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Christian Dior


220 Reviews

Winner of the 29th Annual "FiFi" 2001 Awards for U.S. Women's Fragrance Star of the Year, J'Adore by Christian Dior is a sparkling fresh floral bouquet that is deeply sensual, totally feminine and as contemporary as you are. It exudes top notes of tangy mandarin and ivy leaves, softened by the champaca flower, the heart of rare orchids, roses, and more

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Winner of the 29th Annual "FiFi" 2001 Awards for U.S. Women's Fragrance Star of the Year, J'Adore by Christian Dior is a sparkling fresh floral bouquet that is deeply sensual, totally feminine and as contemporary as you are. It exudes top notes of tangy mandarin and ivy leaves, softened by the champaca flower, the heart of rare orchids, roses, and violets, with a base of damascus plum, amaranth wood, and blackberry musk.


    excellent quality product by Christian Dior

  • PERFUME NEWBIE12/25/2012

    This juice has given me a headache. I get a very sharp note of pine that assaults my nostrils. It feels/smells like a pine branch has been scrubbed up my nose...all my sinuses ache, my eyes even hurt. I went and asked my hubby what he thought of the scent (1hr after dabbing it on my wrist) and he said it smells very average. Not that good at all.

  • LAURA07/19/2012

    Beautiful & classy, yet seductive fragrance.

  • MABRY06/26/2012

    Love the scent - was intrigued by the commercial by Cherlize Theron.

  • JENNY HOOD06/11/2012


  • SARA :)06/08/2012

    This fragrance is beautiful on my skin, i feel gorgeous and sexy when i wear this. I'm 22 so you don't have to be an 'old lady' to wear this it just depends on how your skin reacts...My partner really loves this one along with coco maidemoiselle... if your looking or something cheaper i would recommend marc jacobs daisy as that is beautiful too :)...Beautiful perfume... :D

  • ANNA MARIE01/24/2012

    This is beautiful! And some others should learn how to form complete sentences before suggesting that others use spell check.

  • DENETTE01/17/2012

    J’adore is a very feminine floral scent that I would consider classic. Unfortunately this scent was reformulated and the new reformulation is nothing compared to the original. The original was more sweet and feminine, while this version is more clean and citrusy. I will say this though, this scent will last all day and it is sooo strong. The first time I wore it I sprayed a little too heavy and I was regretting it. This is not a terrible scent, just nothing like the original that I loved so dearly. If you have not tried this scent before, you will probably like this one.

  • CINDY11/24/2011

    Love this fragrance, although I wished I could have tested it years ago, I heard it was better then.

  • SHELL11/24/2011

    Wonderful fragrance. And some should use spell check before posting.

  • UMESH07/12/2011


  • FLICK03/09/2011

    absolutely amazing fragrance, my partner LOVES it too! especially good when sprayed after showering and moisturiseing with same scent!

  • KATIE03/02/2010

    I've been wearing it for 10 years now. It's very special. Every day. The best frangrance Dior ever presented....

  • LARISA12/12/2009

    this perfume doesnt have character, it stinks and i don't understand how someone could wear this. It's very cheap and i will be humilliate to use this.

  • YOUR NAME03/07/2009

    And J'Adore does NOT smell like it did when it first came out. When it first came out, 8 or so years ago, it was a much better. more delightful smell than now. I bought it immediately, when it first came out. I keep the old bottles in drawers, and it smells much different than what we buy today. In fact even as long as 7 or 6 yers ago, it was still smelling like the original perfume. Now it doesn't.

  • FIZTSNRBFBR02/25/2009

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  • AMBER02/22/2009

    I love this product. I am always looking for a perfume that I like as well as something that others like on me. I am a firm believer that a scent smells differently on different people. Men have said that they love this scent on me and that it is "my"signature scent. So I guess I finally found the scent that best suits me! This scent is an A+ in my book. Just remember to try it on and see what other people think!

  • PERFUMEJUNKIE07/27/2008

    Smells absolutely gorgeous! People always ask me what I'm wearing. And then, they tell me how great it smells. Lovely floral! Only by Dior.

  • JESSIE06/09/2008

    i gave it several chances but this will never make it to my list. it smells cheap & u can smell it on way too many ladies out there. tried to get used to it,,, but too strong that it provokes a headache

  • LEEYA05/03/2008

    This is, without a doubt, one of the best fruity/floral perfumes ever created. It's sparkly, lively, exotic, sexy & very feminine. J'Adore just screams elegance, sophistication & class. Not to mention the EDP's superior staying power--you can go the whole day without reapplying it, so you'll do quite a while even on a 30ml bottle. I agree that it takes the right body chemistry to pull off this vixen of a scent, but fortunately, this one smells divine on me!

  • BARBARA W02/17/2008

    Obviously, judging by the one and five star reviews, this is a love or hate fragrance. I'm in the latter category, but, I didn't expect to like it since it's a straight floral. Good to try if you like a hefty dose of aldehydes with your flowers. If you like No. 5, you will probably like J'Adore.

  • ANN02/05/2008

    This scent is repulsive. I have no other way to put it. It's so cloying and just sits there with overpowering strength, never really connects with you. You want people to think you smell nice. But, in this case they will think you've doused yourself at a French perfume factory.

  • DARRSHAN01/07/2008

    my mother is wearing this from past 6 months, and i tell u she carries it with utmost beauty, i feel she has the right body chemistry to pull it off. there r so many negative comments on this site, well it is not easy to adore jadore, a rich floral from cd.

  • JANELLE12/13/2007

    What a lovely lovely fragrance! This is just simply "pretty"! I had a sample that I carried around for days and sprayed and sprayed every chance I had. Everytime I did, I fell in love all over again. All my co-workers loved it too. I broke down and bought a gift set for my self and feel so pampered. This is simply beautiful and you will feel absolutely beautiful wearing it!

  • JOANNAH12/11/2007

    Overrated was my thought too. Overhyped add they run every year around Christmas time and I for all in the world can't understand why. This is not the most fabulous Dior fragrance. As for the bottle. I loved it when I first saw it, now I think it's unimaginative too.

  • JOANNAH12/11/2007

    I didn't think I could dislike a Dior fragrance but I'm really sorry to say that this one does nothing for me. I can't say whether it has good lasting power or not or if it works with my chemistry because I just instantly felt put off by it. I don't know how to describe it but when I tested it, it was as if it was just "sitting unimpressively on top" of my skin. So for now Dolce Vita, Diorissimo, Diorella, Miss Dior (not the new one) and Tendre Poison are still on my wish lish ahead of any other fragrances.

  • SINEAD12/01/2007

    This is a beautiful fragrance. I find that when I wear it so many people comment on how lovely it smells (especially men!!) I really love the lotion.

  • KALINA10/12/2007

    this pefume smells so mom used to wer it and now i wear to get this fragrance..classy smell.

