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Ralph Lauren


92 Reviews

Created in 1978, Lauren is a sharp, floral fragrance. This feminine scent contains a blend of green florals, violet, carnation, rose and rare wood spices. Lauren is recommended for daytime use.

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Created in 1978, Lauren is a sharp, floral fragrance. This feminine scent contains a blend of green florals, violet, carnation, rose and rare wood spices. Lauren is recommended for daytime use.

  • PEACEMAKER07/25/2013

    Wearing this perfume makes you feel good. It is light and flowery and the scent lingers - absolutely fabulous!

  • SUSAN CENTOFANTI08/18/2012

    Awesome product and great service

  • CHRISTINA WALSH12/19/2011

    This is such a lovely perfume and as its been discontinued really difficult to get hold of! I'm no keen on sweet perfumes so this is just right for me and the smell lasts for ages. Its not a cheap perfume and neither should it be. Everytime I wear it people always comment.

  • WENG06/15/2010

    They don't make Parfume of this kind anymore,its just colognes.

  • CYN09/09/2009

    The Lauren I wore in 1982 is not this Lauren. This new "Lauren" is weaker and lasts about two hours and it is gone. The original lasted throughout the day with a richness that was so unique. I am extremely dissapointed. This fragrance was a classic, and now it is synthetic smelling and has the staying power of a cologne. The quality has decreased while the price has increased.

  • CJ01/02/2009

    ...b/c I have been thinking about buying Lauren again. I'll have to check out the new version to see if I still like it, since it's been several years since I bought it! As far as the original Lauren goes, it's a beautiful, floral fragrance. I always used it sparingly so it wouldn't be overpowering. I only used it for special occasions since it was $$$ at the time. My normal perfume at that time was "Touche" by Jovan, which is now very hard to find and VERY $$$ b/c it was discontinued. I guess Lauren has stood the test of time!

  • VAL12/16/2008

    I use to wear this a long time ago and this was my favorite. Today I purchased this and it smells different and not in a good way. To me it smells flat and unexciting. Will be returning to the store.

  • KRISTIN ARAGON06/08/2008

    Ralph Lauren Eua de toilette in the brown bottle has always been my favorite! It is a great fresh smell!

  • JOYCE07/10/2007

    They changed Lauren several years ago.I've worn it twenty plus years and it(was) the best fragrance EVER! Iwrote the company-did no good.Makes me sick!Can't leave perect alone.

  • BARBARA W06/09/2007

    Too sharp, bothers my sinuses. If you like floral/aldehydes, you might like this. I don't.

  • KHOURY04/09/2007

    I wrote to the Reps at Ralph Lauren as well as called them to let them know that the fragrace has changed after buying it at 2 different stores and then returning it. Maybe if enough people do this, they will take notice and return to making it the original way...however i do agree that pure white linen does smell the same and I suppose I will switch to wearing that fragrance instead if they don't change it back to it's original fragrance.

  • MARA01/18/2007

    Dan, You could choose perfumes for me. Everytime I see one of your evaluations, I agree completely. You and I have the same noses I guess, LOL. At any rate, Lauren is wonderful. I like the old fragrances much better than the new citrusy ones and ones like Angel. I happen to love Cristobal, Jolie Madam and Cabotine. I even ran into Evening in Paris the other day. Now, that is one oldy. You know what? It smelled devine. Fragrances should not be judged by the year they were made but rather by the aura they evoke.

  • MICHELLE01/09/2007

    I'm now wondering if perhaps I purchased an old bottle of Lauren and that's why it's smelled so sharp. I've learned an expensive lesson...always save the box and receipt.

  • MICHELLE01/09/2007

    I have been wearing Lauren for about 20 years. Throughout the years, I've received many compliments on how wonderful I smell, so naturally I kept buying it and considered it my signature scent. There were a couple times when someone had bought me a bottle from one of those "perfume" stores, and I knew it right away because it smelled bad. From then on, I would ONLY purchase it from a reputable dept. store. A month ago, I bought a new bottle and was so very excited because I had run out about 5 months before. I wore it everday for about 2 weeks, and not one comment, nothing. Then last week, a good friend said to me that whatever I was wearing was not working for me at all, she even went so far as to say she hated it. The more I smelled it, the more I truly agree that it is's not as soft and floral. It's more like others have said "like wood varnish" or "bug spray". I am very upset and disappointed because Lauren has never let me down before, so I trustingly throw out the box and receipt. I feel very ripped off here!!!! Goodbye Lauren!!!

