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Le Baiser du Dragon Cartier Image


Le Baiser du Dragon   

72 Reviews

For the first time in Cartier's 150-year history, Cartier has created an exclusive fragrance - Le Baiser du Dragon (the kiss of the dragon).The French jeweler created this fragrance as an illustration of the rich Chinese culture and the fabulous Art Deco form, a celebration of both tradition and modernity. A masterpiece of unique origin, the scent more

30 ml Parfum (Tester w/ Cap)
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For the first time in Cartier's 150-year history, Cartier has created an exclusive fragrance - Le Baiser du Dragon (the kiss of the dragon).The French jeweler created this fragrance as an illustration of the rich Chinese culture and the fabulous Art Deco form, a celebration of both tradition and modernity. A masterpiece of unique origin, the scent blends a variety of powerful elements: Delicate, sweet top notes of bitter almond, neroli orange, and gardenia. Woody, powdery heart notes of iris, cedar, and musk. Earthy, sensual base notes of vetiver, patchouli, and benzoin. A study in contrasts, the bottle links Chinese art to the Art Deco style: Inspired by a 1924 Cartier bottle. A "yin and yang" concept combining warm curvaceousness with geometric rigor. A Chinese ideogram appears in pale shadow on the bottle's surface, and as emphasis on the stopper.

  • LINDA A ATKINSON05/18/2017

    This perfume MUST NEVER stop being produced- it is the best fragrance in the world. I will keep ordering it. Cartier need to know just what am amazing fragrance this is- a true exotic perfume. I love it to bits!

  • LINDA A ATKINSON04/01/2017

    This has to be the most wonderful perfume in the world. I cannot get enough of it...

  • GEE07/22/2015

    Le Baiser Du Dragon is my favourite perfume, introduced to me many years ago when I visited Harrods in London UK. The fragrance lasts all day! ...

  • MARA01/17/2013

    I was so looking forward to trying this. I could not wait to take this scent off my skin. It stinks on me. I am glad other like it, but it is over-whelmingly bad, in my estimation. Different strokes for different folks. So glad others like it. I am sure it smells good on some - just not on me.

  • MARIAN KAY12/13/2011

    I absolutely love it and wish I could get more!!

  • SCENTLOVER07/15/2011

    this is a wonderful fragrance! very unique and perfect to wear any time, day or night. also it was delivered fast and it's authentic...not a fake! will order from here again. prices are great.

  • SCENTLOVER07/15/2011

    this is a wonderful fragrance! very unique and perfect to wear any time, day or night. also it was delivered fast and it's authentic...not a fake! will order from here again. prices are great.

  • BRENDA RUSSELL06/15/2011

    Looking for small jars, this is the most beautiful provacative body cream ever, just can't afford the big jar

  • ALMA12/31/2010

    I love this fragrance! Does anyone know where I can get the kiss of the dragon fragrant candle? I have tried every where. Pleae help

  • JETT10/19/2009

    So many seem to think this doesn't have any staying power. The thing you need to remember is just because you can't smell it doesn't mean others can't. This is a classic perfume.

  • ORCHIDFLWER03/03/2009

    If it works with your chemistry, it can be absolutely stunning. I happen to love it. Its deep and resinous and mysterious.

  • SYLVIE10/24/2008

    I come here to PE very irregular - sorry for my delay. I want to thank you for your message dated 2007!! I will try Baiser du Dragon in the EDP version asap. Nice to read your postings. Greetings, Sylvie.

  • JUDI W*07/26/2008

    Okay, I complained about not buying the EDP, so I did, and I don't like it so much. I am a screwball. Things change quickly with me, and what smells good one month, doesn't the next. I'm hormonally challenged people!!! The only scents that stay consistent with me lately is, Hypnotic Poison & Jungle Elephant. Can't deal with too many others.

  • BELLAKAT04/27/2008

    Dragon swings both ways, a "yin and yang" fragrance. Vetiver (rare in women's fragrances) pushes it over into the masuline side, yet it still retains a feminine aura. Very well composed, this will be appreciated by men and women who like a fragrance with a strong personality.

