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Citrus, Fresh, Green. Designed by Gianni Versace in 1996, Dreamer is described as a sharp, oriental, woody fragrance. It's fragrant nature explores essences of juniper, lily and iris. Blended with notes of tobacco, amber and tarragon, Dreamer is a romantic type of fragrance.

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Citrus, Fresh, Green. Designed by Gianni Versace in 1996, Dreamer is described as a sharp, oriental, woody fragrance. It's fragrant nature explores essences of juniper, lily and iris. Blended with notes of tobacco, amber and tarragon, Dreamer is a romantic type of fragrance.

  • FRAGRANCE FREAK01/12/2013

    nice scent very different

  • HILDE02/11/2012

    its very good


    Dreamer is a nice exotic scent. I wore it last night and felt confident that I was smelling great.

  • FRAGRANCEGURU01/21/2012

    Versace Dreamer, Rochas Man, A'men and Gucci Envy are some of the best colognes out there and they are masterful. Versace Dreamer is a very edgy scent and has a great drydown and is a great buy

  • PASCOLO11/09/2011

    versace the dreamer the best

  • TIM05/15/2011


  • TOXICD12/18/2010

    The best. A bit harsh at first but give it 30-60 minutes then this is all class. Very masculine and the women love it. The only other frag. in this class that comes close (that i know of) is Magnetism.

  • TIM06/06/2010


  • MANUEL TORIBIO12/16/2009

    Dreamer the name says it all it actually make you a Dreamer by just Smeling it I I I waited and thats wen I was younger waited to save for these colone and I tell you it is one to Dream about

  • BANDIT07/26/2009

    definitely one of the best fragrances ,that ive top 10

  • JOEYBEAR01/24/2009

    This is one of the best men's colognes you can buy. Very refined, unique, and manly. Unlike anything else out there. It takes about 40 minutes to settle in but when it does, look out. Ladies love it.

  • BIG MIKE10/19/2008

    in its own way. I love it sooo much. a top 10 scent

  • FIREMAN09/03/2008

    its the first time ive used this cologne, actually for a week now, after i read some revs i bought it, and i must say it had this subtle smell that gets you wondering "What is that smell!?!?" its not good, not bad either, but you know you like it, it has this attractive thing attached to it. I didnt like the top notes, at first its like flowers and candies, later on it starts to smell like some wierd-rich-creamy-icecold-milkyway-fiery-vanillaicecream-oldpaper-library-galaxy-outerspace kindofthing!, totally Awesome dude!!! Im thinking of getting another cologne to use on alternative days, guys help me out.. Opium by YSL, or Egoiste Platinum by Chanel?

  • KEVINB.08/01/2008

    Dreamer can be easily overdone, this is a true one spray cologne. But you cannot judge this one on paper without experiencing the dry-down, which for this one is about an hour to really shine.

  • DFB ESQ06/13/2008

    Really special cologne bc it is unique and, in a world where everyone wears aqua di gio, there is something to be said about standing out in a crowd. I offer the above advice with this caveat: dreamer is quite sweet and does not work on everyone. Also it takes 10-15 mins. to dry down. Bottom line, try it out on your skin bf you buy it. If this does work on your skin then you, as well as the ladies, will never go back!

  • SAHILM05/18/2008

    HI all , this is the second time i am posting a message about this cologne - i posted a few weeks ago but it never came on the board - well as my heading says - this one is horrid , i dont know what went wrong where - this smells like a liquid out of a school chemestry lab - i have used tons of colognesin the past - went and got this solely on reviews here - thought it would be brilliant - IT WAS REPELLING - really horrid - i cant believe this - it is outright - BAD

  • ERIC05/04/2008

    said in their post - not for everyone, not for close quarters, spray on lightly, try before buying. I'll try and remember all these things before purchasing any more fragrances.

  • NA04/27/2008

    For the Versace name, I had expected better. It is good if you are going to a very crowded place, but def. not for casual wear or close quartors. Just a little bit sprayed on last Forever. Just try this one before you buy, not for everyone though

  • KATHERINE02/24/2008

    Everyone's entitled to their opinion and if you go back and find you still don't like it and you find it smells like wolf urine not one soul here will neither be offended nor care. Everybody is different. But you do see you're far outnumbered.

  • NOEL01/30/2008

    Dreamer cologne is overpowering when sprayed on; however, it dries down beautifully and is long lasting. It gets a lot of nice compliments.I would highly recommend it.

  • LEBM08/13/2007

    Maybe I smelled the wrong stuff initially - but I did not want to apply it to skin - I have to re-visit with some alcohol wipes just in case the real test fails -

  • SAMMY.KUWAIT 07/23/2007

    Whenever I wear Versace Dreamer, I get a lot of compliments on how I smell. OnE of my female friends is so picky with how men smell. When I wear Versace Dreamer she just falls for it. She Keeps telling me "It is so sexy and it arouses me" ! Wow, I by now probably have made an impression on her! Who knows she might be the one for ME :) I love you too noor!

  • SERIEL06/06/2007

    I really liked Dreamer and I think it's a great scent but there are so many similar scents out there. It had a nice dry down, but once again with owning scents like LeMale, Carlos Santana, & Boss Selection I can't seem to want to add this to my collection at this time. But I will recommend it for those looking for something with that sweet airy hint of vanilla that always attracts the ladies.

  • DOC .T03/07/2007

    I was digging through a box the other day. From the box, I recovered a bottle of Dreamer. The box was put away for a couple of years. I spritzed some dreamer on, and I remembered its wonderful fragrance. That bottle is only half full, when I run out, I am going to buy another one. I will admit that when I first bought it, I was not sure if I liked it. An hour or so passed, I sniffed my wrist again. When the dry down occured, the fragrance had tons of dimension and was not dull like some of the other fragrances out there. I would consider this a sparkling arid type of fragrance. Folks, do us a favor and lets keep this one under radar. This scent may not be for everyone, but the ladies sure do appreciate it.