  • LOUISE09/16/2006

    Lauren was one of the first fragrances I ever wore, so it's always had a special place in my heart. People on this site are saying the formulation has changed -- is this true?? WHY DO THEY DO THAT??!! I haven't purchased Lauren for awhile so I don't know. Anyway, if it has changed, I would suggest trying the new scent by Estee Lauder, Pure White Linen. It smells quite a bit like Lauren, if you ask me, and people on other fragrance sites have said the same. Hope this helps!!

  • AMY08/22/2006

    I also agree with JJ, that I would be absolutely DEVESTATED if this fragrance discontinues. I think that this scent is too beautiful for everyday use - I dont want to abuse it! Ive tried many other scents to replace Lauren Perfume if it discontinues, but I havent found one that I love as much as I love Lauren Perfume. I send thanks to Ralph Lauren, I think he's so intelligent to of made this fragrance!

  • AMY08/22/2006

    This perfume is very elegant and VERY SEXY! This scent should be called "THE floral fragrance" because it's like the queen of them all. There's no other floral perfume that smells like this, especially nowadays. Unfortunatley, not everyone can wear this scent, because it gives off the wrong effect on some people. If there's any type of speical or important event, I must wear Lauren Perfume! I'm very fond of it, and I wouldnt wear anything else for special occasions. I agree with Elizabeth, that people change their favorite scents just to be with the trend in America. They really dont know how to appreciate the wonderful scent of Lauren. I get wonderful praises about my perfume everytime I wear it, and my friend says that this fragrance suits me, but not her.

  • FRAGRANTONE07/25/2006

    Ah, the destruction of my 1980's memories! I had to call my mother just now after reading these descriptions and comments, to tell her that Lauren is not meant to smell like iced tea. My chemistry somehow actually made (and I assume still would make) it smell just like fresh cold tea, to the point that we have both believed that is what it is supposed to be for 20+ years. I am bewildered by the true description. I do still love Lauren, even if my mother and I are the only ones who perceive it this way. Wonder what everyone else smelled on me? Boyfriends said I smelled nice, but they would have said that about almost anything half way pleasant, I bet. I'm going to try on some Lauren today!

  • CHRIS03/01/2006

    the lauren perfume has does not smell the same as it did 24 years smells different..I was so disappointed chris

  • ARICIA02/20/2006

    A very elegant fragrance- green with a kick of carnation. Smells costly and refined. My sister has worn this one for years, so I'm fond of it.

  • RYAN02/13/2006

    I have been wearing Lauren for the last 20 years and it's getting harder and harder to find. It's clean and such a fresh fragance

  • GAYLE01/10/2006

    I wrote to reps at Ralph Lauren who say the fragrance is NOT discontinued...

  • ELIZABETH12/28/2005

    I also have worn the original Lauren as "my" signature-fragrance, for 3 decades now, ever since it debuted, as Ralph Lauren's "first fragrance". I'm 55 & thus have worn it all my adult life. My dear Mother, bless her soul, would always gift me with Lauren for Christmas. Needless to say, my Mother has since passed on, and now it seems Lauren's original fragrance is as well. Hmm, American culture is so fickle. Fragrances in France seem eternal, no?

  • HONEY12/14/2005

    I started using this perfume when I was in 6th grade & I dont get tired of the smell. Im 32 yrs old now & I will still continue using this one...good choice!

  • JJ12/12/2005

    I will be devastated if this scent is discontinued. It is absolutely my all time favorite fragrance. (And I am OLD...) I have tried scores of others, but none is as beautiful as Lauren.

  • KELLY12/11/2005

    My husband has been searching stores and the internet and while he can still find some bottles,(not at the Ralph Lauren site), the stores say they aren't getting new shipments but no one will use the word 'discontinued'. There are no gift sets available this Christmas. This is killing me, I've been wearing it for 22 years.

  • SUSAN12/09/2005

    Has anyone else heard that Lauren is being discontinued? I am so upset. This is the only perfume I can wear, and have been wearing it for 30 years! Are they replacing it with something similar?