  • PEETJE10/10/2007

    Again a scent made and only suitable for the very old ladies with the face-lift faces and heavy make-up not sexual and attractive at all!

  • JADE08/24/2007

    J'adore is horrible. Smells like superstrong sweet cloying fench perfume. Will provoke a headache.

  • DEWY MIST07/03/2007

    This perfume is classy, sophisticated and beautiful. Smells really nice especially during the cooler seasons.

  • DARRSHAN05/31/2007

    one of the most outstanding stuff from cd. a right floral fragrance still standing in the market, says for a longer period compared to other perfumes

  • CHARRISE05/23/2007

    this fragrance has been in the top 10 best selling frangrances in the world for 8 years!!! All those women are not wrong......The body cream is divine.

  • GREEKGIRL05/08/2007

    I love this scent, the more i wear it the more i love it, also has good staying power and it reminds me a lot of Champs Elysees by Guerlain, they have the same sweetness, very french, LOVE IT.

  • CK04/27/2007

    Dior highclass like scent. I'd walk like the actress, Charlize Theron too, if I look like that! (commercial she did for J'Adore) Even though this has blackberry in it, it doesn't seem to cheapen it at all!

  • MARY ALICE03/14/2007

    This is one of my favorite florals because on my skin it is clean, fresh and happy. It is great for summer here in the north-east and I wore it all year long when we lived down south. It lasts all day on my fragrance resistant skin.

  • LAURA03/07/2007

    I've been wearing J'adore for a few years now. It's very sensual and sexy, so I generally save it for nights when I have a hot date with my man and want to be ravished. It has that effect!

  • ALLYSA02/19/2007

    This fragrance smells like a burned flower. It makes me headache. Don't waste your money for this stinks scent!!

  • LAURA01/25/2007

    One word to describe this scent..... HEAVENLY!!! I bought it just this week and oh my god,I can't believe it,201 ratings!!! Wow,this must be really popular,I hope you all have enough room to fit my rating in. It's the best early Valentine's day gift I could give myself,I am so happy with my purchase.

  • ELISABETH01/21/2007

    When this perfume first appeared I found it way too strong. I have now discovered it for myself as one of these fruity- floral,yet distinct and capricious scents for which I envy so many women who can wear this type of scent. I actually am the gourmand fragrance-type and normally wear scents who contain warmer and darker, creamy notes (i.g. Coco/Chanel). They are great but not as vivid and capricious as J'adore!



  • BRANDY12/06/2006

    When I see the bottle I think of elegance. I really like this one.

  • CHEFMATE10/10/2006

    My husband bought this for me, I love the scent, but more importantly, HE loves it too(wink,wink)

  • TINA09/22/2006

    I wear Jadore daily, I love it. Everyday I get compliments on the scent. It is very strong so less is more. It seems to attract pretty handsome men to me so to each her own. I recommend it. My man loves it and when I wear he can't keep his hands off of me.

  • MEL09/21/2006

    I am a man and had to comment on J'adore. I know smeone who wears this and let me tell you, it is horrible. I know we all want to smell good and attract the opposite sex and/ or just feel better when we wear a fragrance. Take it from a man's point of view, this one STINKS~ and will only repel a man. Thank goodness my g'f does not wear it!

  • SASHA08/29/2006


  • MELANIE08/08/2006

    I cannot stand the smell of this scent. A previous poster wrote that it smells like cheap hairspray. That is a good description. Take a cheap hairspray and add a some syrup to it and you have J'adore. I like so many scents and am not picky but this one smells gross to me, almost stomach sickening. Sorry to describe it in this way but that is how I feel when I smell it. If you are near me wearing it you will see me flee the room immediately.

  • SANDRA06/23/2006

    This scent is very heavy ans sweet suitable for an older woman I think. To me is is so strong almost headache provoking. Get a sample first before buying. It is very hard to wash off, also. The scent lingers forever.

  • ALLISON R.05/18/2006

    I'm a huge fan of florals, and this one does it for me. It has a warm green feel, the plum makes it last for hours, although I don't detect blackberries, which is a shame. A berry scent in a fragrance screams summer too me, because that is when the fruit tastes the best. I wore this next to cacharel noa fluer, and I like this one much better. It smells more floral than sweet, and it wears better with my chemistry.

  • BIANCA04/19/2006

    How anyone can say this stinks is beyond reasoning. It's a soft smell and I never get bored with it. I like the blackberry. For a cheaper alternative, try Adidas Adrenaline.

  • AMANDA04/15/2006

    I bought J'Adore on a whim several months ago. I found that as I wore it, I liked it less and less until I eventually switched back to my other perfume. I agree with the other posters, it might just be too "mature" for me. It was not a total loss though, the bottle is pretty and looks nice on my dresser. Perhaps I will give it a try again in a few months and see if I change my mind

  • RINA02/05/2006

    I like this. It's long lasting, agrees with my body chemistry and has a nice dry down. I get compliments when I wear this.

  • DIONNE02/02/2006

    It could be that I am not a floral perfume fan to be honest but I appreciate that others are.. It reminds me of the kind of perfume my Nan would have worn.

  • SARASVATI01/25/2006

    Classy says it all. Strong but in a good way, this is the only floral-ish scent I like. It makes me feel beautiful and sexy in a clean way. The bottle is just gorgeous.

  • MARGARETA12/28/2005

    This is the perfume I get most compliments for, and I´m asked for the perfumes name. This is suprising, I belive this one is easy to find and quite common. The answer to why I get all compliments must be that this perfume is different on everyone who wears it. On me it is absolutley perfect! A perfume for day-wearing, as it is quite discreat as well as it is lovely and with many tones.

  • SUMIRE12/15/2005

    I think Dior might be my fave perfume brand so far!! Sampled this one this afternoon and it was a lovely scent!! A bit sweet too. I felt like I was floating in a dreamland of sparkling jewels and flowers. The lotion is really nice too. Might get this one for myself! Way to go Dior!!

  • CHRISTINE11/27/2005

    I do not like Jadore. It stinks, is way too heavy. I am glad it does not seem as popluar as it used to be which is good because I do not have smell it on anyone anymore.

  • CASSANDRA K.11/15/2005


  • ROXOLANA10/30/2005

    Well, I almost made it my next perfume. I like the smell in the store and for the last test thought I would let my husband smell on me. He said that it smells like a very nice soap... well, i don't want to spend 80 dollars for a nice soap :). Too bad it doesn't work for me, smell it good and it seems to be very lasting (EDP)

  • HEAVEN210/29/2005

    Nothing special really. A nice bottle though. Very, very overrated.

  • RENEE10/26/2005

    If you are looking to buy a new scent, please, get a sample of this first before wasting your money. This is one of the most offensive colognes I have ever smelled. It reminds of of a scent called 'Poison' that was just as offensive. J'adore maybe suitable for an older woman, but only if she prefers a very heavy and sweet scent.