  • BARBARA W03/05/2007

    In my previous review, I only gave this 4 stars...upping it to 5 after I stopped a man on the street to ask what he was wearing (I've only done that twice!), and of course it was Dreamer. Incredibly sexy, and not many men are wearing it, which is a big plus.

  • GRAMMATON CLERIC02/07/2007

    Fresh, sexy and very unique woody love potion seems to be a sleeper to anyone who's smelled it on me and I've got no problem with that. I'll stick to the evenings with this luscious aroma.

  • JOHN.S.AGUILAR,01/25/2007


  • SILKY12/29/2006

    It was one of many samples i ordered and next to Magnatism, it was the best. Nice job! It really has a "if your going out to somewhere nice' kind of smell to it!

  • BRIAN12/28/2006

    When I first smelled it, I couldn't believe it was rated so high. I thought the smell was aweful. But after about an hour it drys down to a very warm sweet smell... very nice... 5 stars just be sure you give it that hour to dry down before you are around others..

  • J12/24/2006

    High class! Distinctive! Masculine! ...and it expresses many other characters of a TRUE Gentlemen!

  • PEPP12/18/2006



    Truth is adam, that you'll probably pretty much get sick of any cologne if you wear it constantly. I think you need several colognes in your wardrobe so you can rotate. Also, buy smaller bottles if you have to, when you get sick of a scent, it is hard to finish the entire bottle. I think it's best to have a collection with smaller bottle sizes, the only downside for small bottles is the prices are not economical. That being said, i wont be much of a help without mentioning a few that you should try. Since we're on the Dreamer's board, i think you should give it a try, along with Dolce Gabbana Pour Homme, Rochas Man, Escada Sentiment, Mont Blanc Individuel, Boss Bottled aka Boss #6 just to name a few.

  • ADAM10/02/2006

    Currently i wear Allure by Chanel and i think it smells good and i've received complements but to be blunt i'm sick of it and i'm looking for something new. I'm a 20 year old college student and i'm wondering what you can recommend?? I'm open for any and all suggestions. Thanks.

  • KATHERINE08/30/2006

    Most people will probably say to wear this in cooler weather/winter. I don't think the majority here would say to wear it formally but my boyfriend wears it to formal gatherings with no problem as long as he doesn't overdo it. Actually it can be a problem. The problem I've found is he smells good and women like it and I have had to even at formal functions had to let a bitch or two know to back off. That's just my feeling but men probably have different opinions than women so they'll probably say different things. But I do believe they will say that should be worn in cooler weather. (Just between us and nobody else - wear it when you want and just don't spray too much on and you can get away with wearing it when you want to wear it).

  • ANDREWW08/29/2006

    absolutely LOVE this warm masculine scent. please give me some input on when to wear this: Casual/Formal? Day/Night? Warmer/Colder Seasons?

  • BARBARA W08/17/2006 L'eau Bleue D'Issey. I really, really like The Dreamer and found it has a similar characteristics to L'eau Bleue. They're both herby, sexy, and mysterious and remind me of the outdoors. Definitely not for everyone, but worn by the right personality, this is spectacular. Could also be worn by a woman.

  • KATHERINE07/30/2006

    Neal, at least it's on you it smells this way - not classy and too sweet. On most men it smells wonderful. Usually starts out a little too strong at first but then mellows out into the most wonderful drydown. I'm sorry you've had this experience but everyone experiences different things with different perfumes.

  • NEAL07/23/2006

    I hate to have to say it, but on me this stuff smells like a cheap scented candle. It's almost too sickeningly sweet -- not very classy at all.

  • CRIS KAANTO07/19/2006

    Quite the unique scent this woody-green-floral is and always receive plenty of positive feedback when wearing it. Beautiful bottle too.

  • LISA R07/12/2006

    i bought this for my hubby - it's smells so great - i love it! so one day i decided to spray some on tons of compliments -

  • RYAN T06/18/2006

    I have had two bottles of this in the past and soon going to get a third bottle. The application remains consistant through the drydown. This is a scent that may fade a little through time but it stays all day long. To me, this is a sharp oriental with plenty of demension. The notes I can recognize are juniper, jasmine (or other florals), tobacco leaf, and maybe a hint of sandalwood. I think a good scent to compare it to is Dulce and Gabanna. I would recommend this as a great all around fragrance and is definately worth taking a serious look at. The ladies love it.

  • JOE P.06/15/2006

    Purchased a bottle of this love potion several months ago based on the reviews from the women -- and it is golden! It definitely gets the attention of the ladies. Dreamer is powerful yet not an over-powering, nauseating arrangement of scents. Strong top notes that dry down to suttle aromatics -- and Dreamer is extremely long-lasting. Even after showering the next morning I can still smell hints of it on my skin from the night before. So, to you gentlemen who have tried it and say you don't like the smell of it I can only say this: It doesn't really matter whether YOU like the smell. It only matters that most WOMEN are crazy about it! If you never tried it, you need to. If you tried it and didn't care for it you should give it another shot.

  • CHRIS06/08/2006

    Great fragrance although strong at first. You guys are funny. Sarcastic, flippant, hysterical. Imagine if you were actually taken seriously.

  • TONY06/06/2006

    Don't know who made you Expert but expert you're not. Not one woman I've encountered has ever not loved this fragrance. Yes, everyone knows the top notes are strong but everyone also knows that when it mellows it mellows to something warm and wonderful. You may be expert at many things but definitely not at sizing up this fragrance. If you aren't pulling ladies it's because it doesn't mix well with your body chemistry, this or probably most other fragrances.

  • EXPERT05/15/2006

    I remember getting the mini of this. Flowers with amber and tobbaco? What they don't tell you on THIS website is the overwhelming note ( has to be top ) of linen. Linen? It ruins this cologne and destroys the rest of the ingrediants. It's not an appealing smell. However after a few hours on the drydown it's not that bad so I wouldn't say it's the worst ever but saying this is a romantic or evening colonge your going to drive ladies off.

