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Calvin Klein


81 Reviews

Obsession for Men is the pure essence of masculinity. Potent, powerful, and intensely provocative, this scent is a compelling blend of botanicals, spices, and rare woods. Designed in 1986, Obsession cologne for men is a refreshing, oriental, woody fragrance. It is the result of the following top fragrance Notes: bergamot, lemon and sage. The more

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Obsession for Men is the pure essence of masculinity. Potent, powerful, and intensely provocative, this scent is a compelling blend of botanicals, spices, and rare woods. Designed in 1986, Obsession cologne for men is a refreshing, oriental, woody fragrance. It is the result of the following top fragrance Notes: bergamot, lemon and sage. The middle notes are: fern, carnation and amber and the base of the fragrance is: moss, vanilla and benzoin. Obsession is recommended for romantic use.

  • SHIRLEY10/07/2017

    I bought this for my husband because he loves. He has some others but right now this is his favorite. Good scent...

  • ANAND N03/06/2016

    Would have rated it excellent if it had more staying power. Good perfume from CK. Good for business wear

  • J01/18/2012

    bought this for a gift and he was excited and happy

  • HPW01/13/2012

    next best, can't find Pierre Cardin balm any more

  • MIGUELITO12/16/2010

    You will need a lot of ventilation after putting this stuff on; very strong!

  • CHRIS02/15/2009 may get incredibly stupid when you smell this on a man............This stuff drives me crazy!!! My ex husband wore this on our wedding day; what an unforgettable wedding night!!!

  • KEN12/24/2008

    To me every time I wear obsession I feel like I just won the Super Bowl.Its nothing but Gold.

  • KEN12/24/2008

    Having a really bad day obsession makes me feel so much better.To me its like winning a million bucks and meeting someone really special.

  • KEN12/24/2008

    When I cann't sleep at night I will spray Obsession in my bedroom.I will sleep like a baby dreaming of being on a warm South Seas island.

  • KEN12/24/2008

    The next time you fly spray on some obsession before you board.You will have smiles from everyone.This is the very best cologne Calvin Klein ever made.

  • KEN LEVY12/24/2008

    Obsession is the Tom Brady of all colognes in the world.Calvin Klein made the very best that will make you feel like a million bucks.

  • KARA11/13/2008

    I am always going to love this cologne. My first love wore it, so there's the nostalgia thing, but it's such a great, woodsy scent. I actually wore this for awhile, since I couldn't wear Obsession for women.

  • JENJENOFAZ03/29/2008

    Love this! Clean and elegant on the right kind of man! So sexy and classy! Definitely a favorite!

  • STU03/15/2008

    I, like Eddie wish I could wear this too but can't. It's one of those fragrances that either you can wear or you can't and I can't pull it off although I love the smell of it. I got a friend who wears it and it smells so good on him and I'm jealous but there is nothing I can do about it but let him bask in it while I wear my fragrances. I wear nice things but always wish I could add this to my collection. I even added this to my collection but gave it to him because there was no point in keeping it imo because I couldn't wear it.

  • EDDIE03/04/2008

    Wish I could wear this great fragrance but it smells wonderful on others just not on me. Hopefully, I'll try it as I age and then my body chemistry will have changed and I can then wear it. Such a beautfiul scent.

  • JIMMY12/14/2007

    The fact that this has been around for over 20 years surprises me because this is one of the most repulsive smelling men's scents I have smelled. It reminds me of something that my grandmother used to wear. There are obviously people who like this, but there are WAY better options than this...I had two bottles of this that I received for free, and I was not even able to give them away to anyone I know. Don't waste your money.

  • GARO11/25/2007

    this is horrible.. very old fashioned. CK should definately discontinue this one. Dont even bother trying this unless you are looking for a present for grandpa

  • J.RIV09/16/2007

    Very passionate scent... If you like this try Avons Black Suede. Same exact scent except for cheap. If you also like The vanilla Benzoin notes I also really really suggest Pi by Givenchy. Pi > Obession anyday. I still have love for Obession because it was one of my first loves but sadly I've moved on to bigger and better things.. I will not ever wear it again. But dont let that stop you.. cop it if you see it. Very romantic..

  • TORI08/12/2007

    My husband smells so yummy when he puts on Obession. I'm just glad that he likes it, too, because there's nothing else out there that does it for me like this cologne. Whenever he walks by and I catch a whiff, I'm always distracted from what I'm doing for just a moment and find myself thinking how FANTASTIC he smells. If you live with someone that smells good all of the time, then you know how lucky I feel.

