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Je Reviens   

88 Reviews

Floral, Sweet-Ambery. Designed in 1932, Je Reviens is an elegant, gentle, floral fragrance. It's fragrant nature explores essences of violet, bergamot and clove. Blended with notes of jasmine, amber and moss, Je Reviens is a classic fragrance recommended for evening wear.

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Floral, Sweet-Ambery. Designed in 1932, Je Reviens is an elegant, gentle, floral fragrance. It's fragrant nature explores essences of violet, bergamot and clove. Blended with notes of jasmine, amber and moss, Je Reviens is a classic fragrance recommended for evening wear.

  • CHRISTINE WARD08/30/2015

    The perfume is just as I remember it when I was given a bottle as a present 48 years ago. I will be buying it again

  • REUBEN JONES07/14/2013

    Product is excellent

  • MICHELE10/11/2012

    PS I HOPE it hasn't changed as some say in the review!!!!

  • MICHELE10/11/2012

    I have been using the perfume (not the cologne) for many years. I discovered it in my teens and through the years it disappeared off the hi-end stores. When I traveled I tried to find it and had great difficulty. Thank you for carrying it. It is the ONLY 1 that I wear and men and women say "what IS that scent that you're wearing?"

  • VAL02/04/2012

    This is such an old classic and one I want to keep always. It has staying power without overwhelming.

  • DUSTY01/24/2012

    I've worn Je Reviens since 1957 and it's fragrance was the first attraction that my husband had to me. I'm just sorry it's so hard to find the perfume.

  • ERKAN DESAT01/02/2012

    beautiful and attractive

  • MF12/24/2011

    My wife's favorite perfume

  • LETA11/07/2011

    This scent as well as some of the classic scents need to be brought back as an opportunity for younger consumers to experience. Sick of movie star inventions flooding the market. A good scent is like a fine wine. To be produced by knowledgeable perfumers

  • TONI01/17/2011

    Yes, it has changed since 1963 I fell in love with this fragrance. So did the love of my life. It has taken me years to find it again. Not in stores...So many wonderful memories a smell can bring back.

  • TRISH10/19/2010

    Je Reviens means.....I return in..english. The perfect name for a perfume don't you agree? I have been searching for this perfume for years. I was given this perfume during a relationship I had in the early 80's. This person was the love of my life and now deceased. Every time I think of him I remember this scent. I have an old perfume bottle that still carries the scent, bringing all those old steamy memories of a beautiful relationship that was much too short. (the flat blue bottle was all I could remember. Couldn't remember the name) found it today, 10/19/10. Now that I found it, I will never lose it again. Thanks.

  • ANNIE03/30/2010

    The current edt of Je Reviens is changed but it's ok. I don't think it's awful or yucky, but it's flatter and shallower than it used to be, lacking something in depth that made it wonderful. It's just a ghost now and I won't replace the bottle. This is also true of the current parfum. Sad. :-( I've heard that Je Reviens Couture is supposed to be a revival of the classic Je Reviens that we're missing. I'm ready to give up but I still may try that one when/if I locate a bottle.

  • SALYANNA12/13/2009

    James, it is an old perfume. What do you know about perfumes. It is a great perfume. For old and not old, that is what makes it a great scent.

  • DAWN BISHOP11/01/2009

    when i was 16 years old, my aunt gave me a bottle for my birthday, it was a turning point for me, it helped me to work for the finer things in life. its fragrance is unforgettable and its name is french for , i will return, while studying abroad i always left a tissue with my scent on it for my fiancee' it helped him through many long nights, we have been married 40 years and i have passed this wondweful frangrance on to my daughters and granddaughters

  • HERMIONE09/04/2009

    I agree with loretta: I ordered what seems to be the last bottle of je reviens perfume: the formula has changed: It never used to be a sweet fragrance and the version I received is overpoweringly sweet. The bottle says: made in England whereas the original was made in France; the French bottle was round, flat clear blue; the English bottle is dark opaque blue.

  • IMOGENE02/10/2009

    This was the name of Rebecca's little boat in the book Rebecca. I always thought that added a certain mystic to the fragrance. Very French.