  • JINGIE05/11/2006

    i used to dream of owning a bottle of the dreamer, but now i just keep thnking that Versace The Dreamer and Versace V/S smell almost exactly the same, anyone here thinks the same?

  • RINGO05/01/2006

    [This is the first cologne I've ever purchased from Versace. I think I've hit the bull's eye with this sharp and sensual fragrance. Is there anyone that can tell me what they think is the next best scent by Versace?].... yes, i can tell you, versace men's fragrance IMO go like this: 1st:Dreamer 2nd:l'homme 3rd:versace man 4th:V/S and then there are Versus Uomo, Jean Couture, and bunches of those jeans cokebottles, and time for this and that which are pretty uninteresting Dreamer is best, on me, strangely, the drydown strongly reminds me of Desire Red by Dunhill.

  • D-O-DOUBLE04/20/2006

    I agree it is really strong and a bit unpleasant at first, but after 5 min. this stuff is amazing. It is understandable not to like something everyone else seems to like.... I dislike coolwater but everyone else apparently loves it.

  • SAGESK8R04/06/2006

    I tried this out. Personally, from a guy's perspective, it smells plain Nasty. Now, when I asked women to smell it, they think it's "fresh" and "good." Amazing how females like it, i don't get it.. At All. If you're a woman pleaser, get it. But you might have to suffer a headache for them.

  • BIGNUTZ03/25/2006

    Nice and sexy woody-floral from famed Versace is the best I've smelled from the lineup and the women agree.

  • ERIC03/15/2006

    This is way up there in my top five fragrances. I've had people tell me they don't particularly like fragrances but they like this one and would buy it. Now that's a compliment. It's not something you smell everyday, unlike so many others and it's not terribly expensive which is also a great thing. I understand that the first fifteen minutes or so it's strong but after it starts mellowing it's a wonderful thing!! This is an everyday type fragrance for me, others I wear are more formal.

  • JOHN03/12/2006

    Thanks alot Tony for your comparison.I've read some of your comments on different stuffs and they have good point of views.

  • TONY T03/06/2006

    both are great and long lasting in your face fragrances. dreamer has a distinct tea/floral smell while dolce is just fantasicly great. i love both as they both last majority of the day and are phenominal. my choice would be dolce first, check out kenneth cole reaction's board. i will be revising my top 10 shortly.

  • STU03/06/2006

    How do you compare Dreamer to D&G? They are two distinctly different fragrances. I happen to like Dreamer better. Others will disagree. I understand that it takes awhile for Dreamer to smooth out but when it does it is incomparable. Plus, in my opinion far too many guys wear D&G so I won't go anywhere near it.

  • RODNEY03/03/2006

    this is real good one, look up, you go for a wild ride.

  • JOHN02/21/2006

    Dear Tony please compare Dreamer with Dolce & Gabbana.Thanks

  • RN02/10/2006

    I know Versace died in 1998, but the fashion house still exists, and when I say Versace I do not necessarily refer to Gianni Versace (the creator of the fashion house). Versace still has other designer doesn't it? So of course I expect other, maybe improved colognes. The new one that came out, Versace Man, that one isn't too great either.

  • TONY T02/07/2006

    versace passed how many years ago, but hey in your world 2pac or maybe even elvis have just recently completed a double disc. dreamer is and will be one of my top 10 of all time, great scent and longevity, what more can i say.

  • RN02/05/2006

    It's pretty good, I guess. I really thought it was going to be a bit similar to Dior Homme because of the iris note, but to me, the two of them are completely different. This one is really nauseating at first, kind of smells like burned wood or something like that. The drydown is incredible though, the fragrance completely changes from something that suffocates to a really nice, not th best, but acceptable smell. Overall, I think Versace really needs to come up with some better colognes.

  • STU01/31/2006

    Good. Glad it won't be in your collection. That leaves more for everyone else. Try Michael Kors or Angel - something nice and light.

  • ALWAYS SEARCHING01/30/2006

    There's just something in the drydown that leaves me cold toward this. I really wanted to like this based on the reviews, but it won't be included in my collection.

  • SPACE PILGRIM12/16/2005

    Interesting oriental, green and woody aroma from famed Versace is different than any fragrance I've ever smelled which makes it the most unique of this designer's lineup and I think it's the best one.

  • SYNERGY11/22/2005

    A bit unusual but lovely and interesting oriental, woody/floral fragrance is a keeper in my collection.

  • MARIO JUSTINIANI11/06/2005

    What's up Rob ? Sorry that I'm not crazy about Vera Wang, and that I think Le Male sucks but other than that, you're probably my favorite reviewer--wouldn't have even tried Mont Blanc or Signature and, Aw shucks. I find VD much too sweet and cloying, Ditto Sculpture, M7 and Opium for Men, but as the saying goes, one man's meat is another man's Persian. To each his own. As far as something similar without the top notes (juniper and something floral--lily? carnaton?) The thing is that what makes this amber based cologne unusual and interesting is that the heart of it is Iris, and ONLY Iris-- which has traditionally been associated with women's fragrances in the same way vetiver has been associated with men's. (How am I doing WB?) So if you like Iris you may give a shot to Prada Iris, Creed Irisia, and Dior Homme. There are others including Serge Lutens Irish Silver Mist, which I've never tried but SL is known for top notch amber scents, which might be what you really like in this one, anyway. Bottom line, if you're a fan, of VD-you romantic brooding poets, you--endure the top notes; which quickly fade anyway, and wear it in good health. Pax to y'all.

  • ROB H.11/03/2005

    The only cologne that I can think of that bears any similarity to this one is Portfolio Green by Perry Ellis (which is like Dreamer spiked with green) which I wasn't too crazy about. I'll let you make the suggestions for Laklaars being that you two especially YOU Mario, are the kings of note detection. Thanks fellas.

  • LAKLAARS11/01/2005

    I wonder, can someone give me some fragrances similar to this but without the horrendous top notes one has to go through the first 30 minutes? Thanks Excellent fragrance!!