  • HALEY10/26/2005

    I agree with the previous writer that called this sweet fumes. It is definitely a mature scent, very heavy and way too sweet, makes me think me of how syrup would smell if you wore it. I found it to be nauseating.

  • ROBIN 10/19/2005

    Oh, yeah! Another poster had said that J'Adore reminded her of dead flowers. The dry-down actually reinforces that theory, at least to my nose. Of course, it's all chemistry, but just to let you all know that there is definitely that potential for you and your skin to be incompatible with this fragrance. No doubt it's beautifully crafted with the very best ingredients. . .but try before you buy!!!

  • EMILY10/05/2005

    this is the best perfume its a nice scent that you can pull off anywhere but does tend to wear off after a period of time

  • BARB09/20/2005

    This is so fresh and uplifting. Not heavy at all to me. It gives me energy throughout my work day. Love it!

  • SWEET FUMES08/31/2005

    If you prefer fun, flowery scents. This is not for you. My husband got this for me as a gift. He normally does good, but someone at his job recommended this to him...she obviously hated me. In my opinion, J'adore is a 'AARP' scent. It's classy but definitely for the mature woman. Very heavy, woodsy scent. Eww like a sweet woodsy men's cologne. .

  • TESS08/15/2005

    I smelled this on some clothes I purchased online. The seller referred me to J'Adore. It's a light but assertive smell. I imagine a business woman would wear this, but I have no problem carrying it off with blue jeans. It's just a great smell. It does tend to wear off after awhile.

  • PEACHES06/15/2005

    Just in looking at all the messages it is clear that what smells good on one person may not smell good on another. This is because we all have different natural body odors that may mix well with some fragrances and not others. Just like noticing a fabulous outfit on someone, and then buying that same outfit, only to find out that it does not look as fabulous on you. The same is true for perfume, and trust me I've been in both situations. I was given a bottle of J'ADORE as a gift and I Love It! Although, It can be quite expensive depending on the size. Anyway, for all those who have not tried J'ADORE, just play it safe and go to your local department store and try some before you purchase it over the net. And for all those who have tried it and didn't like it, don't bame the designer or down-talk the product, just admit that it did not go well with your body chemistry, as stated before there are different strokes for different folks.

  • SANDRA06/13/2005

    It is a nice one but I could have spent my $ on something else, the small tester that I got seemed awesome but not anymore after buying the big bottle !!

  • OLIVIA06/09/2005

    When I wear J'adore....I feel at my best dressed. It works better than a string of pearls.

  • JOYE05/03/2005

    I have worn J'Adore on and off for a couple of years. It is very nice. A little on the sweet side but I like that.

  • MYRANDA04/24/2005

    I've had the same bottle of this perfume for several years. This is a perfume that will last on the right person like any other fragrance. Just remember to spray in the air and walk into it. That truly brings out the "true j'dore"

  • KELLY04/23/2005

    My body chemistry turns a lot of heavy & sweet parfums warm / sour/ nose piercing, but not this one. It stays fresh, sweet and it goes on and on and on. Perfect. Why haven't I discovered it earlier.

  • KRISTIN04/08/2005

    Quite frankly, we all should know by now that personal comments of any perfume by a user should be taken by the reader as totally and utterly subjective to the person making the comment, as each perfume reacts, and therefore smells, differently from person to person. We all should know as well that a perfume has 3 distinct smells to it: first, in the bottle; second, when it is first sprayed on; and third, after it reacts with your body chemistray (about an hour after application). The length of time a fragrance lingers is also based on chemistry and activity of a person. The best way to test a fragrance is to go and "try before you buy." This way, your not stuck with a fragrance you don't like and haven't wasted your money. Stores like Sephora are a playground for make-up and perfume. If you like something, then go online and find cheaper, such as at a site like this. That's the best way to shop for a fragrance. My personal experience with J'Adore has been very positive. It smells great, is soft, flowery but not too much, and lasts all day. I first smelled it on a friend and while it smells differently on her (more "sweet" than on me), it still has a wonderful scent. Just bear in mind that if you've had bad experiences in the past with other perfumes "turning" on you, that you must do the "try before you buy" method to ensure you don't waste your money.

  • RISA04/04/2005

    First smell was great but when other people and my mom, they said what a horrible smell like dead flower..

  • SHARON04/02/2005

    the scent lingers on your skin for hours and creates a good passionate mood as well

  • JIM B02/28/2005

    I'll get on my knees for a woman wearing this. My girlfriend was wearing this when I met her.

  • BEBE02/22/2005

    ive been j'adored. blast off passion, secret code.i sense you spy. perfect for a bride. very nice.

  • SARAH02/15/2005

    This perfume comes in a lovely bottle and from a well known designer but was such a disappointment when I discovered it smelled like a toilet freshener :-( It doesn't last very long on the skin either.

  • PIA02/07/2005

    Christelle, I have a question for you regarding the notes of this fragrance. You love it so much so you must enjoy the notes, I myself do not like it especially since I cannot detect the flowers in it, what flowers are you smelling in this scent? You can answer in French, I used to live in Montreal so I can read. Merci!

  • CHRISTELLE01/28/2005


  • TARA01/27/2005

    J'adore smells like a cheap sweet French perfume to me. Way too strong, to the point of making one nauseous. I definitely would not spend the high cost on it. Put your money on a different one.

  • KRISTIN M01/26/2005

    I like this perfume doesn't wow me, but it is likeable on occasion.

  • JESSICA01/17/2005

    I'ts soft and very femenine. After trying many other fragrances I think this is the one. sweet,floral and sexy. I get lots of compliments!!! I love this fragrance.

  • DARIA01/14/2005

    I cannot believe the house of Dior actually put their name on this awful scent, if you want to even refer to it as a scent! Zero stars for this from me as it is worse than horrible!

  • PIA01/14/2005

    to you Dior fans, if you want to wear a lovely, and soft and pretty scent try remember me and forget about J'adore.

  • PIA01/14/2005

    I am giving this fragrance three stars and I am being kind. It is deserving of three because one , it is a Dior product and two the bottle is lovely. The prblem with this scent is it truly lacks personality. Reminds me of the disposable mop cloths I use to clean the tile floors in my home. It is pleasant as it gives that just mopped freshness but dont think this scent is appropriate as a personal fragrance, I suggest those of you like me that feel the same use as air freshener in your home as I have been doing but sparingly , please.

  • BRITTANI01/10/2005

    I do not know what is is about J'adore but when I smell it, I feel nauseated. I love wearing cologne so I do not know what is in this one that causes such a reaction. It just smells so strong, rich, and sweet, yuk! I suggest passing on this one, lighter scents are in style right now anyway.

