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Boss No. 6 Hugo Boss Image

Hugo Boss

Boss No. 6   

73 Reviews

Clean, Fresh, Woody. An unmistakeable masculine scent for the man who redefines success, selfconfident and sensuous. A multifaceted fragrance that combines a cool fresh sparkle of fruit with a warm sensuous undertone.

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Clean, Fresh, Woody. An unmistakeable masculine scent for the man who redefines success, selfconfident and sensuous. A multifaceted fragrance that combines a cool fresh sparkle of fruit with a warm sensuous undertone.

  • KAMAL DEEP SHARMA11/06/2012

    Luv this Perfume.!! Superb.!

  • STARLIGHT05/07/2012

    I tried and gave this one so many chances based on + reviews but just overly synthetic and artificial smell to me.It's harsh from the beginning and doesn't dry down to something nice either.If this is the Boss, it's daddy would be Chanel E.P.

  • N2DBLU03/30/2011

    This stuff is fantastic! Fresh, sexy and kinda reminds me a little of Desire by Dunhill and Allure by Chanel which I like both of those as well but I would pick this as tops over the two.

  • DR.FRAG03/28/2010

    this is the stuff worth evry penny i lie i toooo much it is like a secret after spayng it with half or hour there is sth distinguished radiates fom it geat..i like also desel fuel for life , the brave and the great one silver shadow attitude

  • OLIO10/13/2008

    an unique aroma, to me is memorable fragrance for many moments, more than a subjetive point of view, this is a really nice fruity-fresh-sweet with a masculine touch that make it lovely.. the best from hugo boss stuff..

  • BBD06/21/2008

    Probably one of Hugo's best. Close to Lacoste Pour Homme but this is better - the rum/vanilla notes in LPH are too sweet and cloying. Boss has a wonderful balance between vanilla and woods with perhaps a touch of fruit (apple?). There is a subtle metallic note I do not like. Lasts about 5-6 hours on me, but stays close to the skin.

  • PETE HH12/28/2007

    Has become my favourite, a memorable fragrance, though I always refresh after lunch, otherwise it does tend to disappear.

  • PETE HH12/28/2007

    Has become my favourite, a memorable fragrance, though I always refresh after lunch, otherwise it does tend to disappear.

  • J.RIV08/17/2007

    Today I was coming home from playing bal i jumped in the shower. Got out. Got dressed went to my friends house. I get there. He goes: Whats that you're wearing?. I reply: Boss why? He goes," you smell good.. no homo. But you smell different than me when I wear it. You smell like cinnamon and vanilla. I then retort: spray some on. I sprayed some on and rubed it in. I promise you, I am nott kidding. He smelled almost exactly like lighter fluid and charcoal. he smelled like straight fossil fuels. Maybe it was him but OMG he smelled dreadful... WHile I smelled like an angel designed by God and Hugo Boss..

  • J.RIV08/16/2007

    I wont lie I own a few good colognes. Im only 17 but I have decent taste. I have Lacoste' Pour Homme, Carolina Herrera 212 Men, and I recently bought This cologne. I walk in the store.. I swear I go in thinking Joop or Farhenheit by Christian Dior. I go in... me and my girlfriend are testing.. Obession night... no. She didnt like it. I spray Double Black..She said no with enthusiasm lol. I spray Black by Ralph Lauren. Nope. We spray Unforgivable... no. Platinium by Sean Jean... Hell no. She hated Joop. I was just okay with Farhenheit. I hated Joop as well. She tried Obsession. I said no.. she said nahh. We get to Hugo.. Instant classic. I loved it and she was okay with it. I put it on me and... yeah she fell in love with it. It smells real smooth almost like vanilla. But more.. I dont know electric. More Woody!! there we go. Lacoste Pour Homme and this are really good scents.. Both are smooth. I'd give them about the same rating but I think No.6 has some more versatility. I can see this as a business man cologne and then a night time, or daytime out and about thing. Very good scent. Happy cologne hunting!

  • GARY GAYLORD07/20/2007


  • 910207/02/2007

    awesome longevity, nice fruity/spicy_sweet fragance! my bottle is over and i miss the fragance...

  • SERIEL06/06/2007

    I really loved this scent. It has the right balance of notes. It has a warm sweet tone but not in a unisex way. The only downfall is that it does not last more than a few hours.

  • LOS01/05/2007

    Purchased a few years back on the spot from initial sampling. Thought it was awesome! Saleslady at time said it was the most requested and purchased fragrance by men for themselves and their liking! I Kinda got that vibe when wearing per got most inquires from men! Could only get 3hrs. max longevity out of it. Somewhat similar to Lacoste PH being less fruity(absence of plum/rum combo). Slightly synthetic smell from time to time on opening bursts being somewhat "Greasy"(almost like WD-40), but not lasting. Overall, a good scent it is!

