chemistry mixes well with this, well, then this will be sure to be a "high mileage" scent.

  • MAYA08/31/2005

    As a female I think that Joop is so sexy it's smoudering! Just love the way a man smells with a fragrance like this one :) One of my definite favorites...

  • DON CORLEONE08/07/2005

    almost every one of them who has posted here gives Joopster the thumbs up. Isn't that what matters? If the vast majority of ladies love the stuff and think it's a hot, sexy fragrance, it's a done deal... For my part, I don't think a guy has to smell like patchouli and tobacco to be sexy. Quite the contrary. For instance, I wear Paco Rabanne often, and like the scent, but the ladies don't dig it like the Joopster!, and that's a fact! My wife doesn't like most Colognes, but the first time I sprayed the Joop tester on in the mall, she gave it a positive review. Definitely a must have in your regular rotation...

  • JULIAN C. STRATUSON08/01/2005

    This rather sensual evening fragrance WAS a hit back in the day.......but it's a bit too played out now. It's time to let the alternative of a sleeper wake up.........BRING IT ON, BALENCIAGA!!

  • TONY T07/22/2005

    joop, my favorite? ridiculous!!! i said it is classic like sanford & son reruns, and i do not purchase old tv shows on dvd.. sorry buddy. besides about 5 years ago i wore this and i seldomly go back 2 fragrances like i seldomly do the same chick twice !!! 4 my favs go kenneth cole reaction's board.. HOLLA

  • ERIC07/20/2005

    I think it funny when someone says something is "played out". What a dumbass thing to say. If its good then its good, period. Joop, while not good on everyone is wonderful on some. I, unfortunately don't do it justice. Others do. I love the smell but just don't wear this one well. But for those who do go for yours.

  • SPACE PILGRIM06/25/2005

    Joop! was the bomb when it first came out but fell into the category that Curve, Cool Water, Acqua di Gio and Drakkar Noir fell into- great but overly used and no longer mysterious to women. I'd rather wear Cristobal (despite having little staying power) simply because it's not very known yet and smells great. I don't quite agree that they smell similar but everyone's entitled to his/her opinion and body chemistries do vary. Not to mention that if you love Joop! so much then why only 4*s, Tony T? As much as you've said already about Joop!, it sounds like it's your favorite.

  • MARIO JUSTINIANI06/20/2005

    No, you're not crazy. I tried the "test" and they do smell very much alike, due to the strength of the vanilla/amber/ honey/patchouli botom notes which (at least to me) don't stay in the bottom till drydown but jump up right away. Damn! Feel like getting a vanilla shake! The difference--unless I'm imagining it-- is that Joop has some floral notes which come out eventually and makes it either a warmer scent or, as Fernando stated, makes it smell like artificial grapes.

  • MIKEY06/07/2005

    the fragrance worn by teenage boys who want to be grown up. This is the most invasive and persistent scent i know.......avoid.

  • BRIAN05/25/2005

    I have Joop, and it is probably my overall top favorite (I have over 70 colognes). I tried Cristobal based on several recommendations, and in my opinion, the cologne smells nothing like Joop and is very weak. How do you know if a cologne is bad if you've never tried it before? I know I received a bad bottle of Amazing by Bill Blass once, just because it is one of my regular colognes. And how could you prove you got a bad bottle in order to get a replacement?


    I really dont like the smell of this colonge.but i tried a tester at the local shop and when i came home my wife was like an animal she absolutely loves it.she could not quit smelling me.she made me go straight back and buy a large bottle.i also might note as i was spraying the tester a lady walked by and she went wild also....what is that great smell.women seem to think this stuff is so sexy and a huge turn on.but me myself i still cant get use to the smell.if you want to get noticed by women this stuff will really get you the compliments.try it you may get a date.

  • TONY T04/28/2005

    other guys that are addicts please do yourself some justice,and spray joop on 1 wrist and cristobal on the other and give your reply. don,t get mad at me cuz i messed up it's perfect rating the 2 are the same. and guys please read my post on KCR and let's compare....

  • COURTNEY04/23/2005

    This scent makes me think of designer imposter sprays. My boyfriend tried this on once at the mall and it was not very complimentary. I think it might work on someone with different chemistry.