  • MEAGHAN01/10/2005

    I agree with LB, a previous writer who stated that you better use this sooooooo sparingly. My mother in law also uses J'adore and it smells like she doused herself in it. I think if someone lit a match near her, she might go up in flames! Seriously, this smells like some cheap overpowering drugstore scent to me. It also gives me a migraine when I smell it on someone. I am in my 20's and prefer a younger lighter scent. Good advice: pick another one...

  • MEAGHAN01/10/2005

    I agree with LB, a previous writer who stated that you better use this sooooooo sparingly. My mother in law also uses J'adore and it smells like she doused herself in it. I think if someone lit a match near her, she might go up in flames! Seriously, this smells like some cheap overpowering drugstore scent to me. It also gives me a migraine when I smell it on someone. I am in my 20's and prefer a younger lighter scent. Good advice: pick another one...

  • SHARRIE12/26/2004

    i adore j'adore. fantastic. smooth. settling. wow. have jadore now tranquility. wonderful

  • SHAMIR12/17/2004

    since it's very popular and tons of people wear this perfum, i decided to try it out...but what i dissappointment i got, j'adore is not unique smelling at all! there's nothing appealing, sexy about it, just smells like a cheap bouquet of flowers from the grocery store. I really wanted to like it, but too bad i guess. After i tried it I had my friend try it, who has very good taste in fragrances, and she said the same thing about it. For the people who wear this perfum, it smells good, but it's not something that will make you stand out in a crowd.

  • FRANCINE12/14/2004

    The fragrance of J'adore is interesting. My young daughter likes it, but I think it smells too strong.

  • GERTIE V.12/14/2004

    I've been a model for 40 years and now I work at a perfume counter in Alabama. I think the most popular perfume sold is J'adore by Dior. And as a beautiful model with this perfume (yes I am still single), I must say men come my way. Every gal should have J'adore by Dior and shout "J'aaaaaaaaaaah-dor".

  • KRISTEN12/13/2004

    I love this perfume! I get many flattering comments on the wonderful scent.

  • LORI LYNN12/13/2004

    This is a clean, sexy, fun scent. A must have. My other favorates are: Very Sexy #1 by Victoria's Secret, Coco Madamosele by Chanel, and (New) Basic Instinct by Victoria's Secret.

  • LB12/09/2004

    J'adore is lovely at first, but quickly becomes so cloyingly sweet that the other notes are overpowered UNLESS the fragrance is applied very sparingly. I found this to be true in my case, as well as for other women. My 60 year-old mother-in-law flipped when she smelled this on a 20-something friend of her daughter; the scent was easily detected because the girl was simply drowning in it! My MIL liked it so much that I gave her a big bottle last Christmas, and she had already run out by her birthday in August, yikes! I gave her another bottle and now she has a super-sweet, hazy cloud around her that makes you want to avoid physical contact. To be perfectly honest, she smells like a stereotypical "old lady", and she's too young for that yet! Lovers of J'adore, don't let this happen to you! Apply sparingly and we will all thank you for it.

  • WADE12/05/2004

    My complete and utter favorite. I will only buy J'adore for the girls I like. It is the best ever.

  • SHARRIE12/04/2004

    i adore j'adore, one of my favs, pleazed to the bones, cant get enough, very telepathic

  • JIM11/16/2004

    Very attractive fragrance. Wear it and men will approve. :)

  • TLD11/12/2004

    I wasn't so keen on this at first but it has really grown on me and I actually bought it today. It is a modern, sexy and feminine scent that only needs a little spray for maximum impact. It doesn't try to be too clever or orginal - It's just a lovely, traditional fragrance.

  • TERESA R.10/13/2004

    this is something i can wear all year round.. always a hit!

  • SUSAN09/26/2004

    I really enjoy this perfume, it does well on me. It has a lovely floral, not overly sweet fragrance BUT it can really stink on some people whose chemistry does not hold the true scent. For instance, my friend cannot wear this at all, it turns very sour on her almost immediately. Advice you try this scent first before you buy.

  • BEAUTIFUL SCENT09/15/2004

    Just want to add my comment because this smell IS SO WONDERFULL!! Its the smell of a confident, sexy women! Its not floral or weak or to strong, its perfect. I garantee, u will be satisfied!

  • LINDA09/04/2004

    I've read some comments that have said that they find this fragrance nausea inducing , but whenever I wear it, everyone always has compliments for me.

  • LINDY09/03/2004

    come on people this has to be one of the best scents created in the 21st century. It is simply lovely.

  • SHANNON08/31/2004

    I think you have to like florals to enjoy this scent. Others have said they find it too strong or cloying, but I found that after the initial headiness of the first spritz it blended beautifully with my chemistry. I think this one will be around for a long time: smells delicious!

  • STEPHANIE08/26/2004

    This is a very versatile scent you can where anytime, anywhere. It lasts all day and stays beautiful all day. I get lots of compliments.

  • PASHA08/01/2004

    Maybe it was the combination of her personal aura, but I have personally worn J'Adore since it was introduced and EVERYONE tells me it smells fantastic, even strangers who pass by me! Courtney was correst when she said the scent stayed with her, it IS lasting, but doesn't turn stale. J'Adore is a very sexy, alluring, and rich perfume.

  • CRISTINA07/13/2004

    i tried so hard to like this fragrance,I bought a bottle last year and from time to time when wanying to change a perfume I give a try but no way,I dont know what has in it,I read a lot of descriptions,but I cant find the flowers,I cant find nothing special in it,I cant understand why is this a winner,I am so sorry,I feel on me only a huuuuge LEMONNNN scent and nothing else,I dont know what else to say,this isnt so bad,but,nothing and nothing special sorry sorry sorry...

  • COURTNEY06/27/2004

    I agree with a previous Jadore user named Mary K. This scent is nauseating. I tried desperately to wash it off. I showered and still could not completely get the smell off! To all of you previous to my message who called this 'sophisticated'. Your sadly mistaken... unless you consider nauseation to be sophisticated. Don't waste your money and pick another one!

  • NEETU K RILEY05/25/2004

    I think this perfume is very sophisticated and has a wonderful beautiful smell. It does seem like you have to put quite a bit on for the scent to last. It reminds me of an exotic fragrant flower. I wear it during ther day and at night.

  • HELENA05/20/2004

    I love this perfume, it's so subtle yet sexy. I'm using the third bottle already. One of the Dior's best IMO.

  • MARY K.05/06/2004

    PEE-EWWWWW!!!! Sorry, but that is the reaction I had when I wore this. I tried desperately to wash it off, but it is VERY persistent!!! Nauseating!

  • SAMIUN04/30/2004

    it's a very nice perfume, i find it not too strong or not too light, i like it better than the summer Fragance of Jadore.

  • KATHY04/28/2004

    You have to have a classic taste to love this fragrance. Seems it is to sophisticated for some....

  • CONNIE04/22/2004

    Jadore does not smell good to me. It actually has that type of scent that makes one nauseated.