  • Z.G. ARCHIBALD10/31/2005

    Starts out a bit sharp and peppery but dries down to a nice and sensual ambery/woodiness.

  • TAJSMELLSGOOD09/27/2005

    Usually there is one person who comes to the same conclusion as me.I sampled this briefly.I thouht it was a light smelling fragrance with a tea note in it.From everyone saying it smelled like a stale Hershey bar, I thought I was losing it.I will have to give this one a thorogh analysis.

  • ERIC09/02/2005

    Your words are so refreshing wherever you choose to post. Though I see it's not your favorite by any means, at least you do detect something other than devastation in the drydown. Thanks for that. I've always felt body chemistry really has so much to do with wearing fragrances that are sexually appealing to others, wouldn't you agree? Perhaps yours just doesn't wear this well. I hope all the treasures you do enjoy blend well with the body chemistry God gave you.

  • MAYA08/30/2005

    This used to be my absolute favourite! After all my BF was wearing it when we met. It did catch my attention. But when it comes down to it, Dreamer has just been overplayed, kind of like a song that you liked when you heard the 1st 10 times and now after a million and ten times you just really don't care for it much. At some point just about every guy was wearing this - the scent is really awesome so I can see why... Needless to say that it does get boring after a while, so alternatives are necessary. We found one that is a perfect alternative to it and I love it, and so does he (Just Cavalli). Give it a try, it's slightly similar to Dreamer but different enough to keep things interesting :) Four* scent these days, used to be five*

  • MARIO JUSTIIANI08/19/2005

    Since my post was probably deleted rather than lost in cyberspace. Well, at least with this liquid pale potpourri, you know what you're getting, unlike say, Nikos's Sculpture, a close relative. Some women really like it--refer to Jennifer X's subtle post--and it is much better once drydown is under way. There.

  • MALEFACTOR08/08/2005

    I love this cologne. It's so lively. I usually wear it in spring and early fall. Ladies adore it.

  • MARCO TESTAVERDE08/01/2005

    Unusual, atmospheric and peppery scent that seems to work well with my chemistry. The women love this unique scent on me.

  • A SPARE07/31/2005

    It can seem good but not great at times, and then other times not so great. I was attracted to getting a mini when I saw it had tobacco in it. Worked for Dolce and Gabbana so the other ingrediants in this looked interesting and promising. As 50 other people said, it is weird and not all the most pleasant on the inital application. You want something different and a little odd? This is your fragrance. I like odd too but there is one ingrediant that totally ruins this colonge: Linen Linen isn't a great smell and I don't know why they chose this. It also has iris in it which I love but it's nowhere to be found due to the overtaking of linen and tobbaco. Take out the linen, which gives it that "old" smell some wrote about, leave in the tobbaco and iris and you got a great fragrance.

  • PETER07/26/2005

    imagine falling asleep on cloud 9. That is The Dreamer your smelling. I love the cologne from the bottle, to puttiing it on it's majestic smell is captivating and invigorating. It's one of the most pleasant, mysterious undescrible scents out there that works. The woodsy parts in it along with the layer of tobbaco gives it it's maculine part and the rest of the ingrediants take you to dreamland. Perfect cologne that stands out all others.

  • ERIC06/22/2005

    So Justin you perhaps have taught an older dog a new trick. If you can pull this off then by all means do so. Most 16 year olds should stay away from this until later on when they have matured or ripened more if you will (and I really believe this, but of course this is all opinion), but you seem fortunate enough to be one who can wear this and wear it with confidence. It is one of my top 5 fragrances. For a change try Pi if you haven't already or Pi Fraiche for the summer months, Escada's Magnetism is interesting, Laura Biagiatti's Roma is wonderful as well as is CK One Summer, and I don't much care for Calvin Klein fragrances but this is an exception. CK One Summer is very nice. I don't tell my favorite because I don't want anyone else wearing it!!! Peace and be well Justin. Eric

  • VINCE06/08/2005

    smells whack @ first, but give it 10 mins and its the best!!!

  • O.T.06/06/2005

    The smell is very strong for the first 10-15min after spraying it on. Personally I don't like the smell at start. It changes quite a bit after 15min though and then it's very good.

  • BOBBY_S1234505/25/2005

    I have been wearing Dreamer since 1997 and have not looked back since. I like the fact that it is not over powering and can be worn for any occasion formal or casual. Once you have gone throught the gambit of fragrances trying to find the one that best suits you and your lifestyle you will probably end up with a bottle of Dreamer.

  • TONY T05/22/2005

    this to touch hmm..?? i like touch but this is phenominal.. long lasting, great scent, a little powdery but not even close to being unisex. 1 of the better scents out there that lasts.

  • JUSTIN05/19/2005

    Ok Eric, I must say I now agree with you. I do believe that this cologne is for the more mature. However, that is not to say it is for the old. After all, age and maturity are not always necessarily related. That said, I very well could be one of the few my age who can truly appreciate and pull off this scent. Even at my age, the reaction I get when I wear Dreamer is always positive. Girls have actually stopped in the hall and said, “Someone smells really good.” Warm, comforting, and confident, Dreamer is a true classic. While not the best suited for any form of warm weather, it is necessary for the colder months of the year. Dreamer also lasts quite a long time (at least on my skin) so a little bit goes a long way.

  • WHOOP05/11/2005

    not bad, smells odd at first but mellows out. after about 10 minutes it smells like burberry touch

  • D-O-DOUBLE05/03/2005

    When you first spray it on yourself, it is very strong smelling and you may not like it much. ONE spray will last most of the day in (use two sprays max). A couple minutes after spraying, it will tone down a bit, losing any unpleasantness it may have had initially, and it will be very smooth, masculine, warm and kinda sweet. It has some citrus and spice but smells nothing like some typical over-used highschooler citrusy crap (and believe me, if you are in highschool or college, this stuff will really set you apart with the ladies). As you can see, it is a sophisticated fragrance and is a "romantic" type. I see it as a "mature" cologne, one worn by someone who has good taste, is unique, has style, knows what ladies like, and is tired of smelling like an orange; the ladies definately agree :)

  • ERIC05/02/2005

    Thanks Justin for your report on Dreamer. While I agree how great it smells, one who is 16 shouldn't worry about sophistication yet or people under thirty, but rather their studies and graduating from high school. This is a fragrance that is timeless but I just can't imagine smelling it on teenagers. This seems more for adults 25+ or older. This is my opinion and perhaps mine alone, but I would never buy this for my 16 year old nephew. Sixteen year olds and sophistication just don't go together. Acqua di Gio seems too old for a 16 year old. Tommy makes several fragrances that come to mind and there is always Cool Water.

