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Polo Double Black Ralph Lauren Image

Ralph Lauren

Polo Double Black   

20 Reviews

Intensely edgy, Polo Double Black cologne by Ralph Lauren is a sexy and exotic blend of spiced mango, addictive coffee, and sensual nutmeg intensified with the mysterious warmth of cardamom. Polo Double Black cologne is a dark, woody experience that pulsates with a purely masculine sophistication. Notes include Spiced Mango, Coffee, Nutmeg, more

75 ml EDT Spray
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Intensely edgy, Polo Double Black cologne by Ralph Lauren is a sexy and exotic blend of spiced mango, addictive coffee, and sensual nutmeg intensified with the mysterious warmth of cardamom. Polo Double Black cologne is a dark, woody experience that pulsates with a purely masculine sophistication. Notes include Spiced Mango, Coffee, Nutmeg, Vetiver, Cardamom. Intense. Powerful. Engaging.

  • GLEN B02/16/2012

    Just sampled the 8ml EDT mini. Have to agree with a previous poster; nearly...but not quite. An honest attempt to be sure, but "Intense, Powerful, Engaging", no. "Laid Back, Reserved and Polite" would better describe this fragrance. Best suited to a romantic evening with the one you love - women in particular seem to like the subtle sweetness. Chaps, if you want a hip evening cologne with more zing and pizzaz, try Hugo Just Different (black bottle). Cheers.

  • JR12/29/2010

    His FAVORITE and will accept no other.....therefore shopping is now easy....Mango, Coffee, Spices brings Vacation memories and Happi-NESS :)

  • AJ05/21/2009

    great masculine scent fresh oriental that blows all the citrus and fruity unisex frags out of the water

  • PRETTYBOYJ10/24/2008

    Smells similar to Armad Basi (the black bottle one). That hint of seductive black spice. Not sure of the staying power. Perfer Polo Black.....Polo Black wearing a nice suit, dressed GQ. Romance Silver going GQ in the Spring, Summer Months. Romance for the evening, winter...Thats how I role

  • ERIC04/21/2008

    I'm enjoying this much more than the original. Something about this is much darker and is what I expect from a "black" fragrance. Now I can't wait to try Cavelli "Black".

  • ERIC04/01/2008

    I like Polo Black but I have to say with the mini I purchased that I do like this a little more. This is what I expected a black fragrance to be.

  • ERIC03/28/2008

    I agree with Rob H. on this one. It's darker and richer than the first black and what I thought of when I considered something called "black". I only got a minature but will now buy a bottle. It's definitely worth it. It's not that I don't like Polo Black but this has that extra "umph" that I found missing in the original Polo Black.

  • BARBARA W03/16/2008

    I agree with the previous female reviewer that this scent is attractive to women. Most of my friends like this and the original Black.

  • DOC.T10/19/2007

    Used to be I didn't think a dark scent with freshness would work, but I am happy to say I as wrong. I consider this to be a worthy part of my collection. This according to my nose smells similar to Corduroy, which is also in my collection.

  • JASON1310/17/2007

    3*s. Not good not bad. Has been compared to Armani Code on other boards and it comes nowhere close. It is as boring to me as Polo Black is.

  • TONY T10/13/2007

    not bad but not good either. halfway attempt to improve on polo black but this is simple and fresh. i don't see the darkness or woodiness that polo has self acclaimed with this. a tad bit better thanp. black but still need work. also outrageously overpriced.

  • J.RIV08/04/2007

    I wear this cologne because it reflects my personality. It's edgy and spicy. If you have bad Body Chemistry dont even buy it. Flea is one I assume. I was in the crib he went into my cologne and found my Lacoste and 212 which I nearly killed him over yesterday I made him wear the empty DB. He sprayed it on and... in about 45 mins it faded and started smelling kinda funky. Not something for kids. Not something for weak Body Chem people either

  • KMF07/11/2007

    Best new fragrance I've tried in a while. It's long lasting without being overpowering. The Mango provides a unique smelling experience.

  • WTEX GIRL06/15/2007

    This scent, to most women, is irresistable. I purchased it for my husband, and every time he passes me, I am instantly attracted. Very sensual and masculine. Does not smell like a 15 year old kid, like many popular choices. Very sophisticated and sexual. Several other women I know have found themselves attracted to this fragrance. Perhaps some of the reviewers should check with thier mates before they discard this one!

  • ALTAIR04/05/2007

    Amazing at first unique fruity base mixed with soft and warm spicies that make it really comfortable and easy to wear.. an improve version of the original without doubt ,.. really nice fragance, longevity no problem !

  • TONYGIO03/18/2007

    An honest attempt by the famous polo franchise...but not quite. I really wanted to like this one...sampled it a few times trying to convince myself it was worthy of my money...but ultimately chose not to purchase it because it's just not good enough. I started waiting for the early promise of it to turn into something remarkable...and let's just say that I guess I must still be waiting....

  • LESTAT03/18/2007

    Yep you did it this time Ralph.polo Black was OK... but Double Black is just AMAZING.. Very masculine,sexy and Smooth.Love IT !!

  • SWEET T02/19/2007

    Polo Double Black is better than Polo Black. The scent is stronger...not so subdued.

  • FLEA02/14/2007

    The initial spray-on is fairly decent,but if you want to smell it for very long,you'd better have a sample,or two in your pocket,'cause it's gonna start fading in about an hour.Before you purchase this weak-as-water rip-off,do yourself a favor,and try it out first.I didn't,and regretted it.You should be asamed,"RL".

  • FLEA02/08/2007

    Perhaps Mr.Lauren was inspired by Margaret Mitchell when he introduced this weak crapola,because,like some others,like the execreble John Varvatos Vintage,and ALL Armani products,after a maximum of about an hour and a half,it's "Gone With The Wind."Weak as water! Prada,Derrick Black,and Burberry London,are the BEST out there right now.Double Black is a total waste of money.

  • OSCAR02/04/2007

    Now it's here! The new generation of Polo Black. Polo Double Black is the perfect cologne for men. Very sexy and sophisticated scent. Perfect for cold weather and nights out. This one has more spice in it than the first one. My favorite after Polo Black. I like them because they have my favorite fruit in them: "Mango". and it actually smells pretty good. I don't think there is another man's cologne that has mango in it's ingridients. Do you think so? If there is any, please tell me.

  • ROB H.02/01/2007

    Now THIS is actually black! I love the other one, but to call it "black"!? Sophisticated, deeper and even more sensual than the first...........keep it comin', RL!

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