  • BARBARA W04/27/2008

    Sorry I didn't see your post earlier. As you found out, the EDT and EDP are very different. I prefer the EDP, too. And LL is correct - it is a woody oriental, not a chypre.

  • JUDI W*02/24/2008

    I initially liked this in the EDP, like I've been saying. Then by accident, bought the EDT, and felt it was too flowery for me, and thought I liked the EDP better. Ordered the EDP, and now, not sure if I really like it after all. I told you I was crazy! It is good, but not as feminine as the EDT, and maybe too heavy for me. Years ago, I would have loved this, but as I'm getting further along, I'm not liking the same scents. I might send it to my sister, but we'll see. I still haven't found my "just love it" fragrance. Did years ago, but they have either been tweaked & ruined, or my tastes have changed. Bummer...

  • JUDI W*12/09/2007

    The EDT, (which I have) IS different than the EDP. I was in Neiman's & asked the Rep from Cartier, and he said, they are different. The EDT, is more flowery & the EDP, has more amaretto (almond) & woodsier notes. I like the EDP better, of course, I bought the wrong one, duh!!! I knew I smelled the difference, but after spending so much money on the EDT, didn't want to have to pay more for the EDP, but there definitely is a difference, oh well...

  • GAYLA/DALLAS11/24/2007


  • LAUREN 11/13/2007

    This scent takes some getting used to. At first it smells quite masculine after a short while a licorice note will appear then suddenly you will smell intensely sensual. I recommend you test prior to purchase and wear this in cold weather, it is too much for warm climates and light hearted socializing. I recommend this for activities requiring power: divorce mediation, breaking up with a lover, taking a new lover...Girls need not apply.

  • JO ELLEN10/16/2007

    I found Le Baiser du Dragon about three years ago. The comments I receive when I have it on are amazing. On me the scent is still there even after 8 - 10 hours. People have said the following about it: "It smells like POWER." "It smells RICH." People BEG to let them try some and then order it. Maye my own body chemistry - I have noted comments from some of you that it doesn't last and is nothing special - but for me there are no others that compare. Jo Ellen (Jo) New Hampshire

  • LL09/16/2007

    It's not a chypre, it's a oriental woody, when you want to now exactly about a fragance, check in, is a exellent perfume web site.

  • JUDI W*09/15/2007

    When I first sampled this fragrance, it smelled more almondy to me. I bought a bottle of the EDT, and I mostly smell the flowers. Does the EDT smell alot different than the EDP, because the one I sampled in the store was probably the EDP. It smell different to me than it did when it first came out, but who the heck knows anymore? It is a pretty scent, but I'm either into incense scents or vanilla scents lately.

  • BARBARA W07/21/2007

    Just thought I'd mention that this is *not* a sweet scent (no similarity to Addict, Trouble, etc). I think many people expect a vanilla/amber scent from Dragon - the dryness of it can be surprising (it was to me). It's not an oriental - it's classified as a chypre.

  • BARBARA W07/21/2007

    Hi Sylvie - I noticed in your post that you said you tried the EdT. Do try it again in the EdP or pure parfum - there really is a big difference. The EdT does not do this fragrance justice at all.

  • ANGIE07/12/2007

    This is a really pretty perfume & I like it, but it doesn't get many compliments. I know, who cares as long as I like it, but I'm into the compliment thing, especially with fragrances. With other things, not so much, but when I get alot of compliments with a scent, and I also like it, I know it's a winner. This fragrance, smells it's best the first hour or so, maybe into the mid notes, but the drydown is to me, boring. Not enough gusto for me, but honestly, it's so pretty & very wearable, not offensive. I think most women will like it.

  • JUDI W*07/09/2007

    I really think this is a quality perfume, and smells very sexy, but I think my son's allergic to it, (keeps sneezing around me, hint, hint) and my health hasn't been so good the past couple of years, so now alot of scents annoy me & make me feel a little nauseous, that are either too sweet, rich or perfumey. Hypnotic Poison, seems to be one of the only one's, besides Kenzo Jungle, that don't bother me. I guess, I'll have to give this to my Mom, she'll love it. Oh well...

