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Elizabeth Arden

Arden Beauty   

78 Reviews

A fresh crystalline floral fragrance that opens with an inviting note of living rice flower and evolves into an array of rich, elegant florals. The background is warm and provocative, defined by alluring amber, woods and musk. The top notes are Living Rice Flower, Dewy Green Accord, Italian Bergamot. The middle notes are Blue Lotus Flower, Living more

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A fresh crystalline floral fragrance that opens with an inviting note of living rice flower and evolves into an array of rich, elegant florals. The background is warm and provocative, defined by alluring amber, woods and musk. The top notes are Living Rice Flower, Dewy Green Accord, Italian Bergamot. The middle notes are Blue Lotus Flower, Living Gingerlily, Rubrum Lily, and Golden Sunset Orchid. The base is Indian Sandalwood, White Amber, Skin Sensual Musk.

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  • SHERIDAN ELLIS07/21/2009

    Did I buy this? I don't know why I get gung ho about perfumes that are cheaply discounted (like at TJ Maxx) then I get home and am disappointed. You'de think I would learn by now! This is a very lovely scent, and I like the rice flower accord note. It just is not me, and smells terrible on my skin when the dry down comes out. A lot of florals tend to sour on me. Does anyone else have a european type diet (lots of garlic) that seems to bring that out on your skin? Anyway, my daughter loves this....she is 17 and it smells great on her. If you like this, I recommend Escada's line of scents.

  • SHERIDAN ELLIS06/28/2009

    still did not have the staying power or silage on me that I am searching for....I think this perfume smells like lilacs and violets and is just pure lovliness in a bottle. It conjurs up an image of your best friend just being there for you, always! Cheers!

  • CATHY10/26/2008

    This perfume is lovely. It's fresh and floral without being overpoweringly flowery. When I first tried it I thought it smelled of violets, which is a smell I don't normally like in a perfume, and wasn't sure if I liked it or not. After the perfume had settled though the violet smell diminished and the perfume softened and mellowed and it smelled great! It also has very good lasting power and I can spritz on a little first thing in the morning and it lasts all day. This is the kind of perfume that a lot of men really like on a woman, probably because it's very feminine and classy!

  • ANNA MARIE09/17/2008

    Sharp and crisp at first- nice ~ Then slight sweetness ... No man can resist it! High class, feminine, sexy....stunning!

  • DMARIE08/07/2008

    I like this arden beauty. smells classy and a good everyday scent.

  • DMARIE05/29/2008

    I bought this one a few months ago and the first thing I notice was that it smelled good and it wasn't overpowering it is floral but it smells expensive I like this one and I like alot of Arden fragrances especially since she has been creating fragrances for the celebs! they are some of the best smelling especially Brit's perfumes. I also want to try mediterranian I like the bottle it is so plain and pretty looks like a big ocean! But Arden Beauty is 5 stars! perfect gift for a Mom.

  • CATHY04/04/2008

    I purchased this over the internet without having smelt it first and based on the reviews of it that I had read. When I first tried it I was surprised at the powdery, violet-y smell as I wasn't expecting that but once I sprayed it on and gave it some time to meld with my own chemistry it smelt very nice, although I'm not sure yet if this will become a favourite or not. I think it's pleasant but not necessarily particularly memorable.

  • DMARIE03/15/2008

    I have 6 bottles! LOVE IT! It isn't very strong though but the smell is alot different from most perfumes. To me it smells very elegant. I try not to wear it because I love to collect perfume and after I but 11 bottles of it I will then wear it I don't like to run out and I love to know that I have a supply!

  • LASSIE05/09/2007

    My default fragrance, meaning when all others fail, I go back to Arden Beauty. I'm on my third bottle, I've loved this for years, it never 'turns funny', no icky die-down, no cheap BBW fruity notes, just elegant, crisp florals suitable for any occasion or season. I get more compliments on Arden Beauty than all my other perfumes combined (and I wear about 20 on a rotating basis.) Love it to death!

  • SAMANTHA04/09/2007

    well, it smells like a bouquet of florals. it is good for everyday wear as it is quite pleasant, long-lasting and affordable too. To me, it is a play-safe perfume; for a more daring scent by arden, would highly recommend Provocative Woman (not its interlude, as it is kinda sweet).

  • SUZETTE01/31/2007


  • ALLISON01/30/2007

    A close guy friend bought it for me even though I know he doesn't really like perfume in general because he has a very sensitive nose. So if he likes it, that means it must be really good. I love the scent on me!