  • ROB H.04/01/2005

    I would most definitely go with JPG's Le Male. I find it to be unique and not strange at all. I think PF Green which reminds me a bit of Versace's Dreamer (Dreamer is the better of the two) is okay but can't hold a candle to Le Male. Whenever I've worn Le Male, every female around fell in love with it. At the time I purchased Le Male for the first time, my collection was about 30. Le Male for me was between 5th and 10th place as far as overall best. Even when my collection got as high as 65, Le Male was still in my top ten. I myself and the women think it's very sexy.

  • NIKITA 03/24/2005

    Some orientals are really appealing. These are the oriental/sexy colognes that I own: 1. JOOP! 2. fcuk French Connection 3. Perry Ellis Portfolio Green 4. Pi by Givenchy 5. Diesel Plus Plus (not seious enough) Joop is probably the sexiest but I am still not satisfied. I am 22 years old. I was thinking about Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male or Hanae Mori. But Le Male had that strange scent in it (like Portfolio Green) and i couldn't get the powdery blue scent that other people get out of it else that would be the sexiest. Maybe I should sample it again now that I can deal with the stange middle notes that are in Portfolio Green. Any suggestions?? Please help me guys, don't just leave me hanging because I am returning back to this site. Thanks

  • SYLVIE03/16/2005

    Tried today the brandnew *JUMP* by JOOP! OMG is that good!!! Unbelievable good! I think it's his best men fragrance. I'm thrilled. If you like bold-modern-sexy-orientals, JUMP is a must have!!!! Believe me. It's shameless sexy but classy! Headnote: Fruity, delicious (soft-creamy grapefruit-smell). The drydown is great with tonka beans, spices, woods and vanilla (powdery and typical JOOP!). Yummy! If you like A*men/Lolita Lempicka/Rochas Men/Brit Men/ZINO Davidoff, and Joop! you will like JUMP. For my well-trained nose it's a "well-balanced cross" between a light-soft-Nightflight (headnote) and ZINO Davidoff plus all the other oriental masterpieces. Even though it's similar to all these woody-orientals JUMP smells unique and wonderful. Irresistible!!!! This is a classic-modern-oriental-scent for the future. A new STAR is born. It will be a winner!!! Bravo, Joop!

  • TLSMITH03/12/2005

    I had to be 48 years old before i found a scent that made women of all ages and all races give me that ... special look. It ain't fair, but it's better late than never. Thanks Joop.

  • ROB H.03/11/2005

    I guess I'll finally express my opinion not having worn this for around 7 years or so. This warm and sensual aroma is great stuff but not nearly as good as Cristobal Pour Homme which besides the very first rating posted could've been perfect the rest of the way until now.

  • BETTY03/10/2005

    The man that I have a crush on is someone I work with...and he wears this cologne...and I swear, whenever I smell it, I just want to keep him in my office...behind closed doors!

  • TONY T01/31/2005

    it is very strong very unique and vanillaey but it works. DONT SPRAY TO MUCH ON THIS DOES LAST FOREVER

  • SECRETSEXKITTEN101/09/2005

    This is definitely a head turner. I can pick a man out in a crowd that it wearing it. Very romantic. I love the sweet smell. Pure Seduction!!!

  • SYLVIE12/16/2004

    All JOOP! fragrances for men and women are eccentric and loud - very unique, outstanding and very long-lasting!!! They are so special - so you can only love or hate his perfumes. A wonderful Joop! scent for women was "Nuit d' Eté". Now discontinued and a very, very hard to find, ultra-feminine, rare fragrance. Maybe similar to the heavy Joop fragrances is the strong and complex HYPNOTIC POISON by Dior. All together are musky/vanillic/powdery "sex-in-a- bottle-fragrances". On the right person and not overdone - IRRESISTIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RANKINFRED12/06/2004

    This stuff is pungent and assaults the olfactory senses head-on. Not for the subtle or for close encounters.

  • SBACAS11/10/2004

    I recommend the aftershave splash. It's all you love about Joop! in a tamer rendition.

  • DIRK H09/23/2004

    Bought because of some of the comments, especially, the women who saw Arab guys buy a truck load of it at the airport and she was overcome by the scent. Another point, long lasting. Cheap cologne you have to spray alot of it on because, in 1 hour, it will be gone. This awesome scent last 12 hours. 2 sprays is all you need and a bottle will last for years. Compare that to cheap cologne in which you pay a third of the price, but you have to buy at least 10 bottles to get the same duration. One to add to the collection.