  • JUSTIN04/17/2005

    This is one of the few fragrances out there that every guy needs to at least check out. (Others in that category are Aqcua di Gio and Dolce Gabbana pour homme.) while not the rarest scent, it isnt overly common like Acqua di Gio. It is a somewhat strong fragrance that may make some people not like it. A single or possibly 2 sprays will do it, any more than that and you may overwhelm not only yourself but whatever girl you are trying to impress. Wear it moderately and impress it will. Lasts all day and is easy detected by anyone withing a few feet of you. Maybe not for the older crowd. I am 16 and I use this whenever I need to dress up a bit or when I am going on a date with my girlfriend. The Dreamer is a sophisticated, refreshing, "warm" scent that should be checked out by all guys under 30. Also, the new Black Code from Armani is just about a copy of this, only Black Code starts off with a light scent this fades into the lighter base of this, so if this is too storng try that, but try this first.

  • OLIVER04/16/2005

    This is the one i've been looking for. Soft, sharp and classy. Women love it, guys want it. Initial spray is strong but give it 10 mins and your ready, inspires confidence like no other, lasts very long. If you've been in a smokey environment it still cuts through. 10/10. Guys do me a favour, keep this one a'll be glad you did. its one in a million

  • QUANT03/22/2005

    i'm almost 30, but this is too sweet for me, I'll give it to my younger brother. Might be good for younger men, I'd feel strange if I wear this in the office. It does smells to me like a women fragrance ...

  • OHIOAN02/28/2005

    I agree with those who do not care for it. Smells face powder from my old aunt.

  • DANIELLA02/09/2005

    this is probably my favorite cologne. It's light and clean...but at the same time sensual and romantic... the perfect sent for a hot night out or valentines...yum

  • CRACKHEAD BOB01/30/2005

    This cologne is definitely a classic. I get many compliments from women all the time. The funny thing is that guys try to play if off by saying, "hey is that the new (fill in the blank) you're wearing?" Yeah right, they're just trying to find out the name so they can buy it. Keep this one to yourselves guys. Buy it and don't give the name out to any one. Let them Dream on!!

  • WHAT EVER12/20/2004

    absolutely terrible. unless you are an old lady - then still terrible but you can get away with it.

  • GMURR12/17/2004

    tis nice smells soooooo good i like wearing it n all the ladies compliment. must buy

  • PLUTO11/26/2004

    This is magnetic, believe me ladies love it, got so many compliments on this from both sexes. Simply its the best from versace and one of the best perfumes out there!

  • MEOW10/25/2004

    One day my friend came to look for me.. so he was walking in front of me.. and... "Hey what tat smell?"... he replied me DREAMER..wwoooo I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Oh my GOD!

  • RYAN LEE10/03/2004

    dreamer by versace is just the perfect thing to use when wanting a little extra attention, it lasts longer than other brands, and u get so many compliments about how good, sharp, and classy u smell! guess that's what u would expect from versace

  • MARIUSZ-K10/01/2004

    Wonderfull oriental scent! Best fragrance from Versace.

  • TIM09/20/2004

    i like dreamer. I have been looking for a cologne that stays strong even after dancing in the club and this does the trick. Strong in the beginning just like the other reviews but is perfect for a date or going out with the boys. g luck

  • STARLIGHT08/12/2004

    Clean,luxurious,classy and manly (unlike Jpg) scent.Not too sweet.Starts very sharp but dry down is quite nice.

  • APOLLO07/26/2004

    this aftershave is ace and gives you wonderful dreams,woman just love it and has lots of wow factor!!!!!

  • DAVE07/16/2004

    Horible when first sprayed on, but better after a while. Way to strange for me anyway.

  • HER LOSS06/09/2004

    Ok, I have to put this in writing. Dreamer is one of TWO colognes that I have -and I have well over a hundred (of the designer brands, not the teen and cheap stuff) -Dreamer absolutely drives women mad. I have never had ONE ever NOT want to turn into "vampira" on me with this on. The only other one that even comes close to evoking this response is "NightFlight" by Joop and it's discontinued and hard to get. I'm telling you gentleman: Invest in a bottle of this, let everyone ask you what it is you are wearing: If you wear it; they (women) will come. Seriously.

  • STU06/09/2004

    There are so many fragrances I smell that I end up saying this could be improved upon if only this were done. With Dreamer I wouldn't change a thing, it's that incredible.

  • ROB H.05/15/2004

    I'm more for the scent than the longevity being that if the scent doesn't last I can always spray a little more like I usually do when I'm at work. Good thing I bought the 3.4oz. size which will probably last me at least a year and a half because I have so many others to wear. But anyways thanks for the input W.B., maybe I will give Metal Jeans a try sometime soon. Until then, happy cologne hunting.

  • W.B.05/11/2004


  • W.B.05/11/2004


  • ROB H.04/27/2004

    This is the first cologne I've ever purchased from Versace. I think I've hit the bull's eye with this sharp and sensual fragrance. Is there anyone that can tell me what they think is the next best scent by Versace?

  • JAMES04/24/2004

    how many sprays is good enough to keep the scent, but not have it be too overpowering?