  • JUDI W*06/09/2007

    I know, I'm a schizo. I went to Nordstrum's today, and smelled this AGAIN, and liked it better, and am going to get it eventually, (if not sooner) It didn't last as long as I thought, but it could just be my crazy body chemistry again, but it IS my kind of fragrance. Funny, I tried to go "outside the box", and try something more flowery, smelled lousy on me. Oh well, I tried. (FRACAS, & CAROLINA HERRARA) I guess I'll just have to stay with exotic...oh well...someone's got to do it.

  • BARBARA W05/28/2007

    Hey Judi! Great to see you posting again! I always look at your posts first, because I love your taste in perfume. Keep them coming!

  • JUDI W*05/20/2007

    I smelled this month's ago, and didn't quite like it, seemed too powdery for me. I tested it on me the other day, it did smeller nicer than the last time. Would I buy it, probably not, but at least it smelled better. My body chemistry is going crazy, and my sense of smell has been effected by my sinus problems, so it's hard to be consistent with my reviews, but I basically know what is good, to me, and what isn't. This is definitely, a quality perfume. HI BARBARA W* :)

  • BARBARA W05/20/2007

    Over the past few years, I've become more and more interested in Cartier fragrances, and I'll explain why. Having just turned 40, I still feel sexy and am not even close to giving up wearing seductive scents, but most of the newer oriental perfumes marketed today are just too sweet, cloying, and juvenile smelling. Cartier has found the answer. Both this and Panthere are sensual in a grown up, elegant way that still makes you feel like a sophisticated lady (but not "old lady"!). They are both dry, almost chypre-like orientals that are just perfect for projecting an elegant warmth without the vanilla overload. To all the women who may shun them because they're not sweet enough (as I, too, would have done years ago), keep an open mind and revisit them occasionally...maybe you'll come to appreciate them as much as I have. Although I don't enjoy every Cartier fragrance, they all have that distinctive quality to them that projects class. All the best!

  • GLORY03/29/2007

    First off the bottle is stunning. Second this fragance, in a strange way makes me very meloncholy. There are parts of it I like but for the most part it brings me down. I guess you could say the Dragon slayed me.

  • SMELLIE KAT12/20/2006

    I love it. No, I hate it. No . . . I love it. Never have I been so "all over the place" as I am with the Dragon. It's woody, kind of wild, a little masculine (or the most outrageously feminine thing I have ever encountered) and very powerful (in absolutely every way). Excellent, complex, great staying power. However, the mood, occasion and wardrobe must be right; it's either the most captivating scent I have ever experienced or it annoys the hell out of me. There's no in between. I might hate it. No . . . I love it.

  • SYLVIE08/16/2006

    Dear PE ladies, unfortunately I cannot agree with all the good comments. I tested the Eau de Toilette version and I had very high expectations: The exclusive house CARTIER and the wonderful, romantic name *Le Baiser du Dragon* sounds so wonderful and fabulous. So I expected an IRRESISTIBLE and sumptuous scent, never smelled before!!! But for me it's a very complicated and harsh olfactory mess (sorry, Fragrance Junkie and Maya). The scent lacks complexity and sweetness and the drydown is not nice on me. Top and middle notes are okay but drydown is very disappointing: Musky, soapy - not warm or ultra-feminine. IMO not posh or elegant for the House Cartier. I should be warned: That's really a kiss of a dragon ;-). I cannot smell a similarity to Prada or Addict, because I miss cosy vanilla and sandalwood. It reminds me on Narciso Rodriguez which I dislike too. I think musk-lover will like Le Baiser du Dragon, but please try this expensive fragrance before you buy. Best wishes, Sylvie.

  • RAJUL07/03/2006

    its raining constantly and the weather is just beautiful ! i decided this day was ideal for a date with the dragon !! after my bath this morning i sprayed le baiser du dragon eau de parfum (a couple of sprays more as i know this disappears on me otherwise).that was 4 hours ago...... the fragrance that accompanies me is soooo beautiful that i take deep breaths every now and then to smell it better ! its just the right fragrance for a rainy day amidst wet foliage and swaying trees........ get the picture ?