  • SACHER C12/06/2005

    I never would have bought this fragrance had it not been on sale for 70% off. Turns out it has a pretty good appeal. Strong and long lasting this is not the perfume for the deer-footed, silk-wearing pixie. This is a woman's fragrance that lets a man know she is in your presence. Not a romantic fragrance but a good general confident perfume. Wear it as such.

  • CONSTANTINE11/18/2005

    It's been one of my favorite perfumes since the '80's. Even though I can't wear it, i buy it to spray in the house.

  • DAN11/04/2005

    Lauren is the the best smelling perfume I have ever found. I have been buying this for my wife since we met in High school over 20 years ago. I bought it for girlfriends prior to that. It smells so good no man can resist it !!! Simply the best ever..

  • GWEN09/19/2005

    I have worn Lauren for over 20 years. I love the woodsy/floral soft smell. The last bottle I got had a lot more of a floral scent which makes me wonder if I got a off bottle or if the formula has changed. I sure hope not.

  • HELEN09/18/2005

    Lauren has a truly unique flavor. It doesn't seem to have been duplicated. The new fragrances that are coming out of the market these days seem to smell the same. Too bad, Lauren is getting rare because it's been discontinued.

  • MIMI08/20/2005

    my boss wore this one day and it smelled so good. smells like it has top notch ingredience in it. doesnt smell cheap.

  • MS. 191308/08/2005

    I would like to think of myself as a connoisseur of fine fragrances as I currently have 80 different types of EDP & EDT, but Lauren is definitely one fragrance I hope never gets discontinued. It's fresh, crisp, and long lasting (w/ my body chemistry that is). I definitely keep this one around.....

  • NICOLE06/17/2005

    Excellent but it's getting more and more difficult to find. Good signature scent for the winter. Definitely my favourite from Ralph Lauren.

  • KIM12/19/2004

    My first smell to Lauren ,was at 18 when my new best friend walked into the room smelling heavenly, I have loved this sent ever sence and will always love it, thanks ralph lauren .

  • DJ11/24/2004

    It's one of those scents, you never foreget. It takes you back to your youth! May try it again !

  • GLENNA11/05/2004

    This was the first "grown-up" perfume which I wore regularly in the early 80's. I can still identify it today if someone has it on. It takes me back to a different time and place...great memories.

  • DONNA MOBLEY09/24/2004

    I definitely agree with Cass, it is too heavy for summer. A great winter fragrance. Used to wear Safari in the summer but it is getting increasingly difficult to find, especially the body lotion. Now I need a new fragrance.

  • JODIE 09/02/2004

    This is a nice scent for someone who is mature and sophisticated; not very trendy or catchy.

  • CARRIE08/18/2004

    To samantha.. Lauren can be purchased right here on the net at Perfume Emporium..

  • BELLE08/06/2004

    Heavy on the carnation! I don't like this. I know it was what to wear in the 80's, and a lot of girls did (not me). Some say this is a classic. I think we should all wear what we like and what we get compliments on, so if this one works for you that's you. For me, no. I like a lot of these new fragrances out there much better. Not the unisex ones though. Keep it feminine, but young and fresh, not cloying carnation or some other flower overkill.

  • MARILEE08/01/2004

    I've worn this fragrance for at least 20 years...maybe closer to 25 years...I am constantly complimented on my perfume...and it stays true in fragrance...doesn't change while you're wearing it! I wouldn't wear anything else...I tried others, but nothing else compares!

  • SARAH07/26/2004

    I have loved this perfume since it first came out. Even through using tons of others, I always come back for this one. It is simply a classic!

  • SAMANTHA07/14/2004

    HELP! I am looking for the Lauren body shampoo. I am sooo disappointed to learn that this perfume is being discontinued! If anyone knows where I can buy this please let me know

  • ARTICBLONDE04/29/2004

    I first smelled Lauren during my highschool class of French where one girl always and only wore this amazing scent that caught my attention to the extent that I have been buying and wearing it for the past 20 is not a popular fragrance as there are way too many on the market, but it is one of the very best secrets as when I wear it, I am complimented and questioned...ahhh I love Lauren!

  • CODEBLUE04/10/2004

    I wore this in the 80's, went on to another frag and forgot about it. Then one day, something triggered off its scent in my memory and I had to have it again...except I forgot the name of the perfume! Well, after much searching I came up with its name. I love happy endings and love my Lauren! S-e-x-y and haunting.