  • VINCENT04/11/2004

    First and last time I used this was a year and 1/2 ago. I got a sample cause I liked how it smelled at the store. I remember it like it was yesterday. Funny how scents can do that... Anyways I thought it was too strong going on, but I enjoyed the smell as it dried down. I loved it actually. Throughout the day I caught myself bringing my wrists up to my face just to get a nice big whiff. I smelt and felt great wearing this cologne. After several hours, the scent was still kicking. The strength of Dreamer is not in your favour. By the end of the day I couldn't wait to get home and shower it off. Its great to smell for a while, but to be around it constantly is just too much! Far too intoxicating. I would recommend wearing this for any short events where you would like to smell and feel like a man on top of his game. (lunch date, job interview) Make sure to wash it off right away though, otherwise it will make you and those around you, sick. Thats my opinion anyway

  • JOHN03/28/2004

    HORRIBLE smell. Like bug spray! Gives me a headache and no one who has smelled it on themselves or on me likes it. Can someone explain to me what's good about this?

  • ERIC02/23/2004

    You are so right. I have other bottles of fragrance (Desire, Pi, etc.) and they are nice, but this is addicting and EVERYONE likes when I wear it. I always buy two bottles so I don't run out. It's just that good.

  • MAX02/19/2004

    When I first put this cologne on, I almost regretted buying it. 10 minutes into wearing it, I was hooked. Word to the wise: make sure you have more than just this cologne... the scent is so addictive that if you don't have anything comparable, you'll be wearing this all the time, and a scent this good should never be worn out.

  • THOMAS02/12/2004

    Awesome designer cologne. Works with the body chemistry. It takes a designer's eye to really appreciate it.


    At first, the smell was really sharp. After that you get a fresh juniper smelling cologne with essence of tobacco. It's pretty good. Lasted a long while on me and overall most people I asked liked it (women of course). Overall a fresh long lasting cologne.

  • BASHIR01/29/2004


  • SHERIFF01/29/2004

    If you want something unique, this is it. Something crisp and clean that does not mell nasty like Tommy Hillfiger. This one has class.

  • PAUL01/27/2004

    Sweet and soft; nothing masculine or sharp about it; it fits in the same group as Joop and a few other colognes; nothing like Opium or Pi.

  • KHALED01/25/2004


  • W.B.01/20/2004


  • HIGH CLASS01/10/2004

    This cologne is amazing, when I first put it on I thought "ewwww" after about ten mins it got so fresh smelling. It smells clean and light. Almost like a tropical scent. Its much more light than Armani Gio. It also last way longer. I love it !!!!

  • ASCHKAEL01/03/2004

    it lasts all day on me

  • CHRIS12/19/2003

    About how long does it take for the smell to die down?

  • DANIEL12/16/2003

    to overwhelming and smell like medicine. Not so bad though. just average. Long lasting but get very distorted just powder at the end.

  • JEFF12/15/2003

    Another strange scent by Versace that you have to really try hard to find a reason to like it. Smells like tea tree oil on application and dries down to something better, but not all that great. If you must follow the masses like the other seventy or so posters here and wear a very mediocre scent because it is the current "in" fragrance, knock yourself out. If this is a babe magnet, I'd check her blood alcohol level

  • CHRIS12/14/2003

    I've got a question on it, About how long does it take for the smell to die down?

  • ERIC12/09/2003

    I had to laugh at "Jiggas" post. Anyone adolescent enough to call themselves Jigga can't expect anyone to take them seriously. Dreamer is off the hook.

  • NICK11/28/2003

    Awesome fragrance. Strong when first applied then dries down to a classy sexy scent that will get you noticed. For people that wear it you know how many heads turn when you walk by.

  • JIGGAH11/23/2003

    Too me a headache..smells like some old cheap high karate.

  • RUTH11/18/2003

    I absolutely love this fragrance on men and would love to find a female counterpart to it for myself...any suggestions?

  • CARLOS 11/17/2003

    This is great smelling cologne

  • INES11/09/2003

    One of my favorites for men!

  • ASCHKAEL09/28/2003

    This is great stuff...a vert warm and deep scent. It reminds me of JPG Le Male but it's a little darker and smokier and a little less boyish than Le Male. If you like deep and warm scents you'll love this one!

  • AARON09/23/2003

    Oh my god,just luuuuuve this one!! All the ladies keep asking what is that you're wearing and I tell them. This one's my dream come true.

  • 'TIS NICE!!!08/04/2003

    100% perfecto,hands down... I dislike every other Versace scent except for Red Jeans

  • JUDE C08/04/2003

    not bad not good-very expensive-not worth the money-but smells decent-very ordinary in my opinion-nothing over the top-not the spicy sexy kind which I like

  • WILL07/19/2003

    Dreamer is sweet and tangy. It has a “thick” smell to it. (This is a good thing.) I wish it had a stronger tobacco finish. It lasts about all day, yet looses much of it’s thickness.

  • SAIL07/16/2003

    This cologne is a little strange compared to the other ones I have. I don't know if I have a bad bottle or something but the top notes smell like licorice, and it actually kind of stinks as soon as you put it on. But once it fades, it is very pleasant, although I am not sure how noticeable this is.

  • DREAMER USER06/25/2003

    This cologne is incredible..I wasn't impressed by the top notes but the dry down is unbeliveable!!! I never wore a cologne that smelled so good on me...This cologne stop women in their tracks Make sure it works with your chemistry though..I'd suggest a sample first.

  • TONY BOLOGNA06/25/2003

    Dreamer is peculiar when you first spray it, smelling EXACTLY like a tootsie roll, in my opinion, but it dries down to a nice, luxurious, and decadent scent.

  • JIMI06/08/2003

    I decided to try a bottle. All I can say is Wow, what a response I got. Everyone seems to love this scent but no one knows what it is, not like your "Tommy" scents. It is original smelling if you’re a teeny who thinks Cool Water, Aqua Di Gio and Tommy are the end all-be all’s don’t bother with this one, but if you like uniqueness and miscellany give it a try you’ll be glad you did.

  • DAKOTA06/05/2003

    I have picked up more women with this cologne than any. Dreamer is by far the best, much better than Gio.