  • MAYA06/20/2006

    Well if this is one of those fragrances that either works for you or doesn't... then Le Baiser du Dragon is my perfect-perfume-match made in heaven! I have to admit that I love rich, sensuous, seductive and haunting fragrances... fragrances like Samsara, Dior Addict, Hypnotic Poison, Prada and Mauboussin. Le Baiser du Dragon to me is in the same category with those kinds of fragrances. It's rich and seductively dreamy. It's passionate and haunting at the same time... It even slightly reminds me of something that Serge Lutens would have in his collection of bold, rich and seductive perfumes ... Le Baiser du Dragon is creamy and very intriguing in it's complexity of magical notes that flow so well together. For me it's that creamy richness with which this dragon entices that's the winning aspect of it's seductively passionate character... When I wear this fragrance I really feel like a woman...

  • VIVI05/31/2006

    I'm sorry to say that the name suits it fine. It does smell of dragon breathing!!!!!

  • JOANE05/22/2006

    I guess the "Cartier note" in a perfume is a matter of taste. I love every Cartier I've tried so far. They have an exhilarating fresh green top note that then becomes something deep and complex. LBDD is no exception. Not usually partial to an almond scent, I love it in LBDD. I sprung for the parfum, which lasts all day, and the lotion. Will get the edt later for the hot weather. I could see where this could be worn by a man. For man or woman, this perfume exudes confidence and character.

  • JULIA04/13/2006

    A very beautiful bottle. But the juice is horrible - a real man-repellant! It smells like a perfume for men designed back in the 1980s - it smells like a male version of Dior's "Poison". I think Cartier has a very unique problem with its scents: They always produce really BEAUTIFUL bottles - but horrible fragrances! 2 stars for the bottle.

  • CHRISTA04/06/2006

    Mauboussin. The first notes remind me alot of it! Which is a good thing. This is a great scent for fall/winter.

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE03/31/2006

    I think my earlier post today neglected to rate this fabulous creation, so I wanted to make sure I submitted my rating of Five stars indeed! Wonderful!

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE03/31/2006

    Just sampled this one thanks to you posters, and I must say I am dazzled! I was afraid it would be too woody or masculine, but that is not the case. I love it! This is the type of fragrance that I really gravitate towards; the oriental/floral/spicy/exotic type just like this one. I'm impressed. It's pretty expensive, but hopefully worth it. I'll see how my little sample lasts on me, but so far, so good!

  • PERFUME-AHOLIC03/19/2006

    Cartier has a new fragrance out called Delices. Has anyone had the opportunity to sample this? If so, I would appreciate your views and opinions! Apparently it is a fruity floral whose notes include: top notes: Pink Pepper, Frosted Cherry, Bergamot , middle notes: Freesia, Jasmine, Violet , and finally, base notes of: Tonka Bean, Amber, Sana. From what I can see so far it only comes in an EDT form ( I usually prefer my fragrances to be EDP - for a greater lasting effect) Bottle sure is gorgeous -- hope the juice inside is just as snazzy!

  • CLARISSA02/18/2006

    I have always been an oriental perfume lover who loves warm and heavy scents such as exotic Chanel Coco, YSL Opium, and Guerlain Samsara very much but have found it is getting more and more difficult to find fragrances with such kinds of prominent characters and qualities in recent years. However, now I can say this is it. It has everything I like about oriental: captivating, distinct, deep, rich, seductive, strong, sensual, and multi-facet all reveal in a very elegant way. It starts with an extraordinarily strong head note of floral which may cause some resistance at the beginning but then it will gracefully soften down to something so powdery and dreamy that will linger and haunt in your mind when the dark iris and the warm and silky woody base gradually emerge. Especially after a few more tries, I find the heady head note that repels me at first also very intriguing which reminds me of spellbound Gucci’s L’art de Gucci. This is that kinds of typical and very refined perfume which reveal its true beauty and secrecy virtuously that deserves a few more tries to acquaint with. Then you will know this scent is completely excellent and divine, truly a delight to enjoy with.

