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Contradiction Calvin Klein Image

Calvin Klein


34 Reviews

A crisp, tangy blend of lime, tangerine, sage and lavender, colored with cardamom, coriander, nutmeg and pepper. Contrasting warmth follows as ebony, vetiver and sandalwood take over. Finally, musk and amber leave the skin with a delicately sensual trace.

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A crisp, tangy blend of lime, tangerine, sage and lavender, colored with cardamom, coriander, nutmeg and pepper. Contrasting warmth follows as ebony, vetiver and sandalwood take over. Finally, musk and amber leave the skin with a delicately sensual trace.

  • GREG THOMAS12/27/2011

    Slightly sweet fragrance for me. Gave it to my 23 year old son who liked it.

  • KEVINB.11/17/2007

    Im not usually for the subtle type fragrances, but this one lasts longer than the other subtles out there, and others can actually smell it, i like it.

  • PERFUME NEWBIE12/17/2006

    I bought this for my man after sniffing lots of colognes for Xmas last year. It was the best I found. The name is apt, for the contradiction is the sporty, fresh, aqua scent that snags my interest from the moment he sprays the underlying warmth of muskiness/man that rounds it out. Not too strong, very pleasing. There is a note of pine that is reminiscent of Norsca (bodywashes etc) for me. He uses it all the time.

  • TONY T01/23/2006

    cologne. not too spicy, not too warm, and not too fruity but a great all around casual,everyday scent. surprised that this is not more popular. can do battle with other understated spicy sleepers such as incanto and deep. don,t know about basi homme, i have not sampled it.


    Too much pepper in the high notes and too overpowering base notes. CK has never been great at perfumery and this is one indisputable evidence as proof. The only saving comment for their effort is that this one is deinitely long-lasting.

  • PAUL10/04/2005

    First smelt my dads, then wanted my own. Very sexy fragrance that should be used infrequently on those special dates, it is quite a masculine smell though.

  • MARC09/09/2005

    This is one of the great ones. I guess, like everything, whether or not you like Contradiction is just a matter of personal taste. I cannot believe the reviews by people that do not like it. Contradiction is strong, so you just a little - maybe people are overapplying it. The point is this is a five-star, as far as I am concerned. I get compliments every time I wear it. It is overtly sexy and interesting - well named because it has a couple of things going on. I think it is more appropriate for a night out than it is for the office because it definitely conjures up, well, thoughts of sex. Contradiction will always be among the three colognes in my collection, along with Aqua di Parma and Armani - to cover all moods and occasions.

  • ANITA08/11/2005

    I had a chance to smell a sample of Contradiction for men... and it surprised me that it smells remarkably like Reserve for women by Perry Ellis! I don't know about Reserve for Men, though... but it definitely smells like Reserve (for women, though)... Anyone else felt that too?

  • NIKITA04/20/2005

    If a cologne is going to give me a headache then at least let it smell good. Contradiction does not. It was not worth the headache. This cologne is a waste of money. I tried to appreciate it but cant.The fig note in there is just too pronounced. One guy had it on and it smelled like diaper. If you have to have a CK cologne I would recommend Eternity Summer of Ck Be.

  • MICHAEL03/15/2005

    I always come back to this one simply because it's the best. However, I was dissapointed to learn CK discontinued this in the major department stores.

  • NIKITA 03/12/2005

    Hate this cologne so much I want to bust the bottle. Smelled the sample years ago when it came out, then bought it and was so disappointed that it didn't smell like the sample. It's just one of those colognes that I can't wait to be through with in my collection. Everytime I wear it I smelled like diaper. I have wasted so much money on cologne trying to find a smell that doesn't smell like all that bullcrap that they have out. I am 22 and am stuck with cologne that I bought and hate now like Cerruti Image and the dreaded Contradiction.