  • DR. WU SAU03/11/2007

    A true classic. It has a nice honey like fragrance. Obsession lasts all day long and stays on my clothing too. A little bit goes a long way.

  • ML02/02/2007

    This EDT is strong at first and if over-applied but on the plus side it lasts all day. I have received compliments 12 hours after using putting it on. This is the best long -lasitng fragrance on the market.

  • SILKY12/29/2006

    It's for all those older gentlemen because it really does smell like it should be worn by an older father or grandfather.

  • MATT P. K.12/21/2006

    This is in my "Magical" category. (The women's version, however, just doesn't cut it.)

  • TAJSMELLSGOOD11/27/2006

    I was at the local store when I smelled this. During my adventures there, I sampled a total of at least 22 fragrances. Sampling too many fragrances in one setting can give you distorted results, but heres my initial impression. This is classified as an oriental. Of course some scents are more so than others. This wasnt as sweet as I expected. It was more fruity to me. I wont condem of praise this one, having limited expousure. However, it was interesting enough to warrant further testing. I also sampled Perry Ellis and it is a clone of Obsession in scent and bottle. To be fair, I will give it a rating of "good" for now.

  • SEXY KITTEN10/07/2006

    A long time ago I knew someone who wore this at the dance club I used to go to and I couldn't wait to get close to him because he smelled soooo good....I finally asked what he wore and it was obsession...something about the vanilla and the spice in it that made me want to get close and inhale! He had dark features and the exotic notes of obsession seemed to suit him...I think someone who was fair haired would have a more difficult time pulling this one off.

  • MICHELLE10/02/2006

    I absolutely LOVE this stuff! For some reason it does something to me. If a man wears this stuff it drives me insane! Great product.

  • MARCOS08/27/2006

    Is great. I've worn for over 10 years now and have gotten nothing but compliments. Women want me to wear just this. No D&G, no Angel, they just wanna smell Obsession on me. And no, they don't want 1/2 spray. Like any other fragrance it's about not overdoing it. And I don't. What fool would choose too. And if by chance you do apply any fragrance a little too strongly at first (which every man has done - even the last poster has done it) it eventually calms itself down. Those who dislike this doesn't detract for a second it's appeal to me or others love for it. Everybody has opinions and I'm certain for those who love it (and I notice most here like it as opposed to dislike it) they really care less what you think.

  • #1 SEXY BEAST08/04/2006

    You can only bear this one for a minute or two- it's that strong! A wicked scent that you must train yourself to actually apply a 1/2 spray. Mega powerful, this is definately an instant headache if you put too much on (too much being 1 full spray). Be careful with it, people. It's deadly!

  • TONY T07/24/2006

    to wear this arid,sharp and in your face juice. good drydown only 2nd to boucheron. warm and cozy scent that should only be used for special times.

  • KATHERINE06/13/2006

    I have several friends who wear this and it smells wonderful on them. They obviously wear it well unlike some others who trail sour fruit trails. Sexy and smooth on the right men and certainly wasted on the wrong ones. But isn't that anything?

  • ANGELIQUE05/21/2006

    I have a friend who wears this religiously. It makes me feel nauseous, it's just so unpleasant. I have to consciously hold my breath so I don't breath any of it in. There's a sour undernote to it which reminds me of decaying fruit.

  • MARCO TESTAVERDE04/06/2006

    Never been too much a fan of CK but this spicy oriental woody fragrance is probably the best I've smelled from him and is quite manly and sensual.

  • CHRIS COLOGNE01/28/2006

    I just tried Obsession for the very first time, and I must say it's quite good. The fragrance has aged very well, considering it came from the loud 80's period. One spritz will do ya. A very nice intimate fragrnace.

  • TROY12/19/2005

    The only problem with this stuff is that it smells like 50 bottles of cologne crammed into the bottle. The only way to apply this without offending people is to spray away from your body and walk into the mist. DO NOT apply directly for the bottle design is as a firehose nozzle. Bathe in this and you will stink for hours. A good scent but PLEASE use it conservatively!

  • ERIC12/04/2005

    I think it smells very mature. More than some other guys cologhnes i smell, i may only be 17 but i like it better than curve crush which i think smells to much like aftershave, if you like obsession, try Claiborne Spark too i think they are both great.