  • DA RUSSIAN06/02/2003

    This cologne smells kinda funky at first when you put in on, kind of like an old chacolate bar, but after the alcohol evaporates IT SMELLS AWSOME! Just one question, for those people who get alot of compliments on this product; how much do you usually put on? And where do you usually spray?

  • MATT05/25/2003

    I have worn this on and off for years now, and is my absolute favourite. The aroma is very intrequing, and always gets attention beacuse of its uniqueness. One word of warning - when you first put it on, it smells strong, then dies right off - almost to the point where you think you have none on.. DONT PUT MORE ON :D

  • VIKTOR05/17/2003

    You need the right chemestry to pull this one off! Really can get nasty!

  • ERIC05/14/2003

    I wear several things, Desire, Pi, Cacharel and enjoy them, but of all of the fragrances I've worn I get more frequent sincere compliments about Dreamer. It is an incredible, sexy, warm and wonderful smelling fragrance.

  • SANDRA D.05/03/2003

    SO OLD smelling! like it's been in the attic since 1834!

  • RYAN04/10/2003


  • PERFUMEFETISH04/09/2003

    A very different type of scent will definetly get you noticed. I think that everyone should add this to their wardrobe. It also perfect if your planning a nite on the town! Super!

  • PHIL04/01/2003

    The name says it all. This is my favorite from versace and 1 of my top 10. I admit it can be strong at first, but then it dries down to deep, rich lasting scent of intrigue.

  • DREAMER03/30/2003

    i decided to give dreamer a chance for a day or two since I paid 50 bucks for a stupid bottle, and I ended up actually liking it. it is a romance cologne, i.e. one you don't wear for everyday activities. one should wear it for romantic encounters with a girl.

  • TONY BOLOGNA03/22/2003

    my head starts to throb eveytime I wear it and I think it smells like stale chocolate

  • BRAD03/13/2003

    Dreamer is a very unique scent.. hard to describe. It's hard to sense the true nature of this perfume right after you apply it because it tends to be very strong at first. But after a few minutes it turns into a light and romantic scent. Think of laying on an uncommercialized beach at night, smelling the breeze, looking up at the stars, with no one else for miles. To me that seems to be a fairly good description of Dreamer. I own a few other colognes including Acqua di Gio and Dolce and Gabbana, and it's impossible to compare this frangrance to either of those. It's like comparing apples and oranges. Dreamer is less formal than Dolce, and it's a lighter and more of a romantic scent than Acqua di Gio. All in all, I'm still trying to figure out which of the 3 I like the most, but Dreamer is most definitely a unique scent that's worth giving a try.

  • MISH03/04/2003

    hey just thought id put in my 2¢ worth. this cologne smells great, my boyfriend wears it and i love it :o)

  • DAMION02/13/2003

    Just received my mini, and must say this is an excellent fragrance. Wasn't sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. Reminds me in some respects of Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme, and yet it's also very different. Soft, subtle, clean, and fragrant, all the while being fairly long wearing. How can this be? Most colognes with all these positive qualities don't have half of Dreamer's staying power. One of my new favorites for sure, Dreamer is highly recommended!!!

  • DEVIN02/13/2003

    I have to admit that when I first smelled this I didn't like it. It's rather nasty when first applied. What I think is unique about this is that it changes so much on the drydown. It's light but very long lasting.

  • INGRID02/01/2003

    Of all the Versace's range this is the only good fragrance. Not only good - excellent! Very nice, really.

  • CHARLES01/21/2003

    One of the best scents available. I have been stopped on the street on numerous occasions just to be told how wonderful I smell. Unique and intoxicating.

  • TACHYON STALLION01/16/2003

    This is a personal favorite. It has a unique scent that is not too strong.

  • JOE01/14/2003

    Is it possible I got a bad bottle of this stuff? Way too sweet and flowery/powdery. Not my idea of a masculine scent.

  • LISA01/09/2003

    Ryan, Jason and Tom don't like the smell. It would smell better if maybe they showered before wearing. Maybe stick with Tommy and Cool Water, or other corner drugstore scents.

  • AIR 01/05/2003

    ...ever since

  • ALEXANDRA12/27/2002

    The scent is unique, youll never confuse it with any other perfume. It will be your signature scent, I'd recognize it anywhere. Its gotten to a point where I go to departments stores and spray some on my swater, just so that I´ll remember the way this hot guy I know smells...really, RUN and get it

  • RICH12/13/2002

    Great scent. I noticed trailer park Jen strikes again.

  • CHARLES12/13/2002

    Is an excellent fragrance. Nothing old smelling or whatever about it. On the other hand Jenny X keeps calling people gay if they don't agree with her or wish to hear about her body fluids and what makes her moist. You act like your'e some goddess or something. Noone cares what does or doesn't makes you MOIST Jenny X.

  • CHEEZER12/11/2002

    Everytime i wear this purfume, i get the most ramdom comments from women complimenting my good smell and good taste. The results so far have all been positive. GIve it time

  • TOM12/09/2002

    Old smelling perfume.

  • JENNIFER X12/08/2002

    Another one created that absolutely I don't know, you two must be into other guys.

  • COTY12/03/2002

    yucky, this one's a lamer

  • JASON12/02/2002

    This gives me a headache and is extremely overpowering and doesn't even smell good on you. After ten minutes it turns rotten.

  • RYAN11/23/2002

    This smell is not worth the price of this perfume. Its doesn't smell that good as people say, its a very ordinary perfume. I don't like this one. Sometimes it gets too heavy on your mind.

  • STU11/22/2002

    All the "old smelling", nasty, etc., come from I guess teenagers who have only been exposed to things like Tommy or cool water and similar cheap, ordinary fragrances. Dreamer is absolutely great smelling. Anyone visiting this site don't let the one or too bad apples and fools sway you from trying the adventure of dreamer. It's worth every cent.

  • DAVE11/19/2002

    This cologne has a very nice finishing tone like polo sport and some other ones, u wont like it at first spray because it smells yucky. but wait until time passes by slowly, the true effect starts to come out, and ones that comes out, that's it, ur the man of the day! Another girl magnet, strongly recommanded!

