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A rare oriental fragrance, like a gemstone, Reveals endlessly light and mystery. Golden fruits, bergamot and mandarin, Lush flowers. Jasmine, peach and ylang, Rare woods, patchouli, sandalwood, amber and vanilla. Facetted like a diamond, the bottle is iridescent. A modern rocking toy, it spins and whirls away, Seeks a hand for more play... A more

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A rare oriental fragrance, like a gemstone, Reveals endlessly light and mystery. Golden fruits, bergamot and mandarin, Lush flowers. Jasmine, peach and ylang, Rare woods, patchouli, sandalwood, amber and vanilla. Facetted like a diamond, the bottle is iridescent. A modern rocking toy, it spins and whirls away, Seeks a hand for more play... A spinning top capped in sparkling metal, A fixed stopper and a bead of glass for the finger to press.

  • RENE12/18/2012

    This scent is for a real woman--confident in her sexuality and free in her sensuality. A little goes a long way, so use discreetly. I spray my undergarments, lasts all day and my mini has lasted 3+ years. Love it!

  • JACQUE06/03/2010

    I first purchase this perfume in 2000 in Paris, wonderful scent but I loved the bottle it reminded me of a rainbow full of colors but it's attributed to the many floral scents that's included in the perfume itself. Anyhow, everytime without fail I receive outstanding compliments and everyone wondering what am I wearing, including my kid's high school friends and people I happen to meet in restaurants, bookstores, movie theatres, etc.etc.etc. At first I just didn't get it, but it depends on your body chemistry which makes the scent and the aroma of the perfume stand out all day. I wish it was in stores but not one store has it in stock as of yet, I'm so glad I can purchase this from the internet. By way, there's been over 20 other women I know that's purchase the perfume and in every case the scent has an alluming aroma different from woman to woman.

  • JUSTINA11/07/2009

    I first purchased this parfum in the Bahamas. I just love the scent. It only takes a little and goes a long way. People stop me on the street and ask what I am wearing. I have just finished my 3 bottle since 2002. I am now having a hard time finding it in stores here in Texas. I am so glad that I have found it online. The best part is now I see they have a body lotion. I am purchasing that also. I just love this stuff.

  • ANNASAS12/05/2007

    I don't get it! I read all these reviews about Mauboussin with the superlatives describing this scent as something akin to an out-of-body experience. To me, it smells like old-lady perfume, sort of shady, faded, heavy. It isn't just my chemistry, either--it smells like that in the bottle, too. I'm bummed that I spent so much on it! I was hoping for a more lovely scent and this just smells blah.

  • GAYLE04/23/2007

    Said I would never pay for a designer fragrance. That was until I took a smell of Mauboussin. I purchased my first bottle in Dallas, TX several years ago. I haven't worn anything else since. Oh yea the men love it, and most of the ladies do too, but are not willing to admit it. LOVE IT!

  • CATHY09/11/2006

    I just received my perfume. I don't know if I like it yet, I'll have to wear it a couple of times to know for sure. I did receive my item quickly, so I know I'll be a repeat customer, thanks!

  • ROB H.04/08/2006

    The guys' version is really good stuff but the womens' is a seductive mystery. Bought this blind (after reading about the notes and admiring the bottle design) for a woman who's name I drew for a secret santa gift exchange at my workplace in Dec. '04. She demanded I come smell her after she opened it in which case I was thinking she wouldn't like it but after witnessing other people smelling her and their expressions and after I took a whiff, patted myself on the back. A beautiful, modern, mysterious and seductive wonder that more women out there should wear.

  • ROSEMARY03/03/2006

    If you like the scent of Mauboussin, you'll love the clean scent of chanel's Coco Mademoisselle of a similar scent.

  • MATUSHA01/12/2006

    A history of love, of passion and friendship. Love for the women, with their charm, their contradictions and their bursts of laughter. The result? A perfume of desire and pleasure, at the same time disconcerting and secret, greedy and merry, far from conventions. A single gemmeous bottle. Beautiful like the obviousness. Surprising like creation. Note head: gilded plum, bergamot of Calabria, russet-red tangerine Note heart: white peach, jasmine of the Indies, ylang-ylang of the Comoros, Turkish pink Basic note: amber, patchouli, sandal of Indonesia, cedar of Lebanon, benzoin, fresh vanilla

  • REA01/06/2006

    Hello Maya. I was wondering if you could help me with figuring out about my dilemma in choosing between Shalimar, Prada and now Mauboussin. I just got a small sample of Mauboussin and really like it, and Shalimar has been one of my all time favorites. So the question is do they in your mind smell the same? similar? how do the compare to each other and to Prada? I know this may sound silly but I really like reading your reviews of different parfums and often laugh at your stories. So I hope you can help this indecisive girl. But I really like to wear only one parfum as my signature and so this is hard for me to choose. Hope you can help.