  • RAJUL02/09/2006

    i had my first whiff of this one at a perfumerie where the sales person sprayed must perfume on one wrist and this one on the other.must is the one i wanted to check out but this one was not on my mind at all.i walked out of the store indecisive about both.yet...... as i reached home the wrist with le baiser on it suddenly gave forth this amazing fragrance which was nothing like what it smelt when first sprayed on me !! i was left sniffing my wrist from time to time all through the day ! unfortunately a few hours there was nothing there where as the wrist with must perfume had suddenly become too strong to allow anywhere near the nose !! i thought that maybe it had'nt been sprayed enough but otherwise it was a lovely perfume,so i just went and bought a 100 ml edp bottle. the sad part is that the disappearance of the fragrance too soon was no figment of my imagination !! its for real !! yet....... i still like le baiser du dragon a lot !

  • JUDI W.01/19/2006

    I went into a store and the saleslady pulled me over to smell this perfume, saying how glorious it was. She said she never met a woman that it didn't smell good on. She proceeded to put it on my arm. Voila, smelled powdery & yucky. I just laughed and said, sorry if I ruined the good record. She was shocked, because she agreed with me, but I still like it because it's not the typical flowery or fruity stuff that is usually out there. Goes to show you ladies, it's all in the chemistry!

  • CHICKEY2601/12/2006

    I just received a sample of this scent and it is captivating and oh so original.... it is no surprise to see Maya here before me ;), what can I say, the lady has "scent"sational taste in fine fragrances...and this one is fine indeed. I agree Maya that Le Baiser Du Dragon is as passionate and wonderful a fragrance as the Prada which I also adore (BTW, i have the Prada Intense now as well!), but this is very different..i love the almond notes on the top and the incredible depth of this warm and sultry fragrence that follows. I received this as a bonus when I purchased the Prada Intense and decided to try it first for some reason... what an incredibly indulgent treat this is. To wear it is to love it. What an amazing fragrence but definately not a timid, "sweet" scent. Take the risk. Maybe I will eventually get to Prada Intense. I hope I like it as well as this one!

  • MAYA01/11/2006

    Ladies thank you so much for all your reviews on here. And especially thanks to DEBS who had recommended this to me keeping in mind what I was looking for. I cannot say enough good things about this beautiful scent. It may start off a bit 'stronger' but the slow and sensuous drydown is exceptional. I am absolutely astonished at my good fortune to find something like this. In fact for the fist time in a very long time I feel like I am actually wearing a REAL PERFUME, and not just something that smells like something else (meaning cupcakes and candycanes). This is so for elegant, grow-up ladies and so for self-confident and sexy ones too. I have to say that it slightly reminds me of Prada and I do wear Prada with great exuberance and joy. But this is something else all together. MMmmhmmmm very, very sexy... I've had people ask me what I was wearing all day. Asking me to write it down and where they can get it.

  • KASMAT11/11/2005

    Just luv this perfume. It's the kinda that only real women will wear.. not the girls. It's not any of that cool water stuff or citrus or fruity smell that the girls tend to wear. Pure confident, sexy sophisticated women's scent.

  • JENNA10/14/2005

    This is very nice. I can't wait to wear it this winter with a big fuzzy cashmere sweater. It's very warm and comforting with the amaretto and sandalwood notes. It's almost as good as Le Must de Cartier (not as sweet) ENJOY!!

  • PERFUME JUNKIE08/07/2005

    Well ... I can only think of one kind of "man" who would wear this. It's a great WOMAN's perfume. A grown-up, sophisticate woman, that is.

  • PAT06/04/2005

    This should be marketed for men, it has all the characteristics of men's parfum (cedar, woods, amber, musks), none for women, no feminity at all. I don't detect any floral sweetness at all. Pweehh....

  • REESE06/03/2005

    There's a whole lot of cedar and vetiver in this, in fact, I don't detect any floral or any other scent. Very warm, heavy, woody and amberish when first sprayed, smells a bit medicinal but tapers off and disappear quickly, in fact, nothing is left after 2 hrs. Not my kind, I prefer the fresh, cool, floral/fruity type like JPG Le Classique & Michael Kors "Michael". Du Dragon is just too expensive to disappear so quickly and to smell so common.