  • PRINCE11/19/2002

    This perfume is the best, i wear it and everybody is asking what is that and sayin how nice it is.

  • PEPE11/19/2002

    one of the best

  • MAN11/12/2002

    It's the tops, you chumps haven't got a frickin' clue...

  • GEORGE11/08/2002

    smells like rotten candies. Kindly refrain. Try Givenchy lines of perfumes, they're the best. Versace sucks in perfumes especially dreamer.

  • KATANASIX11/08/2002

    I don't know who told you this cologne smells like potato skins. Maybe that's what they smell like with it on. This is a real fragrance, not that watered down Tommy crap. Well your only sixteen, you still have lots of time to discover real cologne. You can't believe the rumors, try this stuff for yourself.

  • JARED11/07/2002

    I am 16 yrs old and I was told this smells like peel of potato skin. yuck, smells like some cheap old, stale perfume. Tommy Hilfiger is the best. Ya Tommy ya.Keep makin Tommy

  • ROGER11/06/2002

    "Ok" to you and only you. But much more for others. Did you skip all the other messages? Perhaps you should try Hi Karate or British Streling. These would probably smell better on you.

  • TUM11/05/2002

    OK, nothing special

  • J. B.GRENOUILLE10/26/2002

    the smell of autumn in a bottle

  • OBIWARREN10/22/2002

    A very clean non-citrusy scent. I guess I would classify Dreamer as a fresh Oriental. I very highly recommend this. WOW!

  • KATANASIX10/22/2002

    That's what I said when I smelled this cologne. It sports a sharp, oriental vanilla-like scent, very nice.

  • THE BIG R10/20/2002

    You seem to know quite a bit about fragrances. How does this compare to Pi by Givenchy? Also, what are some good choices for casual/daytime wear during fall/winter months ? Thanks!

  • ZEUS10/17/2002

    Dreamer is great for Day or Night & work. Not sure about play unless the play involves women. Similar to Le'Male in many ways.

  • JIM10/14/2002

    Too soft

  • GINA09/14/2002


  • PAUL09/10/2002

    Having just recently come across this scent..I can say it puts all other scents to shame when it comes to getting the ladies can't go wrong with Dreamer!!

  • TOM08/13/2002

    Far outdoes Black Jeans in my opinion. As for when to wear it, whenever you want. It is incredible.

  • DOUG07/18/2002

    This has got to be the best overall men's scent by Versace narrowly surpassing Black Jeans. It is very appealing to the ladies and should be worn at night or while wearing nice clothes, definitely a sporty, all the time scent.

  • THE BIG R07/07/2002

    Just curious. When do you wear this? Day or Night? Work or Play?

  • LINDA06/19/2002

    i discovered this perfume in 1998 and it\s been THE ONE for me smells great on a\s a perfume for winter in my opinion

  • ERIC05/16/2002

    Woman in my office told me to buy this one. I did and I'm glad she told me to. Compliments, compliments, compliments. Makes me feel special cause I know I smell good.

  • RALPH MOUTH05/10/2002

    Throw on leather bomber jacket and a good pair of tight jeans and enter a cold nippy Evening with Dreamer. You WILL be Mr. Touchable. Take my word.

  • MEMBOI2404/09/2002

    Very sweet and tobacco-like. Similar to Dolce & Gabanna.

  • VITTORIO02/23/2002

    Bonjiorno! I work for Versace Profuma and am shocked at the rumors on this site. We at Versace did not alter the Dreamer scent in any way. It is and always has been the same formula.

  • ADRIAN01/30/2002

    So the new dream is worse than the old one? I like this perfume and get a lot of complements for it.

  • MARIA01/21/2002

    My ex-boyfriend used to wear this cologne...and I loved it on when i smell it it reminds me of him so much that it makes me want to cry. If a cologne can evoke that much feeling out of must be something special PS. this is not the only cologne he wore, so don't this it is only b/c I miss him. Now he actually wears Deleration by Cartier, that I bought him...guys if you want a woman to fall for you..don't go and buy and buy it..I'm telling you.

  • RICKY01/11/2002

    Last time I had Dreamer was about 4 yrs. ago . Right after Versace's death, I checked with Sak's and they said it was discontinued...? Haven't tried the "new" scent yet. Need to check it out.

  • ERIC B.01/08/2002

    For the man wearing the suit, a scent the president of a fortune 500 company would wear.

  • VALENTINA12/31/2001

    I think that's the only good fragrance that Versace made. I can't stand any of Versace's women's fragrances, but DREAMER is excellent.

  • DAN12/18/2001

    Had to pick up a bottle after sampling. Transparent and warm. Perfect for a crisp, cool Evening. I love it.

  • KRIS09/26/2001

    My favorites for men (I'm a woman) are Chanel Egoiste (not Egoiste Platinum) and Gucci Rush. Both are sexy and masculine, and don't have that awful, sharp Irish-Spring smell. I was happy to find Dreamer too, because it falls into the same category as my faves. Nothing offensive about this one, just sexy. Women WILL love it.

  • DRACO ONE09/24/2001

    EVERY girl who smells this stuff absolutily wants to lick it off me! If you buy ANY cologne. Buy Versace "Dreamer" Seriously.

  • MANOJ09/22/2001

    Not a day goes by...someone not commenting about its pleasent dreamyy fragrance.... Have been using it for last 3 years.. I feel the fragrance has been altered last year... Let me get back to my dreams....

  • TEEBABY07/23/2001

    I love the way this cologne smells in the bottle, and on a man, oh, boy, it's a dream!

  • ROBERT06/13/2001

    This faragrance is simply wonderful. Subtle, unoffensive, and dreamy. Girls always comment on how good it smells on me, and I don't wear much! Men comment too!! That's the best part! Keep dreaming! Much love!

  • Has Versace Dreamer been altered in the last year?

  • KARYN09/21/2000

    this stuff smellll so good...if it were food i would eat it....LOL keep makin ittttttt

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