  • MAYA10/19/2005

    Mauboussin is so charmingly sensual, so unique and unusual... Definitely a fragrance that would make you stand out. Composed of golden fruits for airy freshness, rich floral notes for sensual voluptuousness and precious woods for mysterious depth. The result is an exclusive, caramel blonde note of mystery and a sensational seductive fragrance... Mauboussin is so luxurious, so alluring and distinctive! In my first post about Mauboussin I mentioned that my fiancé was not too crazy about it, but of course I was going to wear it anyway :) I do wear it, and now he too loves it! Mauboussin is just enchanting and so lusciously creamy, who could resist? I do have to add however, that I still stick to my previously posted opinion about Mauboussin being a perfect autumn and winter scent; I'm not so sure it would be that good in the summer heat! As for it being compared to Angel and Wish, I really have to disagree. Mauboussin is far more refined, with a style and boldness of its own. Mauboussin is undeniably and utterly feminine exhibited in the way it evokes pleasure and desire... Oh and did I say, I just love it?! I am dazzled by it again!!!

  • CHRISTA08/25/2005

    I don't mind this perfume. I agree its not for warmer weather. To me it smells like a mix between ck's obsession and a perfume my mom wore in the 60's (and still wears it) called "Tabu". But I rate it as nice smell!

  • MAYA08/18/2005

    I got Mouboussin about a month ago and only wore it once or twice. My boyfriend finds it too much, at first, then he things it nice. I don't think he's too crazy about it, but then as long as it does not make him sick, and I love it I will wear it. I do like it, I like it a lot. But for some reason I think I am waiting for a bit of cooler weather to wear it, the humidity here is putting me off. I can see this being a fantastic autumn scent, I just know I will wear it a lot then. Kind of like Poeme. I love it, but it's not for the summer for me. To me that will always be a totally autumn scent.

  • BEBE BULLET04/02/2005

    a blast of energy. radiats like a rainbow. wow. incredible. my signature scent. wonderful truly wonderful very nice

  • BEBE BULLET03/29/2005

    a rare treat. mini adorable large awesome. love bit. oneof my signature scent. one of a kind. we ned more like this. an example of being. very nice.

  • SHARRIE12/22/2004

    a trip from the beyomnd. magnificant. colorful. exotic. romantic and enchanting. the best of the best. wonderful truly awesome. a fav.

  • ANITA12/16/2004

    My husband first brought this home from a trip to Paris as a very small sample, which I fell in love with at once! This was three years ago, and just last month on a trip to Paris bought me a bottle. I love the way I smell, it's so unique!

  • SHARRIE11/26/2004

    wonderful smell and botte a true art.

  • GEMA11/12/2004

    I would like to buy or find a place where I can buy Mauboussin. I bought it in Santander-Cantabria-Spain. Please, where can I buy Mauboussin?


    this is the closest to the discontinued Molto Missoni I've been able to find and I love its exotically heavy richness. Does anyone else out there find the comparison to be true?

  • BMARIE06/24/2004

    The plum in the top note is intoxicating! Therefore, I reapply frequently.The new formula edp has the top note combined equally with mandarine & bergamot, making it less noticeable. This is one of my favs as a fall, or wintertime fragrance.

  • SASHA04/04/2004

    too sweet and heavy...

  • RHONDA03/27/2004

    Is this long lasting?

  • NEL01/27/2004

    hi gea i am also from holland if you love mauboussin also try Angel by Thierry mugler i think you will like it. veel geluk.

  • BMARIE11/26/2003

    This is such a great fragrance. It's almost the type of fragrance that can be worn by a woman or man, Something about it smells like expensive cigars!

  • GLORIA09/14/2003

    I just tried this at Nordstroms. It is wonderful. LOVE it. Nobody seems to know much about it. I WANT some. Glo

  • GEA08/19/2003

    First i am sorry but my english is not so good because i,m from holland.The mauboussin perfume is excellent.I allways buy this perfume and i never will buy a other one again.This is a great perfume,very very good!!! I notist that not many people are fermilyer(?) with this perfume.Well,at least i do.I will never use a other perfume again,because its simply the best!!!(again,sorry for my bad english) bai.

  • JASMINE11/20/2002

    ends up like Shalimar.

  • MARY11/15/2002

    I was attracted to this perfume by its bottle. I was very happy to see that not only the bottle is awesome and completely different from anything else, but the fragrance is divine! It's a very very warm and woody type of scent; it's perfect for fall or winter. I love the way it combines with my body chemistry.It smells like a very aromatic wood and tobacco with a hint of patchouli. This is definately not a perfume for everyday use and not a summer fragrance! The bottle is fabulous! I love the way it is designed and its iridescent sides!! And what about the curved bottom?How cool is that? I love making it spin on my looks like a jewel! In my opinion Mauboussin truly is a masterpiece fragrance..there is NOTHING low quality about it... This is one of those fragrances that are so beautiful and so pleasant and so special because not too many people are wearing it. It mantains its own uniqueness and rarity as well.'re a genius! Mary

  • CECE D.07/04/2002

    I love this fragrance...wears well througout the day. I've been unsuccessful at locating it in the U.S. Bought mine in Mexico. Hope you can help me locate the real thing in the states!!

  • BJ05/12/2002

    This bottle is so pretty..I just wish the fragrance smelled good on me. Oh well..can't wear 'em all.

  • DONNA02/05/2002

    Thank you, thank you. Got a sample in France last year, found it here after searching for a year. Thank you. Will never use another fragrance.

  • KERRIE10/30/2001

    This is a great fragrance, if you like an oriental floral scent. There's a hint of perhaps sandalwood that smells so nice in the fall/winter months.

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