  • VEIDRA08/18/2006

    Men stop me all the time and ask what I'm wearing. Very sensual and soft. I like it!!

  • BRANDY07/24/2006

    Iono about sharp but it was light when I tested it. An airy floral w/ a clean hint of musk. I liked it.

  • ANGELIQUE07/23/2006

    I'd wear this. It's not 'in your face' or trying to be anything in particular. I just smells pleasant in an inconspicuous way. It agrees with my chemistry (and that's always a bonus) - I don't like scents I'm conscious of, yet at the same time the dry down on me is very nice. Very glad I found this.

  • TANINHA BRAZIL02/26/2006

    hi , maya , we have " the orient " in common ... i am from brazil and have been reading your posts and a few others to keep up with what is super new out there ... before i had my maraya ( she's 4 now ) ...i was 100% oriental ... i have changed since ... and am now 100% perfume lover period. anyway , i did enjoy this one quite a bit ... it became almost a whisper on my skin , very soft and breezy ... tchau , from brazil , i give it 4 stars ... it does last .

  • JESSICA02/14/2006

    I love the scent of arden beauty but recently switch to Par Amour by Clarins they are identical but Par Amour is more sophisticated and floral,also another similar to this one is Venezia from Adriene Vitadini but please try Par Amour is out of this world!!!! My new signature scent after arden beauty!!!

  • NIKITA01/18/2006

    I bought this without testing it first. I like most Elizabeth Arden perfumes, however, this one doesn't agree with my body chemistry. I wore it to work the other morning, and the girls at work said it was too strong smelling and it stinks. I was hoping to like it though.

  • BIANCA12/15/2005

    Someone mentioned this perfume lacked class. Excuse me??? This perfume is pure CLASS without being stuffy. This is a very feminine perfume. I get the most compliments from this perfume. How in the world people cannot like this perfume is beyond me. Probably the same folks who like that stinky Oriental-types of perfume like Obsession.

  • FLO10/23/2005

    This one agrees with my body chemistry. In my opinion, this fragrance lasts longer compared to the latest fruity florals out in the market today [Escada's Island Kiss and Rockin' Rio; Pleasures Exotic, Paris Hilton and Live by J.Lopez-they all smell the same and only last for about 2 hrs.]Arden Beauty smells very feminine and I highly recommend it. I finished a bottle and will buy it again in the near future.

  • KATHY Z.10/01/2005

    This scent burns the inside of my nose. Love all different kinds of perfume, but this one I cannot wear. Not right for me at all.

  • STEPHANIE09/08/2005

    My boyfriend bought me this perfume and I love it. When I walk by people they are always like what kind of perfume are you wearing? One of the best smelling perfumes. Alot of Elizabeth Ardens perfumes are good. Not all though.Try Sth Avenue by her it is also really good.

  • PINA08/15/2005

    a chance it actually dries down to a pretty nice smelling fragrance... Not something I would wear every day, and for every occasion but I think it's perfect for the office or just kicking around and about. Unfortunately, at first it can smell almost offensive with a very green sort of smell to it so I can see how a lot of women might stay away from it judging by that initial encounter, but if you give it a little time the middle and bottom notes are actually not too bad at all. All in all I think it's just an average fragrance, and it's really too bad that the top notes are not more appealing!

  • MAYA07/15/2005

    I found this one too sharp, stays sharp, drys-down sharp - like I said - SHARP... Not a sexy scent, not deliscious in any way, not tempting to the senses - but it rather smells clean and fresh-if you're tired this would pick you up!


    Stole this for 7 bucks a bottle last night at Odd Lots (yes I paid for it) too bad I really liked this too! Stupidity of Elizabeth Arden!


    I like this very much very elegant kinda smells like a cross between sunflowers and true love though!

  • BEBE02/25/2005

    beutifull alluring. love potion. light years ahead. the mixture of notes are so perfect. very nice.

  • SUE02/07/2005

    I love all of elizabeth arden perfumes, but this is the best. Very fresh, floral, but not common or sweetsweetsweet. Good for any time of day or night, any season, it will lift your spirits and make you feel lively.

  • KELLY01/26/2005

    Surprisingly, I love this, or at least the body lotion is great. I had sunflower, true love, red door and fifth ave. I like this the best. The rest are so-so, synthetic, piercing & strong. But this one is really just the right balance of fresh & floral.