  • R. SHRESTHA12/29/2006

    I'm surprised why I haven't bought myself this classic from Hugo Boss for the past 4-5 years, I used to love this back then and so did my ex. This mildly sweet and sensuous cologne is the only one I would wear from Hugo Boss. I'm getting one for myself very soon, ladies... here comes that old charmer again. (not that I was stuck in a rut) lol ;)

  • ERMAC10/03/2006

    Very nice soft & sensual fruity aroma reminds me very much of Dunhill's Desire which is one of my top ten favorites of all time. This is one of the designer's best ones right next to Baldessarini del Mar.

  • ROADRUNNER09/17/2006

    Boss no 6/Boss bottle is smooth operator, the ladies at my work love this scent, I wear different colognes but they like Boss no 6 the most.

  • KIATBKK07/06/2006

    This scent had me asking a man what he was wearing! It took courage though as it's a bit strange to ask strangers. Once I knew it I bought it and yes, I'm in love with this sweet, sexy, sensual scent.

  • TONY T06/26/2006

    like marco said, that can be compared to desire and allure. i guess i made a mistake on the boss soul board.

  • MARCO TESTAVERDE04/28/2006

    Somewhat comparable to Dunhill's Desires but I think I might like this light and awfully sensual fruity/woody aroma a bit better.


    this cologne is so awesome i cant get enough if it ever gets discontinued I sure miss this classic masterpiece.

  • T03/14/2006

    It is refreshing without being too much, fairly wel balanced, alot the pluses without alot of the minuses of other colognes, very good cologne

  • T03/13/2006

    It is a sweetish scent, but I haven't got any negative side effects ie. headaches other allergies, it is a really nice fresh scent, kind of like Gendarme except sweeter and without the negative side effects of the oils.

  • K. WIMPINO02/28/2006

    Fresh, clean and sensual fragrance from Hugo is possibly the designer's best and I do agree that it bears some similarity to Desire and least a great alternative to those two.

  • FAITH02/13/2006

    Like one of the comments someone else had written, I kept smelling myself after I tried on my wrist... N it's meant for my boyfriend... It's too sweet for a man.

  • P.T. STOCTOROCTON12/18/2005

    Wow! Fresh, clean and an utterly sensual classic from Hugo is at about a tie with the new Baldessarini del Mar as far as my liking.

  • MAYA12/05/2005

    I love this fragrance on HIM! It's super sexy, utterly seductive and just masculine enough without being too much. This one is just PERFECT! I find it a perfect scent for work but also for just going out and having fun...

  • ROB H.11/07/2005

    Good to hear from you again, ol' P.E. buddy. In my opinion, you and R.J. are the original kings of this website and seeing your names and ratings on this website is what spawned me to go further with sampling and cologne hunting. Happy cologne hunting, fellow cologne master!

  • W.B.11/04/2005


  • ROB H.11/02/2005

    Finally sampled not too long ago and was shocked on how sensual this fragrance was. Fresh and woody, this babe-magnet is a great alternative to Desire and Sexual.

  • YELLOW DAY07/11/2005

    So nice smell, sweet, light, subtle ...very sensual and warm smell, girls love it, really: sexy, comfortable and long lasting smell for day or night it works for all ocasions..

  • JAYDOG05/26/2005

    I couldn`t stop smelling my self at the mall after I sprayed some of it on my then I went back to the store to get the gift set ....nothing else smells like it its truly exquisite boss#6 rocks!!!!!

  • JAY04/29/2005

    but, since i've had been using it for such a long used to the smell.....the thing about this that you dont spray too much of it on you or else you'll end up smelling like sweat.

  • SUE04/13/2005

    My ex-boyfriend was a fan of this perfume & I always got reminded of him everytime I smell the scent. Its just so manly & sexy. It leaves such a lasting impression on my mind. And oh!! I'm deciding to purchase it for my current beau. ;)

  • TAJSMELLSGOOD04/09/2005

    Smelled this today, amongst other fragrances.Something appealing about it. I cant place it.Wont be too hasty(as Ive been in the past).Definitely will smell again.

  • BRANDON02/28/2005

    When I first smelt it on the tester, it smelt fine, so I bought it, but, I regret buying it, I guess its just not me, it gave me a headache and I cant bear the smell much, what sucks is I bought at 3.4oz bottle... I should have either gotten intuition or reaction, or just stuck with my fave, aqua di gio...... This cologne I think is for old men..

