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Nino Cerruti


14 Reviews

Designed by Nino Cerruti in 2000, Cerruti Image is described as a refined, green fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of a leafy, citrusy blend of spice and mint, with lower notes of amber, leather and wood. It is recommended for office wear.

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Designed by Nino Cerruti in 2000, Cerruti Image is described as a refined, green fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of a leafy, citrusy blend of spice and mint, with lower notes of amber, leather and wood. It is recommended for office wear.

  • SOUTHERNGIRL06/23/2006

    Love the perfume? Hate the price? Check out! Its almost 20 bucks cheaper there for the 2.5 ounce bottle

  • TANINHA BRAZIL03/25/2006

    sorry ,but this one is a stinker ... it was hate at first sniff ... green indeed and nothing refined about it ... there is a very good one by nino it is 1881 ... fresh , light , feminine ... and ive just fallen for a true light green , refined and womanly fragrance ...escada signature ... try it and you will know what i mean .

  • CHERYL 05/16/2005

    bought this on a whim & glad I did, after the dry down this is a fresh clean scent and different then so many scents out there now!!

  • LEELEE07/21/2004

    my brother gave me a bottle of cerruti for my b'day - i was so impressed with the modern design of the bottle, once i smelled it i thought hmmmm...smells so rich, classy - i love it..i thought i'd save it for a special occasion - but i gave in :) and now i can't stop smelling my forearm it's soo good..

  • RACHEL06/26/2003

    I love this stuff to madness! Haha Ok maybe not that much but close. I think it has a very warm earthy smell.I like that it doesnt smell tooo girlly girl and doesnt make me feel like a cream puff.

  • AUNTGOOEY02/19/2003

    I wrote to the company and asked them if it was discontinued and they said no. They said it was pulled from all department stores and will only be sold through outlets like TJ Maxx and Marshall's as a marketing decision, but they will continue to make it.

  • SUNNY01/13/2003

    This is my Cerruti Image story. The first time I encountered the smell (or so I thought) was on one of my friends two summers ago. I thought she smelled so great that I immediately asked her what perfume she was wearing (as I always do when I smell a nice scent on someone, even to strangers). She told me it was Cerruti Image, and I was like, huh?? Anyway, it was a little hard to find, but when I finally did, I bought it without a second thought. You'd think I'd know better but to try it on first (cause I thought I'd smell just as great on me). But when I did try it at home, it smelled ... well ... nasty on me!!!!! Absolutely not even close to that heavenly smell that my friend was wearing. I smelled like orange pepper. So I gave it to my mom thinking it'd probably smell better on her, and it smelled the same on her! She didn't like it either ... she asked me what I was thinking buying such an expense perfume that smelled so horrible. So I don't know if the chemistry worked really well with my friend's skin or she simply just gave me the name of the wrong perfume on purpose just so that I don't smell as great as she does!!!! The moral of the story, make sure you always try on a perfume before buying it!! And the best advice I can give is be sure you know who your real friends are cause you just might be duped like I was. To this day I still don't know what perfume she was wearing ...

  • ELID01/10/2003

    This perfume diffuse my personality and soul all around me. It seems that it was made just for me. I do adore it. Ones a colleague of mine came to me and whispered me that this fragrance makes him going crazy and falling in love with me. :-)

  • JAHINA08/03/2002

    I adore this scent, and I love the grassy tone in it as well. However, I have newly dicovered this one and right after I take to it, I find out that it has been discontinued!! I feel like I jinxed this perfume!!Right now I am buying up all that I can online.

  • JANICE06/01/2002

    Must be because it contains pear, crushed autumn leaves, birch bark and leather. I love it because it isn't floral yet still smells feminine.

  • ASCHATAN04/12/2002

    Smells like a compost heap on me, like rotting fruit, sour and sickening. Funny, because I liked it when I smelled the bottle, otherwise I'd never tried it on my skin.

  • NINO'S GIRL04/04/2002

    I love it. I'm a fan of CK One and the like, more androgynous scents, so Image is perfect for me. Truly a fusion of crispness and spice. Suits me to a tee.

  • ST03/18/2002

    I really like this fragrance, it has a clean yet peppery smell. I have found that it is excellent for work as both men and women seem to like it, and it lasts all day.

  • GAIL01/17/2002

    I liked this scent and bought it a year and a half ago, but for some reason I don't care for it anymore.It has a peppery dry down that doesn't sit well with me!

  • AIDA01/16/2002

    It is unusual... not bad...but too green for my taste. I think there are too many green fragrances today, and it's not fun any more.

  • ANDREA10/08/2001

    Nice for autumn. First time I smelled it, my first impression was:"It smells like autumn!" Try it!

  • VIKI09/30/2001

    Cerruti Image and Nina Ricci - Premier Jour are very similar fragrances. But in my opinion Image is better. Unusual green note. Interesting fragrance, something between warm and fresh.

  • LORI03/10/2001

    This is a very unusual fragrance. Not for every woman.

  • AMBER01/09/2001

    A scent that's very luxurious but not swanky. It makes you hunger for the sun.

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