  • ERIC11/08/2005

    Still after all these years I still wish I could wear this fragrance. I just can't. It smells great on most everyone but me. It is such an extraordinary scent. The mens and womens versions both rock the body rock both my body chemistry won't let me wear the mens fragrance. I've been told it makes me smell like an old man. An of course I'm not gonna try the womans. But I love smelling woman with it on.

  • V.S.09/25/2005

    People either love it or hate it, I personally think it's way to sweet.

  • SAMI08/27/2005

    i am 34.. and i think that the golden age of perfumes is over..i mean what could be done, is already done..oldies are the best that could have been is obsession..i just love it...i will never check the new perfumes on the market anymore..stick with, cool water, envy, obsession,joop, trussardi etc...

  • KRISTI08/11/2005

    this men's fragrance is excellent -my husband wears it --he has worn it since before we met--15 years. Guys if you want to drive women crazy wear this.

  • PETE05/19/2005

    Is when my girlfriend wears Obsession for women. Oh my how that gets us both in the mood. The stuff is absolutely magic.

  • RN05/12/2005

    This is indeed one of the best colognes I ever used. It lats a really long time and it just smells incredible. Its aroma is addictive.

  • CHARLES "KING CHUCK"01/05/2005

    Im only day i was goin through my fathers colonges and i saw a small sample of obsession...and i fell in love....i never smell anything like that....and all the girls in school ask me wut do i have on....i say ur too young to kno about this lol......after my sample ran out i went to the perfum store and brought 3 bottles of it....i just love the smell......i use one for my clothes...i use another for wen im done takin a shit......i just smells sooooooooooooo good..i think this is a BIG chick buy it!!!!! : )

  • SHARRIE12/26/2004

    obsessed with my man wearing obsession. lust/ love. strong enough fir the opposite sex. wonderful.

  • JULES12/16/2004

    I bought this cologne just to smell it. I loved it on an ex bf and I needed to own it. Soon, I tried a spritz on before my clothes and I have to say, it's quite lovely on freshly showered skin. Although it is a man's cologne, it can smell quite alluring when applied very lightly on women. I really love this scent and have been complimented on "whatever it is you're wearing."

  • DIRK H10/19/2004

    If it is too strong. You put too much on. Try one or two sprays. When people say it is too strong, what that really means is that it a long lasting scent. I think you might be used to cheap cologne in which you have to spray alot on for it to last 30 minutes. Quality cologne take 2 sprays and will last all day. Try one or two sprays and I am sure you will be happy with it.

  • MARTIN09/10/2004

    allthough i have stopped using it, obsession will remain a classic for me. defenitely one of my all time top 10 scents. i don't know why some people say this is cheap or desperate smelling.

  • JODIE 09/09/2004

    This outdated cologne is what yuppies used to wear with their penny loafers and braided belts...and that was more than a decade ago. I can't believe men still purchase (and even worse) WEAR this. It's embarrassing.

  • W.B.08/26/2004


  • MITCHELL04/29/2004

    this scent is great--i have recieved nothing but compliments--its not for everyone, and gives some ppl headaches, but it is okay for me--so far

  • SYD04/26/2004

    This is one of the best. Women love it (if it matters), and its great on cold days.

  • DAVE.04/15/2004

    This is an excellent scent - not for everyone, but when it fits, its just fantastic. People always tell me how nice i smell when i wear this.

  • TOMMY. A.04/06/2004

    Great scent - perfect in the winter, and yes - women like it a lot!. Not for everyone i think (skintype) - warm, classy and yummy!.

  • MISSY03/08/2004

    This scent actually makes me nauseous.

  • BJS03/04/2004

    obesession has gotta be on of the worst scent i've ever encounter. Obesession is very strong and musky, and is very common, not recommended for men at all. Don't waste your money on it

  • STU02/18/2004

    Love it on others. Wished it smelled good on me but I don't wear it well. Wonderful fragrance though.

  • ROSS12/14/2003


  • MRLONGROVE11/06/2003

    I still like Obsession for men though I no longer wear it. Mainly because it was so overdone back in the late 80s...seemed like everyone was wearing it! I find it's only too strong if you wear too much like a lot of people did. But it has become a true classic. I may buy some again one day. Anyway that's just my opinion. I notice there's a lot of bickering here but it all comes down to personal opinions. What stinks to some may not stink to someone else.