  • CK03/31/2005

    Wow! Wow what a beautiful scent! Purchased it at an upscale department store. Had a chance to wear it 2 weeks ago. I didn't spray it on my clothes but I guess some got on my suite. Oh the aroma, so sensual sweet. It is a scent, to me, that you love to inhale. It's not cheap-smelling, but sophisticated and luxurious! A very special event perfume! This will make you get noticed. I know everyone may not view it the way I do! I am a pefume-aholic, I have love perfume since I was a child. I love different scents, and I enjoy reading the observations of others on fragrances if it is yeah, or neigh!

  • BEBE02/20/2005

    the dragons flame in the wind. beautifull. ageless. the modern dragon. very nice.

  • ARIADNE02/14/2005

    I tried it and wasn't very impressed. Quite unoriginal "new Oriental", a bit masculine type of fragrance, not very balanced composition.

  • PERFUME-AHOLIC02/07/2005

    Cartier's best thus far. Exceptional scent. Superior in quality. Sophisticated, inviting, warm and purely intoxicating to the senses. A wonderul and different change. Not like any other scent out there.

  • JJ01/13/2005

    This scent captures what I imagine to be - mystery, complexity and strength. It reminds me of the Chinese imperial courtesans and thousands of years of human history.... It is extremely sophisticated. There is a strong note of musk, which may be why some may find it masculine. Instead, it makes me feel brave.

  • M&M12/14/2004

    Not very originlal. It is like a mixture of some other woody-oriental scents like Must,Opium, Addict, BLV Notte etc. It is not too heavy but has predominant masculine notes, it can be a masculine fragrance as well. Not exactly bad but not very appealing either.

  • SHARRIE12/13/2004

    the dragon rules the day for me, wonderful, a true surprise to me take a chance on the dragon

  • DEE12/07/2004

    Very disappointed in this fragrance, smells like cheap stuff at the drug store. Much prefer Must II which unfortunately is being discontinued.

  • JANN12/05/2004

    Complex,mysterious,sophisticated scent.Drydown is warm and sultry.

  • VALERIE10/24/2004

    Harsh and heavy start and it settles into an unoriginal, generic, almost masculine scent. It lacks complexity. Take care, could be overbearing. I'm not impressed at all.

  • BEV10/24/2004

    This one is destined to be a "classic". the dry-down is soft yet powerful-

  • LANCELOT09/24/2004

    I bought this for a very dear friend as she is a sophisticated lady. I had read the reviews and noticed that this perfume is complex, just like my friend. It has a wonderful bouquet that is refined by the wearer. Definitely a great perfume that will be a signature scent.

  • KRIS08/25/2004

    Wow! Not another vanilla, floral, or cinammon scent. It is complex, subtly sweet, and just a hint musty. It isn't loud but is given respect because your emotions are drawn to it. Think of enjoying a fine cognac by the fireplace at the end of a delicious, satisfying meal knowing that the best is yet to come. That is The Dragon.

  • PERFUME JUNKIE07/24/2004

    I love Cartier perfumes and I have most of them. So I was excited when I heard of this new one. My husband bought it for me (he knows I'm such a perfume addict) and I liked it from the start. So did hubby, by the way. The first time I wore it to the office, it was an instant success. I got complimented by my boss, my co-workers (men and women), everyone! This dragon is a keeper.

  • LLL06/28/2004

    This is an interesting scent. I like it a lot, having gone out and purchased the perfume after using up a small tester I received with another purchase. I have gotten many compliments on it. It's a complex scent; and I agree with the person who says it smells like "power"--there is something intense about the fragrance. Dries down beautifully, keeping its complexity. Nice.

  • SUZANNE06/25/2004

    This has a very rosy note at first - makes me think of RED roses for some reason - and also some interesting fresh green accords. Then it dries down to a nutty, woody, yummy, sensual softness on the skin. I think it is quite nice.

  • SABRINA06/19/2004

    this parfum has a nice spice bouquet with a note of sweet . I love it

  • SUSANNA05/01/2004

    I got very excited when I heard that Cartier had put out a new fragrance. While at first I thought it was nothing special, after awhile there was a refined ladylike vixen smell that came forth and just said "Power"! I'm uncertain whether this is an evening or daytime/office wear fragrance, but it is different and somewhat subtle. It's really delightful.

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