  • MYLES02/29/2004

    my friend gave me a small bottle of lauren as a birthday gift. that was 1988, i have bought 3 bigger bottles of lauren coz i get the hang of it. the smell is really exceptional, it goes for day and night wear. i still love it until now. one of my favorites. thanks RL

  • MANDJMORRIS01/30/2004

    My first love bought me my first bottle, now I can not go without it!

  • CASS01/10/2004

    I have loved this since it first came out but nothing will make you gag more than a whiff of this in hot and humid weather. Ever hear of changing fragrances with the weather or season?

  • NURSE12/26/2003

    I have been wearing Lauren since it first came out in 1978. I love it and will always wear it. I still get comments on how beautiful I smell everyday. For someone to say "plain janes" wear it is totally wrong. I have a few tattoos too and I'm anything but a plain jane. I Just hope Lauren nevers gets deleted !

  • CAT11/29/2003

    I have worn Lauren forever and ever and never fail to leave a trail of adoring men behind as I walk by. I even get compliments from the women. I will also wear other fragrances but Lauren is my all time favorite.

  • RAINFAERIE11/20/2003

    ...clean, polished, preppy, attractive, and well-mannered; unprovocative. Very acceptable, but unremarkable, you know?

  • RIMA08/24/2003


  • CHERYLL06/27/2003

    I heard that this fragrance has been discontinued for his line boo hoo!!!!! it's all I wear from the perfume to the moisterizing creme and lotion

  • BARBARA05/17/2003

    My signature scent! As long as men (and women) keep saying "what are you wearing that smells so good?" it's mine! Have been wearing it for YEARS and can't find anything better! Very feminine!

  • INGRID05/16/2003

    Complex green floral, with woodsy notes. Fresh yet earthy.My husband loves it-he associates it with when we first dated 20 years ago.

  • GLORIA05/14/2003

    I wore this for years! It will take you anywhere. A true classic. I love the bottle. I have since worn many different fragrances but I have always thought this was wonderful.

  • JLO04/30/2003

    I love the clean green smell of Lauren, but it seems to fade away after several hours. Wish it had more staying power.

  • ...a redesign. It´s very simple, ugly I could say, nothing feminine.

  • WEAR ONLY LAUREN04/17/2003

    Can't go wrong with this perfume. Everyone LOVES the smell. I will not wear another. When you find something that fits you.. stay with it.

  • AMIE04/17/2003

    Lauren perfume has been my favorite for over 10 years!! Its' clean, freshing, etc. I get more compliments on this perfume. Anyway.. for those of you who suffer from perfume headaches.. this is about the only one I can wear that doesn't give me headaches. White Linen is another one that does not give me headaches. It's hard for me to put on another perfume, after using Lauren and getting the compliments.. I feel like this is my signature scent. I just love it.

  • ERIN HANES03/25/2003

    .:. I LOVE LAUREN! Rlaph Lauren .:. is one of the greatest designers of our time .:. and has some great perfumes .:.and colognes under his name .:.The Lauren Fragrance is very .:.elegant and beautiful! .:. .:. 5/5 100% .:.

  • ELIZA03/24/2003

    Go Brenda so great to see how everyone sees the beauty of Lauren. It will never go out of Style it has been cool since 1978 and has some of the best notes a perfume could ever have!!!

  • JENNIE03/20/2003

    Like so many others I have worn Lauren for years. It has become my signiture. Some times it is difficult to find, so I always make sure I buy 2 when I find it ( always around the holidays). I have had strangers as well as friends( men and women), and different age groups -teens to senior citizens- ask what I am wearing or say "You smell great what do you have on. " I wear it every day for work or play and it is ALWAYS PERFECT! I just cannot imangine wearing anything else. --Jennie

  • BRENDA02/16/2003

    lauren was the perfume to have in the eighties. was in high school and every girl smelled the same. 20 years later and i still wear it. it's my basic staple. i keep plenty in stock so i don't run out. also carry mini in purse always, for emergencies. outstanding!!!!