  • SUE C10/01/2008

    Je Reviens is consistently rated as one of the great legendary French perfumes of all time by expert perfumers and perfume writers. It is made with a high percentage of real flowers and was designed to be young in nature. Many girls received it as their first real perfume in their teens, as I did. But because it is a classic you can still wear it at any age. Anyone who says it is for old ladies is an idiot and should not be employed selling perfumes because they are ignorant of the products and their history. It says a lot that this perfume is still popular after such a long time and I'm amazed that I can buy it inexpensively where I live. It always makes me feel summery and wonderful.

  • LIZ06/27/2008

    Oh, Je Revien! I first bought at Nieman's in 1980. Little blue bottle, larger clear bottle. The Eau de Parfum is the closest thing to the original. Wafts you away.

  • DENISE04/08/2008

    I agree with Kathleen. I do not really care for the Toilette, but I sure used to love the perfume. And I would love to get my hands on the orignal Worth Perfume that I wore in the 70's.

  • MISTY_BLU03/12/2008

    Ladies, I just sprayed some MUST II in my arm, ( I have a full beautiful bottle of MUST II from Cartier ) and it reminded me of Je Reviens. The problem is that MUST II has been discontinued. I loved Je Reviens, since my Mom always wore it, so I remember exactly how it used to smell. She had a beautiful bottle that was round and flat with a glass stopper, ( lalique version ), that was beautiful. I admired her, every time I saw her applying her Je Reviens behind her ears. We are talking here probably around 1956. She always wore Je Reviens, and it was the most beautiful scent. What they are selling now is a BLASFEMY. Smells terrible.

  • CK12/07/2007

    I also was just getting out of my teens when I purchased the "real" French version of this perfume. This is a classic, as others have posted. I had the spray that came with the parfum bottle. It was so popular back-in-the-day. Lovely and timeless. The only reason I believe people say it' s old lady-like is that it has been around for many years. When it came out, young women wore this perfume. Those who are young and only get into Disney crowd fragrances think something is wrong with this vintage scent. Will those be around as long as this?

  • JULIETTE11/27/2007

    Old fragrances exist for a million years or in this case...since 1932 for a reason. They are the best.

  • JAMES11/14/2007

    This is one of the finest perfumes that has ever been developed. It represents pure class. It was also James Bond's favorite!

  • LYNN10/18/2007

    Well, reading this is funny. Old woman perfume? I got it at 17 and it was so sexy then...I need it!! haha Bergamot, huh? I'm going to find it....

  • DEBRA09/09/2007

    This parfume smells very light with signs of bergamot which makes my mouth water! It is not an old womens parfume, very understated and youth but rich and very distint. I know exactly what it is when I smell it, devine. Try Mochino, Couture for winter it is also with bergamot and just as delicious,yum!

  • RUTH GOLD07/18/2007

    do you know where I can purchase this product? I have nothing left and I live in Boca Raton, Fl. Thank you.

  • KIMC06/13/2007

    I just received the new release of Je Reviens, Je Reviens Couture. It smells exactly like the original, at least as I recall it from 20+ years ago. It is still lovely, unique, elegant in an understated way. You can get the full line (bath and body products have more recently been released from house of Worth...see their Web site for more details) from Harrods in London, the Black Hall. They will ship to you in the states as well.

  • CHRISTIAN GIRL05/17/2007

    Hi, I just wanted to know if anyone can tell me how this perfume smells. I was going to order je reveins courture on line and I was discouraged from buying this becouse the lady said that this fragrance was for someone in their 80's. Can you compare this perfume to another one. I would just like to know if it is spicy. I do not like perfumes like shalimar. If any one can help . Thanks

  • PERFUME PERSON05/08/2007

    I just got mine on Friday and I love it, love it, love it!! Mine is the new french couture - new blue bottle. It stays with you and I've worn it this weekend and got compliments. I usually wear spicy stuff, but this and quelque fleur and my florals. I'm going to get the parfum and body products next. Hooray a new scent that is not sold at the mall!

  • PERFUME PERSON05/05/2007

    I just got mine and I absolutely love it. I'm going to order the bath products too. Wonderful stuff. A great every day scent and at a great price online.