  • JODIE 09/09/2004

    ...bubble gum poppers unless they are trying to nail their teacher. Smells unique, kind of strange in a sexy way. I'm not sure if I like it or not.

  • JOHN08/04/2004

    Joop,abrilliant fragrance that reminds good rememberances.

  • DBH07/21/2004

    Sorry folks. 'Bout killed me over. If someone had told me it was rat poison, I would have believed them. I recognize that fragrances smell different on different people. And we all must have different receptors in our smellers or something because, while it made me sick to smell it, my wife and even my sons thought it smelled good. Congrats to those who can wear it.

  • BK07/18/2004

    I have worn this off and on since my high school days...I like it, but its getting old. GOOD, but played out.

  • TRINITY07/06/2004

    Good description, Giselle! This stuff is beyond outstanding. "I'm his concubine" LOL! Could not be said any better. I feel the same when I smell it. So sexy and exotic. It's strange that though it's a 'sweet' smell, it's not at all girly. Mmmmmmm!!!

  • R.J.06/30/2004


  • BRIAN06/29/2004

    My favorite cologne, period. My body reacts great with sweeter scents, so this scent is not for all guys. You have to find out what works for you and plan on spending some $$$ to do it. What I would like to see more in these posts is what other brands of colognes work well with the posters. That would give the rest of us an idea of what to try if similar colognes work good on you. For example, Joop, Desire, Amazing, Lagerfeld, Sander, and Dolce all work awesome on me between they have sweet undertones.

  • RICHARD J06/14/2004

    this scent has a nice sweet but masculine smell to it, the smell lasts a very long time i could still smell it the the next morning after i put it on the night before. Its definatly the longest lasting cologne i've ever tried.

  • ALICIA05/28/2004

    For a powerful, natual and strong man with sex appeal and charm. Beware this is not for a wimp or young man. A classic clean scent!

  • GISELLE05/26/2004

    I first smelled this in the Frankfurt airport Duty-Free shop, on a really handsome sheik-looking middle eastern guy. He was with his entourage/bodyguards stocking up on Joop. Maybe it was the exotic looks of the men and their presence, I don't know, but this stuff just knocked my socks off and I got my husband to get some. Yes this is almost more feminine smelling than many North American men may be used to, but trust me, when my husband has this on, I'm his concubine! It has a fruity, spicy patchouli/sandalwood/tobacco scent. I know, sounds odd but if it works with your body chemistry, it's sex in a bottle!

  • LUKASZ05/06/2004

    Yep, everybody is different, blah blah blah. Indeed this scent might have been good if there wasn't a tile cleaner that smells EXACTLY the same. Joop! reminds me of my aunt's bathroom, it has always smelled this way.

  • PIERRE04/30/2004

    This fragrance I adore, I still have the bottle for 5 years so far, and only half the bottle is used up. This is very warm with sweet undertones to it, but still masculine. Very classy scent, great to wear out at night, especially in the spring/summer nights, you get more of the intensity of the smell. I love it so much I hardly wear it because it's too good to wear on normal days, and of coarse I want to savour it. This is for the man who wants to make a good impression with an edge to it.

  • JULIA04/24/2004

    my uncle one gave a bottle of joop to my mother and i am unable to resist. It smells so great. I love it. I need it. Can't get enough of it !

  • YO03/04/2004

    i put this on and loved it, when i washed my clothes you can still kind of smell it, its so strong and my girls love it.

  • KENNY WRIGHT02/24/2004

    Without doubt the best I've ever had, I go out my way to buy it although i have difficulty in finding sufficient supply's of the shower gel in the Edinburgh area

  • MIGUEL02/17/2004

    the best i ever had is smell too good and i bet u the girls will love it on top number 1 nobody beat that the best and plz buy it

  • ERIC01/28/2004

    Who cares what you and your girlfriends SERIOUSLY think. Joop is great if not drenched with the whole bottle. Everyone doesn't like the same things everyone is different and some things appeal to some and not others. I'm sure you and your girlfriends could tell everyone here what smells the best since we can't judge for ourselves.

  • EFFEMINATE01/27/2004

    This scent is not a masculine one; too light woody and spicy notes and to much harmless-sweet notes; if you want something sweet & strong & masculine get Opium or Pi.