  • MELANIE01/23/2003

    I have worn this fragrance for years but it has "disappeared" from the uk.WHY?.can it be shipped to the uk or does anyone know of a british retailer

  • ROBBIN01/11/2003

    I love this scent! I have worn it since it came out in 78. Had it on when I met my husband in high school. He still gets that goofy 17 hear old boy look on his face when he smells it. It has that effect on the guys at work also. My sons love it also. You just cant go wrong with this fragrance

  • KARA12/30/2002

    This is a huge classic I have been wearing this since 1996 and still get sex appeal! I am 24 so this is not for old women!

  • ELLE12/27/2002

    This is the original Ralph Lauren scent it is very beautiful

  • SARA12/24/2002

    heeeellloooooo 80's

  • CARISSA12/24/2002

    It is like a very feminene floral fragrance. It sort of smells like a feminine POLO but I think Lauren is very good and sexy and Elegant Carissa

  • TINA12/14/2002

    It is one of the best ever and I'm gald to se that people will wear this to be classy not just the usual over rated Chanel perfume.

  • VICKA12/11/2002

    This fragrance and Beautiful are my signature fragrance's. Have worn them for years and the men love Lauren the most on me.

  • ANNE12/09/2002

    This fragrance is very strong, and I wear it in the evening. It's clean and elegant. You have to be careful to use it sparingly, or it can overwhelm.

  • AVRIL12/05/2002

    Well Ralph is a floral genious no way I would consider something new for a perfume as Cristina said it compares to J'adore Chanel No. 5 and Ralph (but not Romance is good but not as good)

  • CRISTINA12/01/2002

    It compares to Chanel No. 5 that is how good it is. The best woman perfumes in the world are Lauren, J'adore, Chanel No. 5 and Ralph Lauren Romance

  • PATRICIA11/12/2002


  • PAIGE10/24/2002

    I have been a Lauren fan since the perfume came out in 1978. At the tender age of nine I knew this was the only perfume for me. I wear it all year, day or night, whether I'm kayaking or dancing. The complements flow because of this signature frangrance and I hope this scent will continue for the 30 years.

  • JENNIFER10/16/2002

    I wore this in high school and my boyfriend loved it. So did other boys I sat by. Now, 20 yrs later, we're married and he still loves it. I can't smell it on myself, but he always tells me how good I smell.

  • SUE09/28/2002

    I think Lauren is one of those fragrances that needs the right body chemistry. I receive compliments when I wear it, but recently recognized the fragrance on someone else and it smelled "wrong", not bad--just not her fragrance.

  • TRACY08/30/2002

    I really, really love this fragrance. But it gets on my nerves, and I don't understand why. I gave a bottle of it to a co-worker who is totally enthralled with it and it smells delicious on her! Wish I could share the enthusiasm and wear it, too, but I can't.

  • ALLISON07/26/2002

    Ralph goofed with this one. It smells so weird. Buy Ralph instead, it's much better.

  • SWEET LAUREN07/24/2002

    Like Lisa, I have worn Lauren for nearly 15 long as I am able to find it; I am going to continue to wear this marvellous fragnance.. But it is hard - no; impossible to find it even thru internet... None of the sites I found `Lauren` does not ship to Turkey.. You can imagine how hard it is for me.. So please.. at least try to ship orders to the other countries like Turkey or London.. I really feel sad if i am running out of my parfume.. I have one bottle now, and I use it drop by drop... Mr. Lauren, pls hear me :))

  • BETHANY07/10/2002

    Got this a long time ago as a gift from my Uncle's second wife (who prided herself on having The Queen's Taste in everything). On me: it smelled atrocious, like wood varnish,furniture polish, rotting wood-any of those nauseating smells. Could not stand it.

  • SUSAN06/13/2002

    25 years later and I still adore this divine fragrance. I love it and wear it well, whether in silk or jeans. Thanks Mr. Lauren.

  • LISA04/07/2002

    I have worn Lauren for nearly 25 years....and have had people stop me in the street to ask what fragrance I am wearing. Like many women who feel the need to try a new fragrance..I do...and always come back to my signature scent of Lauren. Recently I have had difficulty finding Lauren in my local department stores...and was told that Lauren is being discontinued. Is there any truth to the rumor. I shall be very sad if this is true.

  • AC04/01/2002

    Another case of individual body chemistry turning a scent good or bad. I can't wear it, but my mom had a friend who wore it and it smelled DIVINE on her. My sister and I would sit next to her just so we could smell it. While I adore the scent, it smells like roach spray on me.