  • JAYDEE04/19/2004

    I was hoping that I would like this--seeing that it received a Fifi award and all the positive posts on this fragrance. I'm looking for a new fresh floral scent, but this was not it. It just didn't do anything for me.

  • KAYLA04/07/2004

    Jadore is way too sweet smelling and floral. They should have backed off on those notes a bit.

  • BRANDY04/07/2004

    This one would be great for my grandmother. It has that kind of heavy smell that just sits there.

  • BRITTANY04/07/2004

    Don't spend your money on this one. It has such a strong and too sweet smelling scent. I find it offensive and it gives me a headache.

  • TANYA04/06/2004

    J'adore stinks. I do not like this one at all.

  • KAMILL03/26/2004

    i wear this perfume from time to time and i absolutelly love it, simply because there is no fashion for j'adore - it became a true classic. so soft yet zesty,fresh and clean yet feminine and quite sensual - i don't know about others but i just love it. i tend to wear only new perfumes IT perfumes, but j'adore is my classic - try it!

  • MEGHAN03/26/2004

    This perfume is offensive to me and causes a migraine every time I smell it. It is by far too sweet. Most perfumes/colognes I like and can handle even strong ones but this J'adore is on the bottom of my list. I would not recommend it unless you want a Really Heavy and Super Sweet smelling cologne.

  • CRYSTAL03/16/2004

    I love this perfume. It's one of the best Dior has done. Like and clean smelling and good for the office.

  • ARABELLE03/14/2004

    You can't believe it but from time to time I use to inhale "J'adore" to cure my depression. It's fantastic and it works on my noradrenaline& serotonine system!

  • ASHLEY02/16/2004

    This perfume is AMAZING! I have never used a whole bottle of perfume before, but i loved it so much i wore it all the time and used all of it in 3 months! J'adore means "i love" in french, and oui oui, I LOVE!

  • LISA02/10/2004

    It seems one either loves it or hates it completely. The eau de J'Adore is perfect. Very subtle and ideal for every day.

  • NEL02/09/2004

    J"ADORE smells like soap, clean but not for me.

  • PAZZO02/04/2004

    I personally think it just has a good bottle.They should have worked harder on the product than on the packaging.

  • MELANIE02/02/2004

    This smell is awful! Way too strong... smells like you just stepped out of the perfume factory. Too sweet, makes me nauseated.

  • TARA01/30/2004

    This scent is offensive. It is too strong. Save your money and find something else.

  • ANN01/30/2004

    This smell is the kind that gives you a bad headache. My husband's ex wore it and when I smelled it I knew why she wore it. It makes me feel sick when I smell it.

  • NEL01/27/2004

    when i read this fragrance was the winner of the 29th annual fifi itought wow this must be a great fragrance so i went and got it i was very disapointed it is so light and does not last.

  • LOUISE12/26/2003

    I'm wearing this today: I got a sample spray when I ordered another fragrance from Sephora. I don't know, I smell gardenia in J'Adore, or some other heavy white flower. I think it's okay, but I'm afraid if I wore any more than one squirt I'd offend my coworkers.

  • NICOLE12/21/2003

    I LOVE J'Adore, how can any one deteste it! It is the best smelling perfume! You are crazy if you think it is something for your granny! This is a youthful, wonderful, and exciting smell! How can you not fall in love! And the bottle is sexy and beautiful!

  • DEE DEE12/14/2003

    The best way I can describe this scent is soapy. Not dish soap, or laundry soap, but a fancy body soap. I think it smells exactly like soap. I do like wearing it to work because it does give a clean scent that is appropriate for office wear.

  • KI-KI 7711/30/2003

    This is just a so-so floral. Nothing special, really. The most beautiful thing about it is the bottle, nothing else. Floral and only floral notes in it are too harsh, a bit green, it lacks complexity.

  • MA11/28/2003

    i loved it at first it smelled so good, but now there is something bout it that makes me hate the smell.

  • ANNA 11/25/2003

    What is it with you children and your grannies? I wish my grandmother was so hip that she'd wear this! A classic is a classic..look at "Joy" for example..

  • CHRISSY11/24/2003

    I dont think this is anything so fantastic..especially considering the FiFi and all the buzz about this scent..I think its too floral.

  • ABIGAIL11/17/2003

    I agree with the comments that J'Adore is sharp at first. A whiff out of the bottle and I sense beer. Not a good thing, by the way. But after a half hour to hour, it evolves into a delicious floral scent. Has anyone tried the EDP?

  • FIMA11/10/2003

    This is a beautiful perfume. However, once i sprayed it on myself, i noticed how sharp and (almost) too strong the scent is. I really wanted to like J'Adore because I have heard so many good comments about it. I liked it the best after wearing it for about 5 hours, when it was begining to fade. At this point, it had an ethereal, mysterious scent. However, that's too long of a wait for me to like the fragrance. The lotion lasts for an amazing amount of time as well.

  • ANGAL11/04/2003

    Not for me! this scent does not mix well with my body chemistry it left a musky aroma after I would put it on I dont think I need to go any further you get the point.

  • DEBBIE10/23/2003

    ...give this one a solid chance, afterall it is a pretty scent. And that's all it is, I am afraid-- a pretty scent. No mystery, no allure, totally floral. And it completely-and i mean COMPLETELY-disappears on me. In all fairness though, I have smelled this on a lot of other women and it is a pleasant smell. I am the perfume type who needs something more spicy, a bit more full, especially now that the cold weather is here!!

  • EVELYN10/20/2003

    Its great , not for everyone , I love it

  • YAZMIN09/28/2003

    It is EXCELLENT! I was smelling fragrances at Sephora, and I was not very impressed with many of the them until I came across this J'Adore. It is perfect for office wear and daywear--I have never been this excited about a fragrance before --and I love fragrances. Try it--u won't regret it!!

  • LUCY09/24/2003

    Actually I really like this fragrance because I have always enjoyed fruity florals. It is too STRONG though and it makes my head hurt if I wear a normal spritz on both wrists and on my neck. In order for it to be okay for me, I have sprayed it in the air and walked through it. My boyfriend HATES it! He thinks it smells like girls he knew in junior high school.

  • VERY PICKY GIRL09/22/2003

    J'adore is THE best fragrance I have ever smelled. I went to a perfume store and tested almost every perfume... and this was IT. I just finished a 1.7 bottle in less than a year and I'm buying the 3.4. This smell is one you will never get bored with. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED~!!

  • SUZANNE09/16/2003

    Cloying, heavy, boring, ideal for your granny!

  • DESI09/12/2003

    I absolutely love this scent.I am a perfume lover and at the same time very picky but I believe that this is the best perfume out there. It is very feminine and sexy.

  • MAR09/09/2003

    perfect for the day or when you just want to smell very nice but not overpowering. i love this smell!