  • SACH01/13/2004

    For years I've loved joop! for men but never actually bought any for some reason (too much $ maybe?), but just a week ago I found my new girlfreind has the ladies' joop! so, I got my self the mens joop! and we now match! I think Joop! is one of the strongest and most recognizeable fragrances availible! Joop! Joop!

  • W.B.01/12/2004


  • KAYKEI12/31/2003

    All guys should wear this

  • JOOP HATER12/31/2003

    I can spot this a mile's an immediate turn off and all of my girlfriends agree...SERIOUSLY!

  • BK111/26/2003

    joop smells bad ! go for Polo Sport instead

  • MICHAELA 11/24/2003

    This is such a seductive scent. My boyfriend wears it - I am addicted to him!

  • CLAYT11/19/2003

    truly a great fragrance. it's a bit strong, but it lasts a long time without turning sour.

  • A. NONY. MOUSE11/17/2003

    Like chain saws and drills and just a bout any power tool, Joop! is a tool that needs to be used carefully. I made the mistake of spraying it right into my nose and I just about gagged. I like the scent, it's very sweet and rich and lasts forever,but it leaves a strong trail and can be very offensive if you use too much.

  • PINKBOA11/17/2003

    I think this cologne is great for men with a sensitive side. It never fails to attract my attention -- I mean that in the best possible way.

  • JOOP!11/07/2003

    Chicks dig JooP!, havent met one that hasent liked it so far...

  • KEN G10/20/2003

    I have been using Joop! for 2 yrs now. At 52, and being a grandpa I get alot of great, sometimes sexy compliments about it. It is definitely a man's cologne. Highly Recommended!

  • JUDE C09/30/2003

    I love this scent. It is one of the most unique scents around. Not the sexiest, but lingers very well and smells exceptionally good. No cologne smells like this. It is pretty trendy however, but it is worth getting. Excellent scent and lasts forever. I love it!

  • LISA09/12/2003

    Love it...very sexy


    This is my faforite prfume of all time.In Bulgaria woman is crazy for this smell:)

  • CHRIS COLOGNE08/05/2003

    Joop! is perhaps one of the most UNUSUAL and standout fragrances for men on the market alongside thierry muglers Angel men. theres just something about Joop that keeps me coming back to it. If your considering buying this one you HAVE TO spray it on yourself. Smelling the cap isnt going to work, its completely different once it dries down on your skin. On me it has a delectable ambery, semi sweet aroma that i can't get enough of. As many others on here have already stated, its a fragrance that only certain men can pull off, but they can pull it off quite well. Some people consider this a young persons fragrance. To me, this is one that a men well into his 40's with STYLE could wear. And heck, where else have you ever seen a cologne that was Magenta colored? If you're bold, go with JOOP! And im still waiting for Jenny X to leave a comment for this one.

  • RICH06/29/2003

    This fragrance is great. It's got a wonderful odor but be careful. It's very strong. A few ounces will last a long time. I've had the same bottle for 5 years! Always get compliments when wearing.

  • BRIAN06/23/2003

    Dunhill colognes are nice first of all. I got this cause I heard it's strong. That it is, like a tidal wave of cologne oil. It really reaks bad though. It's not sexy nor nice smelling. It is very offending. I wore it once at the office and 3 people said it was gross. I find it hard to belive anyone would like this. The only thing it has going for it is it's strong. Too bad the good smelling colonges aren't as strong as this stuff. The scent reminds me of Ortho yard bug spray with a dash of Summerguard fertilizer by Scotts and a hint of rotted fence post.

  • DAVE05/24/2003

    This one is about as bad as they come. Smells very weird (and not in a good way at all). I would recommend others to look elsewhere. The Dunhill colognes previously mentioned are indeed a good start... especially Desire Blue.

  • FERNANDO04/25/2003

    I just tried this cologne and didn't like it very much. It smells just as odd as it looks. It reminded me of that artificial scent of grapes that some kids toys have. Not a very masculine scent nor very inspiring. Joop NIGHTFLIGHT is awesome though and is one of my favourites! Don't buy this one without trying first! It is STRAAAAAAAANGE!!!

  • SHANNON04/22/2003

    Hey there people, just baught a bottle of this the other day and i wore it out to a party and i had every guy and gurl asking me what is that smell, of course i couldnt give away my secret cause i stood out so much it felt good, all the gurl love it, i wil definatley be buying this one for a while to come, and it goes well with the Ladies

  • FAST ONE04/08/2003 know those candles made to keep bugs away? Well it does smell like that. I will say this is some strong stuff. My friend used to wear this untill I introduced him to the greatness of Dunhill colognes. It's not the worst cologne in the world but not very nice either.