  • STEPHANIE03/31/2002

    Starts out smelling wonderful on me, later dries down to a hue of rotten wood. My loss, it sure smells great at the beginning! I like the cedar chest analogy someone else here used in describing this fragrance. Unfortunately their cedar chest is my Dutch elm disease...

  • SALI01/21/2002

    Lauren to me is a lovely floral with a touch of green and fruit (pineapple), a versatile perfume for all seasons and occasions. I love the sparkly body cream, too.

  • AIMEE01/16/2002

    I am the "real" Aimee. I never posted here about Lauren, but since someone brought it up before with my name here's my comment..: I thought Lauren was fruity and powdery - Okay, just not a favorite..:I'm sorry if there was a bad message here. Someone took my name because they were angry or bored and wrote atrocious messages. They probably will again unfortunately. :(

  • ANONYMOUS12/30/2001

    Over the years I have found that a woman's taste in fragrance doesn't necessarily correspnd to her tastes in other areas- as you said, Aimee, "no offense" was taken, but I will have you know that 1.) I consider myself a great perfume enthusiast, and Lauren is an all-time favorite and 2.) I happen to have a fondness for black leather, tattoos, and dying my hair fun colors-it's blue right now- so, I suppose, there goes your "plain jane" theory!!

  • KAREN 12/27/2001

    I have been wearing Lauren since the early nineties and consider it my signature fragrance. It is warm, spicy, complex and mysterious. Men love it on me! I've tried other fragrances but always come back to this one. I believe it's a modern classic. I recently tried Ralph Lauren Romance and went nuts for that too, it will be great for spring and summer.

  • CHERIE11/26/2001

    I have been wearing Lauren since my teens(mid 80's) and have never fell out of love with it. It is a warm, rosey scent-strictly feminine, and to be rememebred. I have had many comments from old loves, who are still haunted by the scent :) For anyone who wants to be rememebred!

  • JILL11/17/2001

    wore this fragrance in college (ages ago) and liked it, but always seemed to have to reapply it because it seemed to fade so quickly.

  • NONI11/13/2001

    hated it a lot.

  • JOLENE10/14/2001

    Lauren is a such a great fragrance. I agree with what someone else said - that it reminds you of being in a log cabin in the snowy mountains, and putting on a sweater pulled from a cedar chest. That is exactly how I'd describe this perfume! It smells very warm and woodsy. Lauren is my sister's signature scent. She hasn't worn anything but Lauren ever since I can remember. She said that new perfumes come and go, but she only wants to wear Lauren.

  • ELLEN10/05/2001

    I love how it smells on other people. But for some reason it smells terrible on old ruined perfume

  • KARINA08/19/2001

    This was the first fragrance I ever purchased for myself, at sixteen. I love it just as much today-it's a real modern classic, always fresh and beautiful! Lauren is a scent that everyone seems to love- I have never met a person who didn't. Easy to wear, as appropriate for the office as it is for an evening out-you can't help but feel pretty and feminine when you wear Lauren!

  • STEPHANIE07/09/2001

    I absolutely love this stuff. I've tried all kinds of other perfumes, but I keep coming back to Lauren - I've been wearing it since it first came out & have loved it ever since. Nothing else is so perfect for every occasion - it's fresh and clean and never smells heavy or overpowering. I love it!

  • DOLORES06/30/2001

    This is a warm, sexy smell that will bring attention to you from the men. An intoxicating evening just gotta love Lauren!

  • CHARLOTTE MOATS05/22/2001

    I first smelled Lauren on a woman as we waited for the light to change Downtown. She smelled so good, that I asked her what she was wearing! She told me Lauren and were to get it. After work I went straight the the dept store and bought a gift box. This was 6 years ago and it is the fragrance I wear when I go out and fell very special. I LOVE LAUREN.

  • TAMMIE04/16/2001

    I started wearing Lauren in high school and have never found anything I like as well. It still smells as wonderful to me today as the day I discovered it. That was in 1981!

  • FAN11/29/2000

    it has a warm smell to it... reminds me of being locked in a cabinon a snowy day, sitting in front of a fire and wearing a sweater that I just pulled out of a cedar chest.

  • MARILYN09/07/2000

    I've been wearing Lauren for 20 years....tried other colognes but always come back to love it on me!!!!

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