  • SHARRIE01/06/2005

    true arden. a perfume to behold. a breath of ectasy. wonderful

  • DAVID12/11/2004

    I have a friend who wears this stuff, and after a few hours or so, after the scent has died down, I absolutely love how it smells. I could smell her neck for hours (so far I've only got 7 seconds or so :) ). It really does smell amazing.

  • S.11/21/2004

    I like Beauty, but try the latest Provacative Woman. It is really good too.

  • PERFUME-HOLIC11/17/2004

    This is by far the best Arden scent ever made! So classy, yet soft and feminine...and this is coming from a perfume addict...enjoy!!

  • LISHA L11/06/2004

    well all i can say is i finally found my signature scent, LOVE IT

  • LISHA11/06/2004

    Well ive waisted a lot of $$$ on exspensive perfume, and I feel this one get's my 5 stars!!! Soft, oriental,feminine and just a beautiful scent if u have a love for the oriental or woody scents u will love this one. I hope it stays around a while

  • SANDEE09/26/2004

    This is awesome. It is fresh, floral, and yet spicy. I love this and I love the body lotion. This scent also has staying power!

  • KAREN09/19/2004

    Disappointed, fresh and light good for Summer days but lacking individual character . I think it's a very millenium scent and will date shortly.

  • LLL08/30/2004

    This is one of my favorite florals. It's very fresh, but not TOO "clean" (like many perfumes out now). It's elegant and just delicious: my boyfriend, who dislikes perfumes in general, LOVES this. It smells fresh, sparkling and delicious. Try it--and wait for the drydown, which is great.

  • LYNN07/11/2004

    This is a new favorite fragrance for me. I love the fresh softness of it, and it has great staying power on me.

  • SHARON STONED06/17/2004

    Watery, synthetic stuff!!! Never ever wears Zeta Jones this ugly scent. I believe that ARDEN Beauty will be discontinued in the next 4 years.

  • DANIELLE04/25/2004

    Starts out a little strong but mellows throughout the day, I love this perfume! A little heavy for summer wear but otherwise perfect!

  • PIA03/30/2004

    description- everything but the kitchen sink or too many cooks spoil the soup! A blend of all the stinky perfumes out there.

  • ASRI02/24/2004

    Bought since it was first out, n still smells soo good. i love it

  • SHERRY02/19/2004

    Great perfume

  • SUE C02/13/2004

    I tried this in a store and found it disappointing - slightly artificial, trying too hard, all the latest trends thrown in together. It's a bit hard-edged and is unlikely to become a classic. Lizzy Arden have just jumped on the bandwagon with this one. Give it a miss and go seek out some of the quality classics that are underrated and getting hard to find such as Blue Grass, Fidji, Tamango etc.

  • MELH02/12/2004

    I don't like it at all! It smells like a blend of hairspray, liquid glue and fake flowers on my skin! I like the ad with Catherine Zeta-Jones, but the perfume is terrible!

  • ANDREA02/03/2004

    very nice

  • LOTTA02/03/2004

    ... and crispy but still flowery. A perfecy scent for daywear. I like it a lot! Much better than I first thougt.

  • ALISON01/17/2004

    I will buy this forever!!....this perfume is definitly like no other!!!..its great!!!......

  • MICHELLE01/17/2004

    AN Original,there is no other like it at all.I LOVE IT!!

  • SILVIA01/11/2004

    I purchased this fragrance without trying it, because I've always trusted E.Arden's judgement when it comes to perfumes. But I agree with Marion that Ardenbeauty is lacking something. It's like an unfinished scent.

  • JEN01/09/2004

    5 star!!!!!

  • NICOLE01/09/2004

    This is the best,people who have great taste will love this perfume!!

  • MARION12/01/2003

    It doesnt smell bad, sweet and clean at once. However I wouldnt give more than two stars for the following reasons: 1) It is average floral with a clean finish, pretty much resembling Issey, which means lacking originality. 2) It is not chic, but street girl type perfume - lacking class and elegance. 3) The bottle.

  • CHRISSY11/24/2003

    I wanted to like this scent..but its nothing special in my humble opinion. To me its a bit too green almost sour..if its nice on you then..go for it.

  • ISABELLE10/28/2003

    I cannot get enough of it. it is definetely my fave.

  • ARDEN FAN10/28/2003

    I buy E. Arden products and received a trial size of Arden Beauty. I wore it while traveling since it was easy to pack. I can't smell it at all on myself, but I got compliments on this one. I'm going to buy this one for sure. I don't think it is overpowering, but it lasts.


    This is a nice soft fresh floral, good for officewear. Almost bought it til I sensed a sharpness in the drydown. Too bad.