  • RANDY02/07/2005

    This stuff is the best smelling ever! My all-time favorite! However, in order for it to smell, you have to spray seriously like 15 sprays, and even then it dissipates after 2-3 hours. If you only need it for a short period of time, then use it. Personally, I'm switching to a stronger cologne, one that i don't have to buy every 3 weeks.

  • RMJ01/13/2005

    I just tried some of this, i think this is it anyway. I tried something that has the same bottle shown for this but it was Hugo Boss Bottled or something like that, i think it's the same thing anyway. I liked it a lot, very fresh good smell with some wamth, not as sharp and sweet as others, but not super woody and too warm, a good inbetween. I think it could be used as daytime or evening wear, very versatile. Once it dries it VERY faintly reminds me of Pi, and then only one note of it does. I definitely recommend this fragrance.

  • SIMON01/12/2005

    This fragrance is sooooooo good! It really gets the ladies..... I LOVE IT!!! It also smells like Lacoste pour homme..... GOOD STUFF!!! YEAH!!! GET IT!!!

  • KRISTINA01/02/2005

    altough i appeared long time ago...i'm still in love with's soft ,not extremely masculine...and seductive;)

  • TIM12/31/2004

    i never smelled this cologne but after all the good reviews on how awesome it is i wanna smell it so bad im sure i wont be disappointed with this one whoever says it smells like jolly ranchers probably just wants you too waste your money on stupid hugo dark blue

  • DOCTOR (HONS)11/30/2004

    HUGO BOOS NO.6 is truly one of its kind. Everytime i wear hugo, my girlfriend just cant stop flirting wif me. I get tremendous response from my patients as well. They make me jiggy jiggy sometimes, especially "MILFS".Try it out for a day and u'll feel the difference.

  • JLP09/19/2004

    nice smell but i think it would be better if it last longer

  • R.J.08/25/2004


  • THIERRY B08/16/2004

    Some of you think it's like Allure. Allure is more fresh. I juste can wear Boss every day but not Allure. It's a very good every day fragrance, but prefere something else for the eneving.

  • TONI FINISH07/22/2004

    This might well be the best Hugo scent, but still its not even close to the skies. It is very similar to Chanels Allure, or perhaps otherwise... So its good, yet not great at all - Quite sweet, with plesant notes of fuits like apple, and some vanilla. It is extremely soft and rounded, and is definetly a everydayanywhere type of scent. It smells also quite natural, and I like that. The bottle is bad, as it is way too grey and simple, in a boring, and clumsy way.

  • DITSURA07/06/2004

    Worn it since 1999, and I can't find anything that matches or surpasses it. I've gone out of my way to purchase it, and I don't think I'll ever change colognes!

  • DAVE06/25/2004

    Not bad, but there are some notes in it that i dont like.

  • CHARLIE05/06/2004

    This is the only cologne I have worn since 2000. I've not met anyone else who wears this but I get comments on how great it is everyday. It is a very masculine smell and I actually get more comments from men than women.

  • CHIOMA04/24/2004

    I wanted to buy cologne for my boyfriends birthday. Most of the things I sprayed on cards, but the Boss I sprayed on my arm. I couldn't stop smelling myself, I smelled so good. I woke up the next morning to a wonderful scent. I guess it would drive me a little crazy if my boyfriend wore it. On the other hand, I now think it may be too sweet and yummy for a man. He may be put off by the sweet smell and just not wear it. For the women I wear the Boss for women which is definitely a different scent, and the men love it.

  • ALEXANDER04/14/2004

    This cologne has a fresh and clean scent. It lasts long throughout the day too. One of the best I'd ever had so far.

  • BHUPENDRA04/07/2004

    some people might have mistaken this boss hugo cologne with a different boss hugo cologne because i think this cologne is great and the the other boss hugo cologne smells like bubble gum

  • W.B.04/06/2004


  • JERMY03/26/2004

    This is a killer scent! It is at its best after 1-3 hours of applying but smells great even after days. It could be a bit stronger thought.. But as it is now, it doesnt atleast be too overwhelming. Smells of fruits and vanilla or something. Smell a bit like Ferrari Black which is great by far, but that stuff doesnt really last. Talk about few seconds! If Ferrari Black kept it smell longer it would be the killer scent along with this one. I like to spray this stuff on my clothing. Haven't heard any compliments but I guess it is liked especially by women. Great stuff. Number one cologne in my collection now.

  • JEANETTE01/15/2004

    This one is sure to get the attention of women....atleast it does me should def own this one gentlemen!!!! YUMMY!!