  • SAMANTHA10/21/2003

    Obsession, I love it on my boyfriend. It drives me nuts and makes me want him all the time.

  • LYNN06/15/2003

    I don't like it on my ex-boyfriend, but he likes it.


    I will concede this vitor, the French do indeed make some fine fragrances. But this wrapping yourself in the flag nonsense is a bit much is it not. Remember waterloo, or the spring of 1940???? I had a bottle of obsession a long time ago and though it isn't my preference now it was and is a good scent..

  • VITOR FARIA04/15/2003


  • MR. LEETHAD03/30/2003

    Obsession in a very decent cologne. yet as with any and everything its not for everybody. but those who can and want to wear it hopefully it enhances all that was desired to be enhanced. however each man must be aware of his own body chemistry when wearing musk scented colognes, because adding musk to 'musk' will leave u home alone, on the bone, sitting by the phone.


    hey, this scent is excellent. Makes a lady's knees weaken. Hmm..obsession..

  • SBACAS03/09/2003

    They must be selling this stuff to someone for it to around this long. I love wearing it and always feel comfortable with it on.

  • DAWN MARSH03/04/2003

    This knocks me off my feet!!

  • STU02/25/2003

    This smells so common? Why don't you then please let us know what doesn't smell common. You people are amazing. If you don't like something it smells common? Give me a break.

  • MARIA02/19/2003

    Im not obsessed with this scent at all. Too strong for my nose. Smell so common.

  • JULIE02/16/2003

    I couldn't agree with you more....well said!

  • MARYMAGS02/02/2003

    when I smell this on a man, I drool. When I smell it on a teenage boy, I cant wait till they get older so I can drool. I am so sick of the friggin perfume snobs on this website. If its popular, you dont like it, you call it cheap or juvenile or tasteless. Let me tell you something. A very classy and wonderful person, man or woman can wear and inexpensive fragrance and make it fabulous. And I am sure there are many a skanky hooker that wears you favorite well refined and classic perfume when she/he goes out to give 10 blow.... ahem... my point is , you people get over yourselves. Just because some of us havent trained our noses to like perfumes or colognes that you have trained your haute noses to like simply because they were classics or so damn expensive the average oaf like myself would have to take out a second mortgage to just buy an ounce of, well, dont label us low brow. At least the rest of us have the integrity to be honest despite being dubbed cheap or juvenile or whatever by you whose noses are so far into the air that you have to look down at everyone who doesnt share your narrow opinion.

  • PAUL12/16/2002

    Really is great. Try Casran if you're into the licorice thing, Green Irish Tweed if you are mindless and impressed that Richard Gere and other actors wear and Hermes if you just wish to smell simply bad. Obsession is a wonderful, rich smell that will reign with other classics.

  • JAK11/29/2002

    Reminds me of Lagerfeld, except that I don't become obsessed with washing the Lagerfeld off.

  • MAURICIO10/22/2002

    This is one of those perfumes that use to be good ten years ago, but now it seems to be to strong and sweet. If you want a nice perfume try Bulgary ( very elegant ) or Mania ( soft and casual ), but if you like exotic fragances try Casran.

  • INSTRUCT4U10/19/2002

    It is truly a masterfully done scent. I usually think everything is too sweet or just has a bad "perfumy" scent, but this is enchanting, and I have overheard other women say so as well. I just wish I could find a perfume with the same scent for women and the female version just doesn't cut it for me. If anyone likes this perfume and wants to make a suggestion, thanks. [email protected]

  • LOLA10/17/2002

    Gentlemen,would you please try Creed,Givenchy,Hermes?...Sure,you would have to spend more.But I promise that if you do,you will be pleasantly surprised.Not just by your own nose,but also by the feedback you will get from people close to you and total strangers alike.There is nothing comparable to a well dressed man who smells faintly of a top quality,top drawer fragrance. Such a man exudes wealth,class, breeding,confidence and brains. As a woman,I can tell you that the idea of getting close a a man whose personal scent emanates those qualities is a real turn on,because it implies that the gentleman in question would not only notice,but also appreciate a real woman.And that is not only attractive,it's downright erotic.Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren keep coming up with stuff that screams "desperate gigolo in the hunt for an easy piece" or "cheap chap lurking",or even "immature,dumb thing who just borrowed Daddy's car and is dying to make an impression,any impression,on anyone who's around". You want a strong,masculine oriental?Y.S.L and Cartier make great ones.But please,leave the bug spray for the bugs!