  • PEPE LEPEW03/10/2005

    This scent is actually pretty nice smelling however it doesn't make a very good first impression. At first I hated it, thought it smelt like saturated tea leaves or wet wood. But for some reason I tried it again about 3 months later and it was pretty nice smelling. When wet it smelt like leaves and not too good but upon immediate dry down the notes came out. It's oriental, a tad spicy and kinda fruity like figs or berries mixed with a little tea. It's really is intriquing and subtlely captivating. It's casual, warm and sensual. Romantic not too sure about that. Not a club or bar scent but one you'd wear around the house when your gal is around or while sharing time with your gal at lunch or coffee. I recommend it before it is gone forever. It was discontinued. MHO

  • CAIUS10/02/2004

    Do not buy this fragrance. Horrible smell like rotten wood. If you like Calvin Klein, go for Escape or Eternity. Avoid "Contradiction"

  • BRS09/19/2004

    where is the scent? Only thing I can guess this is a pretty low key cologne. Just enough to make you smell a little better but not enough to make you a cologne magnet. This is for office use if anything. Smell is alright.

  • DOUG08/18/2004

    Don't regard any of the crap below. It rules, you'll be an indisputable babe magnet.

  • JUSTIN07/30/2004

    This thing smells like mop n glo,I don't know how CK could come up with a fragrance like this. Fellas,don't flush your hard earned cash down the toilet in buying this one. You'll be kicking yourselves like me if you did.

  • DAVE06/25/2004

    Not very good on me - thick and strange.

  • BRAD MEDLING04/06/2004

    I cannot say that I endorse mainstream fragrances as these bit I will say that out of the calvin klein line I like this one the best, obsession next, and if I had to give a third, it would be truth.

  • RYAN07/29/2003

    This fragrance is decidedly masculine scent which blends a peppery lime scent with a subtle woody aroma together to create a distinct, but not over bearing spice. It takes a while to get used to and will smell drastically different from user to user. A good match if it matches well with your body's chemistry.

  • TONY BOLOGNA05/10/2003

    Two words define this cologne more than anything: Pepper and Lime. Whenever I wear contradiction all I can think of is how peppery it is mixed with sharp, tangy lime...great stuff and definitely one of the best.

  • PERFUMEFETISH04/09/2003

    My all time favorite to smell on my man! Makes me want to just eat him all up! So what are u waiting for buy it!!!!!!!!

  • PS04/07/2003

    contradiction is a hard one to put a finger on. one moment it's light and breezy then the next it's spicy and peppery. overall though, it's a very nice and floral fragrance and also very masculine. I'm pretty sure it's a good cologne for romance, (as opposed to wearing it all day in the office or hanging out), but I still like to wear it casually all day. I do warn people not to overdo it with the application, because I tend to get a headache real easy from contradiction when I put too much on - as opposed to something like OP Juice or Longitude Lattitude by Nautica that can literally be dumped on by the gallon and still never be too strong or over bearing.

  • DAWN02/07/2003

    Wonderful. Mr. De Lune should be named De Lunatic.

  • MUSA11/18/2002

    Great product!! So quiet and attractive.

  • SIMONLEO09/03/2002

    another boring fragrance from USA. Stick by underwears Mr. Klein and leave the parfumes to French, Italian, German or Japanese designer.

  • KEN06/23/2002

    Not to bad, abit light, personally i think its too lemony, but either than that its great for the summer

  • COLOGNEJUNKIE06/19/2002

    My GF loves this cologne. She says it's delicious on me!

  • RALPH MOUTH05/10/2002

    It will awaken your primal urges, spin them up and send them into the stratosphere. Don't cheat yourself, you'll become Mr. Desirable. DO YOU HEAR ME????!!!!!

  • SCOTT L03/09/2002

    A delight to wear, not overpowering if worn correctly. If you like this try CK1 and Tommy

  • ANGELA02/27/2002

    Fresh,warm sent with exotic woods and intoxicating spices, very masculine, a powerful and modern fragrance. Unlike alot of the floral scents on the market for men today this is unique.

  • EJAYBEE01/08/2002

    I'm picky,but I like this scent. Worth the buy!

  • MARC01/06/2002

    This is a great fragrance, unique, clean. It will get you noticed.

  • RHONDA11/30/2001

    I think this is a great product. Your nose must be stopped up.

  • CENDRES DE LUNE11/08/2001


  • good balance. sweet topnotes balanced by drier, woodier bottom scent. Finishes beautifully, clean and subdued, with lots of endurance. Especially good if you're not particularly hairy, as body heat brings out the bottom notes strongly.

  • MA09/18/2001

    OK fragrance

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