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Calvin Klein


110 Reviews

Escape was created by Calvin Klein in 1991 and is recommended for romantic wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of apple, mandarin, rose, plum, peach, and finishes with musk and sandalwood.

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Escape was created by Calvin Klein in 1991 and is recommended for romantic wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of apple, mandarin, rose, plum, peach, and finishes with musk and sandalwood.

  • MARY PUCKETT12/04/2015

    ...It is fresh and clean with a vibrant different aroma.

  • ROSE12/02/2015

    ...This has been my favorite for over 20 years.

  • DONNA 03/15/2015

    Very good product.

  • BEDBUG05/08/2014

    I have been wearing this scent for over 10 years and I LOVE it. I get more compliments (especially from men _no kidding, they stop me in the grocery store). I do not see how anyone "hates" it. Getting hard to find.

  • FRAN01/24/2012

    loved it in the nineties and about 10 years ago and love it now! lovely aquatic fruity apple cucumber scent and flowery fresh too! HG status!


    One of the most beautiful perfumes along with Issey that I have found. It lifts my spirits. My bedroom smells wonderful

  • SHIRLEY01/02/2011

    This is another one of his great scents ! I've used this one for quite some time and like it. I go between Escape and Eternity. They are the only perfumes I have used for many years. Eternity has become my "signature" scent among my friends with Escape close behind.

  • JILL01/08/2010

    I love this and so do men! They can't keep their hands, lips,and body off me. I won't were anything else. I'ts better then GREAT!

  • CHRIS09/03/2009

    I have been wearing escape since it was introduced. I have NEVER received so many compliments on a perfume in my life. Men are always asking me what it is. I have been collecting what I can as it is getting harder and harder to find.

  • MELISSA08/26/2009

    It is true it doesn't work for everyone. It does for me. Most people ask what I'm wearing because they don't know what it is. It smells different on me than it does on a lot of people.

  • MARY K. 06/28/2009

    I know a lot of people love Escape, but to me it smells like bug spray.

  • CYNTHIA03/06/2009

    Escape is one of the first "unperfume-y" types of scents. Not like typical feminine scents of sweet florals or spicy orientals. It is such a break-out scent that they classified it as "marine." Incredible lasting power, and an aura of subtle freshness that keeps you feeling good. I feel like wearing it everyday.


    I have gotten many bottles from girlfriends who thought it would smell the same on them as it did me. Definitely a body chemistry fragrance. Men have actually asked what I was wearing. I can't think of changing perfumes...

  • JANDRA90212/24/2008

    This perfume matched my natural body chemistrey perfectly. The 1st time i smelled it was in my sisters bedroom about 9 years ago.She bought it and loved it but once she smelled it on me she gave me her whole collection, Blue bath beads included.It was amazing for 6 yrs then one day it just didn't match me anymore, So I put it away and just brought it out again and once again it works just as well as the 1st time.I Love the way it makes me feel when i'm wearing it it truely does announce your arrival no doubt.My only regraet is not buying more of the bath beads before they stop making it. the jar i had lasted me 1 year for 35.90 best deal for the dollar buy far.I wish they would sell it again it really is amazing. 2 thumbs up.....

  • SOLANGE10/12/2008

    The first whiff of this was like a brillo pad working its way through my sinuses. Smells exactly like Sunflowers -- both must contain the same fakey "marine" chemical that overpowers any other ingredients that might be pleasant. Glad I only bought the mini - this is the first fragrance I actually tossed into the garbage can.

  • PAM07/20/2008

    Even before it went public, I received my 1st bottle. No matter, men or women, wherever I go I'm noticed for that "delicious" smell. After all these years am still getting nothing but extremely positive attention and wouldn't think of changing. When girlfriends wear it, they get no responses like this at all and have even given me their bottles. Definitely a perfume that reacts with your personal body chemistry and it sure works for mine.

  • LOLA03/25/2008

    I have worn this for maybe over 15 years now and it STOPS men everywhere. They actually stop and either comment or ask. I also have women comment on how lovely it is. No matter where i am, everyone notices and someone, at least 1 will ask! It probably works well with my chemistry. I wear Lolita Lempkin Perfume as well - and this too is a scent that just knocks men silly. They are both strong but in more of a statement than an offense. Good safe choice for something way different.