  • YO-YO12/16/2003

    i have one i can`t tell you how happy i`m when i wear it

  • BOSS11/13/2003

    This is hands down one of the best scents ever made for man. I own many colognes and this one gives me the most compliments.

  • PB09/01/2003

    This is a very unclassy scent I am surprised that this was marketed under the Boss label and not the teenage Hugo label. It almost smells like bubble gum. It is very kid like smelling and if your a young boy I'm sure your going to bath yourself in this and think your so sophisticated. Good gosh man don't wear this crap to the office if you want to be taken seriously.

  • RYAN07/29/2003

    The first time I sampled this fragrance at a department store I was unimpressed. However the over spray lingered on my jacket for days and the more I smelled it, the more it grew on me. After a week I decided it was a must add to my collection. It is warm, with a smooth blend of both fruit and vanilla. It's great for every day wear, but I have yet to find a woman who was crazy about it. Each of my last 3 girlfriends have asked that I not wear it around them, so I wear it to work around all guys. Then all that matters is how much I like how I smell.

  • LYON06/28/2003

    This cologne has a deep, masculine scent that is refreshing. It smell a little like DK Men cologne but not as leathery. I like DK Men better than Boss #6, but still think Boss #6 has a good smell.

  • TUM06/02/2003

    The best fruity scent in the market

  • TONY BOLOGNA05/10/2003

    This cologne is real nice, one part fresh with one part clean. It's very good but I actually thought that Boss In Motion was better, but you really can't go wrong with either one.

  • RP04/06/2003

    Anyway, boss #6 is some real interesting cologne. i smelled it in a Filene's and I was very impressed. It stood out and made an impression on me, unlike 90% of the colognes which are virtually indistinguishable from one another.

  • RAIN03/27/2003

    Sweet, warm, and simple.

  • ROBIN JONES01/23/2003

    This one's a really classy fragrance that you can wear with a suit at business meetings. I like it a lot... I don't want tot miss out on the chance to describe another scent that might even be a bit better: Lacoste pour homme (it's not in the list, yet...). If you like Boss No.6 this one's for your as well. Here's a list of my favourite eau de colognes: 1. Lacoste pour homme 2. Dunhill X-Centric 3. Boss No. 6 4. Cool Water 5. Allure pour homme

  • ZMAN01/23/2003

    I got a bottle for christmas from my niece. I am amazed at how many people have rated this as excellent. I find it to be gross. It does have a sweet jolly ranchers smell. Oh well, to each his own.

  • VICTOR11/20/2002

    gross smells like rotten jolly ranchers

  • DAVE11/19/2002

    This stuff is really really good. But i do think this is more suitable in formal situations. It really goes well with some nice suits. This is one of those colognes that have class. The next time you're in a meeting or at a formal dance, put this on, and let the rest take care of itself!

  • JOHNKARSEN11/17/2002

    The girls I work with love the scent I wear. They always compliment me on how goog I smell.

  • LIONHEART41711/14/2002

    This is just excellent here I don't need to say more. But I worry so many people 'wear' it. Now it becomes my favorite one.

  • KOOL11/04/2002


  • GEORGE10/26/2002

    It is sweet and light. Ask opinion from some female, they love it.

  • CHITOWN10/22/2002

    this stuff is a woman magnet

  • MIKE10/03/2002

    excellent scent. sweet, but not too sweet, strong, women adore it. highly recommended

  • TJ VU09/15/2002

    nice vanilla scent, last long

  • MAURICIO08/27/2002

    This is my favoryte Boss perfume, you can use it everytime and everywere

  • SCHLOOPY07/12/2002

    I don't know about the rest of the reviews here, but the bottle I have I barely use. It's very bland smelling and too musty/oriental--not sweet and light like the others have posted.

  • NICK04/15/2002

    Went to the store today to test Boss No. 6. It smells very clean and lasts a long time. Girls love this one guys!

  • BOSS BY HUGO BOSS03/17/2002

    A great scent that has a very distinct sweetness along with a fruity apple note. The scent is very long lasting and powerful, too much on could be overwhelming to other. With the little a use I still leave a fragrance trail at work. The scent does receive high remarks from woman. Paul

  • MEMBOI03/09/2002

    A good vanilla scent that's rather modestly priced. Recommend.


    My boyfriend wears this and it is the best smell in the world. One night I was so wound up and could not go to sleep, he put some on and I was out in ten minutes*****

  • AHMAD AKRAM12/23/2001

    A very good scent, that anyone would love. Surely like vanilla!

  • PATRICK CORDOVA01/06/2001

    An excellent vanilla like scent.

  • JARED M.C12/13/2000

    very sweet cologne I love it i bought it for $52 and it is heaven I give it 5 stars

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