  • NOIRWEST03/28/2003

    Is this stuff ever vile! I actually took a shower to wash it off after one shot to the chest. To my nose it smelled exactly like a large, flattened New Orleans cockroach. Yummy!

  • LOVEBUG03/06/2003

    I love JOOP! I think it has such an arousing smell. My boyfriend also likes the way it smells, but he won't wear it because "it's not manly enough" he says haha. But my sister always said, buy cologne for him that YOU like, because you are the one that is going to have to deal with smelling it. So, I am hoping if I buy it, it will grow on him :)

  • BOBBY02/11/2003

    What else smells so sexy? Joop stands out ! Why smell like your grandmother's toliet water? Most guy's cologne is the same.

  • CLARIS02/03/2003

    Well I would say so since I love it and therefore feel inclined to defend it from stupid comments.

  • TECHDON02/01/2003

    This scent requires a certain type of masculine man to pull off, fortunately I fall under this category. I rate this cologne @ 5 bottles :)

  • CHARLES01/29/2003

    Thanks for your valued input, Claris. It was nice of you to defend Joop. But does it need to be defended?

  • CLARIS01/28/2003

    Burnt toast and bug spray is probably what fragrances smell like with your body chemistry, but on the right man this stuff makes women weak baby.

  • CHARLES01/25/2003

    Smells like a mixture of burnt toast and bug spray. How did it ever become popular?

  • JOHN01/21/2003

    Read the reviews, you'll find the women love Joop. Isn't that what it's about?

  • BRANDO01/19/2003

    My boss at work has worn this for years and everyone loves the smell. Only problem is he is a incrediably dominant man and I would NEVER show up to work smelling like him(you would understand if you knew him!!) You just simply cant do that. So for years I have wanted to buy this stuff...but cant. I love it! but cant have it hahah

  • PIERRE01/19/2003

    This is my #1 cologne, and I have over 30 bottles of cologne... The cinnamon and tonka go so well together, it's spicy and sweet very enticing.. I only like to wear it on special occasions like going to a classy party or an upscale club, because it's so rich smelling..

  • CLARIS01/14/2003

    Oh this is one great scent. I have smelled it on one guy it particular and it drives me crazy. I can understand that it wouldn't smell good on everyone though. But when it does it REALLY does!

  • FRANK01/12/2003

    I hated this stuff. My wife got me this and had to admit I really and truley hated the smell of it. I had to plug my nose just to put it on. First day at work the first girl that sat by me said " you smell that? Something smells bad in here here!"

  • LARA01/11/2003

    There is NO better smell on a man--but, only real men can get away with it. Namely, my fiance.

  • JOHN12/17/2002

    Ladies love this. I get lots of comments and it lasts so long.

  • J DILLON12/17/2002

    Bought this...big mistake. It is way too pungent and a friend of mine said it smells like i've been cleaning a bathroom.

  • PAUL12/16/2002

    Is a wonderful scent on the right body. Obviously CD's friend can't wear great scents well.

  • ERIN12/15/2002

    my boyfriend mixes the aftershave and the colonge and it smells great i love the way it smells on him but it may not smell good on everyone but it does on him

  • DEENOS BEENO12/15/2002

    joop is magic all the girls love it

  • CD12/12/2002

    you intend on making your aunt think twice about hugging you or kissing you on the cheek... my friend has it...HORRENDOUS!

  • GREG 12/08/2002

    Joop is truly a unique one of a kind scent. That being said, I think it's TO unique. Although I love the smell of Joop with it's cinnamon and spice complexity, it just doesn't work as a cologne someone should wear.

  • BOB R.11/25/2002

    Not the worst in the world and smells good on some but I found this seent to be a little gross. Yet I like the fact this is strong.

  • DUTCHGUY!11/23/2002

    awfull! It smells toO chemical. My flacon did not have a vaporisateur, but a HIGH PRESSURE PUMP! It's also far too overwhelming. My boyfriend even says it stinks. It also irritates a lot. Joop is called an eau de toilette, but this is PURE alcohol.

  • JOANNE11/11/2002

    This is so sexy. This guy at my job wears it and it smells so good. One of the best out there. Don't let the negative comments here deter you from trying this. I'm sure whatever those guys are wearing smells more like venom than cologne.