  • LUCKYCATS02/05/2008

    This fragrance is so fantastic, and like the others stated, it lasts a long time. The funniest thing happened when I started wearing it. I was working in a consignment clothing store, and while running around hanging up clothes I caught a whiff of the most delicious scent ever. I was snffing everyone in the store, couldn't figure it out. Then, I literally had to race back to where I just was to answer the phone, when I realized it was ME who smelled so delicious!!!!!


    This brought on a unbeliebavle headache. I should have known better after looking this one up- it's in the "aqueous fruity" fragrance family (ALONG WITH EA's "Sunflowers"). Scents from that group are all wrong for me- there is something so cloying about them- you'd think "aqueous" would mean "light", but it doesn't... If "Sunflowers" didn't work for you, I would permanently pass on Escape.

  • JASON10/01/2007

    i am a man who loves this ex used to wear in highschool. its so aluring and marine and very one of a kind. i adoreit. i recently was at macy;s and smelled a woman who had just sprayed it on..and immediately was taken back to fall of 98' albuquerque, nm the trees turning..the brisk cold air and my first love. I purchased a bottle for nostalgia sake, and sprayed some on my wrist. i love it soo much i now wear the fragrance..if applied sparingly can be very fresh and downright amazing. i love escape. true love never dies

  • DEWY MIST07/03/2007

    I first smelled this scent about a year ago from a co-worker. It smelled soooo good on her, I had to find out what it was. To my surprise she told me it was CK escape. I was so anxious to buy it since it smelled sooo beautiful. I immediately went out to get it. It did not smell good on me. It was extremely harsh and gave me a headache, which saddened me because I really wanted to wear this sweet smelling perfume. I guess it works better on others...not me.

  • FRAGRANCE PERSON06/19/2007

    This one is awesome for summertime. The only drawback is not to overdo this one! One or two sprays and you are set for about 8 hours. Fragrance does not last on my skin, so I have to go for the heavy, strong perfumes that last for hours to get anything! Plus, no one else wears this one, so it is unique.

  • BLONDIE03/25/2007

    I continue to love this partially because it is one of the few non- oriental scents that will actually last on me. That makes it a great one for hot weather because it never gets that sickening sweetness that many florals will in extreme humidity here in the South. I'll keep this one for those days, for sure.

  • LAURINHA03/23/2007

    As I told before, I think Escape is similar to L'eau d'Issey and Sunflowers. Do you know other fragrances wich are similar to Escape too? I love this kind of smell!!!

  • LAURINHA03/05/2007

    I like this one very much, but I agree that it can be very strong if I put too much. I reminds me L'Eau d'Issey and Sunflowers (E. Arden), wich I have and love too. If you know how to use it, you'll smell soooo good :)

  • ELISABETH02/24/2007

    Escape belongs to the watery oceanic perfume family which stands right in the opposite to the gourmand perfume family I love and wear(f.e.: Sira des Indes/Jean Patou, Casmir/Chopard, Jungle/Kenzo) so would not wear Escape. Yet I like it as a good made oceanic perfume.

  • BIANCA12/09/2006

    I have a love/hate relationship with this smell. When I was younger, I remember some women who wore this perfume. It's a loud scent---too much fruit.

  • BLONDIE10/07/2006

    The first time I smelled this when it first came out, I thought it smelled exactly like watermelon. I tried some though,and loved the way it smelled on me. Very fresh and is still one of my faves especially for summertime. Has a sort of beach like scent to me. One of the nice ones IMO

  • KALINA06/09/2006

    this is my favorite going out perfume.. everyone wants to know what it is im wearing.. so for me..I cant go wrong...people should try it..

  • SUSANNA06/08/2006

    If you love Escape --- then you'll be happy to find out that Dial soap 'white water fresh' smells exactly like it. I was at a friends house one day showering with it and it was amazing how wonderful it was. I love Escape it's a classic marine genre scent. Fresh and so summery. I don't know why people complain about it..... sometimes a fragrance isn't right for someone but on another person it is heaven. Enjoy!