  • GOOCH07/18/2003

    The only perfume that really feels like part of my skin, its tantalising and sexy, I adore it!

  • KRISA07/16/2003

    classy and sweet. a little sexy. i like this a lot

  • VANILLALION07/09/2003

    Wonderful layered over the perfumed lotion or just great alone. Nice Summer fragrance (or any time). Very, very nice.

  • DIA06/27/2003

    This is one of the most enticing fragnances i have smelt and dwelled on in a long time! Makes Heads turn, everyone asks what i'm wearing, specially men love it!

  • XX-PERFUMELOVER06/25/2003

    Not a great scent (except a wonderful bottle). There's something annoying in it, pretty artificial scent.

  • ALEX06/24/2003

    I like this perfume a lot, but I don't use it very often. It has very nice top notes, then it turns a bit bothering...and the smells seems to last for a long time--good thing for people who love the bottom notes, but not a good news for those who cannot stand smelling it for a whole week...

  • MACHIKO06/14/2003

    I always use Diorissimo but I'm wearing J'adore this summer. I love it of course next to Diorissimo.

  • CHANDRA06/02/2003


  • JENNY06/02/2003

    i am a weirdo. i like this thing! nehoivan.

  • KELL06/01/2003

    This one smells good on people, but it is personally too strong for me. I can't wear strong scents. I love it on other people. I wish I could wear it.

  • NALINI05/27/2003

    A very European fragrance. It smells wonderful and always reminds me of Autumn Paris Evenings

  • MIRA05/26/2003

    Nice floral, nice, not overpowering or cloying. Good to wear anytime.

  • MALEAH05/26/2003

    When I first started using J'Adore, I found it to have a pleasant scent. Eventually it started to annoy me, I don't know why, but I just didn't like it anymore. I gave the remaining bottle to my sister, she thought it was ok, not that great. I wouldn't buy it again.

  • MURKI05/14/2003

    Reminds of Tiffany for some odd reason, in that it is crisp and classy.

  • DAISY05/03/2003


  • LYNDA04/21/2003


  • AVI GADKAR04/15/2003

    This is amazing, how many will Christian Dior bring out more, difficult to select, Jadore though is my first choice of gift to my girl.

  • LALA04/12/2003

    smells great 4 stars

  • AVINASH04/09/2003

    No wonder women smell so sweet and appealing.

  • JANKA03/25/2003

    my favourite parfum,i love it!wonderfull and my boyfriend loves it too!

  • YO-YO03/24/2003

    No, I can't wear it. Synthetic drydown. Boring!

  • JACQUELINE03/13/2003

    It's all I wear and what I want for a gift!!!!!! It's a WINNER.

  • MELISSA03/04/2003

    This fragrance is great and last a long time. Highly Reccommend!!

  • MELH02/27/2003

    I smelled J'adore some months ago and didn't like it! Then a friend of mine started wearing it and I liked it on her. A few days ago a saleswoman gave me a sample, i sprayed it on and thought: this is the perfume for me!

  • MARIA02/22/2003

    I don't care for this at all - so boring stuff...The Summer Fragrance is - on the contrary - very good.

  • JEAN CLAUDE02/17/2003

    Is this some sort of aphrodisiac? Every time my girfriend wears it I want to jump her bones! I love it!

  • SUNRIZE BEAUTEE02/08/2003

    When I received a sample in the mail, I had to purchase it. This is one of the best fragrances that I ever bought.

  • OANA02/06/2003

    Dear Ginny, I love J'adore and in case you want to get ridd of yours, please count me in.. my email adress is [email protected].. Thank you

  • OANA02/06/2003

    Dear Ginny, I love J'adore and in case you want to get ridd of yours, please count me in.. my email adress is [email protected].. Thank you

  • KELLY02/02/2003

    I *Love* this perfume. Wow!!

  • CHARLENE02/02/2003


  • NINNA02/01/2003

    This is very conventional and boring fragrance with no depth at all. It is really nice if some women can find something aluring in it because the bottle and the whole range's packaging is great. Like some other posts I find the Summer Fragrance much nicer, too. It is different, soft and feminine. I liked it from the first moment I tried it. I'll check its staying power once again.

  • SPONGEBOB01/17/2003

    strong and strange smelling. Blechh!

  • TAMAR01/15/2003

    At first I didn't want to try this perfume because it smelt cloying out of the bottle. Tried it anyway and it smells very pleasant, light and long lasting on me. HOWEVER, I know of a very simular, just as pleasant and long lasting perfume as J'adore but MUCH cheaper - no brand name perfume.

  • SHOWN01/14/2003

    smooth and cuddly the design.

  • HALLEY01/10/2003

    the best Female fragrance of the 21st century!

  • DEBBIE01/03/2003

    I tried this one on at my Mom's house and even though I think it is a very pretty smell, it just does not do it for me. I am 30 years old and I have gone through A LOT of scents. I now realize woodier, spicer scents are the best for me. I think J'Adore is a good scent indeed, but I feel it is for the very young. The dry-down on me reminded me of Ralph by Ralph Lauren. By the way, my Mom thought it was so pretty too but the bottle was more or less full and there was some dust!! Meanwhile, the Aromatics Elixir bottle was almost empty. Like mother , like daughter!

  • ELLE12/27/2002

    I think that this fragrance is for anyone. It is truly a beautiful scent and cannot be beat by many fragrances.

  • HOMEGAL12/20/2002

    Is this one for teens ????

  • SUSAN12/19/2002

    This perfume has a wonderful smell, but it is one of those perfumes that its a hit or miss with your chemistry. Recommend trying a tester first before buying.

  • ALEX12/11/2002

    I travel through my school one day and I walk by a spot where a girl had been standing she was wearing j'adore I stopped and stood there and boy did it smell good. I am a boy and I have worn this to work. Embaressing and totally feminine so that was a bad expeirience but it totally turns me on!

  • ALLISS12/04/2002

    This stuff doesn't smell like bathroom cleaner it smells like a love potion that get's me guys and it sells sooooooo good!

  • CRISTINA12/04/2002

    Boy do I agree with Cruisten! But Ralph is not better than J'adore it's equal. Gift of the Heavens!

  • CRUISTIN12/01/2002

    The only perfume that is better is Lauren By Ralph lauren!

  • MONICA11/26/2002


  • BOB R.11/25/2002

    Ladies careful when you wear this. It turns me on and makes me a love slave. It is the secret of Cupid or something. I would recomend this totally for girls. Guys will love you.

  • TRACY DEE11/16/2002

    I have a basically full bottle of J'Adore. I may have spritzed it twice. It's just too strong for me. My question is, does anyone have a similar situation who wants to trade? If so, pls e-mail me at [email protected] and please put J'Adore in the subject line. Thanks in advance for your interest!

  • TAMMY10/29/2002

    This is a wonderfully feminine fragrance. Don't try it so I can keep it to myself.