  • JOHN11/08/2002

    That's just your skin type that makes it smell bad. It's a great scent.

  • EDUARDO11/07/2002

    It´s like a restroom spray, serious

  • TIM11/01/2002

    My boss at work wears this garbage. This is good for one thing: incect repelant. No joke. This is hands down the worst, most disgraceful scent I have ever smelled. Why anyone exept mabey outgoing French people would wear this trash is beyond me.

  • PJ10/30/2002

    Joop is an excellent "different" scent. "different" scents are not for everybody. But think, it didn't have a market of people buying it, it would not be made any more.

  • STASH10/01/2002

    Funny that when someone can't wear something that smells good the fragrance stinks, is insect repellant, etc. The last guy probably only smells good in stuff like English Leather and other corner drugstore crap. Joop is a great fragrance.

  • STEVEN09/22/2002

    I got this garbage as a present and was glad to throw this vomit stench away. I can still smell the repulive smell of this. Combine Scott's Weed N Feed, RAID and moth balls and you got Joop.

  • STASH09/16/2002

    Just not on me. I wish it smelled better on my skin but it doesn't.

  • ANOTHER EMILY.08/18/2002

    I agree that this one is one I'd steal, or just buy for myself. I love it, for myself or on a guy.

  • BRENDAN08/17/2002

    Reminds me of this nasty restroom spray we have at work.

  • GEMMA08/14/2002

    joop is sex in a bottle!! its sooooo nice on any guy!!

  • TOM08/07/2002

    It goes into a yucky dry down on you G Money, not on everybody else.

  • G MONEY06/25/2002

    This stuff is the type you don't want to spray too much of it on cause it is so strong. I really do not like this scent. I don't know if it is the tobbaco in it or what but something that is in it is weird. Forget about the drydown on the skin cause it goes into a yucky scent.

  • ADAM C.06/04/2002

    The jury is still out on this one. I agree with that one guy and it is very strong out of the bottle and made me cough the first time I put it on. It smells like spicy wood best I could explain it. It does last forever on me it seems so I like that part of it.

  • ERIC05/16/2002

    Not for everybody but those who wear it well wear it well. Someone in my office wears it and it smells great on him and I won't wear it to the office cause I won't wear the same thing to the office someone else wears. So I'll stick with ocassional weekend wear.

  • BRIAN05/14/2002

    Mixed emotions on this. It gets a a + for originalty. It is the STRONGEST cologne ever when you first spray it on. I think it has a little too much vetiver in it. You know the way gasoline smells?It smells kinda interesting but if you smell it too much can make you dizzy. This is one of those..don't put too much on or you will smell bad colognes. Which I don't like that part of. It is not sweet smelling at all I think. It is very woodsy, bark smelling. Smells like a birch tree I think.One guy at my work hated it on me and said it smells like baby powder. I don't know why.

  • E10/18/2001

    i love joop! for men. there are some colognes women like exclusively on men .. and some you like to steal. i like to steal this one.

  • TIM10/04/2001

    The scent is too sweet. It could easily be confused with Aunt Jemima's pancake syrup.

  • EMILY09/22/2001

    Joop! is the sexiest cologne... my boyfriend wore it and it drove me wild. Turned other guys onto it too; everyone loves it!

  • MANDEE09/22/2001

    i think joop is a turn on smell, any man can wear it and smell yummy...

  • RUDY09/21/2001

    for those fellows that like spicy scents(Cinnamon)...this one if for you!!

  • MGARIS08/30/2001

    Frightfully potent . . . one drop will overpower the crowd in an elevator. Just not my kind of scent. . . maybe if you're super young, it might be okay.

  • PAUL07/14/2001

    A very unique scent for men. Very rich and long lasting a little goes a l o n g way! This is a scent that leaves a trail after you that others will follow and ask what are you wearing! Not for the weak at heart.

  • MELISSA07/06/2001

    I got this perfume for my boyfriend's birthday, and I am pretty crazy when he wears it!!:) He loves it, and I recommend this sensual perfume to every guy!.. sarajka

  • PHIL05/28/2001

    this is one fragrance that can really turn on a woman.Its simply luxurious.

  • ASHLEY11/23/2000

    This colonge is amazing it has a very sexual undertone and it freshens any mans appeal.

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