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Eau D'Hadrien Annick Goutal Image

Annick Goutal

Eau D'Hadrien   

39 Reviews

A zesty combination of lemon, grapefruit, and cypress that evokes the heat of a Mediterranean sun and the coolness of the shade of a lemon tree. Named for the Roman emperor, Eau D'Hadrien is an exhilarating evocation of summer's promise.

Gift Set - 50 ml EDT Spray + 200 ml Body Lotion
SKU 7277
$137.15 $90.51
Gift Set - 50 ml EDT Spray + 100 ml Body Cream
SKU 19853
$157.73 $91.88
Gift Set - 50 ml EDT Spray + 84 ml Body Cream + 84 ml Shower Gel
SKU 4343
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2 ml EDT Mini Vial
SKU 61100
$27.43 $8.22
8 ml EDT Mini (Unboxed)
SKU 17783
$27.43 $20.56
15 ml EDT Splash (Unboxed)
SKU 16634
$54.86 $27.42
30 ml EDT Spray
SKU 17784
$61.72 $54.85
50 ml EDT Spray
SKU 10003
$144.01 $87.76
50 ml EDP Spray
SKU 10005
$123.44 $104.22
100 ml Perfumed Body Spray (Unboxed)
SKU 19925
$58.98 $47.99
100 ml EDT Spray (Tester)
SKU 12248
$130.30 $89.14
100 ml EDP Spray (Tester)
SKU 108471
$131.67 $105.59
100 ml EDP Spray (New Round Bottle)
SKU 18503
$150.87 $130.28
100 ml EDT Spray
SKU 10004
$204.36 $131.65
100 ml EDP Spray
SKU 15418
$148.13 $146.74
126 ml Perfumed Soap
SKU 17145
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200 ml Perfumed Body Cream (In Jar)
SKU 19928
$89.15 $82.28

A zesty combination of lemon, grapefruit, and cypress that evokes the heat of a Mediterranean sun and the coolness of the shade of a lemon tree. Named for the Roman emperor, Eau D'Hadrien is an exhilarating evocation of summer's promise.

  • ROBYNN08/08/2012

    Love the lotion and the perfume. Gorgeous scent, not overpowering but beautifully layered and light. The lotion feels and smells delicious.

  • LAUREL03/17/2012

    Delightful fragrance,perfect on a hot sunny day,lemony and fresh. Only downside is that it doesn't last that long and you need to keep applying it. But will purchase again when I run out.

  • DEB RANDLE01/05/2012

    Was very pleased with my purchase.

  • GABRIELLE03/23/2011

    This is one of the nicest fresh scents I've ever smelled. Dries down without losing the innitial appeal of citrus and patchouli notes and stays the same all day long. The shop assistant at a Goutal Boutique in Paris told me that indeed there is a difference between the EDT and the EDP. I bought the EDP, was indeed a little more expensive than an average 50 ml bottle, but the fact that the perfume is not average and "out there" is quite priceless :)

  • LJG11/09/2008

    I never tire of Hadrien and it always puts me in a happy mood. If you dont like following the crowd,it is about as far from the department store and celebrity stinkers as you can get.

  • LULU10/22/2008

    My absolute favorite! Purchase the Eau de Parfum - the scent lasts longer than the Eau de Toilette.

  • BOMBSHELL08/13/2007

    This is not a very sexy scent. In fact it is rather a unisex smell. I suggest you save your money and just buy some lemon verbina. The lemon smell is far too pronounced in this fragrance.

  • MICHELE06/02/2007

    This fragrance is real refreshing, yet it can be great for a cold winter day as well. I love it and wear it year round. It is also great for layering....

  • ANDREA A.10/11/2006

    Very bad staying power, unfortunately, but the fragrance is so refreshing and nice!

  • ANOTHER ANNIE10/10/2006

    I bought Eau d'Hadrien one summer and used it during the worst of a major heat wave. It was one of the few perfumes I could tolerate in the heat. But now I find myself reaching for it in other seasons, too, as an all around staple scent, when I want something nice but uncomplicated. I like the woodiness mixed with the citrus.

  • LIS05/03/2006

    Don't make the mistake I did and buy the men's version if you're a woman! They are NOT the same! The Eau D Hadrien for women is less woodsy, more soft and sweet! It's truly wonderful!

  • PERFUMELOVER02/07/2006

    I am a citrus lover and didn't like this one on me, at all, shades of lemon pledge. There are much better around, imo, but it seems like enough people like this one, so try it first. I'm glad I bought a sample. Not for me.

  • N.N.05/17/2005

    Wonderful, light and uplifting fragrance. I usually don't like citrusy fragrances but I LOVE this one. Very fine and classy, like someone said here - a "perfume nirvana".

  • M04/25/2005

    I recommend Diorella by Dior and Cristalle by Chanel. Very nice classics and they last much better then Hadrien.

  • SAL03/23/2005

    Couldn't wait to get this as I've been searching and searching for a nice citrus fragrance that doesn't smell like furniture polish (Fresh Lemon Sugar, I'm looking at you). This is very nice stuff, but as stated here several times, does not last very long. Also very expensive. Anyone remember back in the 60's Love's Lemon Scent? Those days are gone, I guess. Can anyone recommend any other nice citrus based perfumes?

  • M03/07/2005

    This clean lemon scent smells wonderful but the staying power is misserable. I have tried the Edt and almost every time in warm weather, maybe that´s a part of it, but anyway; should last better.