  • MICHEL10/12/2002

    All Calvin Klein, and most other American made perfumes are too sweet and all smell alike or too strong, and smell cheap. Sorry America. this is not your area of expertise.

  • SINGH08/08/2002

    This is sweet stuff. Amy and Amanda can go somewhere. All I get is compliments on this. It just plain smells good, makes you feel sexy.

  • RON C.05/22/2002


  • BRIAN05/14/2002

    I like this scent alot. Not a fan of CK much but this stuff is great. Not very manly smelling but a very good fragrance for romance

  • TUM03/23/2002

    Interesting fragrance,but it's too strong and makes my girl a headache

  • MEMBOI03/09/2002

    A scent that I simply can't stand to wear. Way to musky!

  • GOOSE03/08/2002

    What can be said about this other than a must have in your arsenal. Obsession for men translated in woman-talk is WET!

  • ANONYMOUS02/03/2002

    I agree with Bryana--it definitely depends on who's wearing it. I think the man has to smell sweet to begin with--that's probably why Obsession smells so delicious on my husband; without cologne he smells (to me) like honey.

  • AMY V12/29/2001

    This is the best mens fragrance and it turns me on so bad. If I ever want to get "horny" I just have to smell this. Its been driving me crazy ever since it came out. I force my non-cologne wearing hubby to wear it!

  • LK.12/19/2001

    ...just want to say-it is one of the perfume called-turn on..deep,sexy,kind of sweet and musk(but not too sweet)...perfume you will remember..also women can wear it...

  • GAPEACH12/12/2001

    smells wonderful on my man ... only thing he has used since i met him. put me even more in the mood(if you know what I mean) when he wears it. but just for the record he turns me on even when not wearing obsession

  • CARONE12/11/2001

    I love Obsession for Men. I wore it for a time about 10 years ago. I wish I could find a women's perfume that I like as much as this

  • BRYANA11/26/2001

    I had a boyfriend in college who wore Obsession really well. It was a real turn on. Unfortunately my husband (different guy) bought a bottle a few months ago. It just doesn't have the same effect on him. It is pleasant smelling, but not a turn on. Over the years I have smelled Obsession on other guys, and on some it was a turn on even if the guy was down right ugly. Has to all come down to body chemistry.

  • MIKE11/13/2001

    Although I kep trying new fragrances, I always keep coming back to this one as my favorite. It is a classic and adefinite must have.

  • MR SMELL 10/28/2001

    well i see there are some folks that have no idea what fragrance is. obsession is continuously ranked in the world wide top ten colognes. need i saw more? maybe some of you just naturally smell like cat piss, or perhaps its your breath you mistake that for.

  • LEANNE10/08/2001

    this really smells how can anyone be dumb enough to think its nice !!!!!!!

  • VESTA09/23/2001

    obsession for men is my strongest turn on... in reply to amy, it smells different on different people, so maybe the person wearing it smelled like cat piss?

  • AMY09/18/2001

    Some of you may not like my choice of words but the best way I can describe this fragrence is "it smells like cat piss"...end of story!

  • AMANDA09/18/2001

    This is some really stinky stuff! It makes me sneeze, break out in a rash, and I can't breathe! It really stinks!!!!! BAD!

  • DAVID09/15/2001

    This is the worst cologne I have ever encountered. It has a sickly sweet, very feminine fragrance. I find it nauseating. It is like a very BAD imitation of Lagerfeld. (Lagerfeld, by the way, is MY favorite fragrance of all, although I also like Opium and RAW Vanilla.) As for CK's "Obsession," I used my bottle as a cat and dog "repellant" on some of our antique furniture (it worked, too!). I cannot imagine anyone liking this fragrance, but "one man's poison..."

  • PAUL07/14/2001

    Best scent ever made! End of story. Every man needs this one in his collection.

  • JAN06/12/2001

    This name is perfect for the CK fragrance; I'm a woman yet I'm obsessed with the scent

  • B06/05/2001

    This is my husbands all time favorite and it is my favorite too

  • H.05/31/2001

    VERY sexy scent!

  • TERRY L. PATTERSON03/23/2001

    Is there an Obsession Body Lotion? If not, WHY?

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