  • JUDY04/01/2007

    I recently purchased this fragrance on the net. Je Reviens was relaunched by the House of Worth in 2004 as Je Reviens Couture, and this is the French version. It is supposed to be the original formula. This one comes in a tall, deep blue art deco style bottle. The fragrance seems to be what I remember from about 30 years ago when my sister-in-law wore it. It seems a bit more complex that the fragrance that was made in England and has been sold in recent years in a rather unattractive bottle. I find the Couture soft, feminine, with a slightly melancholy air. Very different than modern perfumes, but I don't find it dated. It has a sort of brightness in the top and middle notes combined with a warm and sweet base. I find it quite unusual; it's one of my favorites.

  • SHARON12/18/2006

    Just a note re this fragrance - it has been my signature scent for over 35 years! any case, I have worn all types: perfume, eau de cologne, bath oils and creams etc. and, have paid a variety of costs for same (depending on where and when obtained). Also, have used product produced in Paris and in England and noticed no real difference. I love this scent and my husband says he does too and that he has never noticed it on anyone else in all these years - imagine! Come to think of it, I haven't found anyone else that wears it, or for that matter, that even knows about it usually, either. That suits me just fine. I had no idea it had such a history until this year when I did a little internet research. Now I treasure it even more. Five stars from me for sure. Oh - and in case you're wondering - day or night - husband is the original and he says he's always found it extremely sexy, so there you go.

  • CHERIE WILSON11/05/2006

    Does anyone know if you can still find this scent anywhere in the glass pressed daisy bottle? When I first bought this scent it came in this type of spray bottle which I thought was so charming. Also has anyone tried this scent from perfume emporium which states it is the French version?

  • SEXY KITTEN10/25/2006

    I like the old world feel of this perfume...given that the original came out in the 1930's, I can appreciate the different esthetic that was popular at that time...I find it a charming scent for my "innocent" days...however my husband finds it not so it's a me-only scent

  • ROSE10/01/2006

    Wore it in the 70s & 80s - was my "signature" scent. Was thrilled to find it at a pharmacy local to me only to fiind the tester did not smell like the Je Reviens I love. After reading the posts here I now know why. Bummer!

  • ROSE10/01/2006

    Kathleen said: "I have noticed that the perfume, which I think is the original scent (and the one I want, by the way) is made in France. The eau de toilette, cologne, etc., all are made in England, and to me, just do not smell like the original! Although it is a pain, and expensive, I only buy 1) perfume, parfum, etc AND 2) make certain it is made in France." So, is this true? If I spend the big buicks for the perfume will I be getting the "original" fragrance?

  • ROSE10/01/2006

    I am so bummed! I wore Je Reviens in the 70s and 80s. I decided to try and find it again. I was happy to find it at a pharmacy local to me only to discover it was not the scent I loved! I thought maybe my body chemistry changed and that's why it smelled so different. Now after reading the posts here I understand. If anyone finds a source for the old scent please let us know!!!!!!

  • ALCHIMIE08/10/2006

    The funny thing is that I asked my aunt, and two of my mom's friends (they don't know bout each other) what their favorite perfume was and they all said Je reviens by worth. By the third time a person said they loved them, I had to smell it. I guess that was launched in 1932 but very popular in 1970s or the 80s. I was suprised that back in 1932 they made a fragrance that was so romantic and not as heavy as Chanel no. 5! Smells like spring or something to me! But in a unique way, oh yes a very unique way. Now I can understand why so many people loved it!

  • STACKOFIV06/08/2006

    Has anyone seen this perfume around? or even heard of was/is just the most beautiful scent...and I can't even find mention of it on the web.

  • JEANIE03/14/2006

    I am blissfully happy with the soft, beautiful new scent. It never smells like alcohol or like a mans scent or bug spray, or a little girls scent. (Those are the problems I have been having.) This one is a perfect blend on me. Maybe if you have had these problems - you will like this one. The original Worth is way too strong for me. If you like tell let me know.

  • RAJUL02/23/2006

    i loved miss worth and its a pity that it is discotinued. je revien was a soft and mild frag which was hardly there on me.