  • *BARBARA W05/21/2006

    I like this fine on a co-worker, but on me this smells just awful, very harsh and synthetic, and gives me a headache. Same with Eternity. I still haven't narrowed down the offending note. The only CK frag I can wear well is Obsession...I love the amber in it.

  • ANGIE05/11/2006

    On most of your posts, you describe scents that you don't like as bug spray, or worse, can't you just say you don't like it! I think Phermone is one of the worst smelling scents, but I wouldn't put labels on it, that are just "your" opinion, but not necessarily true. There's a more mature way to express your dislike. Try it!

  • FRAN02/12/2006

    If you notice a lot of the new fragrance launches today are ozonic which are very similar to the original CK Escape eg. True Star, Happy Heart, Cool Water, Tommy Hilfiger, Issey Miyake......I still like CK Escape the best! Makes me feel clean and fresh when I wear it. This is my second bottle, and I'm sure I will purchase more.

  • FROFRO01/14/2006

    Really... Again, I think the problem is usage. This one needs to be used even more sparingly than the rest of CK's scents. However, when used properly, it's a VERY pleasant, relaxing (yes, relaxing) scent. I won't like - I don't use it often, but I definitely have "Escape" moods. I don't see it as an everyday fragrance, though (although I'm sure there will be those who disagree).

  • BRI01/04/2006

    A friend gave this to I know why. It is terribly overpowering and a "headache" perfume in my opinion.

  • ALLISON R.11/29/2005

    I love this described water fragrance. It smells like summertime in a bottle. It's for those hot months, when a carefree essence is what's in store. Maybe not for laying around the house scent, but surely for those put together days. Try before you buy, but worth owning in my opinion.

  • DARLA11/13/2005

    It's all in the wearing! This is one of those scents where "A little goes a long way" comes into play. It's truly a romantic fragrance; one worn when the mood is right!!!!

  • MONICA11/04/2005

    offensive....i wouldn't say, perfect for spray and walk into....yes. learn how to use it and you will love it. strong but alluring, wicked but soft. love it!!

  • NINA10/01/2005

    They really shouldn't make fragrances like this - it's not fair to the people that have to put up with the offensive smell.

  • GWEN09/19/2005

    The heavy, sickly sweet smell is very unpleasant to me. I hate being in a elevator with someone who is wearing it. It has to be made of quality ingredients though because the smell lingers long after the wearer is gone.

  • PATRICIA09/14/2005

    I have been wearing Escape everyday for ove a year now. I used to wear another fragerance but I enjoy my "Escape" much more.

  • MIMI08/20/2005

    used in moderation this parfum is fruity, distinct, upbeat and memorable. expensive too.

  • SHANNON07/26/2005

    This is one of my fav sents from younger years. However I will always keep a bottle near for them going back days how sweet and young we were.. This is a very summery sent and has a great dry down that lasts.

  • SYLVIE06/26/2005

    I have to escape from ESCAPE. Every well-groomed women smell better WITHOUT ANY FRAGRANCE than with this horrible, synthetic-watery-oceanic stuff. Detergent-scent. Just my opinion.

  • DEB02/09/2005

    I was in a perfume shop today and asked for something sort of incense smelling. The sales lady sprayed some Escape on me. I dont notice anything incense like in it. In fact I detect similar notes that are in Leau de Issey Miyake and Cool Water from Davidoff. Reminds me more of Water notes, or something. I dont know what the ingredient is that they all have in common. Anyone have a clue? It is a note that gives a fresh scent. I think it is also in the new perfume from Tommy Hilfiger that Beyonce advertises for.

  • ALABASTERBOX02/07/2005

    To Chris etal who say this fragrance is yuk, helllllo!!! watch where you buy your stuff. This is the absolute best fragrance out there and it LASTS FOREVER. Literally for days. Please try it again this fragrance is heavenly.

  • BEBE02/02/2005

    escape is so addicting. scent for a queen. wow. wonders what escape brings out in me. romance. passion. bitchy. vamp.