  • KELLY10/14/2002

    I am only 16 but I where this every day mostly, I am told I smell great! I love the scent and so does everyone around me! It is strong but it is perfect! I would recommend this item to anyone who likes to smell fantastic and wants to feel great about them

  • VERONICA10/05/2002

    I'm thinking of buying this fragrance because of so many good comments about it. However, I've never smelled it before. Are there any other fragrance that smells similar to it?

  • LOLA10/01/2002

    ...Pas du tout!I never cared for this one,I just couldn't connect with it. BUT I just sampled Dior's latest,it's called Addict and I think it will be very succesfull...Too much so,in fact.It is so nice that it will be the only thing people will smell on the streets.If it truly is a great perfume, it will stand the test of time.So at least for now,I will pass on this delicious concoction,(who wants to smell like everyone else anyway?) but I think it will be a marketing explosion.

  • DORI09/29/2002

    I don't care for this: it is really "chemical" as Susan said in a previous mesage. But I like "J'Adore Summer" a lot! It is much warmer and more natural scent that is soft and sensual on the skin.

  • SUSAN09/25/2002

    A cloying, "chemical" floral...smells like bathroom cleaner.

  • MEOW09/03/2002

    Woody, soft & floral. One of my collection.

  • AMY08/23/2002

    I have never worn this scent, but I have smelled it on others and I think it smells wonderful!

  • 2010WOMAN08/22/2002

    I think this is simply the best of all the new fragrances that are coming out including Michael and Marc Jacobs. I don't really care for floral fragrances that much but the other day I was in a hurry on my lunch hour and I was trying to buy some soap and I just told the saleslady to give me the J'adore soap since it was the closest displayed fragrance to where I was standing. Now I'm really glad I was in a hurry because J'adore smells so wonderful. Unlike some of the newer fragrances out there this one is complex, well balanced, and it is not cheaply made. Also, this one was definately created to be around for a long time. Thank God for Dior.

  • ENI06/27/2002

    What about J'Adore Summer Fragrance? Is it much different? Is it alcohol-free? Lot of questions. Thanks!

  • JENNA06/22/2002

    I love this perfume because it has just a really nice smell. All my guy friends love it which is wierd for teenagers but that's ok because I just like it.

  • RUBY06/18/2002

    When I smelled it in the store, I thought it smelled too sweat, nondescript, and cheap. But after actually wearing it all day one day, I loved it! This one really melds in with your chemistry and smells warm, soft, sexy, and alluring. Not just your average floral sweet scent after all!

  • JEANNIE06/16/2002

    I received Jadore'by default. When my favorite aunt passed away my uncle gave me her collection of fragrances. I have used Jadore'for a year now and am asked daily what I have on. I am daily reminded of my aunt and the beautiful life she had and enjoy the beauty of her fragrance.

  • COLEY06/11/2002

    My aunt bought it for me but I am not that impressed. It reminds me of older women sitting in church who like to wear very floral frangrances.

  • IZABEL AKA DJI06/07/2002

    Again I was standing at the perfume counter......I was so tired of the old fragrances and my mind and nose was looing for....a real,new perfume that will capture my senses.....A lady came by me and offer me a name sounded cool....Christian Dior-l'homme bien connu dans la monde de la de les parfumes...good I should try this ....and I wasn't disappointed! My first reaction was saying out loud "J'adore J'adore!" even the lady knew no French:)And from that day my days are filled with a great scent and I can say whenever: J'ADORE J'adore because this is my favorite perfume and the one that I wore it every day!

  • BRIAN05/14/2002

    you may know me as Brian: professional cologne tester and lover. Not a tester of perfumes! But my girlfriend and I both think Christian Dior is the best fragrance company in the world. She wears this and it makes me want her! Very sexy and elegant. All purpose perfume. I would also recomend Dune by Christian Dior. Which is a refreshing oriental scent. JADORE IS THE BOMB! I wish C. Dior made a cologne for men out of this stuff. Keep it as it is but make it a little more manly smelling.

  • NATALYA05/01/2002

    J'Adore is my signature perfume. I love it, so do everyone else around me. I have never received so many compliments on a perfume. Smells very flowery, and it stays on the whole day.

  • DJI04/29/2002

    I can't live without this parfume! I have to have it all the time! I feel so good when I wear it and all the time I receive compliments! This is the best parfume!I recommand it to everyone that wants to smell good but...not cheap:)

  • DL04/29/2002

    I love this scent.

  • GINNY04/17/2002

    My skin does not have the chemistry for this stuff, and I felt as though I'd stepped out of a brothel after I put it on. The rest of you are lucky to have it blend in with your chemistry. Now I have a bottle (a gift) that I'm giving away. Even the cat hates it.

  • GINNY04/17/2002

    My skin does not have the chemistry for this stuff, and I felt as though I'd stepped out of a brothel after I put it on. The rest of you are lucky to have it blend in with your chemistry. Now I have a bottle (a gift) that I'm giving away. Even the cat hates it.

  • CARLA04/02/2002

    I bought this one for the bottle I am afraid. It is sweet and I intend sweet also as pretty, but sharp and even a little cloying, sticky in the end. The bottle is beautiful though, but usually i go and wash it off after i have worn it for a while

  • SHERRY03/22/2002

    Absolutely the best fragrance I've had in a long time! i will never use another! it drives my boyfriend WILD!

  • DIANA03/16/2002

    If J'adore seems too sweet for you then try the summer J'adore or use the colonge not the EDP.

  • DIANA03/16/2002

    Remember Me was made exclusively for Saks Fifth Ave. You may have luck there.

  • SADDIQUE'S N' I03/14/2002

    it's actually my birth gift! but i never bought then when my kazen give a speciall gift for me...that i'm so suprise to have a bottle of JADORE...then when the first time i used it...then my boyfriend said that i smelt the same time we hangging around with those friend of mine.....they also asking for the smelt whice is so.....niceee.....ummmm!!

  • STACEY03/14/2002

    I originally tested this scent in a magazine. After I purchased it, I was totally happy with the way it smelled on me also. People seem to like it when I wear it and it is one of my favorites.

  • JANE02/26/2002

    Well, I got this perfume from my friend, and I really love it! It's total feminine and it was the most feminine perfume in whole Norway! It's incredible that people can have the same taste as mine!!!

  • MICHELLE K.02/07/2002

    This is an evening scent, very warm not at all overpowering. Both men and women love it!

  • MARY01/26/2002

    Love this scent and have worn it for 2 years! Stays on and have gotten many compliments wearing it! How can anyone say this is a cheap scent....they need a new nose!