  • RAJUL02/23/2006

    this is an old classic i used many years ago. it is a very powdery fragrance...... quite nice but does not last !!! i preferred the other one by worth called MISS WORTH. that was a lovely perfume and i loved it but unfortunately it has been discontinued.


    You can e-mail me at: [email protected] and I would be happy to let you know where you can purchase the original perfume in the flat round bottle. It's at a good price too.

  • LORETTA12/27/2005

    can anybody please help me find the worth that was in a clear round flat bottle?does it still exist?i used that a lot when i was still in high school year 1965.thanks

  • KATHLEEN12/19/2005

    I have noticed that the perfume, which I think is the original scent (and the one I want, by the way) is made in France. The eau de toilette, cologne, etc., all are made in England, and to me, just do not smell like the original! Although it is a pain, and expensive, I only buy 1) perfume, parfum, etc AND 2) make certain it is made in France. I would buy a virtually life time supply of the original Je Reviens scent in all its forms, if the company would go back to the original. If anyone has any other scent, currently available in the USA or Canada, that even come close to the original, I would appreciate knowing about them!

  • DIANNE12/15/2005

    I wore this perfume in the 70's and also wore this on my wedding day. The spray brings back a hint of the fragrance but is not as beautiful as the perfume. I love the perfume but won't buy the spray again. I wish the company could get it right!

  • JANE12/02/2005

    Found a sample perfume card in a magazine in early 70s and bought it. It came in a flat round bottle & it became "my" perfume. Started wearing perfume again after 3 children. Can't find it in flat bottle, smells different but still love it. New perfumes smell like bug spray to me. Who wants to smell like 'sunflower'?

  • BLUE SWEDE09/18/2005

    Hello everyone! After reading all your posts I understand that the formula has changed. I do have a question, however: On a number of websites (including this one) I have seen Je Reviens sold as "parfume" in small and very expensive bottles - according to a picture on one site the bottle is round and blue. Is this the original scent or is it "new" also? I'm grateful for your replies!


    I agree with the fragrance smelling different. If you would like information regarding purchasing the original fragrance (in the blue bottle), then e-mail me at [email protected] and I would be more than happy to assist you. Don't give up, there is hope after all.

  • ANNE03/16/2005

    I wore this cologne for years back in the 70's, even wore it on my wedding day. It was a lovely fragrance, but when purchasing a bottle recently,to recapture a more idlyic time in my life, discovered, as did others, that it smells differently. At first, I thought it was just me, that my sense of smell was a little off, but after reading some of the other posts I'm convinced that it isn't me but a change in the formuation. What a great dissapointment that they should change this beautiful fragrance.

  • LOISPOL02/13/2005

    I agree with others peoples comments here that this is a timeless perfume. What a beautiful innocent feminine scent. Luckily people here have informed me where to find the perfume again. Thank you! I can't wait to get/wear it!

  • MEGAN12/07/2004

    This perfume simply gives me a bad headache. It also reminds me of my dad's aunts and cousins, many of whom wore this fragrance - therefore - it always reminds me of of old ladies in fur stoles and too much jewelry.


    This is a wonderful scent that my mother used to wear years ago. I'm disheartened to know that after all these years, it has closed it's doors. I do however, have information for anyone who wants to purchase this scent in the original bottle. Just e-mail me at [email protected] and I will be happy to assist you. This will always be a classic scent.........................................

  • KATE09/17/2004

    So they have changed the scent--it used to be wonderful and now it smells--like crappy powder.

  • KIM N09/10/2004

    This is another one of my favorites. I'm not sure about the difference smell everyone is talking about but I haven't worn any in awhile. I guess I need to put some on and see if there is a difference. I love wearing it in the summer time.

  • LYNN09/02/2004

    NO WONDER! I've used this perfume since I was 17 and received it as a gift. I bought it over the internet a while ago and it smelled AWFUL. I thought it was me. PLEASE BRING IT BACK......PLEASE I BEG OF YOU..

  • SUSAN08/02/2004

    My Dad brought back some from Paris for my Mother. It was GLORIOUS! The House of Worth should be ashamed for turning a gem back into a rock.