  • CRIS01/18/2005

    the very first time i smelled this it was kind of pretty. after sprayed it on myself i just felt like vomiting because it gave me a severe headache

  • STEPHANIE01/13/2005

    Not for me; I get a whiff of Windex when I smell this fragrance. It hovers; it doesn't permeate. I don't even like it on others.

  • SIOBHAN RYAN12/25/2004

    I love this perfume. I acn smell it off myself then it make me happy and sends me reminiscing

  • CHERYL12/23/2004

    I've worn Escape for over ten years and still love it! People follow me around asking to smell my neck (weird). But I have to warn my friends that it probably won't smell the same on them, and if they don't listen, I get their nearly full bottles. Very body chemistry sensitive scent!

  • SHARRIE12/16/2004

    there is no escape but escape, beautiful, harminoy, in tune with the ageless stars

  • SHARRIE12/13/2004

    there is no escape but the true escape in passion, esxape is the plan for me, enchanting

  • BEKKI11/28/2004

    i like this one better than eternity since it has well balances aromas. and it has a refreshing feminine fragrance to it. compared to eternity, it does not have dominant notes of floral and it has a well rounded scent. overall an excellent perfume.

  • PATRICK11/28/2004

    A very fresh scent with a distinct musk and dryness, I think this suits younger woman best. It doesn't have much of an 'It' factor and it lacks the sophistication and sensuous nature of other perfumes. It is best worn as a casual daytime fragrance. Very nice, but nothing to rave about.

  • DENISE10/11/2004

    I put this on this morning after recieving a sample this weekend,it smells nice and fresh,the warning I would give is to just use a little,I used just a little of my sample vial and I can really smell it after 3 hours,but it is really nice if you dont over do it

  • ROBIN10/09/2004

    This is the most offensive fragrance I have ever smelled. It is absolutely nauseating. There should be a law against wearing odors like this.

  • SHIRLEY08/01/2004

    I love this fragrance and have worn it for years. I put it on and I feel good.

  • YOLANDA05/12/2004

    I've worn this perfume for years and always received compliments on it! So far no one has fallen out sick after being near me!

  • LINDA05/08/2004

    I guess there's no half-way with Escape. You either love it or hate it. It's been my favorite since the early 90's. I love the fragrance and I love the way I feel when I wear it. I never fail to get a compliment on how nice I "smell" when I wear it.

  • DEB05/04/2004

    A fresh clean fragrance that I love!

  • ELLIE04/11/2004

    i don't understand ppl who empty a bottle of escape using it all the time. so far ive seen 2 ppl doing that! (both a man and a woman). i hate the concentrated coloring and the smell that give headache. i'd rather buy a cheaper kind at a drug store that is easy on nose!

  • LA04/07/2004

    Stay away. Stay far, far away. Unless you think getting a migraine headache from one whiff is fun...

  • KATH03/23/2004

    LOVE IT!!

  • KELLEY03/11/2004

    An interesting fragrance but not long-lasting. It did not remain popular but everyone and their sisters and brothers wore it - forgotten quickly. An OK scent for summer but no masterpiece - just a bunch of marketing behind it.

  • ROXIE02/22/2004


  • PAMELA01/19/2004

    Simply. I hate it!!!!!. It's horrible.

  • SHEILA01/09/2004

    A #1 Favorite,highly recomended......and no it really doesnt give you a headache...Perfect for all who have great taste!!

  • JING12/25/2003

    escape is definitely one of the best fragances thats ever made! love it.

  • MANDY12/17/2003

    Too sharp. The closest comparison is the sensation of my nose hurting after being outdoors a long time on a very cold night. Potentially pretty, but much to strong.

  • VICKI12/16/2003

    Get more compliments wearing this than any other.

  • SARAH 12/01/2003

    I have been wearing Escape since I was 15. I'm 27 now. Men always compliment me when I wear it. Thanks CK !!!!

  • SARAH 12/01/2003

    Men love this it!! I always recieve many compliments. If your looking for a purfume that cuts through the crowd.. try Escape!