  • MARI10/14/2003

    I just dont know about this one...Went to the stores several times and always felt impelled to ask to try Arden Beauty, but I found it to be so not impressive!I guessed it was just another clean one, no personality at all...But when i tried it on my skin, i must confess it smelled better than i thougt it would...

  • AMANDA10/04/2003

    Love it!!!!!!

  • COLLEEN09/11/2003

    The body lotion and shower gel, which is really creamy, are both awesome. This perfume really lasts a long time. I'm hoping E. Arden puts out a line of body products like the Green Tea. I give this one a five star. Excellent every day scent that lasts but not overpowering.

  • SANDY08/15/2003

    This smells very good and lasts! It is a great fragrance. Not too overpowering. Good for day wear. I like the Green Tea also, but this one lasts longer.

  • BRITTANY07/28/2003

    A must have for any woman,not just "the working woman"!!This perfume is great!!love it!!

  • LINDA07/19/2003

    I bought this for my girl friend, and end up buying one for myself too. It is refreshing and clean. A must have for working women.

  • DAVE07/08/2003

    I've never posted any comments about women's fragrances before, but I felt compelled to comment on Arden Beauty. The scent is just perfect: lovely, warm, and refreshing. While buying it for a girlfriend, I sprayed a little in the air to see what it was like. I accidentally got a few drops on my wrist, and enjoyed the fragrance on the entire drive home. This is exactly how I want a woman to smell...clean and fresh, not too heavy and not at all like musk.

  • HEATHER06/27/2003

    At first, typical if nice, but try it on-it wears better than 99% of what's out there.

  • JOYCE05/26/2003

    No big deal, boyfriend didn't like it either.....Green Tea was nicer but didn't have holding power.

  • CANDY04/20/2003

    I think its great!!!

  • PATRICIA (ANOTHER ONE)04/14/2003

    I smelled that in a perfume department last fall and all I can remember now is that I was very dissapointed. A boring scent - really nothing special... I agree with Maya's description - it has something in common with Chic, Intrusion etc...

  • SALLY B04/13/2003

    My 15 yr old girl picked this out (told her if she wanted expensive 'real' perfumes we'd have to share, so I'd have to like it too.) She was torn between Elizabeth Arden Green Tea and this. I love both, but this is fabulous, very elegant and not sweet and overpowering. My baby has good taste!

  • DANA03/30/2003

    WOW! After smelling this one; i had to buy the 3.4oz size! Great spring scent, very soft and pretty

  • PETRINA03/21/2003

    i received an arden beauty gift set as a birthday gift, and though i didn't really fancy it on me, in the begining, its one of those fragrances that grow on you!... wonderful!

  • CHERISH03/04/2003

    this is my favorite perfume.

  • JANA02/19/2003

    I like this perfume. I just bought it this year. I recommned it.

  • PATRICIA02/16/2003

    the best perfume on the market

  • DEANNE02/11/2003

    nice fresh scent and thank goodness it doesnt smell at all like musk,this is a fav!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SARAI02/11/2003


  • SARAH-JANE02/06/2003

    quite a nice, fresh scent that has lasting power

  • JESSICA02/03/2003

    At least it does'nt smell cheap.I like it very much, to the People who like this perfume they have great taste,and I feel sorry for them if they don't like it....

  • JENNY02/03/2003

    Anyone who doesnt like this perfume,must be VERY BORING!I'm mean its excellent!!

  • SALLY01/26/2003

    Does this one have staying power?

  • ALEX01/24/2003

    fresh floral musky,but very boring casual perfume for office/street wear

  • SHARON01/20/2003

    It is excellent!!

  • TIGGERGRL01/18/2003

    people who don't like this perfume,well they must have very bad taste.Its MY Favorite with out a doubt!Arden Beautys "The Best"!

  • STORMIE01/18/2003


  • S YOUREX01/18/2003

    Its Great!I am so happy with it, it's my favorite!!

  • TEENANGEL11/29/2002

    I recently found this and i fell in love with it. In fact im wearing my friends right now! I came on here to check out prices to add to my chirstmas list.. I think it an excellent choice!

  • MAYA11/27/2002

    I sampled it in a store and was not impressed at smells like a whole bunch of so called "new" fragraces out there,(Chic,K.Cole, Murmure,Intrusion,etc...) basically another generic juice that could potentially rock someone else's chemistry but left me yawning...

  • SPORTBRATS11/23/2002

    please.... someone tell me how this smells. :)

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