  • TRACEY07/18/2004

    I want to buy it for my mother as it reminds her of my father (deceased) for many years. Where can the original be found????

  • JACKIE06/29/2004

    I too have used the original je revien for over 25 years. I too am heartbroken that they've changed the original formula. Put me on the list with those others who anxiously hope to find a site that carrries the original formula.

  • AUSSIEGAL05/07/2004

    Ive been wearing JeReviens for about 20 years, bought a bottle recently and omg yuck... why do they have to change something that has been around for years. I thought it was me going nuts lol now I see Im not the only one who doesnt like it.

  • SONYA03/17/2004

    There's just nothing to it. It is very nondescript. It smells like an elderly woman's bedroom. Just a bit too stale but sweet at the same time.

  • SAMANTHA03/01/2004

    I have an old bottle of Je Reviens (EDT only) which I received about 5 yrs ago after my Grandma passed on. I'm curious to know whether the fragrance is the original. The 50 ml bottle is clear with a black lid and it came in a sky blue box with a darker blue panel with Je Reviens on it, below is written Worth Paris. I hope it is from the original manufacturer. The bottle itself is full and the fragrance is a light, powdery old worldly smell, very nice!

  • JOANNE01/02/2004

    Why do they fool with a good thing. I sampled the Je Reviens Cologne today. NOT the same. It's like Kentucky Chicken. They sold the company and the recipe changed. Haven't sampled the perfume, but I look forward to doing so.

  • MARIE12/19/2003

    You must buy the perfume if you want that original old scent. The colognes and sprays just aren't the same. It's really not that hard to find. I buy it easily on the net and whenever I'm in New York.

  • LUISA12/17/2003

    I too have great memories from this fragance. Both my mother and grandmother used Je Reviens and when I turned 13 many moons ago, my grandmother gave me my first bottle. I still have an original bottle of parfum bought in Paris before the fragrance was changed.

  • MARLENE BLOCK12/17/2003

    I too wore Je Reviens for some 40 years, and was saddened to hear that The House of Worth has stopped making this beautiful fragrance, as a matter of fact they sold the whole kit and kaboodle to another firm which has fooled with the original scent, which accounts for the change in the aroma.

  • JACKIE11/23/2003

    The love of my life recently passed away. He gave me my first bottle of Je Revien in 1979. Memories of the best period of my life are wrapped up in this perfume.

  • ANN11/20/2003

    I bought this one by mistake. Big mistake. It's so heavy! I use it as a spray for the bathroom now, but even then it's not a very nice scent. I'm seriously considering throwing it away.

  • NADINE10/14/2003

    I wore this for many years and loved it. I used to just use the bath oil. It does smell different. Any ideas of where to get the scent I remember? the toilet water is weird.

  • anyone have any information where i can get the original. I love this perfume and am in desperate need of some more! please email me, if you know.


    never mind sad tales of going to nieman marcs and other such yummy places - I am in the MIDDLE of nowhere with an internet connect to perfume emporium - but alas they do not deliver to this benighted country. So in come friends thank goodness who have the dollars to travel here! And thus after nearly 20 years from 2 days ago I am ecstatically Je Reviens-ing

  • HISAKO06/19/2003

    I don't understand why this is the one of 10 top scents in this site. I smelled and the impression was just sharp but nothing else.


    Disgusting fragrance. I baught a bottle because I read the good reviews. I am going to try and return it, one of the worst scents ever. Are those of you who give it high marks smelling the same fragrance as I am? I baught a new bottle in February 2003 and the smell is disgusting, maybe it used to smell different?


    Dear Sue: You have all the reason,the parfum Je reviens" I bougth in U.S. is not the same I used to wear during 40 years.But even that, I only wear "Je reviens".Can you tell me if there is some one like it?May you say if "Le Dix" by Balenciaga looks like "Je reviens".Anita

  • TASHA02/03/2003


  • OLATZ02/01/2003

    I have never understood this one. It is sickenly sweet (gives me a headache). It must be a body chemistry thing.