  • PINKBOA11/17/2003

    This smells like toxic industrial waste. I love perfume, but when somebody wears Escape near me I get an instant headache and stomach ache at once.

  • BEVERLY11/16/2003

    Men love this fragrance !

  • LAURA09/22/2003

    I first smelt escape on my cousin on her wedding day and I thought it was lovely. It's a light & fruity aroma that remains on you if used sparingly.

  • LISA09/20/2003

    I really liked it when I first bought it, but some of the looks I'd get from people...a friend told me I was killing him w/ fumes. This is way too strong.

  • SANDY07/14/2003

    Now this is one I think smells like bug spray. I had expected I would love this fragrance because I love Obsession, but didn't care for it one bit. My best friend liked it so I gave it to her. I don't care for Eternity either, but my daughter loves it.

  • AMBER07/14/2003

    Just purchased without trying, and I am not disappointed. It's a wonderful scent, probably the best oceanic smell I have ever tried. I usually don't like oceanic smells in those blue colored packages, but this one is certainly an exception to that rule (well, it's not packaged in blue either). I can also smell on myself a subtle powdery note, very sensual. Hard to wear at work because my mind keeps on wondering, away to nicer places :)

  • KRISTEN06/19/2003

    A little bit of escape goes a long way. When I wear it I always get compliments.....from men and women......I have had people comment that I smell like well as sex and candy. I Love it!!! and the Price is Right!!

  • MYLAAN06/18/2003

    A first rate "run to the hills" odor.

  • CHRYSTINA04/17/2003

    -Way too strong-will irritate the heck out of everyone around you -Scent is horrible-smells old fashioned.

  • MOLLY B04/14/2003

    I started out loving this fragrance when I got it for Christmas one year, but then made the mistake of wearing it on a hot and muggy summer day. It was so cloying I thought I would pass out! Save it for the winter, when you can pull off wearing heavier scents. I also agree with Jenny -- Escape has a very obvious window of freshness. They say to use fragrances within 6-12 months of opening. Lighter scents can sometimes be worn longer, but this stuff definitely goes bad after that 6-12 months. Buy a small bottle, even if you intend to wear it everyday.

  • D. HEBERT04/08/2003

    I love the smell of Escape. It smells like watermelon which reminds me of the beach. Like eating fruits on the beach.

  • SHAWNA 03/06/2003

    couldnt ask for a better perfume

  • BRITTNEE02/26/2003

    I like this one because it just smells fresh and oceanic. I agree with the posts that say it can be strong, but when applied lightly with care it can be an amazing fragrance. I like it's staying power. So many designer perfumes nowadays are whimpy and fade throughout the day. This one is great though!

  • LISA02/23/2003

    It stinks and if you don't get a headache someone next to you will. Be nice and wear it at home.

  • JACKI02/04/2003

    Men love the smell of this and I get great results when I wear this.

  • ZALE01/02/2003

    Wore it for years when it first came out. Loved it then. But then I started smelling it everywhere!! That put a stop to my wearing it...It's very strong and there's an oceanic feel to it. Great bottle!

  • SHERYL12/31/2002

    I've been wearing this one for years and still love it. Who needs the newest, when you already have the best?!

  • LAKISHA11/19/2002

    calvin couldnt have done better and should stop while he's ahead

  • AMY11/15/2002

    It really is just that.

  • STEPHANIE11/02/2002

    I have the perfume, which I have posted on here about previously, but I want the body lotion too! :-) Gonna have to hit my fiance up for it this Christmas. Escape is one of my all-time favorite perfumes. Absolutely beautiful.

  • JENNY09/16/2002

    I love the smell of Escape if the bottle is new (hasn't been sitting in some department store for weeks/months). After it's been around a bit, it doesn't smell half as good (actually stinks in my opinion).

  • BRENDA09/13/2002

    I bought escape because I hear how nice it smells. When I wear it I can't even smell it. I have switched to Obsession.

  • LIA06/14/2002

    I used to wear Escape several years ago. The scent is unique and beautiful, but unfortunately the tiniest spray was overpowering. I gave it up for that reason. Now I can smell women who wear it across the room! Yes it's a good smell, but for me, perfume is not something to be shared with everyone in a 30-foot radius.