  • ANGELINA01/21/2002

    I agree with Tracy in that J'adore smells a perfume you can buy at Genovese..I'm not saying that Christian Dior is notorious for making cheap scents because I wear and love Dune. Then again Tracy, I'm not sure people are going to trust your nose, I mean White Shoulders...common now, that is a horrible scent. If you guys want a great scent that people will stop to compliment you on, you will go out and buy Jivago 24k. Now this is a smell one an really appreciate. No offense just giving you all a little tip.

  • NADINE12/26/2001

    I fell in love with this frangance the moment the sales-lady sprayed it on the card. I knew i had to buy it....cus I've not smelled such a great scent for quite a while now. As u can say, it was "love at first scent"!!!!

  • LT12/09/2001

    I completely agree with Mai. I was very dissapointed with J'Adore, and I don't see anything special in it. Average or less than an average,a boring floral fragrance. If it is only "formal" as some of you said - there are so many "formal" and elegant perfumes out there with more personality!

  • MAI12/09/2001

    This couldn't be more average....

  • PETRINA12/07/2001

    J'Adore is a wonderful fragrance, sensual yet fresh...does anyone know where to find CD's limited edition "Remember Me"? i bought it beginining of '01 and its running out!...thnx...

  • PATRICIA11/30/2001

    It remindes me a lot of Cartier's "So Pretty"!

  • KMABILE11/24/2001


  • KAREN M11/24/2001

    "THE BEST"

  • TINA11/24/2001

    What does it smell like? You all adore it so much, I would like to know is it similar to E.Lauder's "Pleasures", or Lancome's "Miracle", or Lauren's "Romance" or Salvatore Ferragamo or some other floral perfumes like those... I've tried it once, and I couldn't decide... the fragrance was so weak on me, I was not able to describe it or to remember it. But now when I read your posts I would like to give J'Adore a second chance. It seems it's really something, and the body range is very attractive: body cream, bath products etc. So, could anyone describe me better J'Adore? Isn't it too flowery? Does it have a green note (because I don't like green perfumes like "5th Avenue", "Truth", "Cerruti-Image" and so). Thanks in advance for help!

  • AMBER11/19/2001

    i have worked around many different kinds of perfume. i would have to say that this is the ultimate scent for any occasion. you cannot go wrong. 10

  • MSPUGPUG11/19/2001

    I bought J'Adore about 10 months ago and have worn it every day since then. This scent is beautiful and really does last all day. Alas, I've not had it happen to this extent before, but I put it on and just can't smell it anymore...time to find a new signature scent. I have NEVER worn a fragrance and gotten so many compliments from total strangers...highly recommended!

  • VY10/22/2001

    The perfume created by Christian Doir is simply elegant. I hope once you come across it you will enjoy it as much as i do, i hope to make it my signature scent.

  • VIKI09/17/2001

    NOTHING at all. I don't like it. Bottle is nice, but fragrance is without personality, weak and hard to remember.

  • MAGGIE09/04/2001

    J'Adore the way it smells!:)

  • HRBETTYBOOP08/29/2001


  • JENNIFER08/29/2001

    Love it!!! I have never had a perfume get so many compliments. People would stop me and ask what I was wearing. It is well worth the money.

  • CATARINA08/23/2001

    I think this fragrance is very similar to Estee Lauder's Dazzling Gold, but a lot sweeter. I like Dazzling Gold better.

  • BAD_KEELER08/19/2001

    I Love this scent! My mom-in-law bought it in Paris for my b-day and I couldn't be happier! My husband loves it too! ~.~ I love Pleasure also!

  • STEPHK08/15/2001

    My mother recently switched from Beautiful to J'Adore. Nothing has ever smelled so wonderful on her. J'Adore is really a great fragrance.

  • KAREN08/14/2001

    I changed fragrances after 15 years. It too me a short time to decide on J' lover suggested it and it's a hit....with him, in the office, everywhere....light but impressive!

  • JOHN08/08/2001

    My lady friend introduced my senses to this product, and I find it to be absolutely divine on her, and have since ordered her a larger bottle to re-supply her inventory!

  • JOLENE08/07/2001

    I like J'adore quite a lot. It smells wonderful! Although I prefer older, classic fragrances, J'adore is a very nice "newer" fragrance. It's one of the best by Dior.

  • LEAH07/12/2001

    Won the FIFI award, they really got it right with this one, it is delicious., my first Dior. love it, have 2 bottles, it is delicious!!!

  • RONIE07/12/2001

    FYI - J'adore won the 29th Annual Fragrance Foundation's FIFI Awards for being 2nd of five in the U.S. women's fragrance star of the year division. I keep an extra bottle in my desk drawer. A few of the women in my section secretly sneak a spray from time to time. Men love it!

  • JESS07/09/2001

    Simply put J'adore smells GORGEOUS!!

  • SHUGG07/03/2001


  • VICKI06/25/2001


  • CHEY06/22/2001

    I recently switched to j'adore and I am not disappointed. I love it. It makes me feel sensual and beautiful. I love the scent and it is strong but I also agree that it levels out after a short while and it does last the entire day.

  • JAN06/13/2001

    I've been wearing J'adore for over a year now. It's the perfect perfume for day and night, soft, sensual, feminine. Men absolutely love this perfume. I get asked all the time what I'm wearing bye men. Once I wore Victoria's Secret Dream Angels and my boyfriend asked why I changed! The lotion makes my skin feel very soft too. My daughter also steals my bottle, I have to double up next time I go shopping! This is the best perfume I've ever worn. I can see why it won an award.

  • CAMILLE06/12/2001

    There aren't many words that I can use to describe this perfume---it's utterly beautiful and makes me feel like a WOMAN when I wear it

  • CINDY06/05/2001

    This fragrance is very exotic & sensual, it drives any man absolutely wild!!!

  • ASHLEY05/31/2001

    This is a wonderful perfume. I'm actually wearing it right now. Anyone who is weraing White shoulders needs to come into the here and now. It is a sweet smell. it is strong at first but levels out very quickly, and it lasts all day.

  • FRANCESCA05/05/2001

    When I heard that J'Adore had just won a Perfume of the Year award, I wanted to smell it. The voters were right. This is a sexy perfume that lasts but is not overpowering or too sweet. My daughter keeps stealing my bottle.

  • GERRI04/30/2001

    I had alot of compliment's....on this perfume...It's strong when you first put it on but after a few minute's it's great!The more you smell the sent the more you like it! Wear it anytime!

  • TRACY04/21/2001

    I thought I'd give this perfume a shot and after I tried it, I found it overwhelming sweet and cheap smelling. I was equally disappointed in Estee Lauder's Pleasures. Maybe it's just that these two fragrances don't jive with my chemistry. Guess I'm more the White Shoulders, Aeromatics, Paloma Picasso type...

  • ANDREA02/09/2001

    Light and flowery. Very feminine and soft.

  • ANGELICA12/23/2000


  • ANONYMOUS12/06/2000

    It's a very nice fragrance! Lots of compliments. Perfect for a night on the town because it lasts for a long time!

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