  • SUE01/30/2003

    To all the other women like me looking for the "REAL JEREVIENS"!!! I found a website tonight and I think it was in Canada or the Je Reviens Parfum was manufactured in London. I can't give you the site because I didn't mark it. One thing I do know. We can all forget about that wonderful fragrance that used to be. They have changed it!! Je Reviens base used to be: IRIS oil!! But that is no longer the case. You'll just have to buy small amounts and try them.

  • KATHY01/04/2003

    Anyone experienced an scam about fake Worth perfume? share with me so I can prevent.

  • ELAINE KIDWELL12/23/2002

    Can someone help me find the orginal version of Je Reviens Perfume (not eau de toilette or cologne) Please email me privately as well

  • FALLON12/05/2002


  • ELAINE11/29/2002

    Has anyone found a source of the original Je Reviens fragrance? If so please e-mail me at [email protected]

  • MARIAM11/20/2002

    I just got the bottle I ordered and I didn't like the smell of it. The ratings should reflect the new version of Je reviens.

  • MARY11/14/2002

    Ladies, it is now the middle of the night and am simply at my wits end on this Je Reviens business. Have been wearing it over 40 years and what passes as the EDP is awful. Will try Toronto to see if the original fragrance is still available. After reading all your comments I know realize that it was not me, but the processor. Unfortunately those who sell it don't know their own product or they wouldn't try such a scam to pass off what is now being produced. with thanks and peace, at long last!!!!

  • SAM10/04/2002

    I thought I was crazy when the scent seemed to have changed or that my body chemistry had changed. Why do they always have to fix things when they work just fine. Does anyone know an online site in Canada where you can purchase this. I'm also looking for the dusting powder. I started wearing this in 1962 and have found nothing that comes close.

  • MARTHA09/16/2002

    Any information would be so appreciated! email:[email protected]

  • MARTHA09/16/2002

    I have worn this cologne for 30 years as my mother did before me for 30 years. I would pay anything for a bottle of the cologne, not perfume or that awful eau de toilette. Also, does anyone know who bought Worth? An address or even a name and city? My heart is broken.

  • MARY JO08/28/2002

    This is one of my all time favorite fragrances but is VERY DIFFICULT TO FIND, WHY??

  • ROSALIE08/16/2002

    How amazing to find other women like me who go on a Je Reviens hunt each time they go abroad. The only one that still smells like the original is Eau de Parfum but that is harder to find than gold dust. The small perfume and EDT are quite common. I tried to purchase some Eau de Partum from the Perfume Mart over the net in the States but as I am in the UK you can only use American Express (which I don't have). Why can't you use Visa etc. Does anyone know where I can buy Eau de Parum in the UK. PS When I went to Malta I actually bought all the Island's supplies of EDP from their only importer.

  • RONDA07/22/2002

    I requested a sample of this fragrance from a vendor in Orlando, Fl. Years ago, I stopped wearing Je Revien because it was being labeled "80% Volume". I detested what was done to this perfume. Please tell me where I can purchase the original fragrance, as there is nothing like it.

  • KARIA06/09/2002

    I'm a little confused by all the posts. Want to buy JeRevien but want the perfume that was in the blue bottle that I always wore. Where do I get it?

  • VIKKI HARRIS06/05/2002

    SHELLI: Miss Worth is almost impossible to find, It was launched in 1957. But did not attain world wide distribution. It was relaunched in 1977 as a special offer. I have a brand new bottle eau de toilette natural spray 1oz in the box. I was about to list it on ebay. [email protected]

  • PERFUME FAN05/12/2002

    For Je Reviens perfume, check Fascination Perfumery in UK. There's a secure order site. Good service, good prices (prices are in UK pounds)

  • AMANDA 05/09/2002

    I, too, am scrambling to find Je Reviens. After a fair amount of research, I can tell you that the Worth name was sold to a German conglomerate and that Je Reviens is now manufactured in Great Britain. Like all of you, I am a Je Reviens die hard and will go to great lengths to locate it. I'm happy to find this website..I was afraid that I was the only woman in America who wore this wonderful frangrance. Been into Neiman-Marcus, Saks, or even Macy's lately? My God, the stuff that passes for high-end fragrance absolutely reeks! I'm sticking with this. :>)

  • DIANNE04/25/2002

    I have bought Je Reviens since a smester in Paris in 1969. I have never cared for any other scent. I am on my last bottle, what was left before the story I bought from in Chicago closed. PLEASE tell me where to get the real thing. Only the perfume is good--the other Je Reviens eau de toilette, etc is not at all the same. Where can I get the really good perfume??? thank you!