  • STEPHANIE06/13/2002

    I have the perfume, but I also have this old magazine from when Escape first came out and there is a scent strip in it. Well whenever I read the magazine, I always end up sniffing the scent strip because you can still smell it even after all these years. Smelling it is like heaven, but on the beach. So even thought I have the perfume, anytime I run by anything that has Escape in it, etc, I find myself having to breath it in.

  • HOLLY05/06/2002

    This is the best perfume I have ever smelled...wherever I go people literally grab me by the arm and ask me what kind of perfume I'm wearing and then proceed to tell me that it's such an amazing scent. Escape is a little on the expensive side, but it is well worth every penny. My husband goes totally crazy whenever I wear it & won't leave me alone, if you know what I mean! I recommend this perfume to any woman who wants to drive the men wild.

  • CYNTHIA04/29/2002

    Its certainly a signature scent everyone knows when I'm around and men always say I smell so good but I would also reccommend Miracle if you like Escape.

  • ZAINA04/17/2002

    I have been wearing this perfume for 2 years now.. my husband loves it and whenever I'm not around,he will just spary it on the pillow..just to remember me!!!!


    I have been wearing this perfume since I was in High School and I absolutely love it!

  • THERESA04/03/2002

    Don't like the smell and even a little is very overpowering

  • FANI03/20/2002

    I loved this perfume at first, thought I found my signature perfume. But after using it daily for 6 months I suddenly began to dislike it. It seemed too strong, overpowering... I also found during this time that some people loved that smell on me while others hate it. It's a love it or hate it smell obviously.

  • MAGGIEMAE02/17/2002

    Worked with a CEO who wore too much of this stuff everyday and hard to breathe in her office or wherever in bldg she had been.

  • DEANNA02/09/2002

    Escape has a very soft and inviting scent. My husband loves it.

  • VIVIEN02/01/2002

    Fresh, sunny, sexy and long lasting. Makes me think of evening walks by the sea.

  • DAVA01/30/2002

    This is the best ever perfume out there for women to pick up a man. Is last forever and it is a great smelling perfume to drive me crazy with any women that i'm with Calvin do not stop making this at all last but not least.... a guys orgasm in a bottle

  • TAMMY12/27/2001

    I Love it! When I open my closet all I smell is Escape. The smell last forever.

  • STEPHANIE12/14/2001

    I have worn this perfume for about 5 years and I love it! I constantly get complements on how good I smell.

  • LAVENDER11/30/2001

    Escape is by far my favorite perfume. I have been wearing it since college (that’s almost a decade). I can’t even count all the times that men have complimented me on this fragrance. One guy I dated actually missed it on the days I didn’t put some on. It’s not too strong…not too soft. It’s so captivating. Thank you Calvin Klein!! I will be devastated if this perfume is ever discontinued.

  • JANE10/27/2001

    I find this scent way too heavy and very overpowering indeed! Such a shame it smell good at first but calvin made it way too strong. ditto for men's version too. jane

  • NONI10/07/2001

    and a crying shame its wasted on calvin klein swill.

  • PAT07/30/2001

    This fragrance is absolutey divine. I love wearing it. It makes me feel good and confident.

  • BETH07/22/2001

    Escape is a fresh fragrance. It contains the essence of apple, mandarin, rose, plum, peach, and ends with musk and sandalwood.

  • PENNY06/25/2001

    I love it but almost cannot afford it I would like to know how come it has to cost so much? I would ware it everyday if the cost would come down a little


    It never fails, I always get complimented when I where it.I love to where this perfume.

  • MARY COLLINS06/05/2001

    I have worn this for years. Ever since I passed a perfume counter in a department stoe, backed up and asked "What is that perfume that smells like rain?" Every time I go into an elevator or anywhere else, men and women stop and ask what I have on, it smells so pretty

  • PHYLLIS03/22/2001

    love the fragrence, has such a nice smell to it.

  • KRISTEN02/09/2001

    I love it. Classic.

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