  • HOLLY 02/14/2005

    On our first visit to Paris, this fragrance was in our hotel room. My husband still wears it. Dreamy!

  • VICTOR 02/08/2005

    Has anyone tried AG's new fragrance Vanille Exquise ?? The description that was posted on Goutal's official website is so dreamy that I almost wanted to drink it rather than spraying it on. I wish a had ... let's say ... time($$$) to buy it ... By the way ... Love d'hadrien !!!!!!!!

  • MERMISS02/06/2005

    This scent gives me a headache, as do almost all of Annick Goutal's. The freshness of the citrus is made bland by the 'perfumey' notes.

  • C01/18/2005

    One of my all time favorites. Everytime I put it on, it's like slicing a fresh citrus fruit. Unfortunately, it seems that such strong citrus smell is unpleasant to some. I've also received a comment that it's too musky. Nontheless, it's absolutely fabulous (its staying power does leave room for improvement though).

  • SHAINIE12/16/2004

    I'm not a big perfume fan, and have been on a quest to find one I like. I think I may have finally found it! I smell more grapefruit than lemon in this. It's like a powered sugar grapefruit. It's very different than your average perfume. I wish it was a bit more feminine though - its just basic citrus. I also wish it lasted longer. Those are my only 2 complaints.

  • KRIS09/09/2004

    Sorry to post this review here but I just wanted to share how much I love this fragrance. This is different from all the other Annick Goutal fragrances because it is the only one that is amber based. The lemon note in Eau d'Hadrien is too strong for me but Les Nuits is perfect for my taste.

  • SHANNON08/30/2004

    I am a big citrus fan, but have a hard time finding fragrances that are neither too harsh (like furniture polish) nor too fleeting. I was delighted to discover that Annik Goutal is available in one my local Dept Stores. L'eau d'Hadrien is absolutely heavenly smelling. Felt like I'd died and gone to perfume nirvana. Some of the other scents in this line smelled great too. I will be saving my $$$'s to get a bottle of this stuff!

  • EMILY06/17/2004

    Perfect for hot summer days, and tropical vacations. Very sunny and light fragrance. I layer mine with the body creme and dry oil mist. It is always pleasant and never overpowering.

  • KAMILL05/04/2004

    i have researched this perfume very well before i bought it. i was kind of looking for extremely fresh AND very classy recognisable perfume - so it had to be d'hadrien. i must say you have to have some serious cash on you to be able to recognise it as it is exteremely expensive , but it is very unique. every time i use it (mostly on warm days as its a bit to 'cold' for rainly british days) it smells like ice cold lemons sprinkled with fine sugar... it has definately got a wow factor.

  • IRMA06/26/2003

    I've used this beautful fragrance since 1993 on a daily basis. I feel like it was made for me, blends with my body chemistry perfectly. Love it!

  • HELENCAROL05/23/2003

    Wonderful summer fragrance:feminine, clean, pastel. I use the Bain Douche' and the body lotion for staying power---and appreciative comments from handsome men.

  • KIM02/10/2003

    This perfume is very very nice for summer....the eau du toilette doesn't last long so try the eau du perfume. Fresh and light - very pretty.

  • FAYE01/17/2003

    one of the greatest citrus perfumes available

  • IRMA01/13/2003

    Fell in love with the fragrance many years ago. Love the citrus background mixed with the cypress fragrance. I wear it daily.

  • LINDA12/27/2002

    Originally took home the EDT, but found it didn't smell anything like the store's sample which was EDP. Make sure you smell both to see which you like best. The EDT didn't last at all on me, but it sounds like others have good luck with it.

  • NICOLE10/24/2002

    Jus bought a bottle. I found it expensive but I am wearing it today and I think it's worth every penny. The only "Eau" I could wear was "Eau de Rochas". That one compares to it and is so refined that it makes us dream we are by the coast in salty and warm water. I find we can wear that scent in the winter also. It has some warm notes in it compared to other citrusy scents that are more strictly for the summer. Also the body cream is great. Smells just like the EDT.

  • SAM08/15/2002

    nice, crisp fragrance. think summmers...outdoors...definitely an every day fragrance. i purchased the .5 ounch eau de toilette a few weeks ago, and half of it is already gone. the toilette has NO staying power, I swear, fiftenn minutesafter you put it on you can't smell it, and believe, me, i don't like to drench myself in perfume, but this was ridiculous. the perfume is really expensive, but you'd be better off buying it.

  • ANNIE06/03/2002

    I came upon this fragrence through my sister-in-law who wears it often. I liked the smell and received it as a birthday gift. It has a citrus flavor and on my skin, turns slightly peppery. A nice summer fragrance.

  • LITO05/01/2002

    Citrusy and woodsy is my kind of scent. Actually this is recommended to me by the salesperson. This works on both sexes. This is really a good stuff. I gave this an excellent rating close to CD for men. Although it's kind of expensive but I think it's worth it.

  • PJ04/04/2002

    Wonderful soft lemony scent! Very fresh and clean. I Always get compliments on this cologne.

  • DM04/01/2002

    This is a wonderfully uplifting, stimulating smell. Bright, cheery, and lemony!!! All of her fragrances are wonderful and have natural ingredients too!!! no chemical additives.

  • ROCHELLE03/21/2002

    Love this fragrance, lemony and clean smelling

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