  • NICOLE04/19/2002

    Nice classis. I was looking for a floral that I could tolerate, i.e. fresh and light. Because most of the florals, I can't. The modern fragrances are too fruity and most of the classic ones are too oily and rich. Je Reviens stands out for its quality/price. We don't have to pay for a name. We get for our money. A colleague at my office told me she gets a headache with that scent... How different we are!!

  • PEACEFU103/28/2002

    I have some coming soon Tasha, will let you know.

  • TASHA03/26/2002

    So, is Worth in the same bottle or not? Is the product we see now as Worth the same?

  • PEACEFU103/25/2002

    Are you guys telling me that the much loved Je Reviens in the blue bottle I started using in 1970 is no longer in existance and that the $100 1 oz bottle I just purchased from this website isn't going to be what I expected? Suzanne

  • STEPHANIE03/23/2002

    Another famous classic fragrance that has been reworked (and wrecked). How disappointing! If they're not broke, why do they keep trying to fix them???!!!

  • MARUJA PANCORVO01/15/2002

    I am peruvian, and I have been using Je Reviens for about 30 years. First the cologne (delicious) then the perfume and last the eau de toilette. I ask my freinds in France to send me the old fragance and sorry my freinds.Worth is closing after more than a 100 years. Requiem for our fragance.

  • LISA11/24/2001

    i have been a faithful je reviens wearer for almost 30 years!! loved the deadorant and body veil spray..all in line have become impossible to find for years.why? only parfum my husband is not allergic to!

  • SANDI MURRAY11/12/2001

    Does Rievins still make Worth Perfume that is the color blue? My email is [email protected]

  • SANDI MURRAY11/12/2001

    Does Rievins still make Worth Perfume that is the color blue?

  • I too use to use the older version of Je Reviens. It was a lot better, for sure. Why don't we start a lobbying campaign to the comapny in France? I will look into it and get back to you. Also, I will be going to Mexico soon. I will also look into it there. Marion

  • SHELLI03/22/2001


  • LELOU03/19/2001

    I've got lots of different, expensive perfumes, and Je Reviens is still my favorite because it's so simple, clean, uncomplicated. It's very important that we make sure that french perfume like this is made in France, and then shipped here. If it's the concentrate that is shipped here, and then it's mixed and shipped from the USA, it can smell quite different. And frankly, not very good. That's why duty free shops and Mexico or Canada are your best stops for this perfume.

  • BRONZE01/04/2001

    I first discovered Je Reviens in Alcapulco in 1977. I was behind a lady wearing it and the smell was so wonderful, I asked her what it was. She told me you could only purchase it out of the country, not in the States. I brought two large bottles back with me from Mexico and by the time those were finished, I was able to purchase it at a few select stores in the U.S. I, too, have noticed a change in the fragrance which I thought was my imagination, until reading that others had noticed it, too. I also would like to find the original fragrance, or the address where I could write to Worth in Paris. I still use it because even though the scent is not the same, it still smells better than anything else on the market, as far as I'm concerned!

  • PATTI GALBRAITH11/18/2000

    to the other questions posted, je reviens perfume in the blue bottles can usually be purchased at airport duty free first. If anyone wants to respond to my previous message please send reply to [email protected] Thanks!


    The former je reviens products such as the body lotion and body cream had an unbelievable fragrance and were all the color of blue. Worth changed their product line and I have been heartbroken since! I would love to get any of the old blue cream or blue lotion product or track down the original recipe and have some made. Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.

  • HEATHER11/02/2000

    I want to purchase this same blue bottle of this fragrance- with the silver screw top-where van I get it?

  • I would like to purchase the miniture btl of JeReviens by Worth. Its a tiny blue btl, about the size of a half dollar and that round with a gold top

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